Friday, April 30, 2010

striving on

There will be rejection, there will be no's, and you can cry about it for a few seconds, release some stress but then clean up your face and keep on keepin on because if you put the right energy and attitude into it, you will get a yes if you continue on, do what you need to do, put the work in, and strive on. Day by d...ay, this is what I have told myself, and continue to tell my self with each new goal in mind. - isobella jade

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Model pose tips: look longer, leaner,taller in photos

When you are in-front of the camera, there are a few easy tricks you can do to look longer, leaner, taller and more proportioned.

It starts with creating some space between your limbs.

Notice how in this photo there is space between the arm closest to the camera and my body. Space creates length. It makes me look taller and longer by naturally creating some space between my arms and torso. Also notice that my shoulders are at a slight angle which causes my front arm to also be at a slight side angle. It makes my upper arm appear leaner. Even a slight angle like this can make a girl of any size look longer and leaner and more proportioned in a photo. The leg closest to the camera is a bit forward, this creates length as well, it looks like there is movement involved, like the camera just caught me as I was coming down the stairs. Yes I am wearing a mini skirt, but notice how the focus of the shot is on my smile, and it looks like I am off to enjoy the sunny day. I probably was afterward! :)

This insight is for girls of all walks of life and a little space between the arms and body, even for this shot of me in Vegas, makes me appear longer and leaner even in a sweater.

I always make sure to create space between my arms and body. ALWAYS for group shots, I cropped myself here so you can see that:

P.s: When sitting sit at the edge of the seat, you could position your legs slightly asymmetrical to create length.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Model Photo perspective podcast segment

This week's segment of Model Talk is about how aspiring models can take better photos, and how knowing themselves and how to work with their proportions, and finding their best angles to bring forward in their photos, can help to create a better, more marketable photo. This segment will be based on real questions I received from aspiring models and I will share insight on some of my own photo-shoot experiences that went well because despite being petite, I knew how to work with what I've got!

Show details:
4/28/2010 9:00 PM
Show Name: The Model photo perspective: Taking a better photo
Length: 15 min

Tune in here:

My lastest blog tips on modeling for all sizes

Some of my latest posts on modeling tips for all sizes

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day should be every day

Happy Earth Day but Earth Day should be every day, I mean at the very least recycle. Here is a video I created on beauty products and things in your bathroom you CAN recycle, enjoy:

Mother nature should not be forgotten. This might sound deep but I do think about the earth every single day. I think about how I am alive, and how we are all spinning in space and trying to survive and thrive.

So, not just on Earth day, but let's make it a part of our lives to always recycle our beauty products and home goods, and not litter. Littering makes me so mad. This is a story I wrote on littering.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

you are the engine of where you go

"No matter where you come from, or the doubt that might try to drown your vision or goals, you are the engine of where you go, what you accomplish, and who you become and the person you are. Don’t neglect your own potential. "
:) -isobella jade

Today on Model Talk Radio Derek Loves Shopping

Tune in today on Model Talk Radio at 4pm on Model Talk Radio I will be chatting with special guest, fashion and style guru Derek Warbuton of Derek Loves Shopping!

Here is insight on the segment:


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wilmington, NC modeling agency tips and moving to a small town model tips

A girl recently wrote me on Facebook concerned about moving to a smaller city, her message read "Hey girl! So, I'm completely in shock right now..only because I may have to move the Wilmington, NC in the next 5 months :(

Do you know of any agencies out there. I tried looking, but definitely feel like I just hit a wall out there."

My reply: ( I moved to Miami for 6 months and did modeling and while the experience went well, I could have gotten a lot more out of it while I was there, but by the time I had settled in town I was preparing to leave, so do research ahead of time.)

Prepare ahead of time with researching agencies, but don't submit too too early, submit a few weeks before you arrive mentioning you will be in town soon, then when you are in town if you have not heard back from any agencies yet, be prepared to submit again mentioning that you are now in town and available for print work.

Beyond looking for agencies you should look for aspiring brands, professional photographers with a photography business, aspiring accessory designers, mom and pop hair salons and aspiring brands. The small business section of the newspaper online of the town you are moving to could help you find growing brands who might need a model. Go with your gut but also use your research skills.

Smaller cities can actually get an ambitious girl some good work. Here are some tips on that:

I would also research Talent agencies, there seems to be some in that area. Google Wilmington, NC + talent agencies. Do you have a headshot? A comp card already? If so you could mail it a couple months before you arrive. But not too early, people don't like it if they want to work with you and you are not in town. As always beware of scams, and don't pay an agency for photos or anything like that, also I ONLY suggest submitting by postal mail. Get that comp card and send it out. :) ironically had a petite


This week on Model Talk Radio catch special guest Derek of Derek Loves Shopping at 4pm EST:

Monday, April 19, 2010

Feeling too short to model? Think again

Not only tall giraffes are in ad campaigns modeling products. If you notice more than fashion magazines and more than fashion ad campaigns you will notice models are not all supermodel tall.

Modeling and the advertising world go hand in hand, what the product or brand needs the ad campaign has to express, and the thing more brands are needing is "the natural girl", and what they are looking for is not narrow minded towards just one type of model anymore.

Girls ask me often, how can I get into modeling?

It starts with understanding where you fit within the word model. Because being a model has more than one meaning, (modeling is about modeling FOR something) and people of all ages are models. Maybe it is not talked about enough, and I hope this blog has enlightened you, because the better you are at marketing what you do have with professional photos, a comp card and portfolio, to the right agencies-- the better.

If what you picture is only a fashion model when you think of the word model, you are missing out on alot.

The more you rely on yourself, and understand that your self is what will get you opportunities, and not someone to discover you, the better.

The shorter girl who is not 5'9" or 5'10 has a more hands on journey based on what you put into it.

You have to mail the print agencies
You have to make the comp card
You have to get the portfolio
You have to be prepared ahead of time, before you get in front of the camera and know ahead what type of photo you DO need to really get opportunities.

It is work. It is time. Effort. And endurance is a major part of modeling and making yourself a model.

The more effort and time you put into your pursuits, and crafting the right photos, and investing in what you need to have to prepare you for working as a model, the better.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

To see potential in unlikely packages

I am reading Seabiscuit right now, and if you know me, you know I love the story of Seabiscuit and loved the movie too. In the book on page 29 Laura Hillenbrand wrote "But Howard was blessed with an uncanny ability to see potential in unlikely packages." It is based on Howard seeing potential in trainer Tom Smith, then Seabiscuit, and later Red Pollard. I think it is important, in modeling,- and no matter what you pursue-, to see your own potential, to understand it, and to believe in the power of your self.

After reading Seabiscuit today I am I wrote in my own journal "if you don't have your self, you have nothing." And that can translate into many meanings but one meaning is that: if you have the belief in your self, understand yourself, and your true ability, and can rely on yourself, you have already a lot of what it takes to grow as a person and within your pursuits.

This past week I spoke at an event for Digital Book World called 7x20x21, during the event 20 slides of images that relate to your story are displayed on a screen behind you as you talk about your publishing journey, I spoke about my self-promotion and the importance of it, (hence writing my first book at the Apple store and my publishing pursuits which have been built on my own passion), here it is:
Enjoy! :) Only had 20 slides for 20 seconds each! What a rush!!

Mainly---Giving yourself a chance is the biggest thing you can do for your self.


Friday, April 16, 2010

The Model Epidemic: Amateur modeling = regrets

I just need to put this out there, I share a lot of insight and advice on how to get an agency and the photos you need and I dedicate a lot of time to sharing ways to grab your bootstraps and make yourself a model and the work it takes, and something that has been on my mind is how the Internet-age has inspired girls to degrade themselves through these model-sites.

A girl also recently asked me if her comp card should have amateur photos or professional and another girl introduced herself to me over Twitter as an amatuer model. I told them both to NOT use the word Amateur, use aspiring, striving, but never amateur...amateur leads to amateur results and really, basically leaves you stuck in amateur-land. Amateur just sounds like something not to take serious, so don't work with amateurs and don't call your self one.

I don't care how tall you are, you don't have to settle for amateur, model-sites, or working with amateurs.

I was talking to a journalist today and I told her that there is a Model Epidemic going on, and I explained to her how the Internet-age has inspired and meant that any girl can show off photos on the Internet. And this has inspired many model sites and amateurs to be seen and mingle. I also mentioned Photo Prostitution, which is something I feel strongly about bringing up. On model-sites, model profile hosting sites girls of any age can post photos of themselves, it is free, easy, however it is not legit, respect, and it is amateur land. It is the underground modeling world, where a guy with a camera/ an amateur photographer, or even a pervert or not so kind person, can mingle with girls who want to be models.

I was once that girl. I wrote about it in my memoir and I launched this blog to give real advice about how to get ahead without the scams, jerks, and amateurs. The thing is the higher you aim the more you get, it is not just inspiration it is the truth. If you want more for yourself you have to work hard, if you are looking for the short cut you won’t find results. Showing off photos on the web, going to strangers apartments, traveling around to shoot for the heck of it, having a rate to shoot you in any way or form the person holding the camera wants, is not modeling. Not even close. It is Photo Prostitution. Hundreds, if not thousands of girls are flocking these model-sites and it is my mission to let you know you can do better for yourself. Being seen, being photographed doesn’t mean it will get you where you want to go. And this leads me to the fact that most of these girls on model-sites are under 5’5”. Petite, feeling too short for an agency and shooting all the wrong photos even if they have the will and potential to be serious.

Being realistically ambitious about your pursuits so important. So you might not rock the catwalk but modeling is more than being a hanger. Modeling is about modeling products and if you are shorter you have to see modeling as “modeling lifestyle products” and “print modeling.” Shorter girls need to work harder at producing professional quality photos that highlight what they have beyond height, because models are working of all heights but it is because they have quality photos, professional, and are working with legit print modeling agencies and talent agencies and are not banking on being discovered.

Which also brings me to the importance of having a comp card and not relying on the web. Ok so you want to model skincare, hair care, beauty, accessories, lingerie, and fitness, well show it on your comp card. Show what you can do, height isn't everything in modeling but you have to show that you have more to offer than inches on your card. Mail the card to the print modeling agencies. Yes you will need stamps and envelopes. This is the way to get with a legit modeling agency and get sent on legit castings and get legit bookings.
Of course it takes more work, and self investment than downloading a photo on a model site, ---a monkey could do that!

I am sick of the Internet-age being an excuse for scams and amateur ways that lead to regret, mistakes, and frustration. I think it also comes down the realization that it takes work to get ahead as a model and a girl who is shorter has to understand that, and be able to handle it.

A comp card will get you further than a model-site ever will.

A girl who is shorter yes will have to work harder, and strive more and put in a marketing mindset and she will have to be more hands on with her pursuits. It is not easy! It’s not. I am not going to say it is. It is hard! Very! But the rewards are greater when you have a plan, when you are not just messing around with what you want to do. If you want an agency and you are shorter you do have to do the work to get it, the before-the-agency-work. Get proper photos, professional, have a comp card and portfolio. At a casting no one will care about how many hits your model-site got today.

Legit agencies are out there but you have to seek it out and you have to seek them out with a proper modeling comp card. And it takes more than the Internet-age.
Which brings me to Why Are Models Needed?: A model is hired to model for something legit, a brand, an editorial in a magazine, a commercial,-just having your photo-taken doesn’t mean you are a model, or working as one.
I am 100% for self promotion but I am 100% against an amateur model-site to make you a model.

The thing is also, 99% of these people on model-sites with cameras are not serious about photography, have never shot for anything credible, do not have a professional photography business and do not know how to even use the camera. Why would you want to work with someone who isn’t serious or skilled if you are or want to be? It is called TFP which means time for print, but usually the girls end up getting photos that have nothing to do with legit modeling, with bad lighting, bad poses, and bad outfits and hair styling that is more about teasing the person holding the camera than producing something that is going to propel and help the girl actually get somewhere in modeling and really be a model.

If you want to strive to do a photography photo test then do it with someone who has a legit photography business, has lighting skills and understands the equipment.
Showing off your body on the Internet doesn’t mean you are a model. It means you are a girl showing off. That doesn’t typically lead to a print modeling agency wanting to work with you. The photos are typically all wrong when they are shots taken by someone who doesn’t understand photography for a print model.

Over all it takes the self esteem and confidence, the work ethic to really get ahead when you are shorter, but in general modeling is a tough business and it is about “modeling FOR something”…not for someone’s pleasure. I call this interaction when a girl puts her photo on the Internet- and a person with a camera pays her Photo Prostitution and I hope you aim higher and want more because I don’t care how tall or short you are…if you want more, there is more to get.

(Also remember what is downloaded on the web stays. Even if you delete it or think you did or asked someone to take a photo down, it can stay, the web doesn't forget and it stays.)

When you want to be a model, work as a model, call your self one, remember: " The first step is believing in your self, the second is being realistic and honest with yourself, the third is having the will to try and put yourself out there, in the right ways, with the right photos, to the right agencies, and expecting the journey of it, it is not an over night thing....remember the higher you aim the more you get. There is no point in being desperate to be seen, desired and wanted that you end up in amateur land.

Please think twice about these amteur model-sites,

- Isobella

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Derek Loves Shopping and Model Talk Radio and Bergdorf Goodman with Carlos Falchi and Kate Falchi

Coming up next Weds April 21st at 4pm on Model Talk Radio there will be a special guest, fashion and style guru Derek Warbuton of Derek Loves Shopping!

Here is the scoop on the interview segment which I suggest not missing:

You should become a fan and friend of Derek Loves Shopping and Derek Warbuton on Facebook, Go to his page, you will see why :) Because looking good doesn't have a price tag! :) As always aim high and strive on. ALSO*******Derek will be making an appearance at Bergdorf Goodman with Carlos Falchi and Kate Falchi this Friday April 16th, from 3-5!! All are welcome. :)


Model Talk Radio Making a Model Comp card

This week's segment of Model Talk Radio covers the know-how-of making a model comp card. The topics will be based on real questions I have received from Facebook messages from aspiring models.

Here is the scoop:
Segment title: Isobella's making a Model Comp Card tips
When, Weds, 14th

Listen here anytime:

Model, author Isobella Jade shares tips for creating a comp card based on questions she has received from Facebook. This segment covers the basic steps of creating a comp card, and why just having a comp card doesn't mean it will well market you to an agency or jobs-unless it is a well created comp card. Remember, your comp card represents what you can do as a model. Isobella is the author of her modeling memoir "Almost 5'4"" and a comic/graphic novel called "Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior,"

Monday, April 12, 2010

my thought

Even if you are a little afraid, jump in. Open minded and striving people, curious for the unknown capture more. :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Was at Gen Art Film Festival for Elektra Luxx

Was at Gen Art Film Festival for Elektra Luxx, directed by Sebastian Gutierrez, last night, good time. :)

There was a great Q&A with Carla Gugino, Malin Akerman, and Isabella Gutierrez.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Keeping the confidence, keeping the belief in yourself

A girl on Facebook sent me a message that read: I want to know how to you keep going how do you keep up ur confidence? What do you ?

My reply:

It is hard. It is not easy. I go through like 1000 emotions a day and creating a dream and striving for what you want, involves ALOT of work, a positive attitude, and involves setting goals. Every day I set goals for my self to accomplish, also I set weekly goals, things I can aim for! I do this for not just modeling pursuits but for my publishing and whole brand and business as a whole. I also mix it up, I will pursue one angle for a few hours and then pursue another project. I am always active. I need to keep my self going so I set goals. I also read biographies of women and people who have strived on their own, been an underdog, I like reading about the journey of how people strive. Not to follow them, or even consider them a hero but just to be reminded that hard work pays off and that striving is worth it and I love stories of women and people who strive for what they want. I watch movies about inspirational people; I fill my life with things that inspire me. :)
More than your height, a positive spirit and confidence is important when chasing anything.


working as a shorter finding opportunities comes down to you finding them

3 more days to win a signed copy of my graphic novel "MODEL LIFE: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior."

Here's how: Submit a photo of yourself modeling a handbag to
2 winners will be featured on this blog next week.

Deadline April 11th!

The"industry" part of "modeling industry" involves designers, brands, magazine editors and those that hire and book models for their marketing, editorial, promotion and advertising needs, and although there is not a million petite modeling agencies out there, there are commercial print modeling agencies that work with all sizes. It is all about having marketable photos, having your model marketing material & finding the right agencies. They are out there.

You are not hopeless if you are shorter. Instead of saying "I'm too short" why not focus on creating marketable photos that fit the commercial print world and try! It will NOT be easy, but it is possible if you do the work. :)

Research is a major asset of a model. :)


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Model Life book contest Video

This video shares insight on how to win a copy of my graphic novel "Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior" -- Illustrated by fab Jazmin Ruotolo.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Self Investment of Shorter Models and Model Life book giveaway!

Two cool things:

This week I am sharing insight on Model Talk Radio on the self investment a shorter girl experiences in modeling. The segment is called The Self investment of Shorter Models. I am also shareing the differences of hands-on and DIY investment between commercial print models and fashion models and that height is not everything in the whole landscape of modeling.

Catch the live segment: This Weds. 4/7/2010 12:00 PM

Tune into the segment here:

Don't worry you can also catch the archive anytime.
The other cool thing:

As you most likely know, I am the author of Almost 5'4", my modeling memoir, (I hope you get to check it out, it's in stores, on and Amazon) and also I am the author of a graphic novel/comic book called Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior.

Yay! This week I am holding a contest and I am giving away two signed copies of "Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior", my graphic novel/comic, Illustrated by Jazmin, which I think you will love!

My graphic novel Model Life, is based on my real modeling adventures, only it is a visual, like a comic book, and in the book the character is told she could model handbags, despite being so short.

Height isn't everything in modeling if you know how to work what you have and you notice that models can model products where height isn't a factor. Like for accessories.

Email me a photo of you modeling a handbag to win a signed copy of Model Life, your photo will be featured on this blog.

Deadline: Sunday April 11th!

I hope to catch you for this weeks segment of Model Talk Radio, and for this contest. I am sure you will enjoy Model Life. Some of my favorite pages in Model Life will be featured later today.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Model Photo Tips: create photos that represent what you CAN do

I hope you can take a moment and enjoy the beautiful day, I think it is important to see value in noticing the day, the sun, the sky, clouds, wind, land.

Model Photo Tip:

The more you show in your photos "you can model something" the better. Modeling IS about modeling for something, not just being a certain height or size, MANY products need models, so think about the marketing side of WHY models are needed. It will become clearer on how to create marketable photos for the goals you have as a model. Your photos matter ALOT, because what you show represents what you CAN do. Be realistic, don't create high fashion caked in makeup and wild hair shots if you are under 5'7", create shots that are more about your personality, natural styling and makeup, and more about YOU relating to the product you are modeling naturally.

More tips on marketing yourself as a model from my blog, on being pick on the photography you use to market yourself as a model, here:

And how to market yourself to two divisions, when you look younger when you actually are: