Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Macy's New Anthem Commercial..the magic of macy*s

I am very into history, I love reading biographies from the 1800's and early 1900's, I am a Seabiscuit fan, and I love it when brands and companies share the history of their brand in commercials and their advertising. No other than Macy's could have put together such a touching and smileful commercial recently for their 150 years of business, it is hard not to watch it and not be engaged. I really love it.

Do you know who Susan G. Koman is?

Do you know who Susan G. Koman is? She is the sister of Nancy Brink, and Susan died of breast cancer when she was 36 years old in 1980. Since then Nancy,-who also fought breast cancer- has been building the Susan G. Koman foundation, and Nancy is the creator of pink and Race for the Cure. Nancy has been a key force to funding advances in breast cancer research. This was before the internet, before it was even normal to speak of the word breast so honestly. This was before the treatments of today, this was before pink, and ribbons, she was basically the first voice of a woman for breast cancer.

I remember when I was 14 or 15 seeing these little hanging plastic info card on the shower head, it explained how to give yourself a breast exam. My mother put it there because her mother had died of breast cancer and she wanted us girls ( her daughters) to know about how to give yourself a breast exam.

If you do not schedule yearly exams at your doctor, or give your self exams monthly you should!

Prevention is key, living a healthy life with a low fat diet and not smoking, and putting exercise into your lifestyle.

I do.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Report Shoes Not That Short with my Report Shoes

Enjoy this video of my favorite Report Signature shoes called Gala.

Avon Breast Cancer Crusade Bubble Bath

Soak your toes and body before a photo shoot and support pink with Avon Breast Cancer Crusade Bubble Bath.


Also the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade Lip Balm with SPF 15 is only $1.50!

Avon Breast Cancer Crusade Pink Water Bottle

I really love this. You can be green and pink and since it is just about Breast Cancer Awareness Month no matter your budget you can show your support.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paul Newman has died, the Academy-Award winning superstar

I read on Yahoo News that Paul Newman, has died.

Yahoo: " the Academy-Award winning superstar who personified cool as an activist, race car driver, popcorn impresario and the anti-hero of such films as "Hud," "Cool Hand Luke" and "The Color of Money," has died. He was 83."

And as a good looking man, with beautiful blue eyes, he had to play-down his looks to get the roles he wanted: "With his strong, classically handsome face and piercing blue eyes, Newman was a heartthrob just as likely to play against his looks, becoming a favorite with critics for his convincing portrayals of rebels, tough guys and losers. "I was always a character actor," he once said. "I just looked like Little Red Riding Hood."

I sent my father an article on him from Vanity Fair Magazine recently. He was really excited to read it, and I hope you get to see some of Paul Newman's films.

Did you know: "He later studied at Yale University's School of Drama, then headed to New York to work in theater and television, his classmates at the famed Actor's Studio including Brando, James Dean and Karl Malden. His breakthrough was enabled by tragedy: Dean, scheduled to star as the disfigured boxer in a television adaptation of Ernest Hemingway's "The Battler," died in a car crash in 1955. His role was taken by Newman, then a little-known performer. "

Today's films are just not the same, old Hollywood films are the ones that will last, like Paul's.

Yahoo also said that: "Newman had a soft spot for underdogs in real life."

Friday, September 26, 2008

What Have You Done on a Mac? series

These are my What Have You Done on a Mac series specs. I hope you think they are cool.

Just Google Me commercial spec series

So I made a few videos of myself involving how I do not carry a business card these days, instead I usually say, Just Google me. Google has had to do ALOT with my pursuits and can capture my story pretty well, so I figured it was pretty much my business card.

Apple iTunes and The Blind

Did you know that Apple and iTunes are blind friendly?


Published: September 26, 2008

BOSTON (AP) -- Apple Inc. and the Massachusetts attorney general have reached an agreement that will give blind people equal access to Apple Inc.'s iTunes and iTunes U programs.

Attorney General Martha Coakley said details of the agreement will be announced Friday afternoon.

A statement from Coakley's office says Apple will ensure that both iTunes -- the company's digital entertainment store -- and iTunes U for college students are accessible to assistive software for the blind.

Bert Stern and Marilyn Monroe nude photos

I recently read in the Daily News that: Bert Stern sues Westchester pair over famous Marilyn Monroe photos

I do love this photo of marilyn with the jewelry. And Bert Stern has great work!

"Bert Stern photographed Monroe weeks before she died in a series of more than 2,000 nude shots that came to be known as the starlet's "Last Sitting."
Stern alleges that seven of the "unique and irreplaceable images" were never returned to him by the publisher of Eros magazine in 1962, and that Westchester County photographers Michael Weiss and Don Penny somehow came to be in possession of them."

This story can remind us of also being careful about the photos we email and send out. Especially aspiring models. Don't send out large files to someone you do not know, and even if you do, be picky about what you send and if it is for publication try to get something in writing about the usage. Sometimes a photo can be used more than once and sometimes that is good and bad.

Click here to read the full story.

I really do not care for the photos of Lindsay Lohan portraying Marilyn. Marilyn was a smart woman but portrayed as a bimbo, I don't think Lindsay really looks like her at all but of well, and I really like the original Marilyn photos better. But the concept was cool. I don't get why they included Lindsay in this article.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Apple Store Fernando Meirelles, and Willie Nelson concert

I saw a great event at the Apple Store today, it was the Meet the Director: Fernando Meirelles, Blindness

Fernando Meirelles has also directed "City of God," and "The Constant Gardener".

At the store, he discussed the making of his latest film, "Blindness." The film seems really interesting. I wear contacts and have pretty bad vision, basically blind without them but losing my whole sight would be such a scare. It seems like a movie that will really make you think after it. I love seeing things, traveling, paintings,and I am a very visual person, so the movie seems interesting that it involves a blind epidemic.

Tomorrow night I am going to see Willie Nelson! I love it when he sings Goergia on my mind, I hope he does it.

Is Peeing on the seat a trend- Apple Store toliets even have piss all over them?

Is peeing on the seat a trend? I don't know, but it seems that peeing on the seat is something I notice more and more. I think of my childhood and I do not recall my mother having to whipe the seats clean,- besides my own bottom,-but I do not remember her doing this in public bathrooms? I don't remember having to do this in my high school either? Maybe people were more considerate then?

Why people do this is beyond me! I don't ever pee on the seat!
I put two pieces of toliet paper down and I sit, no germs, nothing, but I do not pee all over with careless'ness. This topic really fires me up, it is really rude of the people who do it, and I do lose alittle respect for you as a person if you do it.

These days, in almost every single bathroom,from the movie theater, Apple store, to Macy's and even at places where dinner cost more than $50 a plate, I see pee droppings on the toliet seat! So it isn't a certain type of person thing, it seems to be an everyone everywhere thing, and it really pisses me off!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Strapless Tweed Dress Forever21.com- Love it!

Wow I really love this, it might kick the crap out of my little black dress, gray is my favorite color right now and I am loving this dress. Might need to swing by Forever21 soon!

Only $24.80!- What?

Long Limbs Good Models or Not?

Well just having long limbs doesn't mean you will be a model, for any girl wanting to be a model the business is tough, competitive, and a lot of work. No matter your height.

Although I have witness some tall models who do NOT have good skin, do not have good looking legs, and do not look so beautiful, but why is it that their limbs, their length, inches, and feet make them more accepted you might wonder?

Well don't do nuts over that question, because honestly, modeling is for girls of ALL heights, but it is what you make of it.

If you are petite focus on your strengths, great skin, great hair, great energy, and focus on commercial print modeling, not fashion modeling, don't go to Elite's open call unless you want to be told you are too short. Instead focus on submitting your photos by mail to agencies that Do accept models of all heights, lifestyle and commercial print modeling agencies. Do your mailings and focus on making your photos show your personality. The best thing to do is to ask yourself, " where in this business can I get work..." it means confronting the truth, and really thinking about what you want and making it happen through persistance, research and trying.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fashionable Girl on a Budget Shopping advice

If you want to save money and look great you have to be honest with yourself. You have to shop carefully and be picky.

My Fashionable Girl on a Budget advice: buy one item every season that is a splurge and make the rest affordable. This does not mean charge it on you credit card, in fact it would be limit to using the credit card for your shopping all together.

I am a stubborn shopper. I don’t just buy something because I am bored, I really debate the items I buy.

I buy things not only that I love and absolutely really love wearing, but also I buy things I will wear more than just for a few months. I shop for items I plan on having for years.

I shop for items that are versatile, if I have a black tube dress that I wear in the summer, and then I think about pairing it with tights and wearing a cardigan with it. So I shop for nice tights that will last me the fall, and a cardigan that will keep me warm and can look nice with heels and also boots. My boyfriend recently bought me a pair of Levi’s that were about $100, but not all my jeans are $100 bucks or more, actually most of my jeans are
under $100.

Same with my shoes. I beat up shoes, badly! I am a rough walker and usually beat up the bottoms and the lift quickly. I am always at the cobbler. But it is cheaper to go to the cobbler than buy a new pair of shoes, so before a new season starts I go through my shoes in waiting and decide which need fixing and what are just too beat up for repair, and then I send them to Goodwill. I love shoes. I have one pair of Betsey Johnson’s right now, one pair of Ferragamo’s, a great pair of Michael Kors boots, one pair of Stuart Weitzman’s dark navy stilettos, and among them are Steve Madden, Chinese Laundry, Report shoes, Nina Shoes, Aldo shoe, BCBG shoes, Guess Shoes, Franco Sarto, Anne Michelle shoes, and Payless, Liz Claiborne, Zara, Anne Klein, Nine West, and a lot more. But each shoe I love and wear throughout the year.

My way to have designer without going broke is to also buy scarves, clutches and little items to spread among my wardrobe. Many of us woman do not think of savings enough, we focus on what we “don’t” have too much instead of what we do.

I go through my closet a lot and let items pass through the year and still manage to look sophisticated, sexy and fashionable. Blazer jackets of all weights can pass throughout the year as well. I have a really cute Theory blazer for summer nights and fall and I have thicker blazers throughout the winter months and also a silk Vivienne Tam caplet that I really love that I wear over little dresses on nights out, or to dinners.

I have a few pairs of more expensive earrings for really special nights out or weddings, the rest are basically only $5-$40 dollars.

Think about it this way: If you buy one splurge item every season then in 5 years you will have A LOT of nice items.

The Apple Store Model Isobella Jade- An Interview with herself

Petite model and author Isobella Jade answers the questions which she gives herself on a daily bases. ( Illustration by Adrian Velez)

So Isobella it’s been 2 years since you wrote a book at the Apple Store, how does it feel?
Well the act of writing the book at the Apple Store is something I now look back to with shock. I wonder “how the heck did I have so much patience”, especially when I go to the store these days and reflect.

What computer did you write on?
I did most of my writing on a 17inch iMac, at the SoHo store in New York City. The store has since then done some re-designing of the computer displays but it was at the back of the store on the right side of the store, on the table with the display of iMacs.

What were you writing about?
A lot of girls want to be models but my book is about the modeling business from a short girl perspective, on how I got ahead as a model between 2001-2006 and found success. I describe it as an Internet Age Seabiscuit of Modeling except it involves rated R language and raw, blunt, and really honest content and it involves nudity and self discovery. The greatest feeling was letting my mom read it and her liking it.

What do you think of the Apple Store?
I think every Apple Store is uniquely placed in areas that represent hope, dreams, success, and desire. For example the one on 5th Avenue is placed in an area that represents the girth and glamour of shopping in New York City. The one in the Meatpacking District represents the hips and trendy chill spots in New York City, and the one in SoHo represents the artist in us. The personality of these places is seen in the store. Each store has a different vibe, look, even smell sometime. I love the plexi glass stairway.

Has Apple ever offered you a free computer or anything?
Nope, and that’s ok, I got to use their computers for over 2 years almost every day and I wrote a whole book there, they already gave me so much. I am in the process of producing my own little commercial specs based on my Apple Store experience which I hope to share very soon on Youtube and my website and blogs.

How do you feel about the Apple Store today?
I was at the store today actually. I love it. I am planning to now to go more events at the store. Not much is free in New York City, so if you are a striving model, actor, writer, artist, these days...well..then you can tend to cling to things that are free or don’t cost much... The Apple Store doesn’t have a guy handing out tickets and collecting money to enter and use the computers, so the store is always busy and people are always laughing and smiling it is sort of a heaven.

What is your most fond memory at the Apple Store?
The way my legs hurt after standing in heels for about 4 hours straight writing and working, having to pee and asking the employees if I could still work as they shut down the other computers and being the last one to leave the store and knowing it was a good day spent.

What are your latest modeling pursuits?
I am approaching the brands I like right now and hoping to represent a few, working with a shoe brand would be perfect, I have been using my legs and body for body part modeling, I modeled for the FitFlop for Victoria's Secret, and I am planning a shoot now with Jacquelyn LaCroix handbag company.

What is your next plan?
My modeling pod cast called Model Talk through Blogtalkradio keeps me busy, I love creating video tips and advice, writing on my three modeling blogs daily, and I am in the process of producing another book that is a How-To modeling book, and I also am transforming some stories in my book into a graphic comic. I also love giving self publishing advice. Also I produce video content for AOL's Stylelist.com on beauty tips and advice.

If you could say anything to Steve Jobs what would it be?
Thank you, you have no idea the type of people and dreams that walk into your stores, but you can enjoy knowing you helped make one little model’s dream come true.

Almost 5’4” was picked up by The Friday Project in the U.K, an imprint of HarperCollins, it is due in April 2009.

At the Apple Store September 21, 2008

This is me right now at the Apple Store, I love this place, it is very busy, and the employees are wearing orange today. Being from Syracuse, I love that. Photo is taken from the Photo Booth. ( my shirt is also orangy, and my face looks orangy too..but ohh well)

-isobella jade

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Home Made Beauty Tips Coffee Scrub

Enjoy this video I made on my favorite Home Made beauty trick. Time to save and conserve and you can make your own hand scrub, and body scrub, right from your coffee grinds.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Subway Confessions- Don't litter on the subway you might get yelled at by me

I don't mind speaking up for the sake of the environment, or getting my hands dirty...even in a cocktail dress, or while wearing my favorite high heels or on the subway.

A recent experience on the 2 train goes like this...

I sat on the 2 train heading down town, I had just finished the dangerous task of fixing my mascara while enroute on the train.

When I was done my full dark eyes stared at the tall, long haired girl standing near the subway door.

She was picking at her finger nail with intense focus. I watched her carefully, inspecting her sincerity as she picked. I was trying to find a way to forgive her, let it go, and just get off at my stop without confronting her.

A few moments before she had dove into her obnoxiously large black bag and had flicked a piece of paper, - maybe a gum wrapper- on the subway floor.

The silver wrapper on the black subway floor was starting to really bother me.

I watched her, in hopes she would pick it up. The paper seemed to get bigger the more I obsessively stared at it. It was as if the wrapper would tattoo the subway floor forever.

My heels went "click, click, click" loudly as I stood up before my train stop and walked her way.

Still picking at her finger she hardly noticed me but something had to be said.

"Are you honestly not going to pick that up?" I looked to the floor to give her a sign.

Her eyes widen, knowing she was being threatened in public without a girlfriend, or boyfriend to perhaps protect or defend her littering, as we pulled into the station.

She goes: "Are you crazy?"

She had no idea how crazy I was. I picked up her gum wrapper and held it in front of her little head, "You know, you can't expect someone to always pick up your trash."

I think she was about to call me a bitch but the subway doors had slammed shut loudly, calling her one instead.

Putting on Thigh Highs at the Apple Store -Bathroom Visitor Confessions

well I will admit I haven't used the Apple Store recently as desperately as I have in the past, but I will say they do have some of the cleanest bathrooms, so it was on my mind.

Hours before I was with my friend at an event and I had to look conservative, but now I had a casting a few ten blocks away-near Little Italy, but I figured the Apple Store was a good spot to change. I was suppose to portray a Librarian that is sitting there reading, but a guy walks in and pictures her taking her shirt off and showing her thigh highs. So my vintage dress would not do for this scene. So I had to change.

At the store, I checked my email first, giving respect to the computers, and then made my way upstairs to the bathroom. I could hear a presentation of “an Apple iGuitar Demo’ going on. I promised myself while walking by to attend some of these sessions.

At the bathroom the last stall was open; I was planning to change from my vintage dress into a button up top and black pencil skirt, and thigh highs. Putting thigh highs on in a bathroom can be dangerous at anytime, but at least in the last stall it is bigger and there is more space.

I rushed in quickly, threw my shit on the floor, went pee, and then started to disrobe, throwing my vintage dress on the floor. Next, standing there just in panties was to figure out how the heck I was going to put on my thigh highs and garter without getting my feet dirty and not ripping a run in my thigh high or fall on my face in the process of this balancing act. Well I figured if I clasp the thigh highs to the garter first and then managed to put both feet into the stocking at the same time while holding the bathroom railing I could manage. I would slip them on like slipping into…mmm I don’t know.

Well it wasn’t that simple. It was a pain in the ass to clasp the thigh highs to the garter, I hate that part, and it truly can piss me off. Well I sat on the toilet rim and focused. I could hear someone else coming into the bathroom.

I kept doing my thing, imaging what the hell I looked like from the perspective of the person who just entered the bathroom, my bare feet, standing on my coat jacket, some huffing and grunting going on.

Once victory was claimed, I carefully balanced my ass on the toilet seat and held the garter and hose out in front of me, leaned back and rose my legs, slowly, and carefully slipping both of my feet into each of the thigh highs. It didn’t work.

So I tried just the left leg, first the toe goes in, slowly, sneaking into the rim of the thigh high, and then gradually I pull it up to my calf. STOP, now putting the right leg into the thigh high, toe first, up to calf, now their at same level, I pulled up, up, up, inching, inching, inching, don’t rip it, don’t rip it, up to my knee on the left, then the other. The automatic toilet flushes on my ass, -damnit! And I stand up, and finish the rest of the masterpiece up to my thigh.

I quietly put on my shirt and button it, listening to the girl next to me finish her duty, tucked the shirt into my pencil black skirt, put on my sexy Stuart Weitzman shoes. The look was almost complete. I threw the coat on, and whip open the door like Super Woman would, and rushed to the sink, beating the other girl, I brushed some water through my hair, darkened my eye liner, threw on some lipstick, added some blush, bumped into the other girl in the bathroom with my big bag, saying I am sorry a couple times, and then dashed down the Apple Store plexy glass stairs, and race to my casting ready and prepared, looking the part. Thanks to the help of the Apple Store bathroom!

He Pingping World's shortest man - Maybe I am not so short after-all

The Daily New reported the World's shortest man, He Pingping, makes trip to New York City-Maybe I am not so short after-all. He has a cute smile and looks nice in his suit, I wonder where he shops?

I'd like to pose next to him, "America's Shortest Model and The Worlds Shortest Man Strike a Pose," I think thats kinda catchy!

-isobella jade

Photo by Susan Watts

Take Eva Mendes to Bed- Eva has a bedding collection at Macy's!

ooh I love the feeling of fresh sheets and snuggling in them after the wash, and now the beauty Eva Mendes has a bedding collection at Macy's called VIDA. While watching Rachel Ray this morning I was bought the news. Whenever I hear the word VIDA I think of the song by Son By Four.

Now I knew she was Calvin Klein's hotty of the moment, but now Eva has a bedding collection that involves affordable luxury with a romantic style. Mmm. Ohh I like the sound of that.

Bed Sets range from $340-420, only at Macy's. Good idea to get some warm bedding for the winter.

Also I like that Eva Mendes recycles, and re-uses things. Bed shag, becomes a table cloth. Savvy!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Models Health Tip Eating Breakfast for a Healthy Body

To be honest I do skip breakfast often, -not on purpose-I just don't think about it, I am just not that hungry when I wake up and it takes my brain a little while to get hungry until I am bursted and starving for food! It really isn't healthy and usually I sip coffee all morning, but I am starting to eat Yogurt in the mornings, mostly because it is easy to eat, quick and the after taste kind of up lifts my coffee alittle.

Right now I am liking Actvia and Dole with my coffee. Then I have a glass of milk around noon, and try to have just water the rest of the day. Maybe a cocktail around 8pm. I eat a good amount of pasta, fish, and soups.

If you want to hear more about why breakfast is good read this article at beyoumag.com


Throwing a Green Party- beyoumag.com

Throwing a Green Party is Easy
Written by: Isobella Jade on September 17, 2008


Planning a party is half the fun. If you’re going green, like me, planning an eco-friendly party is natural. Here are some ways to make your next party green or greener. The first step is making sure your party materials do not end up in the landfill.

While decorations and streamers can make a room feel more vibrant and themed, or more purposeful, you should choose to skip them. Most of these items can not be recycled and end up in the landfill. Instead, tweak your lights to get the desired effect.

Plates and Paper Products
Paper plates and paper products should be limited. If you must use paper plates and cups then get some that can be recycled. For green paper towels, try the Seventh Generation brand.

Also keep in mind that paper towels can be replaced all together with clothed napkins. Cloth napkins can bring a colorful element to your party as well, and they can be thrown into the laundry and re-used for the next party. You can purchase a colorful assortment that will last many parties at PlumParty.com.

Serve up drinks with water jugs or pick beverages that come in aluminum cans and glass bottles. Buying with a green mindset can make a big difference. Remember that glass and aluminum can always be recycled. Plastic is tougher to recycle.

Clean Up
Did you know that using the dishwasher can actually be more energy efficient and water efficient than washing by hand? Just think of the water you waste letting the facet run while you soap a dish.

When it is time to celebrate, be sure not to forget the environment, and to recycle all that you can to limit waste. Green parties are easy to throw, they just take a little planning!

Visit beyoumag.com for more on fitness, healthy living, and inspiration for every day life.

Steve Erle on Model Talk Weds September 24th

Coming up on Model Talk I am interviewing Steve Erle, about his photography, a model can learn a thing or two from this talented photographer. He's Frederick's of Hollywood's Photographer and shoots for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue as well often, and yet he has also an impressive fashion portfolio as well.

I am really looking forward to chatting with him.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gisele Jewelry Sale at Christie's

WWD reports that Gisele and Christie's are coming together involving a few peices of jewelery.

Funny I just blogged about jewelry yesterday.

"Gisele Bündchen is putting a few pieces of jewelry up for sale, including a colored diamond ring estimated to bring in $15,000 to $20,000 and a diamond pendant necklace estimated to fetch up to $150,000 at Christie’s Jewels: The New York Sale, on Oct. 15. Sources speculate that the pieces were given to her by former beau Leonardo DiCaprio. Also in the sale are two stones, dubbed the Ponahalo Diamonds, comprising 102.11-carat and 70.87-carat rectangular-cut stones that came from the same 316.15-carat diamond found by De Beers Group in 2005. A portion of the proceeds of the Ponahalo Diamonds, which are estimated to fetch from $2 million to $4 million, will be donated to the Diamond Empowerment Fund, a nonprofit organization geared to empower diamond-mining countries in Africa. Christie’s and Alberta Ferretti will host a party to show the Ponahalo Diamonds at Haunch of Venison in New York on Sept. 23."

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Naked Modeling Confessions

Today I wasn't completely naked at my casting but I did have to unbutton my shirt and reveal my thigh highs for the role. The casting was for a feature film, I hope I get the role! Usually if I do have to go naked for a casting for a body part modeling gig or something for editorial work or ad there is a woman present taking the shot at the casting, or filming my body. It isn't just some freebie show for a male casting director.

Knowing the difference between professional and amatuer is important if you want to use your body to model.

I am comfortable with my body, with nudity and if it is done with a story involved but I am very picky about the nudes I like. I like practically nudes, or almost nudes most, see through shirt nudes.

I do love the mixing of accessories and wearing just a jacket for a nude, like this shot above of Marissa Miller. Also this is a cool nude from a few years ago with Joey Quintero, I like his work. And another from one of my favorite photographers, Michael McCabe.

Modern Jeweler Jewelry and modeling

I am working on creating some jewerly shots, it is a nice idea for a parts modeling compcard, for inspiration check out www.modernjeweler.com/

Magazines like this show a girl that modeling is not a narrow world, maybe TV reality shows make it appear to be but it isn't.

This is a trade magazine about jewerly trends. There are magazines of all kinds out there, and there is opportunity for a model beyond only fashion. So when you think of modeling think of everything, from golf, to knitting, to jewerly. Don't limit yourself, think about what real modeling is, a petite girl should look into jewerly modeling and modeling accessories, handbags, hats, and strive to make photos that involve these.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Dita's short film, The Science of Sexy

How sexy this is this! Dita's short film, called The Science of Sexy is stimulating for Wonderbra.

You can watch it now online and available on the website here: http://www.sexysciencebydita.com/pages/video/

You will not have it wonder, you will like it!

Wonderbra by Dita von Teese Inspiration

Dita Von Teese says of her Lingerie collection at Wonderbra "As a true lingerie devotee, my goal in designing this range of lingerie was to create a collection that I would love to wear myself! I have been a longtime collector of fine vintage lingerie, and so I wanted to combine the most beautiful and sensual elements of vintage lingerie with the outstanding fit and quality that Wonderbra is famous for. This lingerie is not only a pleasure to wear, but it demands to be seen!

I am very particular about how my lingerie fits, the quality of the fabrics used, and the way that it shapes my figure, and so I ensure that the lingerie wasn’t just beautiful and glamorous, but that every bit of care was taken to guarantee that these pieces would be something for a woman to wear underneath her clothes for great fit and shaping any day or night of the week! Glamour shouldn’t be saved for special occasions, after all. I don’t believe that beautiful and sexy lingerie should be something a woman just puts on for her lover; I have always enjoyed lingerie as a way to add beauty and glamour to my everyday life, and having that little beauty secret with you on any given day is a wonderful way to seduce yourself… which is ultimately what a glamour girl’s best strategy in seducing others!"

Saturday, September 13, 2008

QVC FFANY Shoes on Sale event Brown Shoe

While reading the October issue of ELLE Magazine this weekend on Amtrak, I notice an ad for the FFANY Shoes on Sale on QVC event in support of the cure for Breast Cancer. You can buy great shoes for half of the retail price on Wednesday October 15th from 7-10pm.

Incase you don't know FFANY is a company that owns many shoe brands you most likely love.

This is a perfect event to get involved for National Breast Cancer awareness month.

I have shoe modeled for FFANY with the Brown Shoe Company and it is also a good show for petite models with a size six shoe to consider. Nine West Footwear Corporation is involved as well, and Via Spiga, Naturalizer, Coach, Jessica Simpson, Kenneth Cole,BCBGIRLS, Michael KORS, DKNY, Steve Madden, Carlos by Carlos Santana,Calvin Klein, and many other shoes will be there too, it will be shoe splendor.

If you love shoes I would take note of this!

Here is the link to what the 2007 event was like:


On Friday, September 12 at 9:30 PM I was here.

Tonight I attended the American Express and Zac Posen's one-of-a-kind private runway show. It was truely amazing and I wanted to kick my ass for not bringing my camera! I went to WWD and found my favorites from the Thurs show. But tonight was so amazing and the fantasy came alive, the models were all so beautiful, an asian, black, ethnic, tanned, beautiful hair, and makeup was so confident and glowing and the dresses were flowing like angels wings. These are a few of my favorite dresses from the collection and his suit was just oh so very get-the-fuck-out-of-my way!

Thank god my boyfriend is a cardholder and we got to enjoy this night together at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. I loved how after the show Zac sat with André Leon Talley and they
discussed Zac's design history, and how he used to steal his sister's dolls and dress them, and how he started as a student at the pre-college program for Parsons in New York and how up to 4 hours before the show there is sewing going on backstage.
Well for a dreamer, and a person who creates in such a vibrant storytelling way as Zac Posen he might take inspiration from the world, his family, his friends, the street noise of New York City, but I love how he said his clothes are meant to make a woman love herself more and feel good.
If you are looking for a person to admire, someone who is a go-getter who follows their pursuits and has gone from GenArt's Fresh Faces in Fashion New York 2001 to now being a world wide name, look to Zac Posen.
We also enjoyed Ports 1961 and Gottex shows this week as well, and Dave Matthews, and so many wonderful dinners.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Necessary Objects Stuart Weitzman Modeling Black Dress All Night Long

I love my little black dress , I wore it this week with pride, here are some photos for you to enjoy. And the shoes! Oh yes! Stuart Weitzman. Jewerly Corazon Latino

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dave Matthews Stand up for the Cure and Fashion Week

I enjoyed the concert so much last night. It was the first time I saw Dave in concert and I loved it, I loved his little jig too, he moves his feet and ankles while the rest of the band goes wild!

So amazing, this week has been amazing, started with Ports 1961 ( did you know they brought together sports and fashion as they dressed the Olympic Commentators this summer?) and the Gottex show was kick ass, intriguing and stunning. Models had a little jelly legs but the suits rocked, Nolcha Fashion Week with my great friend Jacquelyn LaCroix and her handbag collection, interviewed the VP of Marketing at Origins on Model Talk, and went to the Dave Matthews benefit concert last night, and tonight going to a media party and tomorrow Zac Posen...from 6 bucks in my bank account 2 years ago to this all...damn I feel lucky!

Model Quote - isobella jade

Whether I am holding a fork steady for food magazine or posing topless with a world map across my chest, posing with a giraffe, or butt naked on a national TV show, or have a real live golden tabby tiger between my legs, there is never a moment that I say to myself, “I want a 9-5 job.”

Only an Internet Model: Model Isobella Jade on becoming more of a model.

The Internet has created an opportunity for short girls to become models or use the Internet to promote themselves by at least flaunting their photo on social websites. But what usually happens is just counting the hits and clicks day after day and never really getting into the magazine or modeling for an ad campaign at all. It makes me wonder if what we see on the computer screen limits our goals. Has the aspiring model forgotten her potential or the possibilities? Or the chance they can take for themselves? Still, I understand the struggle. The thing is: The Short Girls Don’t Get into the Fashion Agencies Easily.

It can weigh a short girl down even further. " how will I get an agent" how can I get modeling work."

But then again maybe the shorter girls should be marketing themselves differently?

I have found a way to make myself a model and it has nothing to do my lack of height. It is called body parts modeling, and it has lead me to work with brands like Marshalls, Victoria's Secret, and Braun Razor and magazines like Time Magazine, Bon Appetit and Teen Vogue, and it stems from commercial print modeling and having a marketing mindset.

While glamour modeling and nude modeling might make a girl feel hot and admired, I have found the paycheck is a lot better by using my body as an asset to fill a void in the modeling industry. One that the tall girls can’t compete with. Most taller girls don’t hand model, shoe model, or model their legs even. (Just because the girl is tall doesn’t mean her legs look good!) For most of my jobs involving my hands, legs, feet, and torso, the client wants the model to be proportioned and even small. So I still use my body for these jobs but I use it in a commercial way to book work. Did you know a girl who is 5’1” or 5’2” can still get into castings for Clinique, Glamour Magazine, Wendy’s, Verizon and so much more?

Did you know that height isn’t such an issue with commercial print modeling or body part modeling? This type of modeling allows you to focus on the traits you do have, like your personality and your skin. Don’t forget that your body parts can be of use in a commercial or print ad (for example: a nail polish print ad, or shoe modeling for a national shoe retailer), and by doing commercial print modeling or body part modeling you are using what you already have: which can even include your energy and spunk and you will have fun a lot of the times at your shoots as well, with smiling and posing with the product. I personally don’t mind that I am not on a runway. Think about it this way, if Grandmothers’ can model and act in the nursing home and pain killer ads and commercials, then there is defiantly modeling out there for you as well. And this type of modeling just involves being yourself.

The first mistake aspiring models make is being unable to lose the perception that modeling is full of restrictions. This is true in the fashion world, but for the type of modeling a petite or shorter girl can do it is all about being realistic with herself and getting over the whole high fashion thing quickly because high fashion isn’t the whole modeling world.

What about modeling for skincare products like Vaseline, or be in a car commercial?

A girl might want to be a model someday, but if the only thing she sees when she thinks of the word model is a fashion model then her perception is what needs to change.

She will become a model quicker if her perception of the word is full of all the things she can actually do. No matter her height. Think handbags, shoes, accessories, those are more likely to work with a shorter girl than say, "Gucci"."

If you start to market yourself with products on your mind, then you will start to understand where print models work. Think about watches, hair modeling, jewelry, beauty products, and for many of these ads you can’t even see the models full body so the height of the model isn’t even defined.

These are the type of jobs you should start marketing yourself to.

Sure, you might be the tiniest one in the room at the photo shoot, but you are the one in front of the camera still!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Levi's 553 Jeans for Petites Mid Rise Boot

What do you think of Levi's? I think they have it going on, and I think they will be kickin' ass in the next couple of months. Maybe they were 'dork-ville in the 90's and early 2000's but these days Levi's is right on!

After the fashion shows at Bryant Park on Monday I took a stroll and stopped by the Levi's store in Time Square, it was packed even at 10:30pm and after being in the store for just about 8 minutes I purchased the Mid Rise Boot 553 jeans. I loved the feel of the jeans, really soft.

I felt like the only girl in the store with Betsey Johnson shoes, but oh well, I love pink and Levi's too!

I got a size 0. So glad they had it because a 2 sometimes just doesn't do it for me.

I also noticed the sexy woman on the jean tag with the cowboy hat.

When I left I saw 2 other pairs I want!

Levi's is Lookin' good! I can't wait to shoot these jeans and I have some concepts ready!

I will have photos up hopefully soon!

They also had some hot jackets, one I really love looks very horse rider-ish, and it is pushing $250, which seems a bit high, but I can't stop looking at it.

Charice Pempengco Madison Square Garden with Celine Dion

Watching Oprah today and I was introduced to Charice Pempengco, an amazing teenager who comes from a very challenging childhood but sang her way to fame and beat the odds. No matter the doubt along the way. I was crying listening to her sing, and also the chat she had with Celine was so touching.

Celine then invited Charice to sing with her at her upcoming concert. My mind sparked! I thought of my schedule.

I have Celine Dion tickets!

I emailed my boyfriend quickly while he was at work and ask him urgently "What day are our the tickets to Celine Dion."

It is the concert!

Wow, can't wait, Celine is such a lucky show to see, and it will be very touching to hear their duet.

Dita Von Teese and Wonderbra

I was recently at The Slipper Room this past weekend, and I do like it there a lot. This news was like 2 weeks ago on Adage.com but while Googling I found it and I like the last sentence! I wanted to share it.

Dita Von Teese Straps in for Wonderbra
Burlesque Diva Models 'Easy Off' Lingerie
Posted by Sherry Mazzocchi on 08.29.08

Lingerie and burlesque go together like feather boas and gloves. So it's no surprise that Hanesbrands Inc. would select neo-burlesque queen Dita Von Teese as a model for Wonderbra. The new line is even designed with performance in mind -- the bras have an "easy off" feature. Burlesque stars of the past flickered out after the start of the sexual revolution and the feminist movement. But the lost art has been reclaimed in the past decade. Artists like Von Teese, Dirty Martini, The World Famous *Bob* and Tigger were at the forefront of the new wave of burlesque. New York venues like The Slipper Room and The Zipper Factory feature burlesque acts nightly. No doubt they have been partly responsible for resurrecting the great performers of the past. Lili St. Cyr is the subject of a new biography. Gypsy Rose Lee is even back on Broadway. Who knows? Maybe Jo "Boobs" Weldon will be the next new (ahem) face for Victoria's Secret.

Ports 1961 Spring 2009 fashion show at Bryant Park

PORTS 1961 MON. SEP. 8th 7PM Promenade

Went to the Ports 1961 fashion show at Bryant Park tonight and really loved it.

The jackets were my favorite. The live three piece band, -shit- forget their name-damnit- played so perfectly with the flow of the collection. Damn I know a couple of the songs too and I can't even think of it right now-shoot-. Anyways, live music is hot and intriguing during a fashion show.

It was a great smart touch.

I liked the accessory push. Almost every model I can remember had a hat or bag, or necklace of some sort. Big chunky necklaces are not my fav but Tia pulled them off well with the collection.

The models all had fake hair cut the same length in a horse like pony tail, it was a nice stern touch, the jackets were very perfect for a petite girl like myself.

I do get inspired by her past season sweater dresses too. And in this show the fitted belts looked very nice as another accessory touch with the jackets. I do like the structure in her collection.
All the models looked like they were off for a mission! To chase or acomplish something, very serious, and calm, collective, confident looks.

There was not an open seat under the tent.

Tia Cibani the designer of Ports 1961 came out for a few photographers to catch her-just kidding I am sure they all caught her little wave, but she came, waved, and went, leaving us all intrigued for more. I wonder how tall she is. Maybe I should send her a copy of my book.

Saw Brandy in the front row, I hope she is on her way for a come back with her new album this fall 2008, I remember listening to her song " I want to be down " and loving it, but that was like 10 years ago it feel like, but I was glad to see her out and about and she was also got together for The Norwood Kids Foundation in a recent Skechers ad with her daughter and looked really beautiful.

gottex swimwear at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week-saw it tonight and loved it

I loved the Gottex swimwear fashion show under the tent tonight, I admire Gideon Oberson for how many beautiful ways he can share the meaning of swimwear. I was first mad at him for covering the faces of the models with those big, huge, couldn't-miss-it-hats that the models were wearing, but as the music set changed I began to want to slip one of the designs on and I even started feeling sexy watching the show.
I will say that I was not thinking of diving into the ocean from viewing his collection though, it was more the sight for pool side lounging and sipping a cosmo or apple martini type of afternoons and early evenings. I got a feeling of sun goddess who only slips into the water when she just gets too hot. Gottex has always been a sexy, sexy swimwear line but still secretive enough. It wasn't thongs or over bearing showy.

The use of creative lines shaping and inter-changing between the body was hot, classic and meant for many body types.

Very clever swimwear.

Color and unique cut was the focus. Golds in his collection tonight were so eye capturing. I especially loved the sailor look of the first selection of suits.

One model had a real attitude when she whipped off her sunglasses and posed for photographers in mid-strut.

The stomach did look pretty damn hot.

The asses of the models wasn't much to feel jealous of, I walked out of the tent feeling mine looked a lot better. But the gold Anchor bikini top and swimskirt and those three hot mini swimdresses, were on my mind.

I felt lucky to be there.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Real Estate and Producing Photo Shoots in the City

I am very into portrait shots lately and I love these! Taken on a Boat in Central Park,and these days with distressing real estate in the city and studio prices rising, I am doing a lot of my photo shoots incognito. No million dollar budget included. For this one, just lay out on a boat in Central Park with a talented photographer and we got it! It does help that I have pretty good balance.

The Girl Site Syndrome - why girls love calling themselves models

Isobella Jade, a successful model, radio host, and author, has an opinion on the internet and the modeling business. From track runner, to that bad day of almost crossing into soft porn, to the ad campaigns with top brands, and from six dollars to Page Six,-even though Isobella uses the internet and Google every day-, she has something to say about why she can’t stand the internet models.

Although without heels I am barely 5’2”, I have modeled for Victoria’s Secret, Marshalls, Braun Razor, national magazines, and many jobs most short girls would scream over, and I have gained exposure in media around the globe, but I was not discovered. I just Googled my way in, and found a way to make myself a model.

My experience of being a model is not one based on just strolling the beach in Brasil, it is not from a model search contest or walking the mall and being “just the new face” an agency is looking for. I basically just wanted to be one, and found a way I could be one despite the odds and Googling has had a lot to do with it. Let’s not make it sound easy, what I mean is: Googling the right way.

Since every girl in America (….the world) wants to be a model, I figured I would share insight into how the internet has helped and hurt me as a model.

I don’t consider myself an internet model but I have used the internet a lot during my pursuits, and today I blog, pod cast, and video blog, and my Google ratings do mean something. Something I never expected. Since 2001 I have seen and experienced the transformation of what the internet has done to the word model. How it has contorted it to mean any girl with boobs and willing to show them. How model has become a word to mean slut.

When I was 19 I moved to NYC as a college student and after needing a change of pace I gave up my track scholarship and discovered the word model in a Google search when I was searching for a new plan for myself.

I Googled the word model and quickly posed my random photos on one of the first internet modeling social sites called OneModelPlace.com, soon thinking I was a top model because I set a rate and made $400 or more for showing places on my body I never imaged showing to random wanna-be photographers. When a year and half before I was a track runner growing up in Syracuse, NY. Where you come from doesn’t matter, even in the smallest of cities it was so simple to start my own little modeling project and take it to NYC, skip class and be a freelance model.

After a few downloads and a simple information page, I was set up and running with my new title as “model.” Although after exchanging emails and interacting and working with numerous “guys with cameras” and seeing how digital had also defined any old man with a camera “a photographer” when his wife wasn’t home, I found that modeling had many meanings. And although I was in front of the camera, the girls in the ad campaign were still a lot different than me. The main difference: Their height and they had a modeling agency. Being 6 inches too short for the standard modeling agency, I settled for a moment just being an afternoon tease, making a few bucks, and counting the hits and clicks on my modeling profile page, clinging to each compliment as if it was a cover shot of me in a magazine.

This might be my past but this is a current tragedy for many girls who want to be models today, and back then I hid my profile from my friends and family because of the new’ness of the internet and social sites and this was still when AOL’s IMing was popular so it wasn’t like everyone wanted to be a model. Yet today many, many girls( maybe even your friend, girlfriend, sister,)who think they are too short to model become internet models, and I consider it the Girl Modeling Site Syndrome.

Like many of these girls today, back then I thought the modeling agency was out of reach because of my height, I hadn’t considered commercial print modeling yet, and I had been told no many times and had begun to rely on websites, social sites, modeling forums, and later Craigslist in my moments of modeling despair to be one.

Although I always knew in the back of my mind, “this is not really modeling.”

TV and even a Google search of the word model can give you a wrong perception of what it involves to be a model. A simple smile can get you real modeling jobs with top brands quicker than showing your ass. The web screams the opposite. So after time I started Googling other words like “print modeling” and “commercial print modeling agencies” and found my opportunity and started asking the photographers to take some photos of my face too.

These days, everywhere I turn a girl wants to be a model. The barista at Starbucks, the blond dimple cheeked employee at the Apple Store, the beautician with a Cindy Crawford like mole at Sephora, and my doorman with dark hair and dark eyes, in his suit would probably take the chance to be one, if he knew how to really be one.

Suddenly any girl (or guy) can have the title of model. These days being a model is only a click away, - or so many think. More than ever girls want to be models and they are going to the web to become one. Being made into a model and continuing what I call a microwavable model. Stick out the ass, the chest, bend, twist, open lips slightly, and snap! With a “that was easy,” mindset.

I have been having major issues with girls who think they are models just because they know how to download their photo on their Myspace or Facebook, or the thousands of modeling portfolio websites that are free to join. All it takes these days to “call yourself” a model is being able to download your photo on a computer screen. Jeez, forget the handbag, the magazine editorial, the ad campaign, the commercial.

Then you wait for a chance to get hit or clicked upon, or commented on or complimented by some guy with a camera or some horny guy and then a rate is set and similar to internet prostitution you show up, take it off, pose, and leave with a few hundred dollars.

But is that modeling? Should this be illegal? The perverts, the social website scams? Is it a freedom of expression or a freedom to ruin the word model?

My question to girls who think they are models just because they know how to put a finger to their mouth is: What are you really modeling? Just your yourself? Obsessed to be seen? What are you the supermodel of? Their ass? Yet they want to know why they do not have an agency? Pouting while asking “why don’t I have any magazine tear sheets.”

I answer emails each day to girls who want to be models, and don’t know how to start, most of them are under 5’5” and most of them send my a photo of themselves in their thong, or a really bad face shot of themselves cropped from a group shot. I do my best to reply and guide them on my three modeling blogs you can find by simply Googling
“ petite modeling” or basically any modeling word. I know these girls wanna-be models are short, the average height of a girl in America is 5’3” and I know they are Googling so when they find me I have become this go-to-girl for the girl who wants answers beyond America’s Next Top Model. I give it to them raw from America’s Shortest Model.

The main thing girls of the web should know is that: Top brands do not discover their talent on the internet.

Next, instead of signing up for as many social sites as you can, start to think about modeling for a product, and think of advertising and notice the ads and editorials when you read magazines like Glamour and Marie Claire. Start to notice places girls of all heights are seen; think of more than just fashion. What about banks, shoe brands, fast food, hair care, skincare, nail care, and even mattress brands need models.

Now get some photos that will actually sell you to a commercial print modeling agency. Look at the agency website and notice the photos the models have. Monkey see, Monkey Do –sort-of. Focus on a headshot. It is the best photo you can have. And a body shot doesn’t have to be overly sexy, look at Target.com for ideas for how to pose in panties and bra’s without looking like a weird hooker. Think of catalogs, even Hanes needs models. You need basic photos. You could take them or even your mother! Looking natural is the best way to pose. Imagine the products you could model, grab a handbag, or a pair of shoes, a great scarf, or hat.

Time to print, print up some photos, I use Adorama.com and then mail them to agencies and grab a magazine, look in the masthead and notice the photo editors. Send them your photos. I got a few tear sheets this way. Start by being more active than only staring at your photo on a website and counting your friends on Myspace.

Use Google for honest modeling research: Try Googling commercial print modeling agencies, and instead of always Googling Photographer, Google Photography studio, and professional photographers do photography full time, not just during their lunch break, or when their wife isn’t home. I think Google is an amazing marketing tool if you use it right. I have even worked with some great brands by simply Googling them and asking if they needed a model. You have to show you can model for an agency to be impressed especially if you are not 5’7.” This means making your own comp card, headshot and starting your own portfolio book.

Many girls download their photos on these internet modeling portfolio sites and wake up for the hits and clicks and comments on their page that define “they have a chance at being a model.” I have encountered girls who have said “I’m retiring from modeling” and all they had been is really just a tease showing up at some guy’s apartment for a few hours and shooting in his living room in her thong or less.

It is an underground industry and it is lively and the internet has killed the supermodel, and what it means to be one. To be a model you have to mail your photos to agencies, you have to find the right agencies for you. If you are short don’t submit to fashion agencies, submit to commercial print ones, if you want to lingerie model, then fort the sake of your mother discovering you naked on the internet one day, work with a photographer that is a real photographer. I can’t believe there is even a difference today, but suddenly someone’s respected profession has become one that any old man with a camera can have, and being a model just means having a sexy photo of your self.

It sort of makes me want to puke up my lunch.

I don’t believe you are a model until you have gotten a paycheck from a top brand.

I had to think inventively to be a model, I am really short, not even 5’2’”, and when my book comes out in April 2009 through an imprint of HarperCollins the title is my height in heels, Almost 5’4” -but I stand tall, I have a realistic mindset and I really put a lot of myself and work into my pursuits. And I am tired of girls just wanting to be the next hottest thing on the internet. It might be the age of the internet, but the old fashion way of licking a stamp and envelope is still the way of business in the modeling world. Try it and you might be more than just a hit or click on the internet.

Isobella is a model in New York City, her modeling pod cast Model Talk shares insight into being a model and interviews with the industries top professionals. She creates beauty tips for AOL’s Stylelist weekly and has three modeling blogs and can be found by simply Googling famous petite models.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Google Marketing Tools - a model knows a thing or two about marketing on the web with Google

From every angle, to modeling to publishing, to all of my web 2.0 endeavors, from blogging to my radio show, to video blogging, I have used free marketing tools to do it, mostly to find answers which help me get a head, get to where I want to be.

With higher expectations and thinking bigger about the things I wanted to do, I started using Google beyond just a show off tool or to use to see how many websites I appear on, I really USE it to do everything I want to do.

I Google to, I Googled to:
Find agents, find photographers, to research reporters, to find address's when mailing my press releases, to research printing places, to find distribution websites to send my electronic press releases, to learn how to self publish, then to find my publisher, to find other websites which might like the articles I write and get them published, to learn about what it means to blog, to learn what it means to pod cast, to find the names and emails of the editors I want to get in touch with, to contact the brands I admire and want to represent, and when I had no clue I used it to research what my opportunities could be if I chased them hard enough.

I also use Blogger, which is a free source for blogging and starting a blog. Very easy to use.

Also I use the web for a lot of my research but also I use it to continue my business pursuits too:
I use the web for pod casting and I use Blogtalkradio.com, which is a free pod casting service. I use the web to upload my video blogs to AOL Stylelist.com, I create videos and also up load them to Youtube, I use the web as a launch pad, as a symbol of where I am going and as an example of where I have been.

What has the web done for you?

What has Google done for you?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Marilyn Monroe private papers in Vanity Fair Magazine

I read the article about Marilyn Monroe's items that are preserved in Vanity Fair recently, it was a chilling article. I read it at liek 1am, and then I couldn't sleep. It felt like she was in the room or something, it was a weird feeling, and it stemmed from reading about all of her papers, furs, jewelry and much more which have been in a tug and war mess over the past twenty-forty years since she died.It was a detailed article about her after-life of item and where they have been admired and photographed and held on to.Makes me think about the things we save and the importance or un-importance they hold.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Christy Brinkley + new york magazine + internet models

I enjoyed reading the article in New York Magazine on Christy Brinkley. I especially love that Christy was not your run of the mill model. Bigger boned, but very photographic, it is her persona and the story in her eyes that appears in photos that gets my attention. At 54 she is smoking, beautiful, and looking alive, fresh and I love her eco-friendly vibe.

I thought it was interesting in the article how she mentioned how she was discovered, "walking to the phone booth to call a vet about her dog in Paris." It made me think about how far cell phones have come along since then. If there were cell phones then perhaps she would have never been discovered and become a model.

Technology really has changed things, everyday more and more girls download their photos on the web, these little social sites and I will admit at one point I even thought that was modeling, but for the modeling world, the business of modeling, technology can't compare, the old fashion way still lives, you need a portfolio, you need a compcard, you have to go to open calls or mail your photos to the agency address. Email isn't for everything, and this might sound obvious to insiders in the industry, but to the girl next door of today, remember hunny, " the web is not going to make your dreams come true." Models on the web are a dime a dozen, and it seems they clutter the net and hookers, escorts, and real models working with top brands all claim the title model, and I bet Christy would never image that during that day in Paris near the phone booth, that there would be such a thing as an internet model.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Indian Vogue real people not Models

Thank you Heather Timmons for reporting on Indian Vogue and the use of real people instead of models in the New York Times, this is part of the article based on the Indian Vogue issue that used real people instead of models wearing designer clothing, like a baby in a FENDI bib, in away I think it mocks the globes obsession with objects and the obsession people have these days to have "things". I am not mad at the magazine editorial, I think it was more purposely done to make a statement. So many people, parents, models or not, rich or not, love to flaunt their objects and want them to define them, and their "quality of life and their purpose." I find this lifestyle sick. I don't want a fake Gucci bag from Canal Street, and I am not rich enough right now to have the real thing. I don't need a fcking bag so bad that I need to fake it. Nothing is fake that I have and wear. Anyways when it comes to the photography it was great and I love the fact that the magazine went there, and did it. I also like that the people were not decked out in higher end fashion but showed it in their accessories. I liked the Burberry umbrella.

It might be causing hype because the people who really do wear higher end products might feel upset or offended. Hey, there is nothing wrong with high end fashion, but it shouldn't define you as a person and it is a bit awkward to see a baby in Indian wearing it considering much of the country lives on less than 2 dollars a day, but for those who do have a higher income perhaps the country is just preparing for a new launch of retail stores to come in the years ahead, a preview of what could be?

"Vogue India’s August issue presented a 16-page vision of supple handbags, bejeweled clutches and status-symbol umbrellas, modeled not by runway stars or the wealthiest fraction of Indian society who can actually afford these accessories, but by average Indian people."

Click here to read the article about Indian Vogue and their real people as models in the magazine.

"Nearly half of India’s population — about 456 million people — live on less than $1.25 a day, according to World Bank figures released last week. But as any well-briefed luxury goods executive or private banker knows, India also has a fast-growing wealthy class and emerging middle class that make it one of the world’s most attractive new places to sell high-end products."

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Max Factor Signs Gisele

Max Factor Signs Gisele

by Pete Born

Posted Tuesday September 02, 2008

From WWD Issue 09/02/2008

Max Factor will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year as Hollywood’s original makeup artist brand. And now Factor, which is part of the P&G Cosmetics division of Procter & Gamble Co., has a new celeb to put on its anniversary stage: Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen.

Bruce Katsman, associate marketing director for Factor and its sister brand, Cover Girl, noted that Bündchen will be working with makeup artist Pat McGrath, who is also P&G’s global creative design director. The third player on the team is international photographer Nick Knight. Look for her September 18th in ads and on website.

Public relations advice from Isobella Jade

Need some public relations advice? Trying to self start your company, get some buzz, and some press?....well I wrote this article for Workinpr.com and you might like it.

By good use of the internet I became my own publicist.

My self-made public relations pursuits started when I self-published a book and needed a way to promote it without a large outlay of money. There are five ways I use the internet to gain exposure for my book in outlets such as Page Six, the New York Times, The New York Pose Pulse, Fashion Television, Media Bistro, and Advertising Age, among many others.

First, before you can promote yourself, your brand or product, do you know what you are promoting? When promoting my book, I had to understand all of the angles I could pitch. Many marketers focus on one way to market their product or story without considering the other ways a story, product or brand can be intriguing and newsworthy. For example, my book is about modeling, but I wrote the book at the Apple Store. I didn’t just pitch my story to women’s magazine’s or fashion magazines, but also to computer and Mac magazines. Each angle can be used towards a different way of marketing - a form of print, radio, podcasting, blogs or television..."

To read more check it out here:


You can self promote you just need the will to try.

Lush Cosmetics Employees Disrobe for Cause The Naked Campaign for Environmental Friendly Beauty

I thought this was awesome, a great promo campaign. Store associates wore only aprons to promote the environmentally friendly beauty brand! Love it!

Lush Employees Disrobe for Cause

Posted Thursday August 28, 2008 From WWD Issue 08/28/2008

Apron-clad employees at the Lush store in Herald Square. Employees of Lush Cosmetics let at least some of it hang out Wednesday in protest of what they insist is the cosmetics industry’s tendency to overdress products. The store employees took to the sidewalks of Manhattan — sans clothing — to promote the British beauty brand’s environmentally friendly philosophy of reduced packaging.Roughly 16 store associates at the brand’s Herald Square, Union Square and SoHo locations volunteered to don only an apron reading, “Ask me why I’m naked,” which offered frontal coverage but still allowed for a very cheeky view.The activity, which was to involve 200 employees from 27 Lush stores in 23 U.S. cities, was meant to raise awareness about the “environmental effects that overpackaging is having,” a spokeswoman said, especially “the creation, transportation and disposal of plastic bottles.”Sixty percent of the Lush product assortment, including its solid shampoos, conditioners and other skin and body care items, are packaging-free. The Lush products are designed to resemble deli food products and therefore need no outer packaging.Starting at noon Wednesday, the Lush associates began the protest, and at Herald Square, employees stepped out for about 30 minutes, attracting a crowd estimated to number 50. After heading back inside, police paid a visit, and in what the spokeswoman said was a cordial back-and-forth, officers “just wanted to make sure we were not going back out.”

This is the second time in as many years that Lush employees in New York have disrobed for the cause. Stores in cities including Boston, Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles and Seattle were also to participate.The first such “naked campaign” was held in the U.K. in June 2007 and overall, stores in 10 countries have taken part, the brand noted, including Canada, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Holland, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.Packaged Lush products come in material made of 100 percent postconsumer waste, according to the firm, which estimates that three million plastic bottles were saved last year as a result of customers buying solid shampoo bars.

In conjunction with the Naked Campaign LUSH has switched all plastic bottles in the store to 100 percent post-consumer waste bottles. • All of Lush’s paper bags, cardboard boxes and reusable tins are made from recycled materials. • Naked products are better for the environment—they are unpackaged, concentrated, last longer and weigh less than water-filled bottled liquids which take more energy to transport. For example, one truckload of Lush’s solid shampoo bars would be enough for 800,000 washes but it would take 15 truckloads of liquid shampoo to do the same job. That means more pollution, and a much bigger carbon footprint.

Don LaFontaine, Voice Of Movie Trailers, Dies At 68

While reading huffington post today I noticed that Don LaFrontaine has passed away.
I am sad about this and wanted to share the news at HP below.

Don LaFontaine, Voice Of Movie Trailers, Dies At 68

RAQUEL MARIA DILLON September 2, 2008 02:19 PM EST

In this Feb. 14, 2007 file photo Don LaFontaine, a voice over actor, poses for a photo next to a Hollywood Walk of Fame look alike star given to him by his wife, in his recording studio in his Silver Lake home in Los Angeles. LaFontaine, the voice behind thousands of Hollywood movie trailers, died Monday, Sept. 1, 2008 at age 68. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes, file)

LOS ANGELES — Don LaFontaine, the man who popularized the now loved-catch phrase, "in a world where..." and lent his voice to thousands of movie trailers, has died. He was 68.
LaFontaine died Monday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center from complications in the treatment of an ongoing illness, said Vanessa Gilbert, his agent.

LaFontaine made more than 5,000 trailers in his 33-year career while working for the top studios and television networks.

In a rare on-screen appearance in 2006, he parodied himself on a series of national television commercials for a car insurance company where he played himself telling a customer, "In a world where both of our cars were totally under water..."

In an interview last year, LaFontaine explained the strategy behind the phrase.
"We have to very rapidly establish the world we are transporting them to," he said of his viewers. "That's very easily done by saying, `In a world where ... violence rules.' `In a world where ... men are slaves and women are the conquerors.' You very rapidly set the scene."
LaFontaine insisted he never cared that no one knew his name or his face, though everyone knew his voice.

LaFontaine went on to work in the promo industry in the early 1960s. As an audio engineer, he produced radio spots for movies with producer Floyd Peterson.

When an announcer didn't show up for a recording session in 1965, LaFontaine voiced his first narration, a promo for the film, "Gunfighters of Casa Grande." The client, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, liked his performance.

LaFontaine remained active until recently, averaging seven to 10 voiceover sessions a day. He worked from a home studio his wife nicknamed "The Hole," where his fax machine delivered scripts.

LaFontaine is survived by his wife, the singer and actress Nita Whitaker, and three daughters.
His funeral arrangements were pending.