Monday, August 18, 2008

Prostitute to Suburban Girls Want to be a model it is an American Obsession

Mmm Models, A model, A supermodel, a stripper, a high school student, a college student, a 9-5'er, a dancer, an escort, a girl from NY, to Nebraska, they are all models, want to be a model, think they are models, and the difference between Supermodel and a girl swinging on a pole has become not a difference at all in terms of language and how the word model is thrown around. In the September Issue of Vanity Fair featured a great article by Bob Colacello ( which I enjoyed) which gave insight in the Supermodel's opinion on how the word model has changed over the past ten years. Since the internet boom and since every girl in America now wants to be one. I don't think it just has to do with America's Next Top Model, I think it has to do with the internet and the microwavable syndrome of wanting to be exposed and finding that by ways of the web is it possible to give your self that title. But being one, really working as a model, booking legit gigs, working with quality agents, takes more than the internet; it is a clash of worlds. The reality and the illusion.

In Vanity Fair, "Stephanie Seymour points out; the term has become so overused in the new century that now everybody's a supermodel. "It is very embarrassing" she says, "when you meet, like a Russian prostitute, and she says she's a supermodel. And you're like, "Hey, me too."

I like her analogy, but I also know what she is talking about, how the word has become an obsession for everyone to claim, -I am sure Stephanie hasn't met any prostitutes but this is something I tend to always talk about as well. How the word model has changed and how for the better and worse the internet is to play and to blame, and glamorizing, or making easy the word on TV shows is giving girls an unrealistic viewpoint on what it means to be a model and the word has become disrespected over the years and it is a shame.

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