Friday, August 1, 2008

Bond Girl Jane Seymour is also a painter and has recently hooked up with Kay Jewelers with Open Hearts Collection

Jane Seymour is hot, and she is known as a beautiful actress but she is also bringing another type of beauty to the jewerly business. The actress is also known for her art as well and as a painter has had exhibits in museums around the world.

She was inspired when she mother died to create a diamond pendant using a heart same similar to her painted motif of interlocking hearts. After she wore it on Dancing With the Stars, Kay Jewelers approached her and now they have created The Open Hearts By Jane Seymour collection.

The collection is called Open Hearts and is inspired by one of Jane's paintings.
I love that!

Here is Jane talking about the collection on Fox.

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Brad Lord said...

You ask me, it looks like boobs and a butt. Anyone else see it or am I just a total perv?