Friday, August 22, 2008

Want to model well learn how to model and what modeling is

If you want to model you have to understand what modeling is. You have to know the types of modeling out there. The modeling business is more than just height and weight, but you DO have to be realistic if you want to be a model and you are shorter than the standard height of fashion modeling. Here are a few options to consider:

1. Body part modeling, look at ads and editorials in magazines and focus on ads that involve hands, feet, stomaches, necks, think jewelry ads, beauty ads, shoe ads, nail care ads. even cleaning products need hand models.

2. Commercial print modeling and lifestyle modeling, these models work in commercials and print ads for lifestyle products and services, from cell phone companies, to home goods, fast food, banks, shoes, beauty products, anything used around the home from furniture commercials, to peanuts!

Along with many other types of modeling, Hair modeling, tradeshows, fit modeling ( I did this for shoes and also for a teen clothing line when I started modeling since I am a petite), showroom modeling ( for clothing, shoes, lingerie, among others), shoe modeling, ( you have to be a size 6 shoe and most shorter girls are this size.)

Of course to do any of these types of modeling you have to have photos that can speak the ability you have as a model, if you want to be a parts model ( which is great for petite models to consider,) you have to have parts photos, in order to be a commercial print model you have to have photos that show you energy, smile and personality. And you have to submit your photos to the proper agencies. If you are not of fashion height, you have to learn about the other agencies out there that work with commercial print models and models of all heights. You then mail your photos to these agencies and know that there is more out there than fashion, but it is all about how you market yourself!

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