Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Google Into the Modeling Business 5 steps

1. Skip the modeling social sites, you will only get perverts and scum bags and guys with camera, (GWC's) to hit and click upon you and whoo you with compliments, instead skip the ego boost and focus on photos. Even getting snap shots of your self and mailing them to modeling agencies is a step in the right direction.

2. Know what types of modeling are out there. It isn't just fashion. It isn’t just Vogue and Playboy either. Think hair modeling, jewelry, fitness, parts models, leg modeling, swimwear, beauty, accessory brands need models, even pregnant models are needed for pregnant magazines. Of course your photos need to represent the type of modeling you want to do and can do. Be realistic with yourself, don’t lie to yourself, be honest about the modeling jobs you can do and accept it. And work hard to get modeling work that is best for what you can offer the industry, even if it is just your hand for hand modeling. Look in magazines and focus on commercials and ad campaigns to get inspired to notice where models of all heights are needed and their pose, and the style of the shot. You need to make your photos look like ads and editorials to show you can model, and you do know how to work with products and pose. Practice makes perfect, just grab your favorite handbag and practice in front of your mirror. The best poses for commercial print modeling look natural, and not posed at all.

3..How to find the photographer. Well the word photographer has been put to shame by so many guys with camera so Google photography + your city, photography studio + your city, and make sure the photographer is a full time photographer, knowing photography skills, and has a respectable resume. Ask for a test shoot through email or call and ask if the photographer tests. Also photo school's, try SVA in NYC or F.I.T you might be able to find some aspiring photographers and designers who want to work with ambitious models. They will be more likely to know how to hold a camera than some scumbag who is paying you $100 to come over and bend over the couch during a so-called photo session. Skip embarrassing the family and focus on working with quality photographers, real photographers. Even stopping by a photo lab might be a good idea and asking if they can refer you to a good photographer.

4. Next Google modeling agencies, commercial print modeling agencies and agencies that deal with "parts" models. A shoe model can make over $1000 a day. Of course you need a decent editorial like photo of your feet, think Marie Claire editorials.

5. Make your own marketing tools. You need a composite card and headshot. You need to be prepared to make these marketing items yourself. For your comp card take your best 4-5 photos including a headshot, energy shot, and shots that show your diversity and your range in your look, and have them printed at a modeling comp card printing company. You can google to find a compcard printing company. Try: Printing comp cards + your city, modeling comp card printing + your city. Try for cheap prices! Once they are printed you need to mail, mail, mail them to commercial print modeling agencies. Commercial print modeling agencies are more likely to accept a girl who is not 5’7” and who is as short as you actually are. If you are really broke, then print some 4 by 6 prints and mail them to agencies with your contact into on the back.

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