Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Internet changed the word Model

The internet may have changed the word model but not the modeling business. Top brands and marketing managers, who are looking for models for their ad campaigns, product ads, and editorials, are not looking on the internet for their talent and models for their ads and commercials.

If you are only using the web to get ahead you should change that mindset. The internet might has changed the word model, and all of these social sites mean than anyone can CALL themselves one, it is a totally different thing to get a check for a thousand dollars or more for modeling with a top brand.

Now if you are picky with social sites and websites like Craigslist you can indeed get some decent projects to get a resume and portfolio and reel rolling but you do have to be extremely picky! You have to always question the job, ask questions, and know ALL the details and don't just think of the now, think about how this gig will effect your future and pursuits. Don’t let some gig you do because you are desperate to call yourself a model ruin your image.

Rushing to get to the top with desperation is not the way to do it, it is best to be smart about your pursuits, and really think about what you want, and set goals, and really strive to do it in ways that will benfit you in the long term, not just for five minutes to feel like a model while working on some corny so-called- internet modeling job. (honey thats not modeling at all!)

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