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Enjoy the videos I have made for AOL's the new look for, check it out and come back for more on beauty tips and of course fitting for the new title check out the daily style list.

Soon I will be featuring a video on an upcoming photo shoot!

Elle Macpherson Intimates Magazine- lingerie online catalog in a magazine form

I love what Elle Macpherson has done to her intimates online catalog and website, she has transformed it into a sexy alluring lingerie magazine featuring of course her intimate collection.
The photography is by Regan Cameron.

It is an innovative way to show case her latest collection and it is steamy with sensuality and intrigue.

Her recently collection is called In The Boudoir. With each style of the collection defined by a new chapter/ article story and photo story to co-side.

Worth the read...and view.

Many Beauty queens pose nude before taking the crown- what example is this?

Many beauty Queens, from Miss America to Miss Universe have posed nude or have done raunchy photos ...calling it is a mistake....after being caught for their actions after taking their crown. A few thoughts come to mind.

1. I love artistic nudes and I think when well done they can be really beautiful and even worthy of framing and hanging in a living room wall as well.

2. I think girls that pose in raunchy ways and nude with regret feel bad because they do it in a way that is suppose to be kept a secret and planned to never be seen,- most nude photos from aspiring models who have bigger goals such as ad campaigns or being Miss Universe do not pose nude in hopes of the photos being seen...ever. -maybe they did it for money, or their ego, or maybe they didn't think beyond the lens, and the bare all thin the wrong ways, without thinking of the future, about what could come of the photos, and they feel shameful for doing it. Posing and showing yourself in a raunchy way is something that should be not done without thinking of the future and the example you will be presenting and the opportunities you can lose in your poor actions. And the embarressment and of course you could lose that sparkling crown.

The desperation of being seen, desired, wanted, and successful leads many girls to make mistakes, take off their clothing, and fall into shame once the photos are discovered in unexpected shocking ways.

Top beauty brands and companies don't usually hire porn stars and girls who pose in a raunchy way for their ad campaigns. SO if your goal is to be a beauty queen, or in an ad campaign one day, then stay away from the dirty spreading legs lens.

Here is an article about Miss Universe caught nude, although the photos are considered artistic and not porn.

I am comfortable with my body and I do a lot of body part modeling, and while striving it is hard to pursue alone sometimes and of course...we all make mistakes, but posing with the chance of regret is not my scene, today it is all about the brand, the ad campaign, the product the editorial in the magazine, and telling a story with my photos.

Remember it isn't just about today, it is about the pursuit you are on, and the past you leave can follow, so when it comes to posing nude with the wrong people and purpose be careful!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Phoot shoot and vacation little black dress with cardigan

My H&M black tube dress is something I wear weekly. I pair it with a blazer, a scarf, a cardigan, I try to change it up but I keep it simple too. While traveling to Monterrey and South Texas this past week I really wore my little black dress a lot, with heels, flip flops, sandals, platforms, it can go with it all.

A great sporty Cardigan from Forever 21 can be worn to bring some spunk to your little black dress. Cable Knit 3Q Cardigan from Forever 21.
Just $28.90

Blue Caitlin 3Q Sweater Cardigan at Forever 21.

Just $22.80

This fall I plan to wear Cardigan's with my summer tank tops, and recycle my clothing from summer to fall with spurts of color in green, red, blue gray, pink, and yellow cardigans. And I love buttons on a fitted cardigan.

Great alone for a shoot and with a dress or jeans.

Modeling Comp card planning

When planning your comp card just think about ads and editorials and posing shouldn't be SO posed, it should look natural, realistic, and like you are descreetly representing and selling the brand.

A nice headshot is so important, look at hair care boxes to get inspired for expression and how to pose the head.

If you want to be sporty skip the sweatpants since they can be baggy, maybe instead wear some real workout or fitness clothing. Look at a fitness magazine to get inspired.

And grab a dress, and depending on your age a suit, look in shopping catalogs and websites, you can learn a few posing tips just by looking at, notice the model's poses.

It helps to look at modeling agency websites and notice the models and the photos that they have on their card.

The main goal in a compcard is showing what you are capable of as a model within only a few shots.

Looks at mags to prepare for shoots and create the photos you need, notice the makeup, the styling, the models expression, and focus on commercials and notice the style and the poses
Commercial print models, shorter models need to think about their personality, and ads, because models of all heights represent brands and products, from shoe modeling to cleaning products!

Modeling and Marketing Approaching Brands and Small Business for Modeling jobs

It is pretty unconventional to approach brands yourself but when you do focus on the marketing department, the pr department, the advertising department, the creative department, because you want to speak to the right person, not some random receptionist about your interests and what you can offer the brand. This is a step to becoming more pro-active towards your modeling pursuits and it is small business like to take the plunge into being "this" self -serving, it is rare, but here are some of my tatics that have worked:

Most companies won't want to see, or ask to see your whole portfolio, most of the time I just mail the brand, or compan my compcard or ask who I can speak to in the marketing department about their advertising and promotions, or the pr department,- getting a name, an the correct email is important.

Or else it can get deleted.

Once I have the right person, I then would say something in an email or in a phone call like, " I am an experienced parts model, ( I do work with so-and- so agency) I really admire your brand and product and I would love to send over my compcard for review, who would be the best person to send this to?If you can find out the marketing or pr person's name you could even mail the card by regular snail mail.You might try to contact the agency that they work with, send your photos and a note saying, " I was told by so and so company that you represent their models, and I would love your consideration. " or something like that.Some big top brands might give you a tough time, I mean imagine a random person contacting the brand trying to model out of the blue, it does sounds weird. So approaching brands does work with better if the brand is NOT mass scale. More of a smaller brand, or middle range. I would also plug some of your work, of course not a competitior to the brand, but mention...I have done lip modeling, hand, feet, whatever...You could send over some images with the email, but not too many, just one or two, and make the shot related to the brand. Don't send a bikini shot if it is for legs or shoes, send just a leg shot, etc.Some top brands do not want to deal with models, they just want to deal with the agents and are tougher to work with. So even though you are not dumb you might come across like another dumb model or wanna be, so you want to make your questions more professional, like " I have a marketing inquiery who is the head of your marketing department, or..who can I speak to about your advertising."You might be able to google this.Some receptionist who probably answers the email won't know what to say or just goes by the standard copy and paste email message. So you have to dig deeper, to get a name.You could also mention to your current agency the brands you would like to work with, be assertive, maybe suggest it to them.And I would always let the modeling agency know you are interested hoisery or send them photos of your wearing panty hose or make a compcard involving it.I hope this helps.-isobella

Friday, August 22, 2008

Under the Tuscan Sun the script is so good

I really love this movie, I just saw it again on Lifetime, I laugh, I cry and could watch it again and again, so many beautiful words, the script is so well done, I love it. I like how the end of the movie shows how we do get what we wish for it is just sometimes it doesn't come in the form we expected but the way it comes is so precious. Diane Lane was so good in that movie, no one else could have done it better. These are my favorite parts of the movie:

What are you thinking?
What do I think?
Tell me.
I think you got your wish.
My wish?
That day we lookedfor your snake
you said to me that you wantedthere to be a wedding here.
And you said you wanted thereto be a family here.
You're right.
I got my wish.
I got everything that I asked for.

They say they built the train tracks over the Alps
before there was a trainthat could make the trip.
They built it anyway.
They knew one daythe train would come.
Any arbitrary turningalong the way,
and I would be elsewhere.
I would be different.

What are four walls, anyway?
They are what they contain.
The house protects the dreamer.
Unthinkably good things canhappen, even late in the game.
It's such a surprise.

Want to model well learn how to model and what modeling is

If you want to model you have to understand what modeling is. You have to know the types of modeling out there. The modeling business is more than just height and weight, but you DO have to be realistic if you want to be a model and you are shorter than the standard height of fashion modeling. Here are a few options to consider:

1. Body part modeling, look at ads and editorials in magazines and focus on ads that involve hands, feet, stomaches, necks, think jewelry ads, beauty ads, shoe ads, nail care ads. even cleaning products need hand models.

2. Commercial print modeling and lifestyle modeling, these models work in commercials and print ads for lifestyle products and services, from cell phone companies, to home goods, fast food, banks, shoes, beauty products, anything used around the home from furniture commercials, to peanuts!

Along with many other types of modeling, Hair modeling, tradeshows, fit modeling ( I did this for shoes and also for a teen clothing line when I started modeling since I am a petite), showroom modeling ( for clothing, shoes, lingerie, among others), shoe modeling, ( you have to be a size 6 shoe and most shorter girls are this size.)

Of course to do any of these types of modeling you have to have photos that can speak the ability you have as a model, if you want to be a parts model ( which is great for petite models to consider,) you have to have parts photos, in order to be a commercial print model you have to have photos that show you energy, smile and personality. And you have to submit your photos to the proper agencies. If you are not of fashion height, you have to learn about the other agencies out there that work with commercial print models and models of all heights. You then mail your photos to these agencies and know that there is more out there than fashion, but it is all about how you market yourself!

At Home Hair Care bad color job opps

Well, I do color my own hair, but I really messed it up yesterday, basically I wanted to make my hair a solid dark brown, the ends were looking a little shabby and for some reason when I give myself a nice hair color job makes my hair look more alive afterward.

So I went to the drug store got some color, and did it. But I didn't do the roots enough, and for some reason the top of my head is a lighter brown and the lower part of my hair is a darker brown.

So I am clipping my hair up, sort of hiding it, and running to the store again to buy another box!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Doom of Glamour Modeling

NYC is so competitive but here I have found some great agencies an success as a model and it has nothing to do with how many hits my Myspace page gets, and it didn't happen over night, and it took years, and mostly HARD WORK, it took time and myself developing my portfolio, really think about what I am able to give the industry, and striving to work with great photographers, and really be crafty and inventive, and as my rules for myself and my modeling got stricker and I got better jobs:

You have a choice so make it one that will make you more than just "another glamour model"-
I know you have goals bigger than being "the hottest girl of the week," so think bigger!

If the guy or girl with a camera doesn't have photography credits, Don't work with him/her.

If the guy or girl with the camera has no magazine or advertising or product ad goals for their portfolio then don't work with them.

If the person holding the camera can hardly hold it REALLY don't work with them.

If the person holding the camera doesn't understand the craft of photography and has no passion for photography as a profession, then don't work with them.

Set higher standards for yourself. This isn't about being a snotty model, this is about being serious about your pursuits and the word model and not putting it to shame. By setting higher standards you will get better work.

A real photographer will know how to shoot a model of any height and a real photographer has credits and does photography full time, there is a HUGE difference between these pros and the guys with a camera on the web flirting with wanna be models, so if these girls want to be more, in the UK or US, they have to strive for it, really change their mindset and who they work with, and start thinking BIGGER, AIMING HIGHER, having bigger goals.

Types of Modeling

I think everything is a choice, being a glamour model is a choice too. You don't have to show your ass if you don't want to, you don't have to show your tits if you don't want to....but girls are so desperate to be models they forget the difference to really being a model, and just being a tease.

The Internet changed the word Model

The internet may have changed the word model but not the modeling business. Top brands and marketing managers, who are looking for models for their ad campaigns, product ads, and editorials, are not looking on the internet for their talent and models for their ads and commercials.

If you are only using the web to get ahead you should change that mindset. The internet might has changed the word model, and all of these social sites mean than anyone can CALL themselves one, it is a totally different thing to get a check for a thousand dollars or more for modeling with a top brand.

Now if you are picky with social sites and websites like Craigslist you can indeed get some decent projects to get a resume and portfolio and reel rolling but you do have to be extremely picky! You have to always question the job, ask questions, and know ALL the details and don't just think of the now, think about how this gig will effect your future and pursuits. Don’t let some gig you do because you are desperate to call yourself a model ruin your image.

Rushing to get to the top with desperation is not the way to do it, it is best to be smart about your pursuits, and really think about what you want, and set goals, and really strive to do it in ways that will benfit you in the long term, not just for five minutes to feel like a model while working on some corny so-called- internet modeling job. (honey thats not modeling at all!)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Google Into the Modeling Business 5 steps

1. Skip the modeling social sites, you will only get perverts and scum bags and guys with camera, (GWC's) to hit and click upon you and whoo you with compliments, instead skip the ego boost and focus on photos. Even getting snap shots of your self and mailing them to modeling agencies is a step in the right direction.

2. Know what types of modeling are out there. It isn't just fashion. It isn’t just Vogue and Playboy either. Think hair modeling, jewelry, fitness, parts models, leg modeling, swimwear, beauty, accessory brands need models, even pregnant models are needed for pregnant magazines. Of course your photos need to represent the type of modeling you want to do and can do. Be realistic with yourself, don’t lie to yourself, be honest about the modeling jobs you can do and accept it. And work hard to get modeling work that is best for what you can offer the industry, even if it is just your hand for hand modeling. Look in magazines and focus on commercials and ad campaigns to get inspired to notice where models of all heights are needed and their pose, and the style of the shot. You need to make your photos look like ads and editorials to show you can model, and you do know how to work with products and pose. Practice makes perfect, just grab your favorite handbag and practice in front of your mirror. The best poses for commercial print modeling look natural, and not posed at all.

3..How to find the photographer. Well the word photographer has been put to shame by so many guys with camera so Google photography + your city, photography studio + your city, and make sure the photographer is a full time photographer, knowing photography skills, and has a respectable resume. Ask for a test shoot through email or call and ask if the photographer tests. Also photo school's, try SVA in NYC or F.I.T you might be able to find some aspiring photographers and designers who want to work with ambitious models. They will be more likely to know how to hold a camera than some scumbag who is paying you $100 to come over and bend over the couch during a so-called photo session. Skip embarrassing the family and focus on working with quality photographers, real photographers. Even stopping by a photo lab might be a good idea and asking if they can refer you to a good photographer.

4. Next Google modeling agencies, commercial print modeling agencies and agencies that deal with "parts" models. A shoe model can make over $1000 a day. Of course you need a decent editorial like photo of your feet, think Marie Claire editorials.

5. Make your own marketing tools. You need a composite card and headshot. You need to be prepared to make these marketing items yourself. For your comp card take your best 4-5 photos including a headshot, energy shot, and shots that show your diversity and your range in your look, and have them printed at a modeling comp card printing company. You can google to find a compcard printing company. Try: Printing comp cards + your city, modeling comp card printing + your city. Try for cheap prices! Once they are printed you need to mail, mail, mail them to commercial print modeling agencies. Commercial print modeling agencies are more likely to accept a girl who is not 5’7” and who is as short as you actually are. If you are really broke, then print some 4 by 6 prints and mail them to agencies with your contact into on the back.

isobella jade

Dave Matthews Band Founding Member, Sax Player LeRoi Moore Dies

Oh my gosh, this is not a post I want to post, but a founding member of the Dave Matthews Band has died!

A very big part of the band.

I am so looking forward to the benefit concert Stand up for the Cure, on the 10th, but this puts a real sad shame in my heart. LeRoi Moore, who is the sax player in the Dave Matthews Band, has died. He was only 46 years old! USA Today reports that "..he died Tuesday from sudden complications stemming from injuries he sustained in an all-terrain vehicle accident in June."

Dave must be so distraught. He was a key part of the band's eclectic jazz-infused sound and I always looked forward to the sax solo's. DAMN! This really sucks. He was so talented.

Ant's go Marching will not be the same. But this band will live in history along with LeRoi! I will be still clapping in the memory of LeRoi!

Marketing the Modeling Business

It's not just about modeling or being a model, that is only a piece of it, modeling is a challenge, and I love that challenge, but you have to be able to approach the business with a marketing mentality these days, it takes more than a pretty,face, a bend and a turn, to be a model. And if a girl knows how to market herself, realistically, and with ambition, she will be a model, otherwise, she will just be a tease.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Small Business Google Marketing

For a lot of small business owners they forget the power of self promotion. Whether you are a lawn mowing companies or a lingerie company you have to know the power of the press, and getting buzz all over it, blogs, pod casts, niche product website reviews, and put web 2.0 to use. Google ratings are such a huge thing for small business, so think about what you customer is looking for and the buzz words they use when they search, and apply these words to your website, or your own company blog, and make sure your company pops up when searched! Also if you are an expert at a certain trade, you should write some press releases or short articles about it because somewhere out there, there is a news reporter who is writing about that topic and who would like to hear from you about your insight on the latest lawn mowers or the fashion trends in panty comfort. Put to use what you know and aim to get some press on your product, brand and service, by using the web blogs, pod casts, and even Youtube, to create your own commercial, and be discovered by your customer doing searches on the web.

Should you pay for modeling photos

It depends. If you do not know the difference between a guy with a camera and a real professional photographer then yes. It is better to skip the scams and amateurs. If you don't want to be an amateur model then you don't want to work with amateur photographers. So working with a professional and yes even paying for their time and work and craft of photography, can lead you to a better first experience especially for your first photo shoots.

Many legit and quality professional photographers do test with models, but these photographers are NOT on the web looking for models. So if you are only using the web to promote yourself and to mingle with photographers then you will be mingling with the wrong kind of people, people who are guys with cameras, not photographers at all.

I will admit I have had bad experiences, no one is perfect and it isn't easy doing it all on your own and trying to be a model on your own, it is a lonely business and for new models it can be a sting to get start. I had a very crappy experience of paying an agent at a scam agency for photos and ended up getting the images but not getting what was expected when I started modeling.

But I learned the difference between "what is a professional" and what is just a guy with a camera trying to get turned on off my ass?" The word photographer has changed just like the word model. There are plenty of amatuer models and plenty of amatuer guys with cameras who think they are photographers and there are plenty of models who think because they have their photo on the web they are models.

I would say if you are having a terrible time finding a photographer, and you can not find a good photographer to test with then paying for a photographer to take some headshots or commercial styled shots of you is a good idea.

If you do not have a budget that equals their rates then be honest with what you can afford, but most photographers if they are quality and like your look, energy and personality they will test with you for free. And give you some photos which you can use for your compcard and portfolio.

It helps if you have confidence, and you bring ideas to the table. A photographer will respond more likely with your energy and passion and creative ideas than you just saying "I need photos!"

Modeling Advice really comes down to your own modeling persistance and smarts

I share what I can, but really it is up to you. You have to be willing to do the work so if you want to model seriously you have to have photos, there is no question about it. You can't wait for the agency to call and make your dreams come true, and you can't expect the agency to handle everything either. That is just not realistic, a model has to have a compcard, a headshot, and she is ready to go on castings...and auditions, and this can mean creating your own compcard, mailing it out, and being aggressive and smart about how you market yourself within your photos, and show on the compcard the photos best represent your best assets, need marketing tools to get the agent, to get the job, to be a model, that is just how it is.

And you'know that isn't even enough because not one single person, not one single agency, not one single photographer, can make you a model either, it is up to you.

In this day and age not just one modeling agency will make your modeling goals come true. It doesn't just take having a modeling agency interested and making you a model, it comes down to you and your own ambition. But ambition isn't even enough because there are different levels of ambition, it is about what you are DOING with your ambition.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Vanity Fair and Paul Newman

Last night I read a great article on Paul Newman in Vanity Fair. ( I love VF for their great long and girthy articles jam packed with info, Patricia Bosworth did a great job with the articles and I learned a lot about the blue eyed talent and humble man.

Some Paul Newman trivia: He is color blind, He had 6 children, His 20 friend's were his test tasters for his salad dressing, he directed his wife Joanne Woodard in Rachel, Rachel, he was known to say to students at the Actors Studio, " -not acting. It's reacting. You gotta be in the moment," and he would say, "and always ask yourself the key questions to actors asks:

Who am I? What am I doing here? Where am I going as a character?"

I agree! And I love that! Thanks Vanity Fair and Patricia.

The Business of Publishing on the Web

Is getting published on the web as exciting as getting publishing in print?

I debate this alot in my mind and my actions.

When I get a plug in a newspaper or see my face or body part in a magazine from a modeling job, is it the same excitement as getting it on a popular website or blog?

The business of publishing has come to getting exposure these days and many are using the web to get this exposure, but there is still a respect of credibility in print. I feel even more delighted when I get a buzz in a print magazine or in a newspaper.

I guess it is because although the web is amazing, as a marketing tool, as a business tool, as a publishing tool, I feel whether you are a model, or a writer, getting published, and credited, getting that tear sheet is still a little bit more exciting than seeing it on the web.

But no doubt, getting plugged online has been my launch pad to many of my ventures, I am very thankful for this and from a self promoting aspect the web is a wonderful tool. I do have my own experience with this, from book publishing to modeling, but the web,-although strong and impacted, it is not the end-all. If I get exposed on a website, or blog, I still find myself printing it out or making a PDF of it for press releases and I am still un-easy about letting the web and only be my portfolio. I still like to hold the article in my hand.

Today I am photocopying my NYTimes article plug and although I could just email and the link to the magazine editor, rep, brand, etc that I am pitching, I find it more powerful to write a hand written note and pair it with a copy of the article that they can hold in their hand.

And then hopefully call or email me.

Prostitute to Suburban Girls Want to be a model it is an American Obsession

Mmm Models, A model, A supermodel, a stripper, a high school student, a college student, a 9-5'er, a dancer, an escort, a girl from NY, to Nebraska, they are all models, want to be a model, think they are models, and the difference between Supermodel and a girl swinging on a pole has become not a difference at all in terms of language and how the word model is thrown around. In the September Issue of Vanity Fair featured a great article by Bob Colacello ( which I enjoyed) which gave insight in the Supermodel's opinion on how the word model has changed over the past ten years. Since the internet boom and since every girl in America now wants to be one. I don't think it just has to do with America's Next Top Model, I think it has to do with the internet and the microwavable syndrome of wanting to be exposed and finding that by ways of the web is it possible to give your self that title. But being one, really working as a model, booking legit gigs, working with quality agents, takes more than the internet; it is a clash of worlds. The reality and the illusion.

In Vanity Fair, "Stephanie Seymour points out; the term has become so overused in the new century that now everybody's a supermodel. "It is very embarrassing" she says, "when you meet, like a Russian prostitute, and she says she's a supermodel. And you're like, "Hey, me too."

I like her analogy, but I also know what she is talking about, how the word has become an obsession for everyone to claim, -I am sure Stephanie hasn't met any prostitutes but this is something I tend to always talk about as well. How the word model has changed and how for the better and worse the internet is to play and to blame, and glamorizing, or making easy the word on TV shows is giving girls an unrealistic viewpoint on what it means to be a model and the word has become disrespected over the years and it is a shame.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dave Matthews Band Tickets for the "Stand up for a Cure" benefit event!

My boyfrind surprised me with concert tickets this weekend and they are for the Dave Matthews Band concert, "Stand up for a Cure" benefit event at Madison Square Garden! I am beyond excited!!!

Before I signed my book to HarperCollins Group, I did mail my book to Dave I wonder if he ever got it? Mmm? I am so delighted to see him in concert, he does something to me soul, his songs are sort of my religion. Each word is so meaningful. I am not just a fan, I have huge respect for him as an artist and his roots and what his music means to the world, about the world, for the world, how he writes, and sings, I am in heaven. I love that his song's open you up to understand something new, learn a new perspective, enhance the one you have.

I think I will be able to see his eye lashes!

Love the violin the guitar mixtures, the saxophone, I mean where do you hear all of these together at once! And SO Good!

When I hear the lyrics to Little Thing, it sounds like he is singing it to me. I also love their Ants go Marching and it is a great one to listen to on the subway, or while stomping around NYC in my highest heels, I love Lover Lay Down, The Space Between, Best of What's Around, Don't Drink the Water,Crash into me,Satellite, Recently, and I can NOT wait to hear the band rip it up at MSG for Stand Up For a Cure! Crush me with those things you do!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Isobella Jade's Tips for No-Budget Author Promotion

Today on's GalleyCat

Friday Aug 15, 2008

Has it really been nearly a year since the last time I wrote about Isobella Jade, the model who wrote a memoir at the Apple Store? I got an email from her last week; apparently, after self-publishing the book through's BookSurge program, she secured a book deal in the United Kingdom with The Friday Project, a formerly indie British press which partnered with HarperCollins earlier this year—Jade says we should look for Almost 5'4" in the first half of 2009.
Jade also sent some advice she'd written up about "how to pitch your book when you're broke," and since it seems to have worked, we should take a look.

Use the free tools of Web 2.0: "Whether your book is about pregnancy, porn, or plastic surgery mistakes, the writing you do does not end with just your book and your Word document. To get buzz on yourself you have to promote you and your opinion, and blogging can be a good way to do this." Jade also makes guest appearances on other blogs, along with vlogs and podcasts, and says tactics like these can help convince agents and publishers that you're capable of being an active participant in the marketing of your book.

So far, so good, as long as you're not too blatant about it—and Jade acknowledges that the key to online promotion is to be "discreet but clear." Or, as I've put it previously, the point of blogging and other online strategies isn't to tell people you have a book out, but to let them know you're "an interesting person who has something to say about the human condition worth paying attention to." OK—what comes next?


Getting a Modeling Agent and Getting Off the Internet Casting Couch

You know a lot of girls get their first impression of modeling on the internet, and it is clearly the wrong way. No Victoria's Secret models, or models in any ad campaign or Sports Illustrated are found from their profile on a social modeling internet site. To be a model really takes your own will to approach agencies, and even if it means submitting your photos to 400 agencies, if you are ambitious and you really want something, then you try.

The easy way out is not an easy way at all, it is the short way. Get in, get exposed to the wrong people, eyes and situations, and get out.

I recently saw a girl on one of these little social sites where guys with cameras flirt with models and hit and click and massage them with comments, (or worse) and the girl's profile said, "I'm retiring of modeling." Another read she is" Taking a break" but when you look at them you see that they are not models at all. They are just girls in thongs, and posing against some ok lighting and smiling. Or touching their finger to their lip.

If only they had a real modeling dream, a real ambition to get an agent, to surround themselves with a quality photographer.

It is not easy to be a model, because if it were then these internet models would all see that the internet is a waste of time, sure it is good for research, for googling and finding some information about being a model, but really being a model, really working with agencies, going on castings, and being more than a click on the internet takes work. I am talking about really being a model. Not just a muse.

I am talking about NOT feeling like a model, but being one.

It also takes the right mindset. You have to be able to promote yourself with the right marketing tools, you need a compcard, you need envelopes and a modeling portfolio, you might want to stop by some agency open-calls. ( And don't wear your sluttiest outfit...jeez!- just wear a tank top and jeans -that is good enough) or mail your photos to the hundreds of agencies out there. Of course if you live in a small town you might not have as much commercial print opportunities...but what about mom and pop hair salons, or nail salons? They might need a model for their window display ads? Why not look in some magazines today and get inspired. Make some goals for yourself. And try to work with a real photographer.

Because honey it takes more than a comment on your little social profile site to be a model.

Victoria's Secret Models don't use the internet

So you think your hot in your little thong? Well you might be, but models who model in ad campaigns don't get discovered by the creative department at brands from the internet. They go to the agency, the modeling agency and the top ones.

So if you want to model, do it with ambition and start by submitting some photos of yourself to some agencies. The internet might seem like a good launch pad, but unless you play it very savvy and with a marketer could end up on the runway of broken dreams. And the high way to wanna be model land.

How to be a model, a real model, not unrealistic fluff

So you already have in your head that America's Next Top Model is modeling, but it is a very unrealistic viewpoint. But your introduction to modeling is already wrong.

I suggest an honest approach to the industry. There is modeling for everyone. Models of all heights and size model, but it is about how you market yourself and your perception of what modeling is, is what will get you ahead.

It's about approaching the business the right way.

You might think you walk into an open call or you stop by the agency, or that everything is handed to you or you become discovered but you are wrong, this is a false impression.

You need to build yourself as a MODEL, build yourself with the marketing tools you need to really get ahead.

1. The first thing to do, is to create your marketing tools. Don't think someone else is going to MAKE you a model. You NEED to make your compcard first, before you think of modeling agencies, before you even THINK of them, you need to understand what modeling is, and the type of modeling that is good for you, you need to look at magazines and editorials and catalogs, ad campaigns. Get an idea what a model is, and not just FASHION, you don't have to hold a frickin snake or know how to walk to be a model. Fashion is NOT everthing, but it DOES take a marketing mentality to be a model. And you need to see how you can realistically market yourself.

Or how you could just send a simply photo of yourself, your mom could take it on her digital, and send it in, and if the agency is interested they might request you work with a certain test photographer.

You need to think about what you can offer the industry in a realistic way. And chase that!

So if you do not have the means to contact a legit photographers yourself and find legit ones who can help you get what you need, then you should send a simply shot of yourself to some agencies, and honestly a plain headshot is the best shot you have. And a shot with energy and smile. If you only have $100 get a headshot. Then submit your compcard, headshot out in massive ways,submit it to every agency. And in NYC there are plenty of legit commercial print modeling agencies. For models of all types.

2. Real photographers do not find talent on the internet, so it might seem easy to download your photo and become a model, real modeling agencies do not find talent on the internet, you are not going to be discovered on the internet. The Internet is a false hope. Someone who is a serious photographer is not finding models on the internet.

3. Your not a model until you get paid on a real legit modeling job. You can't play model for a day in some guys basement or living room.

If you mail your cards and photos, out to every agency by the end of 30 days you will have a call back!

If you can't handle the work of being a model, submitting your photos, and NOT taking the easy way out.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Home Made Beauty Banana and Coffee Scrubs with Isobella Jade

Enjoy this segment on Home Made Beauty on AOL's, and put that banana to use.

Want more?..well you can also see more videos on beauty tips at:

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Betsey Johnson shoes give me those extra inches

I am so in love with my Betsey Johnson shoes, I always wanted a pair of Betsey Johnson shoes and I love this pair I recently bought!

I was yelling Yes! Yes! Yes! when I got home and put them on right away.

They give me those extra inches!

I love the yellow, they brighten up my feet!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mark Seliger a photographer others should learn from

At 2 am last night I couldn’t sleep so I read an article in Vanity Fair about Mark Seliger. Then I really couldn’t sleep. He is a very talented and perceptive photographer as Ingrid Sischy explains “His pictures give you the feeling that you’re not looking up at the subjects, not looking down at them, but right there with them.”

In the moment, Seliger reveals the subject as themselves, even if the clothing is stylize a little the shot still looks very straight on. I think other photographers could learn a thing or two from this man.

And I think in an age when posing and showing off and the tease is so in, I love that Vanity Fair shared with us Seliger’s perspective. To show that raw portrait is actually the most engaging type of photography. They say, whether the subject is calm, or laughing, This is Me.

I like lifestyle portrait photography alot and I have experienced a few wonderful times of working with photographers that DO shoot in that style. With more of a purpose behind the lens, than just to pull out the ego of the photographer out, but to capture the subject and their essence. So that the viewer can REALLY see them.

Today in the internet age, I think about how many wanna-be guys with camera’s there are out there, fakin- that they are actually photographers. It is a disgrace to the profession. Using the internet as their mingle pad to pry and flirt with aspiring models and maybe feel the ego boost.

I like Mark Seliger is an example of someone worth looking up to.

I liked that Ingrid Sischy mentioned Eugene Atget, who was an impoverished 19th century photographer, who would have been shocked at how the profession is now a profession a person can survive and find success is a great paycheck, although I think Mr. Atget wouldn't like that the word photographer has glamorized, and he might have hated that part actually.

I went to sleep adding Mr. Seliger name to my list of photographers to contact. He will most likely get an email soon.

Olympic opening uses girl’s voice, not face

Olympic opening uses girl’s voice, not face
By CARA ANNA, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 35 minutes ago

BEIJING (AP)—One little girl had the looks. The other had the voice.
So in a last-minute move demanded by one of China’s highest officials, the two were put together for the Olympic opening ceremony, with one lip-synching “Ode to the Motherland” over the other’s singing.
The real singer, 7-year-old Yang Peiyi, with her chubby face and crooked baby teeth, wasn’t good looking enough for the ceremony, its chief music director told state-owned Beijing Radio.
So the pigtailed Lin Miaoke, a veteran of television ads, mouthed the words with a pixie smile for a stadium of 91,000 and a worldwide TV audience. “I felt so beautiful in my red dress,” the tiny 9-year-old told the China Daily newspaper.
Peiyi later told China Central Television that just having her voice used was an honor.
It was the latest example of the lengths the image-obsessed China is taking to create a perfect Summer Games.

For more on this beauty obsessed story click here.

My thoughts: The chubby faced little girl might feel grateful since on paper her voice was used, but the "better" looking girl is assumed the credit and that is really sad. What would you call that? A voice double?

Self Made Success

If you follow the great, if you read about them, you will admire how they are self-made.
I am currently reading a biography of Andrew Carnegie and I love it! He worked his butt off!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Self Publishing Successfully and promoting your book

OK this is a little long, but I hope it is worth it:

How to Pitch Your Book When You’re Broke

Well, I for one have no shame in admitting that living off the dollar-menu doesn’t taste so bad. I also know that feeling of weaving a wobbly suitcase, that holds your life inside, down Broadway, and I will admit that I chose to write my book during a very unstable and turbulent moment in my life. I was walking on a broken heel basically the whole time.

Yup, I was broke.

Yet I still managed to get global buzz on myself, my book and today I am right where I hoped it would all be. Not happily-ever-all-yet, but almost. Next April my book will be available by an imprint of Harper Collins, the Friday Project. This coming after I first gained my own buzz on my book and first self published. Here are some tips on how to pitch your book to the press, agents and publishers, even when you’re really broke.

Use the free tools of Web 2.0: You might think blogging is boring, but it can actually make you a topic of discussion. Here’s how: If you don’t already have a blog that is sort of about your book, or based on some topics found in your book, then you need to start one. Inside my book you will find topics of not just modeling but also technology, beauty, fashion, small business, the entertainment business, and I use these topics that are found inside my book as my bases for what I write about at my blog. Whether your book is about pregnancy, porn, or plastic surgery mistakes, the writing you do does not end with just your book and your Word document. To get buzz on yourself you have to promote you and your opinion, and blogging can be a good way to do this. I use, it’s free, no excuses. Remember that at the same time you will also promoting your book in a discreet but clear way.

Writing my book has lead me to blog modeling advice on three blogs daily, and I have been asked to also write articles for other’s people’s blogs and networks as well. I also use my beauty, skincare, and modeling experience and advice to create video blogs and I now create video blogs for AOL’s, along with producing my own video blogs on By doing so gives me credibility, creates a buzz, helps my own Google ratings, and gives me an audience, which of course leads to interest in my book.

The web has made pod casting popular and I also have my own pod cast called Model Talk, which receives over 4,000 downloads a week. I am one of the top favorite entertainment shows on, which recently initiated $4.6 million of financing led by The Kraft Group. To start pod casting all you need is a computer and a phone to start your own show.

On Model Talk, I talk about experiences I have been through, mention some topics that can be found in my book as well, I give insight on how to be a model and conduct interviews as well. I also have been interviewed on other pod casts about being a model and writing my book, so there might be a pod cast out there that would love to hear from someone who has experience on the topic you just wrote a book about. Why not research some pod casts that deal with your book topic? Send the host a note/email/comment about your upcoming book, your insight and see about getting an appearance on their pod cast. Getting exposure on other blogs is nice as well. You could contact a blogger that writes about topics found in your book, even if isn’t even out yet, you can still bring some insight to them and try to get quoted.

You can still get buzz on yourself by approaching the business of promoting your book, with the free tools of web to help you. Your efforts will also look great to the agent and publisher you are pitching or you just might be discovered as well by your web 2.0 efforts. Publishers want to see that the book can be marketed; sometimes for a new author this can mean creating your own buzz to get their attention, and it can start on the web and cost nothing. It costs nothing to be savvy with web 2.0, just make research time. When you do, then when you promote yourself to agents and publishers you can now say, “I have written a book, and I also blog about this topic, and I have been interviewed on this topic, featured on this blog, quoted here, etc.”

Because now you are a package, not just another writer.

Read the news to be in the news: I read the news to find reporters who write about topics that are similar to my book topic and me. By looking for media opportunities to be quoted in news stories or to get your opinion out there, you will be making yourself credible to book agents and publishers. This happened for me with the NYTIMES and NYPOST, when I wanted to get exposure in those newspapers I approached the reporters by email and told them about me, my book, and my self and to keep me in mind for future stories. I ended up getting just about a whole page in the Post and included in a story in the NYTimes. When it comes to pitching a reporter, remember that emails should be short, quick and to the point of what you could bring to their column and future articles. Mention your book, blog, and your expertise. You know I have even sent pitches to reporters through their Myspace account and got results? Seriously! It might sound kind of lame, but when you are broke and maybe can’t afford that stamp or the overnight postal rate, it is a good idea to read the news on the web and to use your email account and social networks to your advantage. Of course try to be quick with your messages and don’t clog their mailboxes with big files. No matter if you are in a small city or NYC, there are reporters right now writing about topics that involve topics found in your book.

Write your own press release: If you don’t know how to write about yourself and what you book is about, then you should practice and analyze it and yourself. Creating your own headlines and article topics that are based on you, your book, and your experience, and the topics found in your book. Knowing how you and you book can relate to a certain topic is important for pitching the press and getting buzz. When I first self published and I wrote my own press releases about my book, and wrote a few paragraphs about topics I could speak about, which I could pitch to the press.

Self Publishing isn’t the end-all: If you decide to self publish your book, self promotion is possible, but also your self promotion can lead to bigger things and more opportunity. Maybe your writing a book now, maybe you already did, maybe you self published, well if you can get some buzz on your book, create some interest on your self and book and what you know, then remember that your publishing journey isn’t over. Take your media package of your self earned press articles and buzz and submit it to an agent again, or bigger publisher or a niche publisher and try to get their interest. You will be more likely to be picked up by a publisher or agent, even after you self publish, if you can show that your book is marketable.

Isobella Jade’s modeling memoir Almost 5’4”, is currently with The Friday Project, an imprint of Harper Collins and is due in early 2009, which she first self published.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Jeff Bridges voice over and a favorite of mine

Jeff Bridges is a favorite of mine. I really loved him in Seabiscuit. Since I feel like the Seabiscuit of Modeling, I really loved his performance.

I watch the movie often just to see the scene where he speaks to the crowd about why it is important to give the small underdog Seabiscuit a chance!
I also love penguins and I loved his voiceover in " Surf's Up." I really love Jeff Bridges voiceover's that I hear it in commercials too. I pay attention when I hear it, it sort of captures you to listen.

He is on the line up of my favorite actors to play my father or Robert, a photographer that really stood out, in a film about my book coming up through The Friday Project, an imprint of HarperCollins, in April 2009.

Bernie Mac Died, The comic actor dies at 50

I can't believe this. I am watching the Olympics and took a break to check my email and the online news, and I am shocked to read that Bernie Mac has died. Only at 50 years old! I feel sorrow for his family and friends. He will be remembered and missed!

If you want to read about Bernie's biography click here.

I loved him in ""Ocean's Eleven" and in Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Wegmans was my Whole Foods growing up in Syracuse, NY

Wegmans was like my Whole Foods growing up in Syracuse, NY, growing up in the 80's Wegmans was high end, the floors were polished, the clean aisles, and they had "free" benefits of candy and cookies.

This was before Wegmans had a website. I went to the one in Liverpool, NY, 7519 Oswego Road

The Candy section, full of bales and bales of candy in brown colored bins, wow, I can still remember it like yesterday. You were welcome to take one, or many samples of candy, and then comes the second favorite thing: Free Cookies!

I remember the yummy sugar cookies and free cookies I would look forward to during shopping with mom. It was sort of a big deal for us to shop there.

We would go garage sale shopping and then hit Wegmans for their sales.

Did you also know that Wegmans Ranks #3 on FORTUNE magazine's list of '100 Best Companies to work for.

Maybe it was just a rule I made up as a cookie lovin' kid, but I don't think they have an age limit on that free cookie thing, but just let the kids go first.

Wegmans Facts:

1930 Wegmans opens a 20,000 square-foot Clinton Avenue (Rochester, NY) "showplace" store with cafeteria seating for 300.

1932 Wegmans introduces two Rochester firsts: refrigerated display windows and vaporized water sprays to keep produce fresh.

1968 Wegmans opens first Syracuse store at John Glenn Blvd. in Clay.

My Little Red Dress and The City today

This is the little dress I wore today, I wore it to a casting and on my way it started when I went to get my coffee. Little turns of their heads, little grunts, mmm's and ooohs, I was first annoyed thinking to myself, “What! I can’t even wear a cute dress without getting gawked at!” One man turned his head and I even said “ What are you lookin at?” with a smirk. He had already seen my ass I suppose and just had to get a peek at my face, I wanted to say, “Am I balanced, do I look ok for you fella!” It was so annoying. But as I got on the subway and sippin my coffee, watching two little boys play and look out the subway windows with a fun glee in their eye, I forgot about my dress. And the gawkers.
Then once off the train the noise started again. A white van parked in busy traffic whistled, and yelled a few
Ooohhhh baby’s” but I kept walking.

Ignoring it all.

Crossing Sixth Ave I could feel the eyes of old ladies, corporate woman and men alike all wondering if I was a prostitute maybe. But I am not for sale in that way. I got a lot of work to do today and I am off to get it done!

I even got an applause as I walked the steps of Bryant Park, no joke, 5 men sitting on the steps eating, smoking cigarettes, clapped at me, and it followed me through the park, and through the pathways to 5th Ave.

Did you know there are flowers, real beautiful flowers in a vase in the public bathroom in Bryant Park? Yup. Amazing. Maybe one of the cleanest in the city.

I made it to my casting, and when I got out it was rainy, cloudy skies, sprinkling a little on my dress. But screw it, I had already spilled coffee on it today.

I headed back downtown, it is a journey to wear a dress you love sometimes.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Are you registered to Vote? Model Check!

Did you vote for the last election? Are you eligible to vote for this coming up election?
This election is so important, not just for the country but for Generation Y, so my question is, Are you registered to Vote?

If you are like and moved so much these past couple of years, it is important to make sure you are registered to vote.

Remember just because you filed your Taxes, doesn’t mean you are registered to vote!
It is right we all have fought for, so why don’t we use it!

You can’t complain, you can’t really be proud, unless you can vote and be heard.

Your opinion, your vote does count!

So make sure you are registered.

Beauty with The Body Shop Tree Oil

Currently I am trying and liking The Body Shop Tree Oil. I am liking the toner, and also the face wash, I also liked the 2 for $18 special!

I do think of tree bark when I use it, but over all it is a really great product.

The Body Shop International plc is a global manufacturer and retailer of naturally inspired, ethically produced beauty and cosmetics products. Founded in the UK in 1976 by Dame Anita Roddick, we now have over 2,100 stores in 55 countries, with a range of over 1,200 products, all animal cruelty free, and many with fairly traded natural ingredients.

Did you know: ( from the website

The Body Shop takes positive action to bring about an end to the use of animals in cosmetics testing and to ensure no such testing is carried out by us or on our behalf. We operate a strict purchasing rule that ensures that we don't use any ingredient that has been animal tested for cosmetic purposes by our suppliers since 31 December 1990.

Did you also know: (taken from the website

Many of our principles are about showing compassion and understanding for other people, but 'activate self-esteem' is all about you! Self-esteem is about self-awareness, self-confidence, self-worth, and self-acceptance. It's about respecting yourself, looking after your body and soul, and being proud of who and what you are.

I like that the brand isn't just a beauty retailer with great products but they support so many causes. Founded in the UK in 1976 by Anita Roddick, she hustled to have her dream "green" store and became a very recognizable face as one of Britain’s most visible business executives. Unfortunately Anita passed away at age 64, after suffering a major brain hemorrhage, I feel blessed to use her products and proud see from her personal journey how popular the brand has gotten.

You can learn more of Roddick and her brand and the causes here in a NYTIMES article, she was so passionate about, the brand still stands as a leader in promoting causes like ending supporting the environment and ending animal testing.

Christian Bale in Batman and Newsies and Jack "cowboy" Kelly

When I think of Christian Bale, I don't think of Batman, I think Newsies! I am 10, it is 1992,
When he sang and I was enticed.

When he was Jack "cowboy"Kelly.

Do you remember Newsies? I can still belt the words to the songs,,

"Pulitzer and Hearst they think they got us, but do they got us. NO!

"Thats your'll still another,...hey bummers we got work to do."

"Kings of New York!"

"A Thousand Voices. A Single Dream."

"Santa fe"

"Seize the day!"

And Christian can dance really well too.

And I even googled some Newsies things and actually found this Youtube video. Holy Moly there is a whole set of scenes and songs of the movie there, here are some more!

There are even kids who have made their own little Newsie music videos. Here is one.

my friends and I used to makeup our own little dance routines, but this was in the 90's and people weren't so digital savvy then.

Well I need to find Newsies, the movies and buy it. I need to find it, and I do have a Blockbuster gift card,( still gotta use it) so I might look for it on there, or ebay or something!

It was the first time I really saw male actors on TV and I could feel something for them, the news boys were so cute, but also so powerful in my little eyes, little David Moscow was such a bad ass, and the movie, about the battle between the Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst and the newsboys based on when they raise the distribution price one-tenth of a cent per paper that the news boys sold, was my first historic movie that I could understand.

I actually have my own little newsboy hate, seriously.

Anyways, Batman was amazing, I can't believe the action was all natural and I loved that. I am glad to see movies are not all crazy digital tricks, but actually really intense with hard physical work from everyone on set, it makes the movie so much more memorable. And Heath was seriously award winning.

But still when I think of Christian Bale, I think of Newsies.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Grade-School Lolita's can lead to modeling mistakes

On the recent MSNBC story about The sexualized childhood and how it affects kids younger than you think called Grade-school Lolita: ‘So Sexy So Soon’, I also think this topic calls for some modeling advice and input based on how recently I was asked by a 13 year old about modeling. In my opinion 13 is too young to model without a parent by your side. The girl was asking me about photos she needed and how to go about modeling at such a young age.

My insight on teenage modeling can be found in this Youtube video.

I told her not to get sexy too soon, and I think a lot of media and magazines and entertainment networks, make it ok to appear sexy at a young age. I was not an innocent teenager to say the least, but with the internet it has becomes even more enticing and entrapping to be seen, desired, wanted, and hit and clicked upon at a young age, and many young girls, fall into making mistakes of showing too much too soon and feeling regrets, and having self esteem issues over how many "friends" they have on Myspace and not thinking enough about their self worth and letting these social sites define them.

Small business marketing: The power of handwritten notes and public relations, buy some stationary

Papyrus is still in business the last time I checked right?!

You know the handwritten note is not out of style. Self promotion is my daily thing and recently I bought some stationary and notecards and I am using them to self promote.

Infact it is totally in and it is an amazing way to self promote and also for small businesses a handwritten note is powerful when it comes to submitting samples, and press releases, and products to reporters, editors, and anything press related is important. With email cluttering all of our mailboxes, - I swear I delete like 100 emails a day- it seems that getting attention comes in the form of the opposite direction that technology is going. When it comes to my own pr success I do think the email has been very handy, really cheap, (it's a free way to get in touch, make a connection, I have used email in amazing ways for self promotion to the media,) but still I have found great results in also direct mail to offices and with the power of a handwritten note. Snail mail is not really snail mail. It makes a statement and stands out when you mail something in the regular mail. Postal mail. If you are on a budget just be picky about who you snail mail. And use your email for quick, to-the-point emails. If you are trying to get the attention of a reporter it is a good idea to know the last story the reporter wrote about and other stories the reporter has done, so that you can state your opinion on them, how your story, you, your product relates, and attachments should be small. Under 150K. When you hear back or get a response then you can follow up with a large file or PDF, but it is always nice to ask first. I believe in the power of the postal mail and although technology is straying away from it, I still think it is VERY if not one of the best forms of communication. It shows you took the time. I love putting together press packages, and I go to the post office daily.I mail everything, I have mailed comp cards to modeling agencies, I mail newspapers, magazine editors, casting directors, and I think it does mean more when you take the effort and handwrite a note. Although I love the free marketing tools of the web, I also use the “old fashion” way a lot. Mailing directly does work. You might even have better results by buying a stamp sometime and writing a handwritten note compared to email. It is a mix of both I think, you need both, you can’t just do one or the other! It is both or nothing! So buy some stationary, and the next time you are marketing you, don’t forget the power of the handwritten note. Try it!

I recently bought my boyfriend a pen, and with this in mind here are some websites you might like:



Letter writing:,2025,DIY_13783_4365965,00.html

You are a Small Business, Web 2.0 and Marketing yourself and growing your credibility

You are a small business. Whether you are a freelance writer, a designer, a photographer, or starting a business from scratch, if you have a dream, it is a fact that self promotion can be your gate way to doing your dream, having your happiness, and making money.

So what is web 2.0 doing for you?

Well, I have found that using free marketing tools is a great way to self promote, especially in tight times. If you aren’t blogging, pod casting, or involved with video blogging, you should look into it. Basically if you can check your email you can manage doing any of the these three things. Everyone is using the web to get ahead. Well I am not sure that is true, when I feel like I am the only one of my friends who blog, pod cast and create video blogs, but it sure makes me look cool.

Blogging: I do it for Google rankings and so that I can be discovered and found by people like you, blogging is a great way to self promote and also give insight into what you know, state your opinion on something, anything, from art, to fashion, to technology, to blogging, to porn, to pregnancy. Anything! When you blog you should be putting in the headline something related to you, or the area of interest you want to target. Think of your audience and what they would be searching on Google. I try to put the word model, modeling, petite model, etc, in most of my posts.

Say you live in a smaller city and no one really blogs? Well that’s perfect. In smaller cities like Norfolk, VA, blogging is even more important, because not as many people do it, and you can catch a buzz with just your Google rankings, because when you blog Google sees it, captures is and puts you on the list! Say you want to start a business, well you should also have a blog that speaks about areas involved in the business. If you are a handbag designer, you could start a blog about handbags, and feature you favorite handbag news, or your own personal insight on the handbag business. Also by blogging, gives you credibility to write about something you are passionate about and know a lot about.

Podcasting: I have my own radio show too. It is a podcast called MODEL TALK, I basically just call in to a certain number, it records me speaking, interviewing, etc, and uploads, and you can listen live or anytime, and it generates over 4,000 downloads a week. And it is a great way to self promote myself, my opinion, my book, my blogs, current projects and get an audience.

Video Blogging: Of course there is Youtube, but also video blogging can be taken into your current pursuit and you can enhance what you do into a video aspect very easily, and pitch yourself as a content producer to certain networks, magazines, other blogs, and use it as part of your press release for a certain product, you can take video to the next level by making it help you, and your business. Also most laptops have web cameras- and you can easily do it in a professional way. I currently video blog for AOL’s and by figuring out how to record myself, download and size my video I have been able to produce quality weekly video blogs and give beauty advice for them, it has been great. Also not many people do know how to create their own content videos. Record your small business products, or yourself giving advice on something that you are an expert on, do it. Be seen and do it to benefit your goals, and business. I even have my own Youtube videos giving modeling advice. Everyone from aspiring singers to brands like Levi are putting video on the web to use!

If a model like me can do it! Anyone can!

Tomorrow I plan to be in the park making a video and blogging and preparing for my podcast! What is web 2.0 doing for you?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The American jean and dream of Levi's Jeans by Isobella Jade

The patent was first rejected, but the passion was there, and Levi's Jeans has an amazing business history worth knowing.

Founded in 1853 by Bavarian immigrant Levi Strauss, Levi Strauss & Co. is one of the world's largest brand-name apparel marketers with sales in more than 110 countries.
The brand has national spirit, and the 501's have a history of being the American Jean.
Marilyn Monrie made them sexy, Bruce Springsteen made them a bad ass favorite.

Now I am not a major, major, die hard Levi's Jeans Girl, I am petite, so I think they need more petite sizes and styles, and I do have a booty and I feel some of the thicker denim fabric can even make my ass look flat, but I do like the Levi's history. I am a history junkie, I like when a business has a story, a real hustle behind the brand.

I think they fell off the map in the 90's and I don't remember anyone "cool" wearing them in High School. I graduated High School in the year 2000. And I don't think any of my friend's wore them in college.

But their current edgy commercials I think will attract people, I know a couple were banned in the U.S Market but I think Levi has it going on again. If you are petite you might want to check out their Petite sizes. And it is nice to find a pair of jeans for under $50!!

I do remember in about 2003 working a promotion at the Levi store in SoHo and the fit was really not there for me, but I am not giving up on the brand. I am smaller than a 0 and I can be smaller than a 24 sometimes depending on the brand.

So I am looking for that perfect Levi's Jean and I hope I find it.

On the website the smallest is a 2 short. Mmmm might need a pin or clip.

If they need a petite fit model I hope they call me.

germs on your makeup brush

Well I went to Sephora today just to pick up some brush cleaner. I got this awesome makeup brush when I bought an I.D Mineral makeup set there, but it didn't come with a brush case, (mmm maybe I should let them know that would be helpful.)

I usually just throw my brush in my purse with the rest of my makeup, and I try to make sure I seperate my keys and cash from my makeup because yuck, so many germs, but without a case for my brush it is hard to keep it germ free. So I had to get a brush cleaner.

Buying another brush and a brush set is more to carry and also sometimes it can range up to $20--$50 bucks for the right makeup brush, so replacing them is not cheap, and carrying a brush kit is a heavy pain in the butt.

I think I will clean my brush instead each day. My face/skin is pretty tough and I haven't had many blemishes over using the same brush, although I would be careful to clean your brushes, because your house keys and your makeup brush should not touch and if they do, that is nasty for your face and can cause break outs.

The brush cleaner at Sephora is only $6.50 and worth it!

recycling your beauty products

Enjoy this video on that I created based on why you should recycle your beauty products and you can learn about some beauty products right in your bathroom you should be recycling.

Click this link to watch the video on

Silk scarves are an accessory every girl, and petite girl can afford

Damn I really love Givenchy shoes, and of course looking at Christian Louboutin's mustard yellow stilettos make me hot but these days I settle for buying designer scarves.

Givenchy to Dolce & Gabanna, Gucci, Versace, scarves are a savvy way to have the nice name with your budget so that you can look nice and feel better about looking in an issue of Vogue, my first silk scarf was a beauty of Oscar De La Renta. I wear them like a bandana or you can wear it around your neck of course with aside your bikini bottom!

Dress you up!

White Trash Druggie Turned New York Times Reporter Writes Book

Review by Craig Seligman Aug. 5 (Bloomberg) --

I try never to miss a story underDavid Carr's byline. The New York Times's media reporter istalented, aggressive and witty. I had no idea until I read hismemoir, ``The Night of the Gun,'' that he's a recoveringalcoholic who was once a big-time cocaine addict. How big-time? Midway through the book he describes goinginto detox (again) and being told ``to settle my arms up to mybiceps in a large tub of Dreft detergent, a nice low-tech way ofdisinfecting my track marks without involving a lot of hands-onwork by the staff. I had become a white trash untouchable, allfestering pus and contagion.'' He was shooting coke as the nextstep after ``two hard years'' of smoking crack. Even with plenty of gruesome memories to draw on, Carr knowshe's working in a troublesome genre. ``What is the value in onemore addiction memoir to me or anyone else?'' he wonders. Thegimmick (his word) he comes up with is ``to fact-check my life.''Positioning himself as the anti-James Frey, he resolves thatinstead of just recounting his story he'll rigorously report it.His memory turns out -- not surprisingly -- to be a sieve. I absolutely agree that a reporter should get his factsstraight. In the context of Carr's narrative, though, it doesn'tmatter much to the reader whether the handgun on the frenziednight that gives the book its title belonged to him or to someoneelse. (There has been some difference of opinion.) ``The Night ofthe Gun'' still comes down to the story of a junkie who lostcontrol, finally offering what its author admits are ``some verycommon lessons'' on the order of ``Too much of a bad thing is bad.''

High on Writing

For the first half of the book he sails along in an ecstasyof confession -- a type of high that may be available only tothose who were raised Catholic. (The Church is still part of hislife.) Then he shifts to self-congratulation, following hiscareer all the way to its pinnacle at the Times, where he isfully convinced he walks with the gods. The project is an egoist's dream -- getting all sorts ofpeople you've been close to to talk, at length, about yourfavorite subject: you. Granted, a lot of the material isembarrassing, but nearly all his interlocutors are well-wishersand, after all, we're looking back from the vantage of his perchon Mount Olympus. (Excerpts from some of the videotapedinterviews can be seen on the book's polished Web site, What the author intends as self-flagellationfeels more like group massage.

Bragging Rights

Carr combines two personality types I try to avoid atparties: the invalid who wants to give you a blow-by-blow of hishospital stay and the windbag who's out to knock you dead withtales of his business smarts. (He's also the parent who can'tresist bragging about his children, but this is a social defect Ifind endearing.) I should make it clear, though, that what I'm objecting to is his tone, not his life. There seems to be goodreason he has so many friends. Only once did I find myself really disliking him: when heuses the book to settle scores with his ex-girlfriend, a formerjunkie who's the mother of his twins. For years she has claimedhe stole her kids. The evidence he musters makes it manifestlyclear that he didn't. But is this really the place to knock her down? Carr readilyadmits to his part in ruining her life. Now he has far surpassedher in terms of recovery, success and family. His book is goingto bring him a lot of attention (and, potentially, money) --isn't that enough? The man still fits the old pattern: He'ssomebody who has never known when to stop.

``The Night of the Gun: A Reporter Investigates the DarkestStory of His Life. His Own'' is published by Simon & Schuster(389 pages, $26).

Monday, August 4, 2008

Sexy Sculpt Firm and Shapely Legs in 6 Moves

Nice legs! is a nice compliment, and no matter your height you can look longer, feel strong and sexier by having nice legs.
Looking great in short shorts and flirty skirts can be your reality, because just a stability ball, weights and a step can give you great legs. In about twenty minutes you can be on your way to having strong and shapely legs. Read how here at

Enjoy your legs baby!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

police officer to artist, and the other way around, Chris Evans explores the relation, and Anthony John Gray the painter and the police force

I found an article called "The Force Was with Them" by Sara Rafsky in the summer issue of ARTnews very interesting.

It mentions the possibility of having your dream, and survival income at the same time. The article starts with Chris Evans, who is a British conceptual artist, he has formed and organized “Cop Talks for art students", the organization is sponsored by a nonprofit called Creative Time, and the talks take place at art schools, such as Pratt in Brooklyn, and act as recruiting sessions for the police force to advocate to budding artists about the possibility of having a stable income and your dream. The session focuses on the pragmatic benefits of being a police officer, such as “unlimited sick days, and retirement after 20 years with pension.”

Although Mr. Evan’s does not plan to join the force, and even though there is a dubious reaction from students to the sessions, he does want art students to have the “opportunity to learn about other careers.”

Another artist, oil painter Anthony John Gray, has also brought together the art world and the police force, Mr. Gray was a police officer with the Sussex Constabulary before he left the force undertaking a self taught journey into the visual arts, and his career as a painter took off in the early 80’s. Anthony John Gray’s latest ensemble is a pixilated collection of oils titled “Eyecons,” and the painting above is one called “ Sugar Mama” and it is a pixilated impression of jazz sensation John Lee Hooker’s hand, which is holding one of Mr. Gray’s own symbolic icons; the half moon of a woman’s face, which appears in many of his works.

Just Who Will You Be, by Maria Shriver, a book for every girl in America

Right now I am reading a book about Andrew Carnegie and I think reading about the roots of successful people is very inspiring. Each night I take a moment every day to breath, read, and relax. Even if it is just ten minutes. It also helps me sleep.

Especially when my mind is running wild all day and I am self promoting and being my own publicist and pitchng and talking to my self, debating ideas, and writing, and researching, and running around the city, I need a moment, even just 5 minutes to read about something unrelated to my own pursuits and something that will inspire me, make me go, "yeah...I feel that."

Or something I can learn something from. I love learning and I didn't always love school, but I love reading biographies and books.

Maria Shriver is an inspiring woman, a woman I would love to meet. And her book "Just Who Will You Be? is the next book on my list, I just watched an amazing touching segment on Oprah about it and it is one I hope you read or download at

Biographies are great choices as well and I loved one I also have read on Chanel.

Being true to who you are within your own pursuits

From writing my book, and being my own publicist, to making myself a model, I have learned the importance and possibility in self promotion and no matter your trade, passion, pursuit, and plans, no matter what inspires you, or who you are striving to be, it is possible. The most important thing is to not lose sight of what you want, and be true to who you are.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Being a Model is more than a Myspace account, you need the proper physical modeling tools

Enjoy this video I made that is based on why a Myspace page is not enough to be a model and work as one and how real marketing tools, like a compcard and headshot are still ideal, needed, used, and wanted by agents, despite the internet trends.

Models can help environment by buying lingerie online

Is it really worth it to order Lingerie online? Well, although yes the mailman/woman will be using some gas and you won't have to run to the store, but hopefully somehow your lack of driving will help the air and your pocket as well if the shipping cost isn't too bad.

Here are some top lingerie vendors that have great lingerie for a model to consider, especially since as a model I need solid colored lingerie alot usually in tan or black. Depending on the style your are looking for here are some really steamy lingerie hot spots and also some simple panties that still are stimulating.
and of course:

I always fee more confident in a new pair of panties

Paris Colette's sneakers are Married to the Mob with kisses and kicks

The famous French boutique ‘Colette’, and Reebok are close friends. They have come together to create a limited edition of "Reebok x Colette x Married to the Mob X Reebok Freestyle" kicks, with each shoe individually numbered and produced with the helps of the American Women’s Street Wear icon ‘Married To The Mob’, but sorry they have already sold out!

Curvexpo NY the designer lingerie and swimwear show

This would be a good event to know about in the future for models in NYC and LA markets.

Curve NY
The Jacob Javits Center - Galleria
655 West 34th Street
(Between 11th Avenue and the West Side Highway)
New York, NY 10011


Sunday August 3rd 2008, From 9am to 6pm
Monday August 4th 2008, From 9am to 6pm
Tuesday August 5th 2008, From 9am to 5pm

Created in 2007 by a small group of fashion insiders, CURVE has taken America like a storm. CURVE and Boutique Lingerie joined forces to encompass the largest range of fashion lingerie collections from luxury to basics.

The first edition took place in Las Vegas in February 2007 and became an instant success. CURVENV Las Vegas returns on August 25, 26, 27, 2008 with 200 of the best internationally recognized brands. CURVENV Las Vegas is the only independent lingerie show in town and the largest in The West. Located at the Venetian Hotel, it opens together with 5 other high-end shows such as Project, Moda, Accessories The Show, MR and ENK Vegas scheduled bi-annually during Fashion Week.

CURVENY New York moves for its second edition into the Jacob K. Javits Center where all major fashion shows are held: Intermezzo (contemporary women’s wear), Accessorie Circuit (fashion accessories), Moda (bridge women’s wear) and Accessorie the Show (bridge accessories). CURVENY New York has teamed up with ENK to create bridges and offer buyers multiple cross-over business opportunities.

CURVE with its stylish productions and out-of-the box initiatives moves lingerie into the global fashion arena.