Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dave Matthews Stand up for the Cure and Fashion Week

I enjoyed the concert so much last night. It was the first time I saw Dave in concert and I loved it, I loved his little jig too, he moves his feet and ankles while the rest of the band goes wild!

So amazing, this week has been amazing, started with Ports 1961 ( did you know they brought together sports and fashion as they dressed the Olympic Commentators this summer?) and the Gottex show was kick ass, intriguing and stunning. Models had a little jelly legs but the suits rocked, Nolcha Fashion Week with my great friend Jacquelyn LaCroix and her handbag collection, interviewed the VP of Marketing at Origins on Model Talk, and went to the Dave Matthews benefit concert last night, and tonight going to a media party and tomorrow Zac Posen...from 6 bucks in my bank account 2 years ago to this all...damn I feel lucky!

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