Monday, August 27, 2007

Birthday is Coming!!

I don't wanna grow up I'm A Toys R Us I was a Garage Sale Kid.
A week or so from today and almost on the hour...and minute I will be turning...(mmm it's hard sometimes to go forward...Errrr) Ahhhh...... 25. Makes a girl think. Like when Marilyn Monroe said it in Some Like It Hot. Turning 25 does make me think, reflect and I have a lot of happiness and I am launching my new goals as well. What a year! I found love, I published a book, I feel closer than ever to my family and friends and I have took many road trips and had some great travels too!
I feel more beautiful than I have ever thought. I just feel so glam! So free and comfortable in my skin. It wasn't always like this...I can't see without my contacts, I have a scar by my eyebrow and my knee and I have a gap between my teeth but I love it all now.
Another goal this year is to launch my podcast and also enhance my pr resume and help a few people with their dreams too.... and of course to keep shooting and pushing for another print ad campaign. I love jewelry ( maybe from a lack of when I was a kid)- so I would love to model for a jewelry ad campaign or catalog too. As always marketing my modeling memoir and pushing and staying aggressive to inspire the underdogs.

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isobella jade said...

I warned you of my you have to already forgive that. What! you don't mind...Good. I try.