Thursday, April 10, 2008

Where do the petite woman shop?

My bootie isn't fat but it is curvy, and putting jeans on means a little tug and pull to make them fit sometimes. I am so upset with the lack of petite clothing out there I might as well make my own commercials and print ads based around it! I love the skinny jean, but not every petite girl in America can wear them and they are frustrated. My personal favorite jeans are plastic, L.E.I, Paris Blues and even Mudd. I have a cute pair of slacks from Mango, but there is a lack of style for the petite girl with curves.

Although if a girl needs some jeans she can also consider these:

DKNY- they are designing a line based off of Rachel Bilson who is petite called Edie Rose.
GLO Jeans
Grane -discovered by reading WWD today.

Of course there is Old NAVY and H&M, and for jeans even LEVI is making a move towards woman. Lets hope they do not forget the petite girl. A girl can find a suit at Petite Sophisticate too. I did and it looks pretty darn good!

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