Friday, August 15, 2008

Getting a Modeling Agent and Getting Off the Internet Casting Couch

You know a lot of girls get their first impression of modeling on the internet, and it is clearly the wrong way. No Victoria's Secret models, or models in any ad campaign or Sports Illustrated are found from their profile on a social modeling internet site. To be a model really takes your own will to approach agencies, and even if it means submitting your photos to 400 agencies, if you are ambitious and you really want something, then you try.

The easy way out is not an easy way at all, it is the short way. Get in, get exposed to the wrong people, eyes and situations, and get out.

I recently saw a girl on one of these little social sites where guys with cameras flirt with models and hit and click and massage them with comments, (or worse) and the girl's profile said, "I'm retiring of modeling." Another read she is" Taking a break" but when you look at them you see that they are not models at all. They are just girls in thongs, and posing against some ok lighting and smiling. Or touching their finger to their lip.

If only they had a real modeling dream, a real ambition to get an agent, to surround themselves with a quality photographer.

It is not easy to be a model, because if it were then these internet models would all see that the internet is a waste of time, sure it is good for research, for googling and finding some information about being a model, but really being a model, really working with agencies, going on castings, and being more than a click on the internet takes work. I am talking about really being a model. Not just a muse.

I am talking about NOT feeling like a model, but being one.

It also takes the right mindset. You have to be able to promote yourself with the right marketing tools, you need a compcard, you need envelopes and a modeling portfolio, you might want to stop by some agency open-calls. ( And don't wear your sluttiest outfit...jeez!- just wear a tank top and jeans -that is good enough) or mail your photos to the hundreds of agencies out there. Of course if you live in a small town you might not have as much commercial print opportunities...but what about mom and pop hair salons, or nail salons? They might need a model for their window display ads? Why not look in some magazines today and get inspired. Make some goals for yourself. And try to work with a real photographer.

Because honey it takes more than a comment on your little social profile site to be a model.

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