Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why you don't have a modeling agent? Model Talk tonight at 8pm

Tonight at 8pm on Model Talk, I will be discussing some ideas to

I will be giving suggestions and advice on what you can do to intrigue and keep an agent calling you and what to do in between the silent times.

Isobella Jade

Why isn't your modeling agent getting back in touch with you?

A girl on Myspace recently asked me about Why her agency isn't getting in touch with her... This was my inspirational and honest reply:

Well....not to be brash but Why would they want to?
Sometimes I don't hear from my agents for weeks, sometimes I hear from all of them in the same week. And the big question isn't Why aren't they promoting me....but instead. " what can you do to get them to promote you?"

Maybe it is you,…not them. Maybe your photos need to be worked on. Maybe they need to see that you have been putting some effort into yourself.

When I am not hearing from agents I do a few things:
1. I email or call them or send them in the mail a card or a letter saying what I have been up to, -it helps if you HAVE been doing something. ( see # 3)
2. I try to update my portfolio, my photos, and I plan and conceptualize a photo shoot for myself. It helps that I have some good photographers handy
3. I try to promote myself, I try to contact brands and magazines, could be local or small and try to get myself some modeling credits or a modeling tear sheet
4. Most of the time if you have a modeling tear sheet, that shows you have worked, and this needs to be in print, in a newspaper or magazines, or in promo material for a brand.- then usually the agency will be more intrigued than you just coming in and showing them your pics and relying on them.
5. Maybe even ask the agency…what do you think I could improve on?
Say “ I am planning a photo shoot to improve my images and I just wanted your opinion on the photos you could use that would be best for you to market me.” I do this often, especially since I have a few agencies and each want different things. I give each different compcards too. ( And yes I pocket this, and it is normal, it is like printing a headshot,…you think ALL casting directors print the headshots for their talent? NOPE!- same thing with modeling cards…you might need to make a few before you get one that works for you. And even so I change my compcard about every 3- 4 months. And by then I am out of cards anyway from all my mailings, castings, and submissions.
6. Once you know what you need to get in terms of photos: Try to meet some quality photographers and by this I mean: Notice photographers shoots for editorials in local magazines or newspapers. Or even call the newspapers and local magazines, ad agencies, and ask who they suggest.
7. Pitch the photographer some of your ideas…don’t be deceived thinking it has to be sexy…usually a simple show of you looking like a catalog or a commercial ad for a handbag company or something will benefit both the photographer and you.- Work with professionals. Not photographers who shoot for a hobby. (you don’t have to be a modeling tease if you don’t want to be.) It might sound corny but go to the phone book, look up photograpy... or google your town + photography. Try to find people who really do create great photos and who really work with brands or magazines. And email or call them and stress your personality, ideas, and be a savvy model with a plan!

( I pitch photographers all the time ideas I have for photo shoots, magazine submissions, and editorial ideas.)

If you want to model, then think about the brands, product you want to model, think about: What photos do I need for this type of modeling, and also how can I go about getting in touch with the brands and magazines and agencies I need to get in touch with.
It takes research and a lot of work.

I submit my photos to brands, magazines, and agencies all the time. I don’t wait for the phone to ring. I freelance with many agencies, and I work with many brands because my photos are very diverse. I can be a hair model, and a lingerie model. I can portray a teenager and I can also be a young corporate professional for a commercial or ad campaign. So each one of these need different photos…it looks like you have some thing to plan and prepare for now!

So ask questions, be busy, and don’t always blame the “other guy” look at yourself and think “what am I doing for my own pursuits?” and “ what am I doing to get this agent more excited about me?” And in the mean time….promote yourself to magazines, brands, and don’t wait.. …I have agencies, I have worked with big brands but I still promote myself as a model every day and never let one person make all my dreams and goals come true… smart about your pursuits, be ambitious, and soon you will be learning how to promote, manage and market yourself.

And the agent will be impressed and you might even book some work on the days they aren’t calling. Looks like you have a lot of things to do…so go get em!


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Casting this morning: Where actors and Models Unite

The hallway is narrow and the line is long. It looks as if they are giving away “free” something based on the anxious faces of all ages.

They are all White.

Yesterday was Hispanic and tomorrow is African American then the Asian Women and South East Asian and South Asian (from India).

This is a big one.

I reach the end of the line about 100 people back and plop my bag on the floor.

The sounds around me are, “What is this for again?”
“I heard it pays $2000”
“I heard 1600”

( my agent didn't mention a rate to me, but I imagine it is pretty nice and high)

Men with wrinkles, women with fried dyed hair, the blush is really red, their are plump women, a few tall girls but most are just average people with a coffee high spunk.

There is mumble about their latest jobs, and the sounds of “on set, on set, on set round the people in front and behind me. I feel like I am the only girl with a comp card there. Many are actors, some have just gotten off the set of Gossip Girls, some are trying to figure out what it means to being in the “business” and some are bitching about their cell phone breaking and how they were unable to get the castings on their phone through text message yesterday.

We wait.
I listen.
But also read WWD, ( Women’s World Daily).

I am number 356.

I wonder if the casting director will even look at all these photos of hopefuls.
I hate cattle call like castings, I hardly ever go, but it was for a national brand and the chance to book the job is worth it.

Monday, April 28, 2008

What to expect a modeling open call

If you are thinking of going to a modeling open call these are some things to keep in mind.

1. Bring photos that are simple, nice headshots, smiling, show energy.
2. Bring a headshot, a body shot, and if you aren't comfortable in a bathingsuit, why not bring a photo of you in a fitness shot. It is better to come prepared than with nothing.
3. Photos should be headshot size 8 by 10, or compcard size, or print up photos 5 x 7 if possible.

What to expect from the agency:
1. Does the agency have proof they get their models work, such as tearsheets on the wall or some sort of credits?
2. Is the agency making you pay for photos and sign a contract before they even try to book you work? - I would NEVER Pay an agency before you get a booked job. Honestly! If an agency tries run out it is a scam and there are plently of other agencies to find! Alot of these -fake- agencies are really money sucking jerks! They call themselves agencies just to scam girls into paying for photos that are not good or printing cost that is TOOO high.
3. I mention a bad experience I had in my bookcalled Almsot 5'4", and I am stressing to you: Do NOT pay for anything you do not trust in.
4. If an agency is legit they will at least take your info, name and photo and give you some tips on how to improve.

In the past, when I was a newbie, I had a really crappy compcard -which I made myself-but the agency took it and gave me tips and advice, the agency was Flaunt Models in NYC, and it felt good to get advice and to know trying is worth it.

As petite models, and aspiring models, we tend to think that modeling means sexy. Modeling means being energetic and Commercial print modeling is what you want to do and if the agency doesn’t mention the words, print, commercial print, or editorials or ad campaigns for print, then don’t waste your time. You want to find an agency that will send you out for jobs that are GOOD for you. Don’t let someone fool you into paying to be fooled.

Don't foget to grab a ROSS Reports, and to start promoting yourself. You don't need an agency to get work on a TV set, or in a magazine. But you have to have a compcard and headshot and be willing to mail it out and research and hustle, the Ross reports is a great tool. Also But don't get suckered into working with a scam that has only been in business for 5 minutes. Any New agency deserves some research too.. a new agency might accept you but are they legit?

You need to invest in yourself and get a compcard, and you don't have to pay hundreds for photos. Your mother could take them! Honestly just get photos that look like ads, you holding a bag, laughing being you! There is work for a girl who has a nice smile, energy and a real lifestyle look.

Their is NO height requirement to model. So don't be fooled!

Weds: April 30th Ovational TV: Eve and Marilyn

I discovered an awesome TV channel yesterday called Ovation! It is all about music, people, art and film! I love it.

This Weds this is a segment based on Marilyn and a photographer Eve, a woman, and it is nice to hear and see from a female photographer! Especially one that photographed Marilyn Monroe.

Tune in at 11pm on Weds. To learn more about the network click here:


Sunday, April 27, 2008

A few things to try when it comes to marketing yourself

1. Think about where you want to be, what are your goals and plan for the steps it will take to get there. Does it take a certain photo, a certain amount of research, a certain amount of mailing your compcards and headshots?

2. I think alot of strivers forget that there is such reward is research. If you want to get intouch with a brand, with a magazine, it is all available to you- you just have to do some research on the web it even inside the magazine. Being persistant and striving for yourself.

3. If 50 mailers to casting directors equal 2-10 call backs, then you need to mail, mail, mail,

4.and then get busy with something such as finding another way to market youself, such as in magazines, or working with a certain photographer.

5. The best way to get what you want is by being able to chase it, do the work and make it happen.

6. Don't let a No discourage you. You will get a lot in this business.

7. What you show is what you get so work on your photos, your reel, work on how you represent you.

8. Create an email account that is Your Name. Not

How to market yourself as a model

I don't rely on my modeling agent, it is great to have them, but I also am VERY much apart of my own modeling goals. I am always mailing, researching and writing cover letters, printing resumes, and promoting myself.

Alot of girls have this fake perception that once they get the agent ALL IS GOOD, and ALL WILL COME, and I find this to be the wrong mentality. With a manager, agent, and modeling agency, it might feel good, and give you a nice cozy feeling to know someone is one your side, but I never have let one person, or a few take my plans and trust in it 100%. The business just isn't like that. I think of the modeling agent as a tool, a piece of what I do as a model, a piece of my promotion and my own research and hustle doesn't end just because I have an agent.

Just because I booked a job and got a check for $1000 dollars doesn't mean I am settling for that feeling of " ok someone is helping me book modeling work, I can wait now for the phone to ring again."

Being a model in today's world I think means something different than it did in the 1980s and 1990s and even though there are tall giraffes who do not fully understand the 'self promotion thing' I do.

I am always promoting myself, researching, and it is natural now.
Modeling to me isn't about being born lucky. It is about chasing something you want, and like any pursuit or plan, it is hard somestimes, it is a challenge you are trying to over come.

I did it for my modeling, for my book, for pretty much everything I have gained and marketing yourself as a model is really about marketing yourself like a business.

The Girl Next Door is selling

The girl next door, the smiling happy go lucky, chilling out with her iPod girl is selling. Alot of models contact me unsure of how to find an agency, what photos to use and wonder if they have the 'look' of a model.

Well number one is: If you don't believe in yourself then don't try anything, believing in what you are striving for is number one. And if you can love it without or without an agent that is best. A modeling agent is a helpful wonderful thing to have. We need modeling agents and modeling agencies because the CLIENTS go to them. And we want to be with the modeling agency so we can hear about the casting and hopfully book the job, but it is possible to skip the middle man in modeling and get in touch with the brands. But you need to have your marketing tools compcard, headshot, portfolio and it is best to NOT send them to your Myspace account, it is better the mail the marketing director, photo editor, research editor, directly to their office. With a note listing your traits and interesting and working with the brand, or magazine.

The girl next door is seen everywhere these days, selling tic tacs, to selling Payless shoes and face creams and cleaners. These girl next doors are not all tall Giraffes, many working models these days are petite. So I would start to take notice of where models of ALL heights are working, watch commercials, pay attention to print ads, and product ads and editorials in magazines.

The reason a petite girl or aspiring model thinks there isn't a place for her in the modeling business is because she hasn't stopped to notice her options. Sometimes you have to create your own career, pursuits, and goals, and make them happen.

The girl next door who is Asian,black, white, hispanic, and indian, is selling. The girl next door is who you should want to be because as a model it is what brands and companies want. The girl with energy, who can sell their product image and as a model you have to be also a saleswoman, and have the ability to promote and represent a product in a natural honest way.

Alot of girls come to me wondering how can I be a model when I am so short? My answer to them is: have you been googling commercial print modeling agencies? have you been researching and really trying? Do you have a compcard? Do you have quality photos that represent the model you want to be? Have you considered modeling for ALL types of magazines and with all types of products. If you are a model you can market many things. Your hands, your feet, your whole self, and you will work with many types of products and you should be able to model that dishwasher, just as well as that lingerie.

Friday, April 25, 2008

PODCAST CAMP 2.0 today and tomorrow!

I am heading over to the Podcast Camp 2.0 today!

Podcamp NYC is an “unconference” focused on educating participants on how to use, implement and share any/all new media tools including, podcasts, videocasts, blogs, Second Life, Facebook, and YouTube. The conference is FREE to attend and you’re a “participant” versus an “attendee” at our event. You also make our conference happen since you register to speak. You can talk about anything you want as long as it focuses on new media.

If you want to learn about podcasting, or share your own experience it is worth a visit today, April 25th and and tomorrow April 26th!

See you there!

Isobella Jade

Why I hate social modeling websites

Well girls!

If you want to model, then do it! Don't let someone else define whether you can or can't but you have to be realistic with yourself. You might not model in major fashion magazines, or on the runway, but that is a small part of modeling anyways, start thinking about ads and editorials and places where you DO fit in! Commercial print modeling is the world you need to know. It is beyond the Internet, it means having marketing tools, compcards, headshot, a portfolio, and it isn't old school, it is the norm, because you wont be saying at a casting, " Check my website!"

Instead you will be handing your compcard and headshot. You will be expected to have these tools.

The Internet can help or hurt your modeling pursuits. Watch what photos you post, and understand that modeling on the web doesn't mean you are modeling with magazines and brands, and isn't that what modeling is?

Don't you have to hold a product to be a model anymore?

Think about the brands you like, ads you see, and models you admire, and ask yourself what is the difference between them and you?

It could be that they are working WITH agencies, and those brands...and you aren't...they have their marketing tools, they are going on modeling castings and auditions and they are actually modeling to get ahead not just for the fun of calling themselves a model.

It really makes me upset when I think about girls who think they are models just because they have a website? I think all of the social web toold are great, Myspace, Facebook, have a website, blog, podcast, I do it! But I think when I see myself in print, when I go to an audition or modeling casting, when I meet with my agent, when I print a new compcard...THAT is really the modeling world.

Think like a business and get where you want quicker! If you want to model in a magazine, then why haven't you mailed your photos to one yet? If you want to get an agency why haven't you researched commercial print modeling agencies? If you want to get have to know the difference between modeling Amateurs and really trying to be a model.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Modeling Quote of the Day: Accepting the No's in your modeling pursuit is a good thing

If you know you will get a lot of No's in this modeling pursuit then you will be able to over come the pitfalls, the days you aren't booking that job you really wanted, and how to get over a casting you didn't get and move on and chase more!

If you are modeling just to feel good about yourself, or feel pretty or liked, then I think you shouldn't model at all. Modeling to me is about chances, it is about staying positive, driven and hungry. And it is a pursuit that doesn't happen easily. It can take mailing 50 compcard until you hear back from one casting director or modeling agency. It can take 10 castings before you even get one call back.

So it is best to expect the NO's, and know this business of modeling involves ALOT of them. It is a competitive business but also alot is possible. Staying ambitious is key!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Isobella Jade on Maxim radio speaks on Sex, Relationships and pop culture

I am looking forward to being a guest tonight on Maxim Radio!

Tune in at 8pm to listen to the segment on Maxim Radio- I will be there for an hour.

The DeVore and Diana Show!

See you there,


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Modeling and friends

I am really glad you read my blogs, but even so it is so important to have friends and support to help you along the way towards your modeling goals and pursuits. People who you can interact with each day. I am so thankful for my friends because during my pursuits I have needed them to stay inspired, and also to learn a thing or two.

Learning about the modeling business is a very tough. Especially if you do not know anyone physically who you can meet with and talk to about it.
The first photographer who gave me advice had a studio on 29th St and I would visit his studio weekly and just going there helped me feel energized and ready to go and he was also very smart. He could give me honest advice and help answer the questions I had about where I wanted to go with modeling.

I feel so lucky for him in my life. And to this day we are still friends.
( i talk about him alot in my book Almost 5'4".)

Also I have a friend who is also an aspiring actress and TV Host and being arounf her is also great because you need people in your circle that are physical, daily and not just on a computer screen. Face to face interaction is how you really make connections and also make friends. These people could also be of an entertainment and arts trade, such as a photographer, a writer, a producer, a director, a painter even. Someone who understands what it is like to strive, to have a goal.

I also love hanging out with my friend who is a handbag designer because while we might not be of the same trade, we understand the struggle, the good times, the work, and the marketing involved and we can talk about it.

Monday, April 21, 2008

interview on Petite Fashionista

I was interviewed by Valery Santillana recently for Petite Fashionista one of my favorite petite stops! I had so much fun answering these great questions for the interview. Enjoy!

Monday, April 14
Isobella Jade - The Interview
By Valery Santillana

On January 26, I visited Petite Fashionista for my daily petite fashion dose. The topic of the day was a letter from petite model Isobella Jade to Christa Jean.

I was intrigued and surprised that out there, was someone whose small voice had been yelling to be heard so much that, eventually she could be seen.

I immediately commenced a search on Amazon for her book “Almost 5’4”, read the available excerpt, and was immediately hooked. Out came the ever favourite credit card because I could not be left hanging. I wanted more.

So ladies, and for any of the gentlemen reading this, I must express that Isobella Jade’s book left such an impression on me that for the first time (or at least a very rare occasion) I feel that I cannot pen down my reactions and thoughts on her book. So here’s my attempt:

She is brutally honest with regards to her beginnings as a model. Quite frankly, even though her beginnings are in the past, I was scared for her safety as she describes some of her experiences with some very shady photographers.

By the same token, she highlights many experiences which demonstrate her independence, and her relentlessness to not let go of her dream, and I can’t help but admire her for this quality.

Isobella Jade is so much fun to read, and captivates in the same manner as she must have captivated some photographers, who finally gave her the modeling chance.

She’s so multifaceted that you just want to know more about her. However, the question is: What kind of questions do you ask someone who has so candidly relayed some of her experiences? Well perhaps the following questions, and then some, as I am sure you too will want to know more about her, and her future endeavors that Isobella Jade kindly shared.

1) What is your view on nudity? Do you consider nude modeling more challenging than with clothing on? Personally I don’t have a problem with nudity, but some would argue that it is not considered “real modeling”, and/or consider it degrading.

I think a lot of petite girls decide that since they can't do fashion modeling, because of the standards, they fall into nude Glamour Modeling. Nudity is different today than it was 50 years ago. The Internet has made it possible for the girl next door to quickly become an amateur photographer's muse and go nowhere. I am very comfortable being nude but when it is done to just be a photographer's tease, or afternoon play thing, then it gets pretty sad. I have experienced both, but there is a fine line between posing nude as a body double for an actress and just posing to call yourself a model.

I think to be nude and working with real brands or even with European magazines is beautiful and I love it when nudity mixes with fashion. I think it takes a lot of confidence for a person to be naked, although I find that sometimes it is easier for me to pose naked than with clothing on. This past Fall I went in the buff on the Stacy London show and then I posed topless for an editorial in Time Magazine there is a great agency in NYC called PARTS Models that I work with often.

2) Throughout the book you clearly describe your passion for modeling. Perhaps you could elaborate more on what modeling means to you. What is it that you want to project through the lens? Is it art? A social statement from a petite model?

At first like many aspiring and curious models I just thought of my ego, and it wasn’t about the brands or agencies, but then it became an obsession to prove I could get an agency, to prove I could get work in a magazine, with brands, I think I was trying to prove it to myself, but also I loved it when I would tell someone that I was a model and rattle off a list of modeling jobs I had done and they had to look down 5 inches at me with shock. I think after you prove to yourself you can do something that is difficult. Even if you only proved it a few times…you want more, you crave it, just to do it again. Also I saw a lot of models at castings and my jobs and I knew I was just as good as them, in appearance and personality, if not better, so that feeling makes me strive. I get bored easy and I get inspired over envy and I love a challenge. And I hope I am making a statement about petite models and that they do have a place in the modeling business. I am not trying to break down fashion walls; I am trying to use what I got and get ahead by being realistic.

3) How do you know what is required in a pose?

I look in the mirror a lot. I do! I practice posing while holding products like handbags, and while wearing shoes, and I enjoy posing in open spaces, compared to cramped locations. I like to stretch out to look longer. I like to tell a story when I pose, I think about creating a scene or a personality. I also watch a lot of movies and watch movement and expression made without words. I read magazines and notice everything. The editorials, the ads, the cover, everything and all kinds of magazines and ads. I try to understand the camera’s perspective.

4. What does a petite model bring to a photo shoot, or any other venue that a plus size and/or conventional model cannot?

We make products look bigger! And the brands love that. Petite models fit into the sample sized six shoes. How many tall girls do you know who are a size six shoe?

We bring smaller proportions which can frame a photo nicely, since you don’t have to crop us as much.

5) In your book you refer to conventional models as “Giraffes”. Can you dispel the myth that you are using the term as a derogatory term? Also what animal would you call yourself?

Well, no matter your height the modeling business is tough. I recently posed with a real Giraffe in Tampa, FL and had an amazing time. A Giraffe watches the whole prairie as the tallest land living animal with a certain self respect and acceptance. I think a Giraffe is an admirable animal similar to the way we all admire conventional cat walking models. The wonder, the awe, the grace. I think of myself as a version of Seabiscuit.

6) You were featured on “Fashion Television” which focuses on high fashion, showcases clips from runway shows from around the world, and gives us the scoop on models and famous designers. How did they get to interview you and why?

Right after I finished writing Almost 5’4 at the Apple Store I got some self earned press from Media Bistro, the producer found me from that exposure and thought my story was inspiring and emailed me and called me, and we set up a date to shoot in NYC. It was a lot of fun and I got to be honest and give a voice to what it means to try to pursue. I think I might be the shortest model ever on FT.

7) Since you started modeling have you seen a change in the fashion industry in respect to petite models?

The fashion world is fun, but at the end of the day we all just want a nice pair of jeans to wear, and I think the commercial modeling world is opening up and the retail world is changing, look at Dove, Payless, Old Navy, and even shampoo brands are getting more fashion forward, but I think in the next five years the commercial print world will show more black models, and plus size models will start to appear more in ad campaigns. As for the petite models: When a size 10 kids isn’t appealing then I will know the world is really changing!

8.) What are your future plans and goals?

Well, currently I am devoting time to my modeling blogs and modeling podcast called Model Talk, and I recently signed my book to a publisher in the U.K for 2009 distribution. And I am thinking about a film based on the book, and also I have started the storyboard to create a comic based on the book as well.

9.) Any modeling plans, updates or new pursuits:

After I wrote the book at the Apple Store, I did a string of modeling jobs. I have fit modeled for Teen Vogue, I was the lead in the My American Heart music video, I shoe modeled for Marshall’s, I was featured in an Urge commercial on MTV, hand modeled for Bon Appetit magazine twice, shoe modeling for Brown Shoe and White Mountain Shoes, featured on TLC, leg modeled for Bath and Body Works, editorials in Luna magazine, Bon magazine, Mac Directory magazine, and can be seen in the April 2008 issue of Nylon magazine. For my goals are based around how I would love to be the face of a shoe ad campaign. And it isn’t only about me anymore: I now represent a painter named Anthony John Gray through Harkrider Fine Arts.

10.) What is your favorite thing to model?

Shoes! High ones!

How to Model with Brands? Or at least get a meeting!

Tomorrow I have a meeting with a lingerie company and I got the meeting by looking in WWD in the Classified section. I notice brands and get the contact information and ask if they need a model. I send a nice photo that matching the type of modeling job I am trying to get. ( I send a nice scam of my body compcard that showed my legs and body.) The biggest thing when approaching brands is to ask for the person who makes marketing and model decisions. And to not be afraid to take a chance for yourself.

Same goes for any brand or product, most companies have websites and most brands wll at least direct you or lead you to the right person and then you can send a nice photo.

PHOTOS are a big thing, if you are sending your photos ANYWHERE, to an agent, to a brand, to a magazine you should make yourself look as honest as what you really look like, you should be sending photos that represent the style of the brand. You shouldn't dwell too much on it, but you should be picky about what you send, because first impression is important.

For a petite girl, I would say: the more commercial, the more energy and the more personality you show in your photos the better. To get modeling work as a petite model it involves having more personality than pouty lips and the same pose sometimes.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Modeling as a Business-self serving can lead you to magazines and brands

My modeling pursuits mean that I read alot, I google alot and I email alot. Just by reading Women's Wear Daily. I have discovered some brands that might need models, just by reading about the changes in a brand. Usually if the advertising changes in a company, so do the models!

Doing some research on google an get you a long way!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

trying to find petite fashions at the Palisades Center but first The GPS screws me over

After getting very lost in NJ, because I really had no idea where I was going and was battling thee GPS, finally I made it to the Palisades Center in Nyack, NY. Inside I was surprised at how many retail stores have survived and also Exist, I was very impressed with Old Navy’s bathing suits and the one piece suits are on my mind, I am most likely heading back there next week for a bathing suit.

The Gap also shocked me with some cute bathing suits and I was also shocked and delighted to see some smaller bra sizes and bathing suit sizes as well.

Steve and Barry's had some cute dresses for 8 bucks!

I bought a knitt red/orangy dress at Forever 21 which I Love for about 22 bucks!

Aldo Accessories looked good and I hope they expand to more locations.

I was pretty pissed when a shoe I really really really wanted at Macy's wasn't available in my size, but that is win some and you lose some sometimes.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Shoes take up alot of what I own...Shoe modeling

I love shoes. But wearing high heels isn't so good for my feet. As a shoe model and a size 6 shoe I am giving advice tonight on how to be a shoe model.

Tune in!

I am looking in my closet...Places for petites to consider...

In NYC here are some places I shop and usually I find good things for a girl of my size, under 5'4" also I need the price to be right! Toobad there isn't a Target in NYC, it would be great if there was one smack in Time Square or near 34th St! ha. For now these come to mind when I look in my closet.

Steve and Barrys
Manhattan Mall
6th Ave. & 33rd St.
New York,NY

I usually stop by the one on 7th and 34th.

I enter on Prince Street usually

Forever 21
For me an xs usually fits
6th Ave and 34th

Kenneth Cole
I love it. And I catch the sales!

Old Navy
Their xs is nice sometimes.

Armani Echange
I hate logos but I do love this brand, wish the legs of the pants were a little shorter though!

Express can be too big
Gap too big

...and I really love vintage dresses and clothing. I love it because it is a way to find small sizes.

Having trouble finding decent petite clothes

While brands like Talbots run into trouble, it makes a girl wonder what is happening to retail. Where will we shop when we are older. Right now H&M and Forever 21 seem to be powerhouses in terms of selling to the yougner generations but for the more mature shoppers there is less and less to pick from!

Even myself feels weird about the retail world and growing up but the retail is not.

In my 20's I always thought I would wear Express jeans proudly but I don't...and the other day when I asked my friend "where did you your jeans?" She said, ""

Then she added " Alloy" is also where she shops.

We are not teens and we don't want to dress like a teen but we are still shopping where they shop. I wonder when I am 35 where I will shop. If i will still be loving L.E.I. and Plastic, Armani Exchange?

Being a size zero doesn't help. It is hard to find something that fits all around. I can pull off some jeans with my high high heels...and I kinda like the 70's long jean look but still. (Well, Thank god for high heels that allow me to wear my long legged jeans!)

I guess it is because I am short legged! And the brands for woman do not fit me, always need a hem. And although I can pull off the teen jean well, I am not in mood to be hit on by teenage boys and sometimes I don't want to wear the tightest jeans on the block and I want something that speaks to my age and personality... it is hard to find.

Sometimes for inspiration I stop by

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Trying to perfect the Lingerie photo

I think european lingerie and nudes are the most beautiful. I like a shot that isn't forced, more natural...these were taken on the stairs in my building. Another sneeky photoshoot on the fly!

Modeling Confessions: My quickie little photo shoots

I like my shoots quick. This one only took about 10 minutes! Honestly.

If you can mesh quickly into the atmosphere, adjust your clothing quickly, get in and out of your shoes, gran an accessory you can have a photo shoot in less time than it takes to make dinner!

Also notice how great my legs look, how long and how seperating then creates length!


Monday, April 14, 2008

Sugarland, Little Big Town and Jake Owen at the 2008 CMT Awards singing Life In A Small Northern Town

It's amazing when a song touches your heart and makes you cry. Reminds me of my childhood...

A Salvation Army band played
And the children drank lemonade
And the morning lasted all day,
All day
And through an open window came
Like Sinatra in a younger day,
Pushing the town away

Ah hey ma ma ma
Into the night
Ah hey ma ma ma hey ah
Life in a northern town.
Ah hey ma ma ma

They sat on the stoney ground
And he took a cigarette out
And everyone else came down
To listen.
He said "In winter 1963
It felt like the world would freeze
With John F. Kennedy
And the Beatles."

Ah hey ma ma ma
Into the night
Ah hey ma ma ma hey ah
Life in a northern town.
Ah hey ma ma ma
Ah hey ma ma ma
Into the night
Ah hey ma ma ma hey ah
They shut the factory down.
Ah hey ma ma ma

The evening had turned to rain
Watch the water roll down the drain,
As we followed him down
To the station
And though he never would wave goodbye,
You could see it written in his eyes
As the train rolled out of sight

Ah hey ma ma ma
Into the night
Ah ma ma ma hey ah
Life in a northern town.
Ah hey ma ma ma
Take it easy on your self
Ah hey ma ma ma
Into the night
Ah hey ma ma ma hey ah
Life in a northern town.
Ah hey ma ma ma
Into the night
Ah hey ma ma ma hey ah
Life in a northern town
Ah hey ma ma ma
Into the Night
Ah hey ma ma ma hey ah
Life in a Northern Town
Ah hey ma ma ma

Walk the Talk Tall. Model Talk will discuss shoe modeling for the aspiring model

Wanna model shoes? Wanna be a shoe model? This week on Model Talk I will be discussing shoe modeling and how you can get in the door.
The session will cover:

1. What kind of photos that you need to prepare
2. How to get a shoe modeling agent
3. How to prepare for shoe modeling castings
4. what type of brands need shoe models year round
5. What it takes to be a shoe model

Tune in anytime of day:

What is an Internet Model Anyways?

I get alittle upset when I think about girls rushing to be Internet Models, signing up for any old website and loving the rush to call themselves a model! It is so easy just sing up, or pay a monthly fee on some scamming internet modeling website...

Sure I have a profile on, Model,mayhem, and many more but I don't use them like an addiction, and I don't expect to get a job with a national magazines from sitting on my butt and going download all day. Ohhh I got a comment. Oooh another fan. But in the real modelinmg world, the modeling world of commercials, print work ,editorials, adn shooting for a national ad campaigns your googling ratings don't matter as much as your portfolio, your compcard....and yet I am addicted to googling myself!


But I DO NOT consider myself an Internet Model. Being in print means more than being on an internet website to me. It is a public relations feeling. I mean does it mean more to be in a magazine or to be the hottest girl on the web?

Do hits and click define you? What is in your modeling portfolio? Is a photo on the web enough to make you a model? my mind NO. You need to be modeling a product to be a model...for that is what a model is...someone who represents brands. You can get some popularity and hype over the web and trust me I love the Internet! But..I don't think it means I am a model because I download my photo on another modeling contest or Internet modeling website. I want to model with more brands, magazines, and products...I think the Internet can help with marketing pursuits as a model, but the Internet is not the modeling world. You need to be face to face with casting directors, agents, photographers, and editors to become a model and call yourself one.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Hair Modeling tips for aspiring models and petite models

Tonight on my podcast Model Talk, I mentioned the International Beauty Show and how aspiring models and petite models should attend the show or try to work it. here is a link to the show for information, grab and paste.

You can also find out the vendors and exhibitors names and try to seek out some modeling work yourself by asking them if they need any more models.

It is always worth self promotion!

A few other ways to get into hair modeling is to look into a few of these hair studios:

Bumble and Bumble
Arrojo Studios

Hair modeling also means print. An aspiring model can submit herself to hair magazines and woman's magazines that need models for makeover, makeup and hair modeling editorials which feature tips and advice. Models are need in many ways for hair modeling, for presentations and also for print!

Except remember it helps if you have a modeling compcard, marketing tools, physical tools beyond a website to promote yourself. Sometimes even attending an event even if you aren't the model for it is important to network, self promote and hand out your compcards and to see if the brands need more models for future modeling.

Hello I am a model!- introducing yourself to the modeling business

I really believe that if your photos are strong, and your energy is high you can get modeling work. Although for the aspiring model the face to face industry relationships are very important and many aspiring models still haven't got that part down!
You need face to face agents and contacts in your life.

Although the Internet is amazing and helpful. It is just a tool. And I wouldn't bank on my modeling pursuits being waited on until someone FINDS or discovers ME. I instead find the opportunity and seize the opportunity. But I am not desperate for just any OLD opportunity it has to be the right one.

Right now I am very into editorials, and tearsheets mean more to my than hits and clicks. So instead of dwelling over other girls/models photos on Internet modeling websites or networking sites, I cancel that from my list and start to Organize the marketing goals for myself.

I have been looking in a lot of magazines lately, getting ideas, thinking of where I want to send my cards and planning some new lingerie and lifestyle shoots in side and outside and building a new compcard and also building my book. Sometimes I think of where I want to be first before I plan the shoots, so I can base my shoot around my goal. My portfolio is what will be seen my agents and I want them to know " This girl knows how to model." So I show my tearsheets in the front and I make sure to cut out my attitude and bring a smile. Modeling isn't just serious pouts, it is also bringing your game face that also involves having a nice personality.

Start organizing what you want, start chasing it, be honest with your yourself, and oranize your marketing goals and start working as a model!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Where do the petite woman shop?

My bootie isn't fat but it is curvy, and putting jeans on means a little tug and pull to make them fit sometimes. I am so upset with the lack of petite clothing out there I might as well make my own commercials and print ads based around it! I love the skinny jean, but not every petite girl in America can wear them and they are frustrated. My personal favorite jeans are plastic, L.E.I, Paris Blues and even Mudd. I have a cute pair of slacks from Mango, but there is a lack of style for the petite girl with curves.

Although if a girl needs some jeans she can also consider these:

DKNY- they are designing a line based off of Rachel Bilson who is petite called Edie Rose.
GLO Jeans
Grane -discovered by reading WWD today.

Of course there is Old NAVY and H&M, and for jeans even LEVI is making a move towards woman. Lets hope they do not forget the petite girl. A girl can find a suit at Petite Sophisticate too. I did and it looks pretty darn good!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The American Dream on Wall Street

I love the American dreams I see on my street. I currently live on Wall Street, it is on odd difference from my other lifestyles. Anyways I love that even on Wall Street I experience American Dreams everyday. Not in the suit wearing gawking men that I pass each day, but by the cobbler where I drop off my shoes on Wall, that place has been around for decades and is still hanging on strong, the coffee stands, the mudd trucks, the little man making lamb sandwiches infront of Deutsche Bank! I love experiencing these moments of small business' right on my street, even in such a serious environment.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Stanton Barrett Nascar and Dr. Blogstein

I liked the interview of NASCAR Driver and Hollywood Stuntman Stanton Barrett. He seems really cool. I would love to hear more about being a Stuntman, I could see this being a book, a Tv Show, something that is more known.

I sent him an email, we will see if he can chat about the Stunt stuff with me sometime.

Stealing Jane on with Dr. Blogstein

I enjoyed listening to the boys of Stealing Jane speak about their hustle and music tonight.

They can be found also on Myspace.

Stealing Jane

Just google it.

Model Skincare-Creams for the skin and body

For some reason I gravitate towards creams that have a water gel like appearance. The texture of the cream means alot to me. I hate creams that are too liquid like and drippy, and I hate creams that are too tough. (although man's creams are getting more and more available and the texture isn't so bad after-all). When I say cream I mean face and body cream, lotions.

While reading Elle I discovered a cream I might be into by Shiseido. It is called the Body Creator. Aromatic Sculpting concentrate. The color is like Shubert. Yum. Orange and creamy. Or a light peach. It looks soft and appealing. Also it whips nicely in the container and looks easy to scoop with one finger or two.

I like one finger dabs most.
I like it to rub in quickly. I don't like to sit here and rub my face all day!

Also my gel like passion for creams might be the reason I am very into Dove's Cream oil.

Being a model and not accepting the standard meaning

Sometimes saying I am a model is misunderstood and just the other day I had a conversation with a guy who thought a model was only playboy or vogue. ERRR. It is frustrating to explain sometimes that I am neither that playmate or the tall giraffe. It is inspiring me to write articles about being in the industry and how modeling means many things. Sort of like a Lawyer, there are many types of law. Sort of like a designer, there are many types, handbag designer, sunglasses, clothing, shoes.

A Model is more than standard. I think it comes with being open minded, and not being limited to one viewpoint. On anything really.

So instead of saying, " I am a model," we should say " I model shoes, or I model handbags, or skincare." Saying just the word model is not a good enough Definition.

modeling compcards!!

I am looking forward to my compcard arriving next week. Mailing them out and anxious.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Plus size models, Atlanta Dress for Success Fashion Designer Auditions

Can you afford knee highs? A pair is all you need to enter the contest that Dress for Success is holding for fashion designers in Atlanta. What I love about the content is that the Plus size woman gets her props! They might need models who are a size 12-16 too so if you are in Atlanta this might be great.

Designer Auditions
April 19 2008 Dress for Success Atlanta
Calling all Fashion Designers!

We're holding auditions for you to have a chance to be in our upcoming fashion show competition. A chance to win a free trip and cash!!!


220 Spring Street NW Suite 102
Atlanta, GA 30303
Time: 10 am

Designers must be prepared for a brief interview and bring the following items to the audition:
A FINISHED sketch of your original business suit design that will compliment a model 12-16 with fabric swatch attached
ENTRY FEE: A donation of a new pair of hosiery or knee hi’s

RSVP to reserve your spot at the auditions –

Dress for Success April 9, 2008

This week I am joining handbag designer Jacquelyn LaCroix at Dress for Success.

April 9 2008 Dress for Success New York
Marriott Marquis, New York City
Event Chair: Debra Kelly-Ennis, CMO of Diageo North America
Attire: Cocktail

6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. - Cocktail Reception and Silent Auction
Underwritten by The Wachovia Foundation

7:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. - Dinner, Awards and Entertainment

Corporate Citizenship Honorees
Doug Checkeris, CEO of MediaCom USA
Rosemarie Ryan, President of JWT New York
Mary Wong, President of the Office Depot Foundation
with a special toast to mothers

Event to See: Murakami's Big-Breasted Girls, Vuitton Retail in Show:

This is an event I can't wait to see. An exhibit about boobs! Well it isn't but that was fun to say. This is reported from Linda Yablonsky on April 5 at Bloomberg -- That fiberglass bikini-clad Japanese girl jumping through a rope of milk that she's squeezing from her enormous breasts can really spark a conversation. Be prepared to discuss her and the leering caricature of acowboy standing among the 90 angry and cheerful works in``©Murakami,'' which opens today at the Brooklyn Museum in New
York. That copyright symbol in the title isn't ironic. For 46-
year-old Takashi Murakami, art is the straightest path to
This retrospective -- full of Murakami's twisted cartoon imagery such as melting gorgons, depressed Buddhas, sex-obsessed aliens and grinning sunflowers -- is geared to kids as well as adults, judging by several instructional labels positioned low on the walls.
Children are encouraged to do things like search for the name ``DOB'' in paintings of a character who resembles Mickey Mouse but has a variety of expressions -- joyful, snarling, fearful -- that imply a conflicted inner life.
That glimmer of psychological depth will give adults something to do besides groan: There's no way to escape this eyelash-batting, dark-natured show without doing some hard thinking about art and commerce, fantasy and violence, even war
and peace.
Expect many images that are by turns irresistibly adorable and totally nasty. Think Jeff Koons's flowering ``Puppy'' crossed with Godzilla. Think Andy Warhol mixed with George Lucas.

Sounds intriguing!

Memories of A Music Video Model-my First Lead Music Video experience remembered

Featured on

When I greeted the band in a musty bar in the middle of the Island somewhere, they just looked really stoned and scruffy to me. There was a whole production crew busy with setting up lights and running wires that covered the floor like a flood of black cobras. I met the casting director and was told to get comfortable on the reddish, burnt-looking couch; a few cigarette butts were on the floor below.

I sat with the other three girls -- this was one of the first times I had worked with other models. There were two blondes and another brunette, like me, and we laughed and shared modeling experiences and talked about the train ride. I rolled off my tongue a few of my latest modeling jobs; at 5’ 4’’ I figured I was the tiniest model they all probably ever had seen.

I watched the makeup artist who was setting up her kit and sitting on a bar stool. There was smoke swirling in the air as the stylist arranged clothing and a rainbow of punk looking tee-shirts, skirts, and other accessories.

While we got dressed, the stylist handed us all matching red stilettos from Bakers. This must have been the reason the casting director asked us our shoe size in the electronic emailed submission. The red shoes were a little too snug since they were new, but I felt like I was getting the royal treatment when the stylist said we could keep them.

The four band members were at the bar, they looked like locals. The one who sat in the middle, who I learned later was the lead singer Claudio Sanchez, had wild hair, a fro, and his pile of bed head smiled our way. They seemed a little shy, quiet or maybe high, and it was sort of comforting to know they were not planning on hitting on us girls. I noticed another pretty blonde sitting near them. She was the lead singer’s girlfriend; she would end up being the real lead female of the video.

The casting director explained that our role as “leads” meant that we were to portray one of the bitches at the bar. I sat on a bar stool next to the other three girls, sporting 80’s gear: a green mesh tank top, sassy lipstick and earrings, and a side pony tail. I figured the green tank would stand out.

The red shoes we wore would be the entrance to the song called “A Favor House Atlantic.” We all practiced swaying our ankles and shoes in beat with the start of the song, which played on the stereo as the videographer’s voice told us what to do.

We moved our shoes in rhythm to the song as Claudio started to sing with a fan placed below his face so his fro could blow in the wind. He belted with a slight whine, “Your eyes tell the stories of a day you wish you could recall the moments that once have…”

Then, a few beats later each one of us would lip synch a line of the song. That was our own moment. It was best not to ruin it, and I was glad the director was giving us our own moment with the camera. Playing a bitch was easy for me since I had some cramps and could feel my period coming.

It felt good to know we had this personal video time, and that I wouldn’t have to fight with the other leads for exposure, should the video end up somewhere important. When it was my turn, I mouth the lyrics and the word “Sniper” the best I could and pointed at the camera with a little gun shot smile. Later my part had to be edited out because of the war in Iraq. I was pissed because women can shake their bare ass on TV, but I couldn’t mouth the word “Sniper.” I didn’t worry too long, I was given a copy of the video with the actual unedited version that I could use if I wanted to.

The job of being a bitch and getting our makeup and hair done in the same way for the two days -- same outfit, shoes, and lipstick-- would separate us from the twenty female background actors who showed up for free.

I can still hear Claudio singing: “Bye, bye, beautiful, don’t bother to write,” as us four girls ran through the crowd of background girls and danced in the front row facing the band.

The video shoot introduced me also to the manager, who got me some Advil since I had a headache. As I sipped water the manager explained that the band’s name was based on the characters that were part of a science fiction story Claudio had written. I found this symbolic meaning intriguing and grew more interested in their music and by the end of the two days I knew the song “A Favor House Atlantic” by heart. Or maybe it was because it had played over 100 times during the music video shoot. The manager mentioned the band might be on MTV. A few years later, when the band was featured on the cover of Rolling Stone, I almost shit my pants.

The summer that followed the music video shoot, I became a college graduate of the class of 2004 and was on a Miami rendezvous. That summer the Favor House Atlantic music video did air on MTV about a million times. I remember being stopped in the street and asked if I was the girl in the video with the green shirt. Afterward, I had even more faith in my modeling career and was anxious for more lead roles.

It feels cool to look back now and know I was a part of one of Coheed and Cambria’s first music videos, in that musty bar in Long Island, before they got picked up by Sony and became a world wide name in the progressive rock scene.

Isobella Jade is a petite model and author of the book called Almost 5’4”. She blogs daily about the modeling business and being a petite model. She also speaks on a podcast called "Model Talk" each week that shares tricks and tips of working in the modeling business.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Modeling Monologues-Casual Photoshoot

We opened the door easily and climbed quietly to the fifth floor. The door was open! He pushed slowly and we were on the roof. We had snuck on the roof of a building in NYC, Downtown Manhattan view. City hall. The door to the building was open and he had been in the building before to pick up computer equipment. He had noticed then that there were more stairs up to the 5th floor, and the roof stayed on his mind. On a random Sunday it became our quick 10 minute photo shoot. In. click. click. Out. A model has to act fast, work fast. Take off her boots, put on her heels, take off the coat, and get in the model mood in a matter of seconds. Take a quick look at the atmosphere. What to touch, lift a leg onto, watch the wires, don't bang your head on the metal above, don't get dirty. And then get out. Don't get caught.

The Misfits

Is it bad to say I like my body? I do. Bodies are so different today than they were 50 years ago. 60 years ago even. I was watching The Misfits and Marilyn is so stunning, her face, her expressions, her eyes, but her body would not be loved by todays standards, it is really sad and I hope the circle of design comes back to reflect bodies of all sizes, curves and all, because I love being a woman!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Catered Affair, Moma, Chelsea Market and I am Stoked!

What a day. I am not going out tonight and instead I am working on some work,research, planning and website updates for a painter I am representing. Also today was amazing. It started with going to see an off broadway play, by surprise my boyfriend got us some free tickets it was so fun to sit back and get cozy in the Walter Kerr Theatre. Our seats were very good and anytime I can see live anything I am excited,-whether it is- live music, a play, even a speaker. Harvey Feierstein did a great job along with Tom Wopat. Then we went to the Moma, but first creeping out the cab driver with my mess of not knowing if were were going to the Met or the Moma, big difference, and decided it was the Moma after all. It was just ok, but I liked the museum shop alot, it seems like a good place to go to get gifts for friends.
By then I was starving and got a steret pretzel, chomped on it and we went down downtown.

Then had some yummy lobster Bisque at the Chelsea Market.
Then we went to a sample sale, and I got a very hot blazer -can't wait to wear it and model in it. The brand is called Yes London. Ironically it is made in Italy.

To finish the day we went to an art auction and benefit for Stoked Mentoring. I am interested in working with them in the near future in one way or another. The Art Auction was at Phillips de Pury & company,the Milk gallery it was more lively than I thought it would be.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Does the Promotion ever end?

I sometimes ask myself this and the answer is always no. There is always something to inspire me to want more. Even jealousy. Even from simply seeing a model in an ad that makes me think “that could have been me.” The hustle is alive again. More mailing, printing new compcards, and trying to please my modeling agents with “the perfect compcard.” Myabe it is all in my head and the reason it is a challenge is because I shouldn’t be a model at all?

But then I think of Seabiscuit and beating the odds and all the short successful people in the world and I get very hungry to strive.

Trying something that is difficult is difficult, it doesn’t always come easy, and it is forcing yourself to do something that doesn’t give you the upper hand. Kind of like sports. You stick the sport you are good at… who really wants to run at the back of the pack? But as a petite model, I have to find creative ways even sometimes to get ahead, to prove I can, and it does take a marketing mindset.

What I have learned over the years is that my photos have to speak, and that “The More commercial I am, the better.” Being sexy, being half naked and all that is fine and dandy,- I do have a nice body.” But the more commercial I am, the more I am showing my personality, my spunk. My smile, the more my agents want to send me out. And call.

Or I use something I have that not many have going on for them called: My PARTS. Not many even tall models have great legs, or hands, feet, eyes, etc. So I try to use what I go in ways that WILL get me ahead.

I call myself a model; not a super model or runway model, but a model for print, for everything that could be captured in a commercial or ad campaign, a paperclip even, give it to me...I will hold it….because I made myself a model, by y knowing what I can indeed model and I try to do just that, and not dwell on all the ways I can’t model and instead think of the ways I can.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Julie Andrews shares her early years in a memoir called Home

So yesterday at 7pm I went to see Julie Andrews at Barnes and Noble and I admire her grace and meaningful words during a signing of her memoir called Home, which is based on Julie's early years. Before Sound of Music, and Mary Poppins, and I love reading about the roots of a person, not just know the success but know how they became to be and I think the roots the start of someone's pursuits is the most interesting so I really look forward to reading the book.

I liked it when she said, "putting one foot in front of the other can make miracles happen!"

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Modeling corsets, the bell jar, and writing short stories

I am modeling some corsets this evening for a petite lingerie brand called Lula Lu, and I am planning to do a photoshoot soon that will involve my artistic bikini designing. I am also writing a short story on hair modeling for a beauty magazine.

I am reading a really good book right now by Sylvia Plath called The Bell Jar.

....thats it for now, tomorrow I am going to stop by Barnes and Noble to catch a reading by Julie Andrews on her memoir that was recently released.