Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mark Seliger a photographer others should learn from

At 2 am last night I couldn’t sleep so I read an article in Vanity Fair about Mark Seliger. Then I really couldn’t sleep. He is a very talented and perceptive photographer as Ingrid Sischy explains “His pictures give you the feeling that you’re not looking up at the subjects, not looking down at them, but right there with them.”

In the moment, Seliger reveals the subject as themselves, even if the clothing is stylize a little the shot still looks very straight on. I think other photographers could learn a thing or two from this man.

And I think in an age when posing and showing off and the tease is so in, I love that Vanity Fair shared with us Seliger’s perspective. To show that raw portrait is actually the most engaging type of photography. They say, whether the subject is calm, or laughing, This is Me.

I like lifestyle portrait photography alot and I have experienced a few wonderful times of working with photographers that DO shoot in that style. With more of a purpose behind the lens, than just to pull out the ego of the photographer out, but to capture the subject and their essence. So that the viewer can REALLY see them.

Today in the internet age, I think about how many wanna-be guys with camera’s there are out there, fakin- that they are actually photographers. It is a disgrace to the profession. Using the internet as their mingle pad to pry and flirt with aspiring models and maybe feel the ego boost.

I like Mark Seliger is an example of someone worth looking up to.

I liked that Ingrid Sischy mentioned Eugene Atget, who was an impoverished 19th century photographer, who would have been shocked at how the profession is now a profession a person can survive and find success is a great paycheck, although I think Mr. Atget wouldn't like that the word photographer has glamorized, and he might have hated that part actually.

I went to sleep adding Mr. Seliger name to my list of photographers to contact. He will most likely get an email soon.

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