Monday, August 18, 2008

The Business of Publishing on the Web

Is getting published on the web as exciting as getting publishing in print?

I debate this alot in my mind and my actions.

When I get a plug in a newspaper or see my face or body part in a magazine from a modeling job, is it the same excitement as getting it on a popular website or blog?

The business of publishing has come to getting exposure these days and many are using the web to get this exposure, but there is still a respect of credibility in print. I feel even more delighted when I get a buzz in a print magazine or in a newspaper.

I guess it is because although the web is amazing, as a marketing tool, as a business tool, as a publishing tool, I feel whether you are a model, or a writer, getting published, and credited, getting that tear sheet is still a little bit more exciting than seeing it on the web.

But no doubt, getting plugged online has been my launch pad to many of my ventures, I am very thankful for this and from a self promoting aspect the web is a wonderful tool. I do have my own experience with this, from book publishing to modeling, but the web,-although strong and impacted, it is not the end-all. If I get exposed on a website, or blog, I still find myself printing it out or making a PDF of it for press releases and I am still un-easy about letting the web and only be my portfolio. I still like to hold the article in my hand.

Today I am photocopying my NYTimes article plug and although I could just email and the link to the magazine editor, rep, brand, etc that I am pitching, I find it more powerful to write a hand written note and pair it with a copy of the article that they can hold in their hand.

And then hopefully call or email me.

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