Thursday, July 31, 2008

Researchers Find Thin Models Make Viewers Like Brands More, but Themselves Less

I have been featuring lately a lot of ad campaigns that show unique models, and that show that a model isn't always tall and thin. I found this article about thin models and how they don't make woman feel good about themselves, in Adage, very interesting.

Researchers Find Thin Models Make Viewers Like Brands More, but Themselves LessBy Jack Neff

Published: July 30, 2008

BATAVIA, Ohio ( -- Thin is still in for advertising, new research suggests, unless you're trying to sell cookies or self-esteem.
Women who had just seen thin models were nearly four times more likelyto turn down a snack pack of Oreo cookies offered as thanks for their participation in the study than women who hadn't.

A study by business professors at Villanova University and the College of New Jersey, inspired by Dove's "Campaign for Real Beauty," shows that ads featuring thin models made women feel worse about themselves but better about the brands featured.

Seeing thin models also made college-age women far more likely to turn down a snack pack of Oreo cookies offered as thanks for their participation in the study, or to opt for a reduced-fat version. Women who had just seen thin models were nearly four times more likely to say no to Oreos than women who hadn't, and 42% more likely to opt for reduced-fat cookies if they did indulge.

Women in a sample of 194 college students aged 18-24 expressed more negative feelings about their sexual attractiveness, weight and physical condition after seeing thin models than before. So-called high self-monitoring women, or those more concerned about what others think of their appearance, were the most negatively affected by seeing the thin models in the study.

More likely to buy
The professors are still preparing a written report on results from a second phase of the research, which found that despite the negative effect on their body image, women preferred ads showing thin models and said they were more likely to buy products featured in those ads than in ones showing "regular-size models," said Jeremy Kees, a business professor at Villanova.

Karen Becker-Olsen, a business professor at the College of New Jersey, also has been conducting the research. She couldn't be reached for comment by deadline.

"The really interesting result we're seeing across multiple studies is that these thin models make women feel bad, but they like it," Mr. Kees said. "They have higher evaluation of the brands. With the more regular-size models, they don't feel bad. Their body image doesn't change. But in terms of evaluations of the brands, those are actually lower."

Mr. Kees acknowledged the findings create something of a quandary for marketers, who might have a positive effect on young women's self-esteem by showing more typical women in ads, but suffer in the marketplace as a result.

"I'd tend to be cautious about using models in advertising that wouldn't maximize the attitudes and evaluations of the advertising and the brands," he said. "Certainly [Dove is] getting a lot of publicity, and it's a great, innovative campaign. But in terms of the bottom line of how that might be impacting ... purchase behavior, I'm not sure."

Appetite suppressant
Mr. Kees said the professors landed on the Oreo tactic, in which study participants didn't know their post-ad-exposure cookie-eating would be monitored, as a way of studying real behavioral impact in addition to the usual survey responses regarding ads. The Dove Self-Esteem Fund, backed by its Campaign for Real Beauty, has exceeded its original goal of reaching 1 million young girls by this year and expanded its target to 5 million by 2010.

The data shows a definite, if short-term, link between thin models in ads and eating behavior, but Mr. Kees said he wasn't comfortable making the leap that seeing thin models could cause eating disorders.

Dove and its agency, Ogilvy & Mather, Toronto, weren't reluctant to connect those dots in their "Onslaught" viral video released last year, splicing scenes of yo-yo dieting and bulimia into a montage of beauty advertising.

"That's a far stretch to infer an eating disorder from a one-time choice," Mr. Kees said, but added, "That's certainly a scenario that would be rich for future research."

The new study in part concurs with and in part diverges from some prior research on the impact of thin models. Research reported in 2005 and 2006 from psychology professors at University of Sussex and University of West England in the U.K. concluded that ads featuring ultra-thin models do make women feel worse about their looks, but aren't any better at selling products than ads featuring more typically proportioned women.

The Lower Chamber of France's Parliament earlier this year passed a law that would ban the use of ultra-thin models in ads, and authorities in Spain last year banned ultra-thin models from runways. Unilever also vowed to not use size-zero models in any of its advertising.

Unilever stays the course
In a statement, a spokesman for Unilever said the company believes its approach works. "Unilever is confident in the effectiveness of its advertising," he said. "We believe women have the right to feel comfortable with their bodies and not suffer from lack of self-esteem brought on by images of excessive slimness."

Dove's campaign, he said, has "penetrated society and started a dialog about real beauty," adding that "we are thrilled by the overwhelming positive responses we have received from women (and men) as a result of the campaign."

The Dove Self-Esteem Fund, backed by the campaign, has exceeded its original goal of reaching 1 million young girls by this year and expanded its target to 5 million by 2010., he said, already has reached 4.5 million people.

Despite those efforts, he said, "There is no question that women and young girls are being bombarded with unrealistic messages and images of beauty that impact their self-esteem." But, he said, "We are excited to see now (and have seen in the past couple of years) a growing trend towards more realistic and healthy looking women in advertising and in the media."

Breast Cancer and Body Drench Lotion

Since I just did a podcast on Model Talk based on skincare and I also have been working with AOL's StyleDash, making video blogs and giving beauty and skincare advice, I thought you'd enjoy this as well:

This is a unique promotion for Cancer awareness and I love it! Bosom Cream, is a lotion through Body Drench that Supports Cancer Awareness & Research, by donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of its "Bosom Cream" to the Cancer Institute of New Jersey.

The Bosom Cream lotion has a personal touch from the Brand Manager, Morgan Kaptain, who chose to align Body Drench with a cancer institute that treated her father when he was diagnosed. In a note to the executive director Kaptain says:

"My father was a very memorable man and his case was incredible as he was given only six months to a year to live when he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in 1998 and he lived until May of 2006, when he passed away at home, in his favorite spot--on the couch, asleep. He fought a hard battle but went peacefully. The care he received at your facilities was incredible- doctors, nurses, and all of the staff were always so wonderful to my family and I would be so happy to be able to donate a portion of the proceeds on this item through my current company, American International Industries and on behalf on my brand, Body Drench."

The spa quality lotion, was an original favorite of salon and spa clients dating back to the 1980's, and was referred to as a 'Bosom Cream' for women who had undergone mastectomy surgery and was used to help reduce scarring and to increase comfort when wearing a bra.

Body Drench Original Moisturizing Lotion is a blend of natural emollients, vitamins and botanical extracts formulated to rejuvenate the skin, leaving it refreshed and hydrated. Lightly kissed with a sweet powder aroma, Body Drench Original Moisturizing Lotion glides on smoothly and absorbs quickly.

Body Drench Original Moisturizing Lotion has a suggested retail price of $17.00.

Body Drench is a division of American International Industries (AII). Body Drench products are available at beauty supply stores, salons, and spas. For more information, please visit,

Pay attention to Advertising to get ahead as a Model

Even tampon brands and skincare lotions need models. And your smile can go along way. Watch TV commercials and pay attention to the models you see in them. These days voiceovers are also very popular among commercials, and many models are getting opportunities in commercials, not just actors. So by watching commercials you can also get a grasp on what brands are casting what type of models.

I also suggest paying attention to print ads and editorials. Notice the ad, the pose of the model, notice all ads you see, not just fashion ads, notice ads that involve jewerly,handbags, shoes, and lifestyle products, cleaning products, music related products, technology, all types of products have ads, from BEST BUY to Dunkin Donuts.

Do some modeling research and focus on advertising to notice where models are used, and how. Even flip through Business Week, Rollingstone, all types of models are needed for all types of ads. You will notice that there is more to modeling than height.

Now use what you see to create photos that will really get you ahead as a model, create images that look like ads and editorials, and make sure you are presenting yourself in away that shows you can sell because the word model is about selling a product, a brand, a story, and advertising can speak to you about the type of photos you need for your portfolio and modeling compcard.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Playtex says yes to curves and 18 hour bra's for Plus Size, find your bra size

I really love the realistic commercials I have seen recently and the current Playtext commercial is really and eye-catching commercial. Maybe it is the shock value of seeing a real life woman on TV!? I love it!

You see Plus Size models modeling beautiful bra's by Playtex. I remember growing up seeing my mother's Playtex bra's hanging off the chair in her room and I am excited to know that Playtex has gotten more trendy for the Plus Size Beauties!

I love the commercial and I am glad to see the realistic approach used in the Television Advertising world.

You can also watch some commercials here at the website:

And if you love Playtex you can submit your own Happy Bra Dance video here:

Also no matter your size, you should know how to measure your bra size, learn here:

Isabella Rossellini and bug porn and philanthropy

Isabella Rossellini is an actress, author, filmmaker and philanthropist, and she started modeling at age 28, she was a Lancôme model for 14 years, and her daughter is now the face of Lancôme. On the Rachael Ray show today I saw Isabella speak about her short film series called Green Porn about how insects have sex. It is on Sundance and worth the watch!

I first saw Isobella Rossellini when I was like 12, in the movie Death Becomes Her. Great film, might order it today on Blockbuster( I have a couple gift cards I need to use). In Death Becomes Her, Isabella worked aside Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn ( I love Goldie's memoir by the way!)

Also did you know that Rossellini is the daughter of actress Ingrid Bergman ( the talented beauty in Casablanca) and the Italian director Roberto Rossellini.

She has a unique face, I could stare at it all day. And I love that she is more than a beauty: Rossellini is involved in conservation efforts and she is a board member of the Wildlife Conservation Network. Also she is the president and director of the Howard Gilman Foundation, a leading institution focused on the preservation of wildlife, arts, photography and dance.

She pulls off the short hair cut REALLY well!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

listening to male models talk about National Underwear Day

Today at my casting I listened as the male models talked among themselves. Jeez,male models are of a different breed. Now these were not the typical run way models, but there was a good look blond that did look like Ken, you know Barbie's boyfriend. His hair was almost golden! I listned to them talk about how they were all booked to work a promotion in Time Square Underwear Day, and were suppose to pose in thongs an underwear and how they wanted the $500 rate, but thought the rate was a bit low. They all were from the same agency- (I do freelance with them as well), it was interesting how they all thought the exposure would be really good, ( I don't really agree, I think print means more to a modeling portfolio.) But I just listened. Well, I did comment when one of the guys complained about doing promo work and I said, "Why not be pickier." He looked at me like I was nuts, but I really think as a freelance model you do not have to go on castings and accept jobs if you don't want to. They were obviously new models, guys that look good who are new to this word "model". Alot of male models, like female models, end up naked. But you can be picky about it if you want to be.

The casting we were waiting for was for a body job, but it paid really well and although it involves being naked, it is different than flaunting it in Time Square. WOrking with a brand is a bit different, seriously!

Although I think this is a problem many models run into, they are so afraid or nervous to say no, that they accept everything and end up not really going forward or doing jobs that really improve their porfolio. (although it is good to impress and be easy to work with, you should always think about the job you are accepting before you accept it,) they all seemed so unsure about the promo job they were talking about.

They all looked trim, and tone, all different heights, I felt like I was in high school again, they all looked pretty young and it did remind me of Zoolander a bit.

When it was my turn I went into the casting room, it was for a body part job, when I got inside I had to be basically naked besides wearing a thong. I was wearing the tiniest thong I had. It is for a television network poster/ad for a popular series.

Lets hope I book it!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Fruit of the Loom says Plus size is sexy

I love the current Fruit of the Loom commercial, I saw it last week, and it really captured my attention. With all the fluff with perfection hovering TV these days, it was nice to see curvy woman enjoying their curves and flaunting them. I really applaud Fruit of the Loom for creating the commercial and it was really well done!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kenneth Cole brings new meaning to modeling in an ad campaign

Kenneth Cole doesn't mind if you are in a wheelchair, not perfect and have a few flaws. Infact the shoe brand and retail store has taken social issues and the statement of "We all walk in different shoes," and opened eyes towards the lifestyle of just being yourself and loving it. He cares more if you have a story to tell.

I think our society and especially generation Y is obsessed with perfection. And while sitting in the store trying on some shoes a couple weeks ago I really loved the instore specs and video of the ad campaign shoot they display on plasma screens in the store. I was very impressed. Most brands are stuck on perfection and gloss. Mr.Cole and photographer Terry Richardson share stories of those who have an inspiring message for the Kenneth Cole: We All Walk in Different Shoes, ad campaign.

Click here or here.

Incase you haven't seen any of the ads yet, here are a few that I love. He calls these people " non-uniform" thinkers. I hope it inspires you to see that being yourself is the best ad campaign you can strive to show and present each day.

And click here for more ads and news on Kenneth Cole and the brand that took a chance on itself and those who are not perfect but beautifully unique.

If you want to do something, you make it happen, and if you aren't perfect that doesn't mean you can't try and get it done just as a good!

We all have scars, imperfections, and we all seek acceptance, but you have to first love your self, accept your flaws, and still wake up every day striving to be the person you want to be, no matter the odds. What's your story?

Being a print model and commercial print modeling

I hear alot of girls saying they are too short to model. Sure for the fashion world you are judged for height, weight and all that but not for commercial print modeling. To be a print model you should find a commercial print modeling agency. No matter your age or height there are agencies that work with people who are of all heights and age.

Of course this is not the fashion world and you can not expect the same things.
Commercial print modeling agencies do not have open calls usually. You will need a compcard, you will need a headshot, you will have to create it yourself. And mail commercial print modeling agencies to their address.

Changing your mindset on what modeling is: Modeling is not only Vogue and not only Playboy, there are many types of modeling, and print models can be all heights because the commercial world needs models for commercials, and lifestyle products, beauty products, cleaning products, baby products, skincare products, jewelry, cell phone companies, technology products, tampons, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, soda's and sunglasses, this is commercial print modeling. Where ever there is a lifestyle product and a person, it is usually a commercial print model.

The look of a print model; print models are people of all kinds, grandmothers, pregnant woman, babies, kids, teens, adults. Of course being clean, and having good nails, skin, and a nice smile is liked as a well.

How to start: Work with a photographer that can shoot you a very nice headshot or commercial print lifestyle photos, you need to have a nice smile and personality shots, unless fashion you don't need to dwell for hours on styling, just wear a tank top, tee shirt, or suit, think of ads and editorials that are more lifestyle based. The styling is simple and the shot is based on You really just being You.

Modeling is something I don't ask if I can do

Starting to model wasn't something someone told me I should do and guided the way, I had to learn about my look, how I was sellable, and why an agency would want to work with me and how to get one.

I had to teach myself, through trial and error, how to be a model. It is something I want to do and I think alot of girls let the judgement of others define them too much when it comes to working as a model. I think if you want to do something you have to make it happen. You can't wait for the chance to come to you, you have to create it.

Alot of girls ask me if I think they can be models, and my answer is not yes or no, it is Do You Think You Can? Because modeling is about having confidence, it is about luck, research, work and trying, and if you think you can do it, then you will have enough will to seek out the answers you need and become who want to be. Do what you want to do, and make it happen. No on can tell you that you can be something, you have to believe it yourself first, and chase it. Modeling is not an easy business, it is not something that takes walking the "wasy way out" or "shortcutting" the business, to work as a model you have to work hard, be involved with your pursuits, and these days think bigger than what is even seen in society. Ok, so there are NO models walking on the runway, but that is a very small percentage of models, Ok so there are not a ton of models of all ethnicities working, but if you focus on where models of your height, and kind are you will see that there IS a market for you. If you work hard, strive to work with great photographers, create the photos you need to sell you, and submit your photos to agencies you will get what you want as a model.

Think of the models you have seen in ads, they are not just stunning, they are modeling for a product, a brand. To do this you need to work with great agencies that work with great brands and get castings for great products and magazines.
It does take work to get in the door. Being a model today isn't just about being scouted off the street, it is also about making yourself a model, and more: It is about making yourself who you want to be.

Or you can settle and just be a hot chick on the web, but really that is not modeling at all. The word modeling tends to mean today beautiful, perfect, hot, skinny, naked, flawless, but really modeling is modeling a product, co-siding a story in a magazine, representing a brand, telling a story, and if you haven't done this....then you are not modeling.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The desperate model

The desperate model...

she just focuses on the ego boost, she loves hits on her profile, she doesn't own a portfolio book but also doesn't go far as a model.

A lot of girls are so desperate for the rush of being a model, being seen, desired, ect, that they end up losing their dignity, you don't have to.

If you realize your potential and your focus on the chances you do have to get what you want and if you are realistic with your self you can model, get an agency and strive, but you have to be serious with yourself and your pursuits.

Photos, and great ones, are so important! Photoshop isn't as important as being natural and yourself on camera.

Don't be so desperate to be a model that you forget what being a model is: It is modeling for brands, for a purpose, not just to feel like one.

When is it ok to work for free as a model?

Well, when you are building your portfolio book, testing is a popular word. Photographers do test and models can get good shots for their portfolio this way, but you must always be comfortable with the situation and hopefully the photographer won't be a jerk. When I was building my portfolio I did test with photographers and it lead me to some great tearsheets in magazines for my portfolio. But sometimes all you get is just like one decent photo. I think it is best to always stress your goals, your plans, your purpose to model, when you are speaking to a photographer, and you must not feel that the photographer has ALL the control and you are just a rag doll.

It is ok to work for free and freelance as a model, but that doesn't mean the project or photo should be of low class.

When it comes to castings, if the credit will improve your portfolio book or reel or provide you with a growing experience as a model it might be worth considering. If there is a makeup artist and stylist usually the shoot should be at least looking good. It is ok to work for free when you are starting out and expected, but please be careful and always ask questions, try to get things in writing, read the fine print, and know what you are walking into before you meet and work with the crew, photographer, person, ect.

Modeling casting confessions

When you are freelancing as a model you can still be picky. Many people who want to be models are so much in a rush they don't really THINK about the casting they are going on, and just accept any opportunity. This is a bad idea.

It is better to go on a few GREAT castings then a bunch of crappy ones or to do modeling jobs that really get you no where. I think that is the problem the internet brings, it makes for scams, and mistakes by the aspiring models. If you do want to really model with brands and get an agency, then you really need to be careful about who you work with, without losing your ambition and drive.

Don't be in such a rush that you end up getting in a bad situation, work with someone who is not serious, or worse. The internet can really mislead an aspiring model and you have to be careful who you work with, be picky about the photographer, the production, the film, the magazine you shoot with. If it isn't someone who has credits, and if it isn't a project that has passion beyond it, it might be better to skip it.

is it for your ego or your modeling resume

When you are trying to be a model, it can mean trying to build your modeling portfolio and this can mean making choices on your own. Many times I have had to ask myself, "is this job worth it?"

And when you take yourself seriously and your pursuits a comment thing is to ask yourself before you apply and commit to a job is this for my resume, or my ego?

Sure during a dry spell it might feel good to be picked for a job, but when you are freelancing you must be picky about the jobs you do and the photos you take and the submissions you do. If you take yourself seriously and your goals, then you don't want your ego to put you in a bad situation, or make a mistake, or waste your time, or worse, it is best to be picky, think and ask questions, and not do a job if it seems like something that really won't bring your forward or where you want to be.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What type of model are you trying to be?

Recently a girl told me she wanted to be many types she wanted to be a goth model, a fetish model, a plus size model,-the works!-and it is a good idea to be diverse but it is a bad idea to do something in one area that will limit you in another. For example:

If you are a glamour, goth, or fetish model, you will have a hard time with images like that to work in the commercial print modeling world. As a print model, whether you are petite or plus size, you need natural girl next door look, with smiles, energy and personality. Also you should stick to making two compcards that can market you in different ways. I would suggest skipping the goth, fetish and glamour stuff and focusing more on the commercial or editorial worlds. If you have a nice body, look at Shape, Allure, Fitness, and magazines that are more lifestyle that still need body models. Last week I was at Woman’s Health, and you can get really great castings and opportunities by just using what you have and thinking like a marketer. Apply a marketing aspect to your modeling. You can model in a thong, and also a sweater, but if you want to put both photos on your compcard for commercial print modeling then you need to tame down the thong and make it look more like a catalog.

I have sexier photos, commercial photos, and body part photos. I have photos that look more editorial, I have beauty shots, I have photos with me with makeup and photos that are just me being me without a lot of makeup.

If you have nice breasts you can use them to do parts modeling, lingerie modeling, and swimwear, but it doesn’t mean that they have to be C Cups, you can be a body part model and be an A or B Cup. It is preferred. Natural breasts are best for parts modeling. The other day I had a call for a topless shot for a fashion magazine.

Although you have to be careful how you represent yourself and reveal yourself. When approaching commercial print modeling agencies, print modeling agencies, you need to make a compcard that shows your range, but doesn’t put you too sexy, or too boring. I suggest looking at ads and editorials. The Commercial print modeling world wants to see the real you. You could make dinner or do a normal fitness routine on the treadmill, bring your photographer and that could be a shoot for your commercial compcard if it is shot in a commercial or editorial way.

Think about the work you want to get as a model and the photos you need to get there. Most print agencies won’t baby you and give you the compcard but they might suggest photographers you can work with, but they will not pay for it. A model is expected to make her own compcards. I use to make my commercial and parts cards.

My modeling agent emails me

And asks me to send her a photo of myself for a casting she is submitting me to last minute. It really helps that I have a lot of photos and a variety of types of photos, and I can quickly email her whatever is needed.

I basically have legit photo, ready, that could be send to every type of modeling job there could be at any time. A topless shot, a behind shot, a face shot, a full body, in a dress, in swimwear, wearing a hat, wearing jewelry, wearing shoes, ect.

Depending on the type of modeling you are focusing on, you need to have photos that can best represent you. As a model I want to be able to use all I have to get ahead. So sometimes that means opening photoshop, and cropping a photo myself to submit the picture I need to my agency so that I can have the chance at the job.

I have made sure that I have photos that can help market me in many ways, you should do this too. Don't limit yourself and chances by just having one type of photo of yourself. You need many.

Modeling agencies Do Accept you, but do you know they exist?

Most girls that want to model are under 5'8" most of these girls forget the possibility they have at commercial print modeling agencies. Of course having good photos ahead of time and doing some behind the scenes work is important.
I always think preparing your own photos is important when it comes to marketing yourself. And having all types of photos handy. Along with having a compcard.

These are a few ways I got interest from my modeling agencies:

1. Niche market. - PARTS, I am a body parts model, for hands, feet, legs, ect, and I have created photos for this market and put together a part card, which I mailed to the parts agency. It took working with a certain photographer to first understand what PARTS modeling was. But once I learned, I was quick to try to get involved and it was a great way for a petite model to get an agency and great work as a model. Not all agencies have PARTS divisions, so I would call or ask or look at the website before hand.

2. Having a tearsheet and some experience first. By having a few tearsheets it has helped me get an agent, I have had to submit to magazines, and promote myself, manage myself and get some modeling work even before I got a good agent. It is important if possible to try to book your own work,- it helps to print a compcard and mail it to small magazines or weekly beauty and life magazines, or magazines that are more lifestyle. (especially for petite's)

3. Constant mailings and updating my photos. Don't give up after one mailing to an agency, - if you don't hear back keep trying, update your photos, and in a month or so try again with another mailing and new compcard. Invest in yourself, keep practing it might take 5 tries or more until you hear back!

Don't think modeling is easy

Modeling is not an easy type of work or pursuit. Don't think it is. Learning about the modeling business is a job in itself. How to pose, market yourself, how to really model and get the photos you need that will best market you.

Especially if you are petite, the word model sits next to the word work. Knocking on doors, and mailing, and submissions is a daily routine, running to castings, last minute, and promoting yourself as a model is more than just being cute.

The biggest mistake girls make is not going about their modeling pursuits in the right way, they get caught up in the internet world and never really cross into the real mainstream world of modeling.

If you are looking to model for only a few minutes then fine, but if you really want to model, it takes a lot of research and work.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Really modeling vs. Calling yourself a model

Modeling with real brands, real agencies, and getting a paycheck from real companies is possible, but it does take a certain type of persistance and ambition, it takes more than 5 minutes of fame, which seems to be the hype for aspiring models today, sad but true,- the internet has in many ways ruined the word model. It has helped and also degraded what a model is.

The internet lets people create brands, and just like the store isn't needed, a person can setup shop on the web, with a website, and e-commerce. Simply! And they are a designer and able to get sales.

But can a model use the web in the same way?

I think not.

To be a model get legit modeling work, work with an agency, go on castings for top brands and top magazines, you need to have more than a website. A model needs to still remember that the Old fashion way is still the way in the modeling business. despite the web, the word model has not changed in terms of the modeling industry, of course there are different meanings of the word, -there are the fashion models, the girls on websites like an modelmayhem, there are girls who work with commercial print modeling agencies, and then there is the runway of broken dreams and there are many types of models these days too, from body part models- to models modeling for haircare, shoes, and sodas, and models of course on the runway. There are so many types of models, but who is really pulling in the money? Who is really going to the castings? It isn't a girl who calls herself a model just because she knows how to download her photo on the internet, and real models are not posing in the living rooms of no-body photographers...the old fashion is the way, you need to be honest with yourself these days, you need a compcard, you will need a modeling portfolio and having a website or a profile page isn't enough to be a model. Y

ou need what the art directors, casting directors , editors, and agents need to see. Some call it the industry," but being in the industry is the ability to promote yourself to the right people and in the right way, and having the tools to get there. I love the internet, but it isn't the end-all for the type of work I am getting and my goals, and you need is the physical tools that will get you ahead. I will be discussing more of this on my podcast Model Talk this week on Wens at 5pm.

Using my web cam to prepare for shoots

It is nice to test out how you look on camera, and also pose infront of the mirror for practice before shoots. Whether it is leg modeling or for a handbag, I prepare before the day of the shoot.

Are you going about modeling the wrong way?

If you want a modeling agency, and if you want modeling work with great brands and companies you need to treat your modeling goals on a high standard. You have to be professional to get professional results. And photos are so important, you can't just slop together a compcard and expect to get results. You can't just do one mailing and expect to get a call for a national ad campaign. You have to treat your goals like a job, a true pursuit.

LaCroix Handbags launches their new collection of handbags.

If you like handbags this is a great event in Hoboken, this Wednesday.

LaCroix Handbags launches their new collection of handbags.

The "Jacquelyn Ashley" Collection at 50% off retail prices. Fashion Show and Raffle Prizes

Wednesday July 23rd, 20087PM-10PM 10th and Willow

935 Willow Ave Hoboken, NJ 07030 WWW.LACROIXDESIGNS.COM

Monday, July 21, 2008

What should I wear to meet a photographer?

A girl recently asked me what she should wear to meet a photographer.

My Answer:
I would wear just jeans and a tanktop. Light makeup, enhance your great assets but don't be a slut about it. You want to look like the photo you might have showed the photographer ahead of time. Also here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Is the photographer the only one talking? Is he taking over the meeting or letting you speak your mind about the photos you want.
2. Discuss the shoot ahead of time, what you will bring, wear, if there is a makeup artist, or stylist. If it is a test shoot ask what you will receive? Cd, images, prints? Is photoshop included if needed?
3.You are not there to impress the photographer, you are there to see if he impresses you.

Anyone can hold a camera and photo shop it, the question is...Is this photographer worth YOUR time?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The 5 Worst Swimsuit foods.

You should eat before your shoot, especially in the morning if it will be a long day, but here is an article I wrote for that is about the 5 worst swimsuit foods.

Looks can be deceiving. Even when it comes to vegetables.Did you know that broccoli and your bikini don’t go together? Sure, it might seem like a trim choice to devour before you slip into your bikini, but think again.

You’ll want to think twice about eating foods that make your body retain water and calorie packed foods before you plan to flaunt your trim body in a swimsuit. Here’s the skinny on what to avoid and way.

The Salty Caesar
It isn’t a healthy Caesar salad anymore, was it ever? Have you ever considered how much salt is in a Caesar salad? Now it makes sense why our stomachs look so bloated after we dive into what we think is a healthy green lunch. Only to find that it is really is a fatty choice. Think about the sodium-saturated fried croutons, Parmesan cheese and those anchovies. Suddenly a Caesar salad is a misleading meal. We’re fans of salads around here, but hold the salt please.

Don’t pass the Potato
The glob of mayonnaise found in potato salads can sure ruin your day and your Swimsuit Issue body. Don’t ruin your flat stomach with the 1,000 mg of sodium and the carbs found in this salad.

When it pays to not be green
Sure vegetables such as brussels sprouts, broccoli and cabbage are a healthy choice for long term weight loss, but these greens are not to be reckoned with before you put on your bathing suit. Mainly because of a sugar called raffinose that is found in these veggies. It takes time for your body to digest the glucose found in raffinose sugars which leaves you with an obvious belly pouch.

No Chili before Chillin’
With meat or without, the sodium found in chili beans will make your stomach balloon and swell. Again the sugar in raffinose is found in the beans. Vegetable Chili isn’t any better. Vegetarian chili has nearly 1,300 mg of sodium in just a 12-ounce cup.

Easy on the Margaritas
We all want to have a good time by the poolside but skip the Margaritas. The high-fructose corn syrup and the salt-encrusted rim are going to make your midsection look flabby. A regular Margarita packs on 564 calories and over 2,000 mg of sodium. This means that while you sip your tummy will begin to puff out.

Remember, for short term appearances, salty foods will retain water and are going to inflate your trim body. So the next time you are heading off to the beach or pool keep in mind your salt intake before you head out. You’ll want to show off the body you have worked for, not mask it with your unfit Caesar salad results.

Written by: Isobella Jade for

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Managing yourself as a Model

I always think if you want to be modeling in a certain magazine or modeling for a certain brand you have to put the effort in to make it happen. Modeling to me is about seeking and chasing what you want. Making the dream, the possible.

Right now I am creating shots of myself modeling shoes and putting together shots of beauty and headshots which I am submitting to hair and shoe brands. I have some great modeling agencies but also I know that to have what you want you also need to put the effort, research, and work in, to promote yourself.

I don't mind being self made.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Beauty Tips from Model Isobella Jade

check out my latest video blog on for advice on skincare and beauty.

More to come!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Managing yourself as a Model- Model Talk new time at 2pm this week

The time of Model Talk has changed from 8pm to 2pm tomorrow because I will be traveling and at the airport at 8pm. So tune in at 2pm on Wens the 16th and here about how to manage yourself as a model. This is the headline:

Isobella will share how to freelance and get ahead as a model and the tools you need to really get work as a model. She will give some advice towards how to manage yourself as a model and how to get a head start.

See you at 2pm

Monday, July 14, 2008

skip the modeling school, go to your mirror instead

Walking like a model doesn't mean you should be one. And can be one. It takes a lot more than a walk girl. Even if you have the look there is a lot more to do than just perfect a walk.

Modeling is about modeling for brands and products and modeling agencies are VERY picky about the fashion world. As for your modeling pursuits I would consider commercial print modeling. You will have more opportunity and not just a tough time dealing with your height and being put down for it. Instead focus on what you have to offer as a model. Ask yourself, " what is sellable about me as a model?" What would I be good modeling? (product wise). Think of ads and editorials that involve models of all heights.

It doesn't matter if someone THINKS you can model, it comes down to YOU thinking you can these days.

I don't suggest modeling schools. They are over priced and meant for the naive. The best way to learn how to pose is to looking into reviewing the magazine ads you see and commercials, and editorials in magazines. And I don't just mean fashion magazines, models are needed for even TRAVEL magazines, modeling is so many things these days not just fashion. If I were you I would look at some magazines and then go infront of your mirror and practice posing. Being comfortable with your own self and knowing your body and how it looks when you pose is best. Because soon posing won’t be posing instead it will be natural. And you will look natural doing it. Like grab a handbag and try to pose with it, as if it is for a catalog or ad.

Skip the modeling school, waste of money and you do not come out as a model with a modeling agency and a working model, you come out with just a bill. You can read books on modeling and read biographies on models and get more insight on the modeling business. Also I would try to find some quality photographers. Photographers that TEST are best/ testing is a way to get photos without the heavy price tag. Also if you do not have a picky and perceptive eye I would Skip the modeling social sites too, there are just TOO many scumbags and dirty wanna be photographers on their. I would instead google Photography + your home town. Working with professional photographer's and those who take photography seriously will be best. Working with those who are aspiring and serious - such as at a photography- school might be good to. I would be honest about how much money you have, and try to negotiate a rate that works. An aspiring model should focus MORE on her photos than anything. Your photos will sell you to agents and then the agent can use the photos to sell you to the clients, the castings, the art directors, the editors, ect. Without photos, a compcard, and a modeling portfolio you can not market yourself as a model. Skip the schools, and if you have money then put your money where your pursuits really begin! With photos. Mail them to commercial print modeling agencies and keep trying!

Modeling fashion tips

To look good, you also have to carry alot of items, and write a To-do List often. Modeling means making sure a certain body part looks good,-like my feet and legs, and hands for body part modeling, and sometimes the behind -the -scenes involve:

Getting your heels fixe and getting a manicure and pedicure often,
in my bag: tweezers, shaver/razor, brush, comb, hair spray, hair gel, lotion for hands and body, my journal, and also modeling portfolio book, clear nail polish and polish in light pink or coral, nail file,and my makeup bag. I carry this while running to castings, and running to the post office, and duane reade daily.

LaCroix Handbags Trunk Show in Hoboken, NJ

Come on out and enjoy the LaCroix handbag collection on Wens the 23rd in Hoboken, NJ.

LaCroix Handbags launches their new collection of handbags.The "Jacquelyn Ashley" Collection at 50% off retail prices. Fashion Show and Raffle Prizes Wednesday July 23rd, 20087PM-10PM 10th and Willow935 Willow AveHoboken, NJ 07030 WWW.LACROIXDESIGNS.COM

Friday, July 11, 2008

Modeling accessories and purses

Petite models are great to model accessories and purses. Mainly because we are great to make accessories and products look bigger. Consider the images enclosed for an idea for how to use a prop in your shots and how to use what you have to get ahead as a model. Models are needed for jewelry, don't forget hand modeling- modeling rings, using even your neck! What about modeling hats? What about shoes and also handbags? Make your shoots more about the product and your shots will look more like ads and editorials and this is what your agents want to see. How can you model a product? So your not super tall, but there is other modeling work you can do. It just depends on your perspective and your marketing mindset.

You have to show in your photos that you can model for the jobs you want to get. It helps to be a bit of an art director with your shoots and really try to be more than just another model. Prove what you can do!

When it comes to finding accessories for your shoots try the Alice and Olivia Purse from Payless. It's on sale now for only $15!

Patricia Field Jumper, cute for petite's

New! Jumper by Spoiled NYC in Assorted Prints and Colors. This piece is a Patricia Field exclusive made in downtown NYC by Motoko Suzumegano and it's the perfect little onesie to complete your summer wardrobe! It zips up the front and has back pockets and belt loops. There are ruffles all around the neckline front and back. It is available in assorted colors and prints.

Check it out at

Saving money on your beauty routine

Enjoy this article I wrote that is currently up at

Saving money on your beauty routine might seem impossible but here are some tips that help when it comes to making your hair color, skin, manicure and pedicure last longer.

How to make your hair color last longer?
Wear a silk scarf when you are out in the sun, put a bandana around your head or wear a hat, especially in the summer. This will prevent the sun for lightening your hair and drying it out.

How do I keep your manicure and pedicure nice without spending so much at the salon?
First I have my own nail polish and I bring it to the salon with me, so that I can fix my manicure or pedicure if the color chips, since I have the color always handy. I rely on my own touch ups to fix my manicure. I save money this way and don't have to run back to the salon and I can manage my own manicure and pedicure for up to three weeks. Also I paint a clear topcoat over the final color coat of color which keeps the nail polish pretty longer.

What about spa facials?
I give myself my own facials, and I use St. Ives on my face - to me that is a facial. I put cucumbers on my eyes. To hydrate drier skin, you can also give yourself your own face masks by using products in your kitchen such as by mixing: 1 egg yolk, 1 tablespoon honey and a few drops of safflower oil, rub on your face and rinse.

How do you limit your haircut salon visits and save money on haircuts?
I deep condition and use hot oil treatments ( I like V05's hot oil treatment) often which keeps my hair moisturized so that the ends of my hair stay full of life. You can also make home made conditioner which is great for damaged or dry hair. Try the Honey Hair Conditioner: (Adapted from Naturally Healthy Hair, by Mary Beth Janssen (Storey Books, 1999)).

Honey is high in vitamins and minerals, and serves as a good moisturizer and conditioner. Directions for using honey in hair: Add a teaspoon of honey to a teaspoon of shampoo, or use honey by itself as a wonderful hair conditioner. Work 1/2 cup through your hair (using more or less according to your hair length). Put a plastic shower cap or bag over the hair for 20 to 30 minutes to let your body heat optimize the conditioning benefit of the honey, then shampoo and rinse thoroughly.

By using these tips, you will be able to save a lot of money on your beauty regiment!

Chinese Olympic hostesses have height requirements

Did you know that the Chinese Olympic hostesses have height requirements? How nuts is that!

I was shocked with this 2007 headline in the Washington Post:

Beijing Sets the Bar High for Its Olympic Hostesses

"Hundreds of young women are needed to serve as hostesses for award ceremonies at next year's Beijing Olympics, but only those who are tall, beautiful and have good figures need apply, planners said Tuesday.

"We have certain requirements for their height, since they have to present the awards to our athletes," said Zhao Dongming, director of the cultural activities department of the Beijing Olympics organizing committee. Candidates should be 5 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 10 inches tall, he said. "That's above average."

- Washington Post Foreign Service

To just present the award you can't be under 5'4". JEEZ.

The hostessses at Beijing might be taller than the athletic talent!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Free Audio book Download from Isobella Jade

All listeners of my pod cast called Model Talk- "weekly advice for the aspiring model" receive a Free Audio book from

Just go to:

You can get pick from over 40,000 audio books and get a free audio book download by going to.

I think it is inspirational to listen to memoirs and biographies of successful people, so that why you are chasing your pursuits you can also feel inspired along the way.

If you are girl on the go, like me, then you might like Audio Books, downloadable books for your iPod or MP3 player. Enjoy the free book download.

Say No to a model processing fee

A girl recently asked me, "Is a processing fee for $35 dollars normal?"

I said NO!

It is very important not to be so desperate for a modeling agency that you fall for these scams and end up working with some scumbags!

Legit agencies do not have a processing fee.
They take a percentage of the jobs they book you.

For example I made $1000 leg modeling once, and all it involved out of me was:
I gave the agent my own compcard to start, ( a body parts card)- then she sent me to a casting, I showed my legs, and later was told I got booked. After the job she got 20 percent of my pay. So when I made $1000 she got about $200.

NO processing fees are required...don't pay it doesn't give the so called agent of these crappy so called agencies motive to market you to their clients, and many of these scams don't even have clients, skip it...and why would anyone ever pay just to post your photo on a website? There are a lot of scams out there, be careful!


Quote from Runner's World

I love the quotes Runner's World send me because they can be applied to any pursuit, even modeling.

"Tough times don't last but tough people do."


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Marketing yourself as a Model

I really think of modeling as marketing and having the ability to self promote and to not just have the marketing tools you need but to USE them in the right ways. Many girls skip the area they need most, commercial print modeling and go into glamour or try to be something they aren’t: Fashion….before considering commercial print first. Being a model is really about knowing yourself, it is a tough pursuit but it possible if you are smart about the way you market yourself.

Run Race in High Heels, for all of us girls in our highest heels

I thought his was funny. My mom told me that this morning that "Television host Kelly Ripa and about 500 women from 35 states will take part in "Live With Regis and Kelly's" first High Heel-A-Thon in New York's Central Park Wednesday-a 150-yard dash in New York City."

I thought this was wild!

And awesome.

The winner of the high race wins $25,000, but Ripa wasn't eligible for the money.

Proceeds from the event will benefit the March of Dimes.

Here is the article from wnbc about the high heel race. I am sad I missed it. I wonder what my time could have been, most likely pretty good since I am ALWAYS in my highest heels. Well the race has passed but for info on it see the link enclosed: Interested participants can register for Regis and Kelly's High Heel-A-Thon by logging on to or

I ran the 400 in almost 60 seconds in High School, I wonder what my time could have been for this! Damn.

Shoot! I hope she does another one soon!

Bryant Park Movies

In the summer, I love finding inspiration by relaxing, reading and watching. Here is a list of movies in Bryant Park which might be a great choice to clear your mind and lounge out and slip into another world for a moment while being in the greatest city in the world, while watching some really great films- for free!

Monday, July 21 – Arsenic and Old Lace
Cary Grant's sweet old aunties have a very nasty secret.

Monday, July 28 – The Apartment
It doesn't get much better than this -- a young Jack Lemmon in a Billy Wilder classic featuring a young Shirley MacLaine.

Monday, August 4 – Lifeboat
In this Hitchcock flick, nine survivors (including Tallulah Bankhead) are trapped in a leaky lifeboat in the middle of the Atlantic.

Monday, August 11 – The Candidate
Robert Redford does political satire.

Monday, August 18 – Superman
Christopher Reeve is the Man of Steel, Marlon Brando is Jor-El, and Gene Hackman is the evil Lex Luthor.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

My favorite modeling casting and acting casting websites

Of course being your own agent is tough, but sometimes these sources can be helpful.
international source for film and Tv production

Print and online castings for models and actors
Talent casting wire.
Job Section: TV/Film/Video
Gig Section: Talent, Creative, crew, Events
Can be sketchy sometimes so watch your back, read the fine print, ask questions and be selective but I have booked some great work to build my portfolio and resume when I was starting out on this website. Please skip the scary posts and don't be so desperate to call yourself a model you fall for a trap.

And of course I suggest buying a booklet called The Ross Reports at Barnes and Noble or Borders for about ten bucks you can have a list of all the casting directors and agents in NY,LA and San Francisco.

Getting Modeling Castings and Modeling jobs on your own

Many girls I encounter are upset with their agency, upset they are trying but not seeing results, and are struggling to get modeling work. Here are some ways you can start booking your own which then leads to more work and opportunities, and maybe even a better agent.

1. Have a goal. What is your real goal for modeling? Once you know your goals you can start to focus on them. What type of modeling are you trying to achieve? Is it a realistic goal? how can you reach it? Are you marketing yourself in that direction? Are there certain photos you need to better market yourself? Are you not going on castings because you are not prepared and your agency doesn't think you are capable? Are you wondering why the phone isn't ringing? Maybe it is because you don't have a goal. To be a model in this digital age you have to have a goal. A plan, and know how to market yourself.

2. Promote yourself in new ways. So you have a compcard, or your photo on a modeling agency website, but are you working as a model yet? Sometimes girls have this fantasy that they will be discovered and then an agent will make their dreams come true like a fairy godmother. I think the best thing for an aspiring model who is not a tall fashion model type is to:
-Not sign with an agency, unless the agency has a great reputation and has PROVEN they can book you work by already booking you some,-instead at the start freelance with many agencies. ( I work with 5 now )
- Focus on your images/ photos. Do they represent the jobs you can do and want to do?
- Make your own compcard, and promotional and marketing tools. Do you have a headshot and compard that YOU can physical mail out to casting directors?
- Market yourself in ways beyond the web.

3. Doing the work!- I read magazines and also research photographers who are published in magazines and editorials, and who shoot for ad campaigns. The other day I wanted to know the name of the photographer who shot for a jeans brand I want to model for and I googled the company name,photography, and the campaigns, and I found out...- granted I do have experience but with this mindset you will see how you don't have to wait for your goals to come to you but you can get them done!
What about approaching brands, and magazine editors? What about mailing your compcard and trying to get some experience?

Once I even got a meeting with a well known lingerie company but simple finding their name and info in the back of Women's Wear Daily. No they were not casting for models but I took it upon myself to contact them and ask if they would be interested in meeting so I can perhaps model for them.

4. Realities of Modeling in the Digital Age: Being a model these days takes more than a photoshoot and agency, it takes a lot of effort, and research skills. It takes being a marketer. One casting is just a casting, and of course it helps to have an agency sending you on auditions and castings, but you can also contact aspiring brands, handbag designers, shoe designers...when was the last time you looked into contacting a brand?

If you are selective in your choices, who you work with, the photos you take, and really plan to launch yourself and promote yourself into modeling you can get where you want to be sooner.

Modeling to me isn't a height, being oh so pretty, or a certain weight, modeling to me is understanding your niche,- knowing where and how you can model, and focusing on that area and going for it!

What I have learned is: You can make yourself more of a model if you try and be realistic with your goals and choices and do not wait for it all to come flying towards you...because it won't. You have to make it come your way by being prepared with knowing how to market yourself.

Friday, July 4, 2008

The best free bathrooms in New York City

As a model on the go I have become pretty great at scouting out the cleanest bathrooms in NYC, here is a list of a few of my favorites:

1. The Apple Store-14th st, SoHo Prince Street, 5th and 58th,-usually very clean, except a few times when someone forgot to flush-it was bad! Usually there is always toilet paper and not much of a line.

2. The Shops at Columbus Circle -West 59th St, on the third floor there is a really nice big public bathroom,- like ten stalls, and also in Borders you will find a bathroom as well.

3. Macy's- 34th St. It's not the cleanest, can be busy but worth it if you really need to go!

4. Grand Central Terminal- East 42 st- downstairs in the food court there is a really nice clean bathroom. Very luxurious.

5. Barnes and Noble at Union Square- can be busy but pretty clean.

6. The W Hotel at Union Square,- if you can act classy you can walk right up the bathroom on the second floor, follow the spiral staircase up. But if you ask to use it you might get a strong No.

Good luck!

Confessions of a hair model, the day I cut my hair as a hair model to pay my rent

This article I wrote for just came out, I hope you enjoy it.
It is based on the day I cut my hair as a hair model to pay my rent.

Confessions of a Hair Model
July 02, 2008
By Isobella Jade

As bunches of my hair fell to the floor, I took a deep breath.


The ad on Craigslist read, "Looking for hair model for an in-house presentation at a West Village salon. Must be willing to have hair cut — $100."

Taking the job would bring me a hundred dollars closer to paying this month's rent, keeping me in my tiny one-bedroom apartment in New York City. So I tried to picture my hair shorter.

As a child I never had a haircut at a professional salon. The only device I had known for a haircut was my mother's clippers, her plump hands getting stuck and entangled within the knots of my long hair during my monthly haircut in the bathroom.

I thought back to a photographer once telling me, "You should cut your hair. It would make you look taller. You could show off your nice neckline."

Then I reflected on the last audition I went to, and how none of the girls in line had short hair.

Survival and my dreams to work as a full-time model met in front of me at a cross road. I knew that in a business based on appearance, hair length can help you or risk your chances from booking the job.

I kept this in mind when I walked into the boutique salon on East 13th Street. A little bell rang as I opened the door.

Read more here.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

You can be a model or not?

A lot of girls are told they can model or scouted out, and they get mislead. Alot of people are told they can be a model with the wrong managers, wrong agents, and it never really happens.

My best advice about entering the modeling business is:

Learn about the business, think about what a model is, look at magazines and editorials, notice ad campaigns, and understand the business and where models are used before you try to approach it the wrong way. With the wrong photos, photographers, and make a lot of mistakes.

There are certain steps that have to be taken, such as getting great photos, marketing yourself, and it is really a business of solitude. I didn't go to castings with friends, to meet agents with friends or family, I did it myself, I go to castings my self. I walk in the door myself.

Before you let someone tell you that you can be a model you need to already have a few things:
1. Confidence: The modeling business is a business of NO's and if you take these no's to heart it can really mess up for ego. It is a business and sometimes you won't be what they ( casting directors, agents, art directors) are looking for.
You need to take the No's in stride and keep striving! This is something you have to be able to do to work as a model.
2. Persistance and proactive approach: Waiting for the phone to ring doesn't make your dreams happen any faster. You have to be prepared for the work that comes with being a model. The days of being discovered by just being hot and attractive are over. It takes more than a pretty face to be a model.
3. A realistic approach. Staying ambitious is key and knowing your market and niche, knowing how to marketing yourself and to what type of agents. Remember there is more than Elite, Next and Ford, there are many legit commercial print modeling agencies for commercial print work and commercial modeling, but you do have to have photos that show you can do this type of modeling. The mistake most models make is marketing themselves the wrong way. To the wrong agencies and not having the right marketing tools: photos that can speak for them and what they are capable of.

Types of Modeling,-knowing your modeling niche

Your modeling niche is the area of modeling you should be pursuing. maybe your a short girl and you are focusing on fashion photography too much, maybe you are working with the wrong photographers and they are not shooting you in ways that will benefit you, maybe you are stuck in a rut with bad photos, no representation, and no modeling jobs?

Well it could be the way you are marketing yourself, it doesn't take a video, or a modeling school to tell you that.

Thinking like a marketer is so important when it comes to being a model and getting consistant work as one.

Knowing where you fit in the modeling industry:
Think about what you have to offer the industry, is it your hands, your feet, your tone body? Is it your energy? Your great hair, your diverse look?
Often I see models that are just attractive girl next doors, just people who are attractive and not cat walkers, so maybe your niche is something you are not focusing on. Modeling is more than fashion but if you approach the business only thinking of fashion, and trying to be something you aren't then getting modeling wok and an agent won't happen for you. However if you approach the business with knowing what you can in deed model, and where you fit in the industry you will get an agent and the work will come to you quicker and easier.

Finding your modeling niche:
So your not 5'10" but your first modeling job could be shoe modeling, hand modeling, parts modeling, hair modeling, modeling sunglasses, modeling for aspiring brands that want to work with aspiring models, and also magazines that DO accept submissions and models of all heights. ( not vogue, but more lifestyle magazines like Glamour.) Are you considering the types of modeling that you are actually good for, or are you focusing on areas in modeling that do not fit your niche?

Do you photos speak towards your modeling niche:
Sure it feels hot to model some hot high heels and a fashionista outfit, but don't forget that most commercial print models and working models are not 5'10" but they DO have photos that are lifestyle like. They have images that speak about the modeling work they can indeed get. Remember the importance of a simple shot of you in jeans or a skirt and laughing.

Going towards your niche market:

And getting over the internet trends of feeling hot over a hit or click is the first step. Most of the girls using internet sites are short, they are not tall and they get stuck on the web and don't know how to slip out of the internet world where they feel accepted. Although to get ahead you need to let yourself be seen in more ways than just the web, you need a compcard, you need a headshot, you need to mail it to agencies and towards the market you are good for. Work on your photos, perfect your image, show what you are good to model, but realistic with yourself and take control of your pursuits. Chasing what you want is not easy, but it is possible!

Have a great 4th of July!

Screw modeling scouts, be your own!

Being a model to me really means believing in yourself, not taking no for an answer and finding a way to make it happen, it is really a choice, and a challenge, and I work for the gratitude, to prove I can, and also because I know I can model. Of course I have been told differently, many times. But the truth is, I have already gained what most short girls couldn’t even imagine gaining as a model. It happened not because of someone helping me make it happen, or told me I had a chance at this thing called modeling, it is because I strived for it, and I am one.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Internet can help and hurt a model

The internet was my entry into the modeling business, and tonight on my modeling pod cast will be talkin about the good and bad of using the internet to get ahead as a model and how these internet modeling social sites are really unrealistic.

8pm Wens for the segment called The Model and The Social Site

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The pursuit of a model in the digital age isn't just getting a modeling agent

Right now I want to be in Self, Marie Claire, and Glamour, so I read those magazines alot, I find out what type of photos I should have by looking in the magazine, and I create photos that show my energy, smile,( - I work with a great photographer to create the shots) and submit my photos to the photo editor. Yes -it is not normal, it is unconventional and most models do NOT do this. They wait for the phone to ring. But I just don't work like that. I am selective about my work, and I chase it hard!

Alot of girls think that because they have a modeling agent, they can get ahead and they will be known and perfect, this is just not always true. I work with 5 modeling agencies and they all call me but not every single I make sure I am always chasing more for myself.

And modeling has a lot to do with my pursuits but I also write for online magazines and publications, while I keep a positive attitude about my own pursuits. I blog daily, I pod cast weekly, I create video blogs and what I have come to learn over the years is that: To success as a model you have to really be involved with your pursuits these days to get ahead. Especially when every girl her mom wants to be a model and thinks she is one just because she has downloaded her photos on the internet....but the ones who serious are the ones are getting the modeling work. And serious doesn't come in hits and clicks. It comes in tear sheets, and ad campaigns and commercials :) It can mean mailing your compcards out, contacting brands, magazines and pitching quality photographer's yourself to improve your modeling portfolio and photos, which will market you better.

Attention Women: Get Your Fitness Gear Here

When I was a cross country runner in the late 90’s it was a struggle to find a review on latest in women’s running shoes and apparel. It was really frustrating and embarrassing to test out five pairs of shoes in the store. I remember testing the bounce, the comfort and feel of the shoe, jumping around like a monkey and pacing the store - all the while acting as if I were on the track, while the other shoppers stared.

But there is the first ever magazine out for women for fitness gear from Her Sports + Fitness, read more at

I also had a dream last night that I was running, maybe that is why I feel so pooped!