Sunday, April 4, 2010

Model Photo Tips: create photos that represent what you CAN do

I hope you can take a moment and enjoy the beautiful day, I think it is important to see value in noticing the day, the sun, the sky, clouds, wind, land.

Model Photo Tip:

The more you show in your photos "you can model something" the better. Modeling IS about modeling for something, not just being a certain height or size, MANY products need models, so think about the marketing side of WHY models are needed. It will become clearer on how to create marketable photos for the goals you have as a model. Your photos matter ALOT, because what you show represents what you CAN do. Be realistic, don't create high fashion caked in makeup and wild hair shots if you are under 5'7", create shots that are more about your personality, natural styling and makeup, and more about YOU relating to the product you are modeling naturally.

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