Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Model Quote on striving for your success

"have a plan & make yourself available for your success, don't think it will just happen, usually it doesn't unless your own involvement is at hand." ~isobella jade

Monday, March 29, 2010

Is there too much fantasy in your photos not enough reality?

Many aspiring models get excited about the idea of a photo-shoot and all these ideas start flowing about styling, makeup, and the awesome funky poses and wild hairstyles.

But too much fantasy in your photos could be the reason a print modeling agency hasn't called you. Or that your modeling agency photo and comp card submissions are not working.

A girl recently submitted to me her photos, and while she has nice skin, pretty eyes and could be a good model her photos do not express this, and instead showed her "stiff, with too much attitude, and not enough expression or natural looks within the shots."

Believe it or not, the simple basic photos are going to get you a modeling agency quicker, than overly festive photos.

Which inspires me to ask the question:

Is there too much fantasy in your photos not enough reality?

A shot that is caked in makeup and has some attitude might be fun to create, but this isn't ideally the best shot to use to get real modeling opportunities. There is a difference between "playing" dress up infront of the camera and creating something that a print modeling agency can use to market you.

The more you target your photos towards what print modeling agencies want to see the better. Here are some tips on how to create photos that a modeling agency wants to see.

And tips on getting a modeling agency:

book and beauty bundle contest winner is Aniela

Aniela, a 26 year old aspiring actress/model from Hollywood, FL is the winner of my book and beauty bundle!

A copy of my memoir Almost 5'4"
e.l.f therapeutic Conditioning Balm
e.l.f lengthing & volumizing mascara
e.l.f eyeshadow duo

The reason I chose Aniela is because the shot is natural and airy and it has a skincare and beauty ad appeal. Her eyes look bright and skin looks soft and fresh.

However notice that I would even crop the shot a bit more and make it look like this:

A beauty shot can be created in many styles, I like the side angle of the shot above of Aniela because it highlights her skin and eyes and has a dreamy appeal that I'd see in a beauty editorial in Glamour, Allure or Marie Claire magazine.

A beauty shot can also be straight on, at a side angle, and also smiling. I think a great example of a beauty shot are the girls on the hair dye boxes, smiling and with fresh faces and hair. However remember for a beauty shot the hair should be out of your face.

Here are some tips on creating a beauty shot and why an aspiring model needs one, better yet, a few different types fo a beauty shot:

And here is a radio podcast on Model Talk Radio where I discuss creating a beauty shot:

Carlos By Carlos Santana shoes gives you long legs

These hot shoes from Carlos By Carlos Santana caught my eye.

They are called Turbulence. They look like great shoes for long legs!

A pair of black heels is a go-to-item for aspiring models. A must-have item. At bookings and castings I have worn black heels often.

I like!

Basic is best for heels for castings and bookings. If you are asked to bring heels it is usually a simple black heel, like this one (called Dream) also from Carlos by Carlos Santana, would be good:

Sunday, March 28, 2010

An imperfection could become your trademark

a girl recently told me about her imperfect tooth, she was worried it could prevent her from modeling. Well, I have a gap and I still model. So here are my thoughts on that:

"Use what at first might appear to be an imperfection as something as a benefit towards your success. What you thought as an imperfection could become your trademark. It is all a perception." -isobella jade

So hence the post below on smiling, you do need a smile shot, even if your smile isn't what you consider perfect, so let your personality, bright eyes, and energy shine in your smile. :)

Modeling tip: Overtime I got more comfortable with my gap, I also have an overbite and learned how to "work with that I've got without changing myself." No one is perfect, every has their thing, but work with it, make it not something that you think is a negative. Here is a post I wrote on imperfections recently it's called Goodbye Forever Perfect Teeth:

Saturday, March 27, 2010

It takes a lot of work to be a model

"It takes a lot of work to be a model, and model for something and get paid to model for something legit, it takes knowing how to market yourself, getting the right photos, the right makeup, the right photography, the right mentality, then striving to work with the right agencies, timing, luck, ambition, persistence and then the real modeling can start to begin, but that only means more work as well, more investing in what you want."
- isobella jade

Friday, March 26, 2010

My book & beauty bundle contest and new find: Greer Chicago notecards

There is still time to win my book & beauty bundle, the deadline is the 27th! Send me your best beauty shot to win a signed copy of my modeling memoir Almost 5'4" & e.lf. cosmetics products at Beauty is not measured by height :)

Awesome Recent Discovery:

Twitter is an awesome place to learn about new, savvy and unique things:

I recently discovered Greer Chicago notecards! These Elum Big City cards stood out as great cards to send during the summertime. They have a really cute website too.

I don't ever want to lose the basic communication tools, even in this Internet age, I love writing handwritten notes and picking out notecards, like these from @GREERChicago So cute!

Check them out and other awesome notecards here:

Philadelphia Modeling Agencies and mailing tips

Philadelphia Modeling Agencies and mailing tips


To work with a modeling agency you should NEVER pay to register on their website, don’t think you have to, don’t be forced into it, or feel pressure to do so.
Having your own comp card and managing your own self while working with modeling agencies is always best. I don’t like the idea of an agency marketing me online to their clients. An agency should have enough of a relationship with a client that the client calls them or the agency sends over select photos in jpgs of the models that would be good for the job or the agency would refer the client to their website, but you should never pay to be on an agency website.

Also, despite the internet, you NEED a comp card. Ask the modeling agency to use your comp card to market you, create your own photography and print your own cards, save money and also prevent scams by doing so. Legit agencies will at least “work with” the comp card you give them even if it is not perfect. I still believe in the postal mail and legit agencies do as well. Send your photos in the postal mail, show you are serious and more than just a jpeg but that you are prepared. That you have professional print modeling tools. A comp card, portfolio, and even a headshot.
A legit agency may suggest you use a certain photographer but for print modeling, commercial print modeling agencies, and talent agencies and casting directors, do not feel that you MUST use their photography service, take their classes, etc. You do not have to and don’t feel pressure to do so. These agencies seem pretty legit, I do not know them personally, and if you have thoughts on working with a modeling agency here email me at

To prevent scams when hunting for modeling agencies, put the modeling agencies name in google search + scam.

Grab these links but I suggest mailing by postal mail your comp card: seems more fashion than commercial print however Pittsburgh, PA

Put yourself out there like Josie, inspiration for you and a example of commercial print modeling

So I am on Twitter and I see a message from @Fitarella saying: @YumYucky you should ask @IsobellaJade about it. She is a modeling expert for us not-so-tall types :-)

So I checked out @YumYucky (Josie Maurer) and I see that she just landed in the pages of Family Circle Magazine!

Congrats on the Claritin Allergy ad! And Josie is also the blogger of (Check that out too!) and she writes about "finding balance between fitness and your greedy side."

I love that she used who she naturally was to land this ad opportunity. Commercial print modeling is about using what you DO naturally have to market brands and products. Here is the ad which is in the April 17, 2010 and May 2010 issues of Family Circle Magazine!

On her blog she goes into detail about how she landed the Claritin Allergy ad: "I follow Fitness Magazine on Twitter and Facebook (don’t you?). They did an open call of sorts for people with allergies to submit their photos for an opportunity to be featured in a Claritin ad in one of Meredith Corporation’s family of magazines. So I submitted my pic along with my story about how I can NOT be around my cat for too long, ‘lest I ingest the Claritin. In the absence of Claritin, the feline species causes my eyes to burn, my nostrils to pour, my throat to hack, and my attitude to get real bitchy. You don’t want to witness that.

Out of approximately 150 prospects, I was selected to take part along with 4 other people, including Kristin from Iowa Girls Eats.

My prize was to be swept away to New York City this past January. On day one, the Meredith people fed me some greedy-good food, put me up in a nice hotel and sent me for a manicure. And then I ate and drank some more at dinner. Like salmon and cheesecake and wine. Uh uh.

On day two, there was an entourage of WONDERFUL people who did my hair, got me into wardrobe and make up, and made me feel uber-special."

You can check out post on the shoot here:

Models are not just one height, or type, modeling is about modeling something, what have you modeled lately? Aim high!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Making it happen for your self

results come when you are not waiting for the door to open, but when you put on your heels, strut with guts and make your own way through. - isobella jade

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tonight! Social Media guru Ted Rubin and my beauty giveaway!

Tonight, Wednesday, at 9pm EST Live on Model Talk Radio tune into a chat about social media, marketing and branding with Ted Rubin:

A little background on Ted, Ted led online beauty leader e.l.f cosmetics to social media success, and like I mentioned below, this week I am giving away some awesome e.l.f beauty products in celebration. Incase you do not know e.l.f stands for "eyes lips face" and it is awesome.

You can follow Ted Rubin and his online and social media marketing insight on Twitter:

You can submit to win my e.l.f cosmetics beauty bundle.

e.l.f therapeutic Conditioning Balm
e.l.f lengthing & volumizing mascara
e.l.f eyeshadow duo
A copy of Almost 5'4"

The scoop:
Submit by emailing me at a beauty shot that looks like it could be an ad for a beauty product.
For your commercial print modeling comp card you should have a beauty shot. An aspiring model needs a beauty shot for her comp card. It is a must-model-photo to have. It can be a super close up or a shot that has an editorial feel with you applying cosmetics, but it should be a shot that shows off your facial features. A good beauty shot shows the model's face clearly not caked in makeup.

Beauty modeling has no height requirement!

Email me your beauty photos:
Deadline: SAT MARCH 27

Beauty shot photo Tips:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Model Fix for your high heel nicks, scuffs and scrapes

Model Fix, save money if you nick your high heel by buying a nail polish the same color as your heel.

It is a bad feeling when you are walking in the city, especially on cobblestone in the city or the cement and you nick or, scuff up or scrape your heel. Oh GREAT! There is a little dent on your heel. Well, I found a way to easily fix this nick:

Wipe a dab of nail polish that is the same color as your high heel on the nick on your heel, and keep walking in stride.

I recently bought BLACK nail polish from Wet n Wild, to fix up my black heels when needed.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Model Talk Radio chats with Ted Rubin on social media and brand building, Wednesday, the 24th, live at 9pm

Have you ever bought anything online? What about cosmetics or shoes? Well if you have, or if you're curious about how the online marketing world has enhanced many brands and retail stores, you will enjoy the segment on Model Talk Radio this week, Weds at 9pm with social media guru Ted Rubin.

Ted led online beauty leader e.l.f cosmetics to social media success, and this week I am giving away some awesome e.l.f beauty products in celebration. Incase you do not know e.l.f stands for "eyes lips face" and it is amazing. By the way, I am loving e.l.f's primer! It is like $6!!

From beauty brands, to online shoe retailers, to Mommy bloggers and more, Ted will share how having an online personality can help the growth and success of a brand’s marketing strategy.

Tune in Wednesday, live at 9pm, or catch the archive anytime:

Follow Ted Rubin and his online and social media marketing insight on Twitter:

Friday, March 19, 2010

Interview for Marie Claire UK on modeling and Almost 5'4"

So excited to share with you my interview with Marie Claire UK on Almost 5'4" hitting the UK, modeling, and my tips for those who strive! Check it out here:

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Model Photo: Don't put that Photoshop on my face podcast

Model Photo: Don't put that Photoshop on my face podcast

Model, author Isobella Jade shares how Photoshop can hurt an aspiring models pursuits. She also discusses the importance of having a plan before you get in front of the camera to get better results. Along with sharing her own photography mistakes from her early modeling years, this segment was inspired by her blog post on called "Does your photographer know what agencies look for?”, earlier this week.

You can catch this episode of Model Talk by visiting the show here:

This episode will be live:
1:00 PM
15 Minutes

You can always catch the archive anytime here:

P.s: This week I am giving away a pair of heels from Bakers called Rock & Candy by ZiGi, (They are a SIZE 6!! shoe, the standard shoe model size) however they might fit a size 7 foot), and win a copy of my original modeling memoir Almost 5'4", along with an awesome eyeshadow palette from Forever 21. To win this heels,beauty and book giveaway email me at: your best natural beauty shot and a shot of you modeling a pair of heels like a shoe ad.
The deadline is Friday the 19th. (Put in in the subject please: Heels, beauty and book) The winner will be posted on my blog this weekend. Goodluck!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Heels, beauty and book giveaway!

Happiness = books, heels and beauty products

This week I am giving away a pair of heels from Bakers called Rock & Candy by ZiGi, (They are a SIZE 6!! shoe, the standard shoe model size)however they might fit a size 7 foot), and win a copy of my original modeling memoir Almost 5'4", along with an awesome eyeshadow palette from Forever 21. I went to Forever 21 recently and their beauty section looked really good. To win this heels,beauty and book giveaway email me at: your best natural beauty shot and a shot of you modeling a pair of heels like a shoe ad. The deadline is Friday the 19th.
(Put in in the subject please: Heels, beauty and book - if you can.) The winner will be posted on my blog this weekend. Goodluck!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

5 tips to a modeling agency when you're short podcast

Tune into 5 tips to a modeling agency when you're short on Model Talk Radio, catch the live show at 1pm EST 3/10, or listen to the archive any time my sweet shorties :)

Listen here:

Payless and beauty unite

I read in WWD that Payless is going to sell beauty items in their stores starting this Fall 10'! I think this is cool, and I think for a promotional campaign they should call me and use some of the petite beautiful beauty models I know to sit in stores and be the beauty demo models for a live-in-store beauty demo.

I wonder if LuAnn Via, chief executive officer of Payless would dig it!?

I have many Payless shoes.

I am curious and interested in trying Payless's beauty items and I am sure I will do a video featuring the items that range from $2.99-$19.99.

Here are some of my favorite picks from Payless:
These pink sandals are cute:

These wedges are festive and sophisticated:

This is a fun purple peep-toe I'd wear with black skinny jeans and a denim skirt:

P.s: I remember H&M had beauty items about 4 years ago, and I think they should also launch some beauty items again.

Your photos explain your goals and ability

The more you think about the brand, the magazine editor, the agent and cast director and ask your self " what would they think and see in my photos" the better. Target how you market your self around the goals you have. If you want to model shoes, accessories beauty, show it in your photos. The more you show you can, the more of a chance you have.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Goodbye Model Sites Hello Professional video

I just put a new video up on my Youtube page, it's called Goodbye Model Sites Hello Professional and I share tips on how to grab your bootstraps and strive as a model despite height, in the right ways.

Trying in the right ways is the biggest part.

To hear better turn down my radio show podcast on the left side first. Enjoy!

"The Price of Beauty," and "Who Do You Think You Are?"

I am looking forward to to shows this March:

Jessica Simpson hosting the show "The Price of Beauty," on the show Jessica will go all over the world to learn about how beauty affects the lives of women of all walks of life. I think this is a great concept for a show as well.
It airs
Monday, March 15
10:00 PM ET/PT ON VH1

You can check out the show details here:

I am also looking forward to catching the NBC reality series "Who Do You Think You Are?", more on the show can be found here:
The show discovers the family history records of celebrities and media figures, actresses, athletes, and coming up, March 12th, 8/7c, Emmitt Smith: Football legend Emmitt Smith discovers his genealogical roots on a journey that takes him beyond his expectations.

Should you move to another city as a model? Answered

A shorter girl recently ask me about moving for her modeling, she wrote this: "I’m busy working on my portfolio here in South Africa, but would like to get an agent to represent me in NY, is this possible, if so which is the best Commercial/print modeling agency that you'd suggest? and would emailing them a few pics be good enough"

I replied with sharing insight on how having experience as a model before you move to a new city can be towards your benefit. Also I filled her in with the fact that there are MANY print modeling agencies and talent agencies out there, but print modeling agencies which work with models of all ages and sizes do not typically house their models and talent, and I stressed that modeling is not a stable pursuit in the sense that coming to a new city, or country can be a major risk and letdown if you do not have a backup plan. I love to hear from ambitious models, but having experience, even just a few magazine or editorial or catalog tear sheets is helpful, but most important you cannot up and move without doing your research, confiding in your parents or an adult. If you study for school in a different country or city it could be easier because you will most likely have housing or a dorming situation, but up and moving without a plan and without any experience is not a good idea.

I moved to Miami to model for 7 months, and did prepare ahead of time with mailing my comp cards to agencies but as a shorter girl it wasn't like Elite was welcoming me with a cold glass of water and in my memoir Almost 5'4" I go into the challenge and hardships of trying to survive on a dream and how much self promotion and research it involves to market yourself as a model in a new city.

I am not saying don't move to another city to model ever, but only make that journey if you have a backup plan and have done your research ahead of time on the town, on agencies, on casting directors, etc.

Hearing back from one agency doesn't mean you will be working ALL the time, in today’s age there are MANY girls who want to model which means print modeling agencies have many models to find work for within their roster. So, just know that the pursuit of a model is not always stable. Just a heads-up.

The media and fashion magazines flaunt fashion models, but many models work for lifestyle brands and model lifestyle products but they are not jetset and I just want to be clear about the lifestyle of a print model. Here are tips on the differences between a print and fashion model:

I think it is best to strive to get professional photos and then get some experience in your own area, even local experience modeling for a local brand or magazine, so that if you pursue other markets and cities you have some experience to use to market yourself with.

It is a growth and the "discovery fairy tale doesn't happen anymore often." The odds of someone in print modeling loving your photos and flying you to the US or another city are slim without experience or already having an established portfolio of work.

Especially if you are at the early stage of your modeling pursuits, it is a grab your bootstraps make it happen for yourself world. So grab your bootstraps and start preparing your headshot, comp card, and keep your goals and dreams but also strive to get some legit experience. Strive to get some opportunities locally to better market yourself to other goals, and to prove you are capable.

Also print modeling agencies in NYC and in most cities accept modeling submissions through postal mail and typically they suggest a model sends a modeling comp card. Emailing your photos might seem like the best, easiest way, but it is not, you will come off more professional, more put together if you make a printed comp card grab an envelope and stamps and mail by postal mail your comp card.

I hope this helps,

P.s: Every week a new Petite of the Week is on this blog, models are not just one size and it really comes down to how you market yourself and what you DO have. If you'd like to be Petite of the Week submit at and share how you are making strides in modeling despite your height. Aim high!

Tips for Mature Models

On the side of this blog you will find Tips for Mature Models, recently I received a message from a women on Facebook who wants to model but she is not 20 or young anymore but she has a lot of personality and the energy to try modeling. I gave her some tips and these links will help you no matter your age. Age isn't everything and actually age could help you because many models are 28-45 modeling lifestyle products.

Middle aged models are finding their market

So you’re not super skinny, super young or super sexy but there is modeling work for you.

I recently received an email from a middle age women wanting to start modeling but unsure of how to start. These are a few of my suggestions for any woman who is not a typical model:

Photos: Have you considered that the age of the women who are buying most of the commercial products and retail are over 35+.

With this in mind Stay focused on What You Can Model. Start by thinking about ads and editorials and magazines that involve women who are middle-aged, such as Redbook, More magazine, Travel Magazine, Cooking Magazines, think about ways a middle age model is used in ad campaigns and magazines.

Usually it won’t be for Victoria Secret, but it will be more for Sears, or a Family Circle magazine. To get work with these you do need photos that show you can model in the style, so focus on the type of work that people that are middle aged DO get, think about Dove soaps, skin care creams, hair care, and family products, even dish washers and bed mattresses need models! :)

Just think of brands that you CAN model for and follow suit and create photos that a woman should have who wants to model for products and brands for a woman who is shopping these days. Most ads and editorials and commercials are for women 25 and up, most shoppers are over 30 years old, so the market for this as a model is high, but you do need to focus on your images.

Smiles, suits, energy, laughter! Jeans, holding a coffee, a baby, a dog, wearing an elegant dress, think about ads like for travel, and cooking and bra's that involve middle age women. Sometimes you have to change your perspective on What Modeling really Is? With this mindset you can understand how to market yourself as a model.

Women of all ages are modeling and maybe they are NOT on a runway but brands like Advil, and travel magazines, and skin care brands, and hair care brands do need models.

Magazines like Women's World, Fitness, Family Circle, Bon App├ętit, Redbook, among many others.

Also look at retailers like these below for inspiration on the looks you need for print modeling, and look in magazines that fit your demographic and notice the models that are smiling,and modeling products and be inspired.

The View on Credit Cards and teens

When I was in college I didn't have a food plan, it wasn't included with my dorming for the Manhattan campus for NYIT, so my mother would give me a Visa Buxx card with my weekly stripend of cash for food and what not on it. It was I think $150 a week. I barely made it each week, it was tough, especially with a love of shoes, but I think giving a High School or College student a credit card with a limit on it is fine. My mother would put money on the card each week and it did help me learn money management. I will admit though I did spend a good amount of it on shoes.
The card was a nice asset as a student and if managed by the parent then for a teen a parent could put 20-30 on it, not hundreds, and teach them to manage their money.

I found this info on the Visa Buxx card:
Visa Buxx is a parent controlled, re-loadable payment card intended for teenagers, using an associated Visa credit or debit card. The Buxx (pronounced bucks) Card uses a bank-hosted value storage mechanism (as opposed to SmartCard chip-based storage), similar to the gift cards that merchants are increasingly adopting. One major difference with a Buxx Card is that it''s accepted anywhere the Visa Logo is displayed, including online merchants who accept Visa, and ATMs.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My "Oscars reporting dress"

I will be twittering during the Oscars the Red Carpet fashions, and award winners for at

Most memorable speeches at the Oscars:

"for everybody who works hard every day for a dream." Geoffrey Fletcher, screenplay writer of Precious, and Mo'Nique "sometimes you have to forgo what's popular and do what's right."

Best Music/Original Score "Being Creative is not a waste of time" -Michael Giacchino.

Kathryn Bigelow "the secret to directing is collaborating."

Sandra Bullock, when she thanked people for being kind to her "when it wasn't fashionable." Also I loved it when she made a shout out to mothers who mother children no matter where they come from.

When Jeff Bridges won I stood up and loved his speech and am so happy he won.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Modeling, striving and the psychology of self love

On my Facebook Wall I wrote today: "It is common to dwell on what we don't have, what we are not, but that usually doesn't bring you forward towards your goals and happiness while chasing them, focus on what you DO have, and using what you DO have to get ahead. It is so important in modeling, and in life, to accept, use and give attention to what you do have."

A comment from a striving model was: "YES and I was just dwelling on the don't haves but I'm over it so thanks for posting, came right on time. Also I just want to say that I got a newsletter from my agency with some really valuable info and one casting director said to make a list of all the reason WHY you are in the business and how they make you feel about your self worth. And I thought that was important in life also with anything so I am going to make my list today and see why in the world I am in this business. This should be interesting."

I wrote back "I totally I agree, awesome that you mentioned the newsletter. Knowing your self can make you a more postive person, knowing the WHY, why you want to pursue something, can also keep you focused and realistic. If you don't know why you are an asset to the modeling/business then you should think twice about pursuing it. Knowing your self ... See Moreand why you want to work wthin the modeling world, (which is really the world of advertising, media and marketing and putting your image out there for product marketing) is important because knowing WHY helps you go forward, carry on, and especially in a tough industry like modeling can be... I AGREE 100%. Knowing why can lead you to opportunities. It is a good idea to know your assets or how you can be used in the industry and why you want to be working within modeling. YES! Make the list, I think everyone who reads my Wall and strives in modeling/entertainment/the arts should actually! Thanks for sharing :) -isobella"

Then I added to the conversation:

"It takes confidence to put your self out there, but it also involves the psychology of self love, a positive spirit, a realistic mentality coupled with energy and the endurance to handle the rejection, and the off days. When I need encouragement I tend to grab biographies of women who have strived in their live, or watch an inspiring movie, or write about what I am going through, or listen to a good song. Today I found this interview of the screenwriter of Precious, Geoffrey Fletcher, and beyond the movie, HIS story, of believing in himself as a writer and carrying on is inspiring:"

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Modeling & Book Publishing tips on

Recently I spoke to Elle over at, here is the interview where I discuss modeling, my memoir and graphic novel and aspirations:

Tune in here for the latest segment of Model Talk Radio, called Sizing up: The Model, the Agency, the Editor, the Designer, here:

In this segment I discuss what causes change in size acceptance in modeling first? The Model, The Agent, The Editor or the Brand? Share how "size" has affected your modeling pursuits, email me at

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Petite of the Week is Michele


I met Michele at my book part for my graphic novel Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior, and this week Michele shares her thoughts on models of all sizes in the industry: "walked a fashion show last year and I am currently freelancing with Model Service Agency. I've been acting since I was 12 and recently decided to try my hand at modeling. As a petite and a plus size model, I face a double challenge. Lot's of people dream of modeling, and like many I've always believed you had to be superskinny or supertall. After some research, I've realized there is room for everybody from the glamazons to the average joes. I believe women of all sizes, shapes, and colors can be beautiful, glamourous and sexy. I love how the modeling industry is starting to embrace that. An example of that would be in the recent Size issue of V magazine featuring Crystal Renn. Hopefully, the industry will continue to embrace this concept."

Right on Michele, there is room for everybody and as long as you know how to market what you do have "height and size isn't everything", each week a Petite of the Week is featured on this blog, submit at put Petite of the Week in the subject, with your headshot and how you are making strides despite height. :)

Aim high! Strive on! - Isobella

P.s: My blog readers get a 20% off discount for Allison Izu Jeans. The coupon code is "F10Almost54" for an additional 20% off their purchase (minimum order of $100). FREE Shipping for purchases of $99 or more!! A good pair of jeans are a model's best friend.

Model Talk Radio "Sizing up: The Model, the Agency, the Editor, the Designer"


Tune in here for the latest segment of Model Talk Radio, which airs 3/3/10 at 10:30 am:

Sizing up: The Model, the Agency, the Editor, the Designer

What causes change in size acceptance in modeling first? The Model, The Agent, The Editor or the Brand? There have been more diverse models in the past year in magazines and ads, but what causes size acceptance and change first in modeling? Model, author Isobella Jade shares how the agent, editor and the designer can inspire change in the modeling business and how "model size" and "sample size" and a "brands image" go hand in hand. How does size affect your modeling pursuits? She will also give tips on creating your comp card and marketing yourself to agencies no matter your height/size.

Her modeling memoir called “Almost 5'4"” is based on being a shorter than average model. The memoir recently hit the UK through The Friday Project, an imprint of HarperCollins. You can also find “Almost 5'4"” on Amazon and Isobella is also the author of her fashion illustrated graphic novel "Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior".

Her books can be found on and and in bookstores.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

not modeling to feel beautiful

At the start of my pursuits I modeled to feel pretty, hot, beautiful, to get a comment, etc. But when I realized modeling isn't about me, me, me but about modeling for something. Then I started marketing myself as a model because I was a good model. And strived to show in my photos that I COULD model a product well. And that I had assets beyond my height to market. It was important to market that I was a good model, not just that I was just pretty or cute. Once I had the confidence to really model, and understood what a model really was used for, the real modeling opportunities came.

When I stopped modeling to feel beautiful and instead started modeling for the marketing mindset involved with modeling something, I got opportunities.

When I started focusing on not just creating a cool photo but creating a marketable one I could really market myself to agencies and get legit jobs.

When I put the ego part of it away, the words be a model, work as a model, become a model started to happen.

Modeling should not be something to pursue to feel pretty, or boost an ego. There is a lot of rejection in modeling.

If you understand the marketing side of working as a model and why models are used, you will see that models are all shapes and sizes but you should not rely on modeling to feel pretty or for an ego boost.

Sure in fashion models are all giraffe tall, but print models and the women and girls you see modeling products in commercials and print ads are not all one type.

Model to put to use what you do have.

Marketing what you DO have, photographing it, putting together a comp card and getting in in front of the people who make choices about what models represents their brands image, should be your goal. :)

Aim high, get more! Be realistic, make it happen,

I live for the "you never know" mindset

I live for the "you never know" mindset, I am striving today for tomorrows chances, day by day, each one reflects that last. Sure, putting your self out there is tough, VERY TOUGH, building your own way, trying to keep the positive attitude especially among all the doubt and the work it takes, but keep striving on, give GIVEUP a kick in the you know what! Keep your mind fired up, keep your focus and aim high.

Having goals keep me focus, and writing them down also is helpful, even in this Internet-age I write down my goals in my journal and enjoy checking off the stuff that is done!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Marketing your self as a model: posing is not enough

Every day many girls ask me about the topic of photography in modeling. It is a major concern among aspiring models.

The photos you create make such a difference towards if you get representation or not from an agency. The more you focus on what the word model means the better. A model models something, and modeling means more than just posing. For a shorter girl, print modeling should be your focus.

Here are some hints to know if the photos you have are professional, agency quality and marketable, to show you can model:

1. Before taking the photo study ads for all types of lifestyle products, from cell phone ads, to hair products, to travel ads to ads for accessories.

2. Does the photo you created look like you are modeling for something? A product? Could it be an ad? Does it have an ad appeal? Ask yourself, does the photo just look like you are posing, or like you are really modeling something, it is such an important difference between just taking a photo and actually looking like a model. Does it look like you are "doing something" in the photo, in action, and enjoying it, happy, and showing your personality in a natural way?

3. Are you smiling? A big part of getting opportunities when you are not giraffe tall is using your personality within your photos, so make sure your photos show your personality.

4. Is the lighting good? If there is a shadow covering half your face this is not an acceptable marketable face, so make sure the photo is clear and the lighting is well done in the photo. An agent, casting director, etc, should not have to guess what you look like.

Remember modeling is not an easy pursuit, it is competitive and challengeing and tough. Modeling is a lot of work, involves a lot of hands-on work, and it involves really understanding your self, knowing your assets and how to translate what you DO HAVE and how to make those assets marketable towards modeling products for ads, commercials and editorials for magazines.

Saint Patrick's Day green shoes!

Any leprecon will be jealous of your feet!

These Charles by Charles David Pompadour - Green Suede pumps make me go WHOA!!

These Hollywould green heels are hot!

Check out this Nine West Women's Grandeur green Platform Pump:

ooh lala Nine West Women's Beaulah Mary Jane:
This is a fun and cute Harajuku Lovers Women's Avallon green Pump:

I am just crazy about mint colored shoes, Rupert Sanderson green Rocket patent pumps OMG!:

If you are a new model don't use the word amateur model

I find the words amateur model the wrong way to present your self if you are ambitious and serious about working as a model.

If you are a beginning model or new model, use the words "aspiring model" don't use the words amateur model, and just because you are new to modeling doesn't mean you should work with amateur photographers, don't.

Aim to work with those who understand the craft of photography. An amateur photographer is "playing around" with the word photographer, they might have the camera but do they know how to use it? Create a marketable shot? Create a shot a print modeling agency needs.

If the photographer doesn't understand what a print modeling agency needs or wants to see on a compcard, skip working with this person.

Unless that photographer has goals to work as a commercial photographer or make a business out of his photography craft, skip it, stay away from that type of photographer when it comes to your pursuits.

Know the photographer you are conducting a shoot with knows the craft of photography, knows lighting, and that the photographer understands the shots you need for your comp card and portfolio. A professional photographer, will not just shoot to shoot but will have a photography business and it is ok, and a good idea to invest in your self and goals with it comes to photography.

Bravo Bravissimo! Lingerie campaign uses real women

This is cool. Bravissimo, a lingerie store in the UK has used 5 real women in their ad campaign. I don't believe female shoppers want the fantasy that one size is sexier; I believe they really want the real. They want to look at a product and see "how it will really look on them." There is nothing wrong with a female customer seeing a shorter, or curvy woman in the ad campaign. I hope more brands start to see that humanistic and honest advertising can sell, and does.

Bravissimo contacted 600 customers, holding castings before narrowing their choice down to five.

Read more here:

snowboarding is not for the weak

Getting on your board is probably the biggest workout of the whole put your feet on the board by sitting on the ground, board in front of you, and you put your snowboard shoes (which also weigh about as much as my head) on the board, and you strap em’ in.

Once your feet are strapped in, your feet on restrained and your legs are retrained, so to stand on your board it takes total stomach muscle, back, arms, and body thrusting forward.

Or you could do what I eventually started doing…rolling on my stomach to be on knees and then tilting back a little bit..—but not too much--- and then standing, with balance.

…ok, then when you stand, you most likely first fall down. You do this process about 5 times or so before you start to glide down the hill, then about 40 feet down, you fall again, and you laugh, lay there, get up, and try again.

After your first practice glides, it takes like 3 falls or more to get the bottom of the bunny hill you take off your boot contraption and carry your board up the hill each time to practice, it is tough. A workout in itself. Try again.

I learned that being on a board isn’t about moving your shoulders at all, really it is all about the tiniest little movements you do with your heel and your toe, while you control your upper body to not go wild. The board will take you down, and you just will move a little bit, your legs are sideways to turn a little or stop, so it is really awkward at first. Learning how to stop is important.

I rode successfully on my board worth screaming” YEAH GO GIRL!” about 5 times, in 5 hours.

Would I do it again, yes. But I have a whole new respect for snowboarders.

The whole thing is like kicking the crap out of your body. Really that is how I will sum it up. If you like a challenge, can handle throwing your body off and on a board many times, and chugging through the snow then it is worth at least the try.

It is fun when you are gliding on the hill for a nice distance, but that took me about 2 hours. Then I was so freaking tired by 4 hours that it took me about 15 falls to get down the mid-size hill. It takes mental strength. It WAS fun mixed with pain, mixed with a challenge, I think if you could see me on video you could not get any work done today, you would be laughing too much.

Snowboarding is a mental attitude, the attitude you have during the practice is is a test of your positive spirit for sure!