Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Apple Store Fernando Meirelles, and Willie Nelson concert

I saw a great event at the Apple Store today, it was the Meet the Director: Fernando Meirelles, Blindness

Fernando Meirelles has also directed "City of God," and "The Constant Gardener".

At the store, he discussed the making of his latest film, "Blindness." The film seems really interesting. I wear contacts and have pretty bad vision, basically blind without them but losing my whole sight would be such a scare. It seems like a movie that will really make you think after it. I love seeing things, traveling, paintings,and I am a very visual person, so the movie seems interesting that it involves a blind epidemic.

Tomorrow night I am going to see Willie Nelson! I love it when he sings Goergia on my mind, I hope he does it.

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