Wednesday, May 25, 2011

(iPhone Pic) At the Sam Brocato salon 42 Wooster St

Hey Girls,

Fringe a.k.a bangs are an up-keep but I love them.

At the Sam Brocato salon 42 Wooster St, in SoHo today holding their hair beauty bag :) aren't my bangs cute. And my BIG awesome handbag from

Great fresh, open atmosphere, welcoming, friendly, and great service.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

you have to be looking for your opportunities

maybe in relationships and love things can happen when you least expect it and aren't looking, but when it comes to your dreams and goals, don't think that it will just come to you or just happen, you have to be looking for your opportunities, ~isobella jade TM

Dear Joe Zee and Elle magazine, way to give the industry standard the finger and some inspiration too!

Hey Girls,

I was reading through the June issue of Elle magazine this afternoon and I LOVED the editorial with Joe Zee this month, which got me wondering, have you seen ELLE's Creative Director Joe Zee on the Sundance Channel’s new show All on the Line?

It's a show about designers on the brick of bankruptcy, closing shop or losing their homes from scrapping by with a lot of passion but not surviving, and Joe Zee shows them how to get their act together by instilling the will to design better and smarter, and sell more!

Aspiring models, I think you will find interesting the part where I circled in yellow. I hope you can read it okay. I have been aware of the way the sample sizes designers create influence what the  magazines feature but Joe shares more insight on why the short girl and humanistic models aren't often seen in fashion editorials, or never is seen.

Joe Zee is right, he can't change things over night and  it will take a huge mind-changing perspective and makeover to the culture of fashion and fabric for change to happen in a noticable way anytime soon. And it's not a size zero thing, and it's not a size 14 thing, --it's a design for all sizes thing.

click images to view full article:

What struck me also was that Joe mentions the resist from some designers on the show to go towards designing for the relatable every-day women. The designers and brands out there should want to allow women of all sizes the ability to get dressed with ease, it shouldn't be a privilege because you are a certain size. Then mental head-game of not being able to morph into someone they are not just to buy a fricking outfit shouldn't even be facet of their lives. And you'd think with this ever-growing consumerism, that designing for all sizes would be gushed over by brands and designers to make more money to spread their logos around further, branding, branding, branding, get more twitter followers, Facebook likes, but...that's not in the their design's not...yet.

What if designers of all price points got over their fright of all-sizes and the every-women, real-women, --why are they afraid of us.....and catered to our needs better? What if designers high to mid-level to low noticed more often the demand of all shapes?  And why don't they? It only makes sense since so many brands report their earnings and so many of them want to gain more consumers each season and year. 

I am sure by designing for more shapes they would sell more product and make more money. And I'd like to tell them to not be afraid, I think the consumer can handle seeing in ads and editorials of the "real" way the clothing will look when worn.

Granted I am a petite, and do wear a size zero-or two but that doesn't mean my shopping experiences are any easier, because everything I see or try on is 6 inches too long and I have friends who are all sizes, including above size 12 and Joe Zee includes in the editorial, "...some designers don't cut any size above a 12, despite the fact that the average American woman is a 14."

Well, Why is this? Cost of fabric? Cotton has gone up in price, but is that the real reason? Come on! No excuses! Mmmm...Is it their selfish ego? Why wouldn't a designer design for all sizes? Is their vision for who deserves to wear their clothing narrow shape-minded? If that is the case then no wonder they are broke and bitchy, ---because no one is buying their designs because no one fits into them.

So, now I think to myself, "Are all rich people thin?" 
No, I'm sorry to tell you but not all people who have money are thin, long giraffes.

But even if high fashion starts making their cuts for size 14, that doesn't mean  every size 14 girl can afford high fashion, I think the retail world as a whole needs to become more verstile, and in the areas of petite girls, curvy girls, all shapes, there is a lot of fabric out there in stores, and a lot of waste actually, because half the stuff doesn't fit on most people anyways.

Opps you designed that, put it on the rack, and no one can fricking fit in it! The fantasy might drive the high-fashion world, but the reality is no one is fitting it.

I think high-end for ALL sizes could find true success, but high-end for a limited selection, for only the right silhouette, won't much longer? I am not buying that limited attitude will be doing well in the coming years.

However, there are some designers designing to making women feel good about their bodies proving it should become more present hopefully in coming years:
We have become a fashion obsessed culture in the past ten years, and more than ever people want stuff, I am not saying that this is a good thing, I am not saying that all this shopping is not killing the soul, because it is,---- but I am saying that the every-day woman comes in all sizes. There is no normal size anymore, there is no standard to become so you can get dressed. We are who we are, face it already, and designers should give a crap about the real-deal, the reality, if they want to succeed and sell their goods.

So, aspiring designers, step it up! It's your moment, it's time to give a high-five to all sizes and seriously kick ass, because you will make a great deal of money from it! So get at it, I am waiting! MANY of us are!

And, Joe, when you need a petite for a petite pride feature, I am there to help you give the petite's props, please get in touch!

Cheers to the pint-size!
~Isobella Jade

P.s:  Girls, size zero-to size 14 to any size that you are,  please email me at and let me know where you shop and what your thoughts are?

What my feet can teach you in the June issue of Whole Living magazine on stands now

Hey Girls,

So what, you might not be giraffe tall, but height isn't everything in modeling! As a body part model being proportioned does help, but my height isn't why I am booked usually, it comes down to other assets. Such as my curves, my even skin tone and my nice looking feet. Meet MY Feet in the June issue of Whole Living magazine, shot by the wonderful photographer Henry Leutwyler.

I am not totally naked here hunny, I had on a black thong and sports bra. I was on an elevated set, crouched down on a mat putting my weight on my knees, I positioned my body and my butt to face camera just so slightly. The position reminded me of crouching down in the starting blocks before running the 400 dash at a track meet in high school. The hardest part of this pose was making sure I wasn't putting too much pressure on my toes (to keep them looking pretty) while keeping my ankles slightly unparalleled to show two feet. It's all about angle baby!

For this one I just sat on an elevated bench and my feet just naturally made that relaxed pose as I waited for direction, and THAT became the shot.  Sometimes being your natural self works wonders.

To create this shot I sat backwards to camera, on the elevated bench and pointed my toes and kicked my food back behind me just a little bit.

Henry Leutwyler and the Whole Living team were great to work with and Henry is not just an amazing photographer but also a great communicator, and within just a few hours we produce these beautiful shots.

Pick up the June issue of Whole Living on stands now, you will also learn a lot about foot reflexology, and how to improve foot balance and prevent foot injury, and also I love in the editorial that it shares how to be safe at the nail salon, I ALWAYS bring my own cuticle clippers, files and nail tools, also you will find in the editorial tips on keeping your feet smelling good and preventing sweaty and stinky feet.

...and also while you are reading be reminded that height isn't everything in modeling and in life when you notice your assets and market them.

Click to view larger.

Strive on,

Favorite Little Thing: Women's Health magazine's Seaside accessories

Hey Girls,

I forgot to tell you that in my May issue of Women's Health magazine I noticed the editors suggested some great accessories for summer. So whether you are at the beach or in your backyard or at the parks in the city, like me, check them out. I need a beach towl actually and I am really into this wood trend right now.

Fedora•Stylishly conceals wind-tangled tresses. Try: Michael Stars hat, $38,

Balinese-style wrap•Offers countless ways to cover up. Try: Matta sarong, $64,

Studded cotton bracelets
•Hardly enough to withstand the sand and surf. Try: shashi golden nugget bracelets, $28 each,, bone bead bracelets, $44 each,

Embellished Thongs
•Upgrade those rubber flip-flops. Try: Cocobella sandals, $123,

Ethnic print towel
•Claim your pool chair. Try: Nation towel, $50,

Wooden Necklaces
•Lend an island vibe to your swim ensemble. Try: Matta necklaces, $64 each,

Chic aviators
•For squint-free beach reading. Try: MARC by Marc Jacobs sunglasses, $98, for stores 

Canvas tote•An affordable tote that hits St. Barth’s note. Try: Calypso St. Barth for Target bag, $20,

For more style tips, check out:

Do you read Women's Health magazine? I receive a lot of magazines but I like to throw in there a health one and also a food one :)


Monday, May 23, 2011

Dear Aspiring Models, be prepared to manage your own model photography

working my legs
Hey Girls,

For all self-striving shorter than average models out there keep this in mind: If you can prepare your own photos and you invest the time to get professional shots and focus on creating shots that bring out your best assets, you will be going in the right direction.

Dwelling on your height, or lack of won't get you anywhere. There is more to you than just height, right?
So think about modeling as working with brands, products, and magazines and ask yourself, where you fit into the mix? What can you realistically model? What products out there have nothing to do with height? What type of modeling jobs can a shorter girl realistically get?

Here are some suggestions on these types of jobs for short chicks and preparing the photos you need to get opportunities (not having the right photos can set you back).

Plan your photoshoots for your goals. There is no point in planning a photo-shoot unless it will help your modeling goals, so make sure you have your modeling goals in order and you are shooting in the direction of them.

Focus on getting a headshot, beauty shots, shots of your modeling accessories, and shots that involve your smile and personality. Research what print modeling is because if you are dwelling on fashion modeling you might be holding yourself back from opportunities. Fashion is not everything. Make sure your photos represent where you want to go and where you can realistically go in modeling.

5 modeling jobs where height isn't everything

Prepare your comp card carefully, this is your introduction to a print modeling agency so make it important, pick your photos wisely and don't rush it!

Tips on noticing your assets as a model and why knowing them can help you plan your photo shoot for your comp card photos

An agency that is interested in working with you will use your comp card headshot until you improve it if they want you to, but remember you don't need to pay the agency to get this stuff done, but you will have to be on top of it. A print modeling agency may want to work with you, or may see something marketable in you but it is still up to you to produce marketable photos and be on top of your photography. Most print modeling agencies will not invest in your photography, so be prepared for finding and having in your circle some professional photographers that understand print modeling and can help you get the shots you need.

modeling handbags for Jacquelyn Lacroix

Modeling is not the business of just looking pretty it is a business also about knowing how to be natural and relate to a product or an editorial or advertising and marketing concept.
Be prepared to manage your own photography, knowing your assets and what makes you marketable as a model, and spending time perfecting your comp card and portfolio. Always do your homework on the agencies you submit to before hand, when you are working with an agency research the brands and products you are going to castings for, and know how to should already know how to naturally hold a product and work with one, if you your poses are not natural work on this, is a good and smart idea. 

Why knowing how to model before you submit to an agency is a good idea

A shorter girl may be able to book print modeling work modeling for the marketing campaigns for lifestyle brands and companies, editorials in magazines involves accessories, beauty, fitness, or within parts modeling. But be aware of the unstable life of a model, it is not always a stable source of income and it can be tough to survive only modeling.  Here are some extra things that come from the things I've learned behind of the scenes as a model:

Pursue while knowing that you may be the shortest one in the room but that isn't the thing that defines what you are capable of and why you are a good model. Walk into the casting prepared to bring forth your best assets.

  1. Have good communication skills. Time is money and being perceptive to understand what the photographer or art director or editor is wanting out of the shot is important.
  2. I think having an understanding of proportion, camera angles and understanding the perspective of the camera is a good idea because as a model you have to sometimes find the best pose that flatters your body and the product best as quick as possible, and doing so makes you a good model.
  3. Patience, modeling can involve a lot of waiting around for the photography crew to set up and sometimes while shooting the plan or concept for the shoot will change, so you might find yourself waiting around. Actually the prep for the shoot, from the set to the makeup or styling usually takes longer than the shoot itself. Bring a book, a magazine, something to do because standing around makes people nervous, so bring some reading material to pass the time until they photographer is ready.
  4. The more you care about the shot and about working as a team the better. Be determined to get it right, be positive that you will, and you will be remembered.

Just telling you how it is, aim high and strive on, be prepared and put in the time,

Thank you to my blog and book readers!

Hey Girls,

I just wanted to say thanks for being fans of my books and I write them for the underdogs. I am currently working on a book series and I will have more to share this summer on it. If you have enjoyed my books so far, and have a moment, please give my books a comment and your thoughts on Amazon and

Thank you for being inspirational to me,


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Favorite Little Things at the BUST Magazine Craftacular

(me and a Bust magazine chick)
Hey Girls,

Yesterday I went to the BUST Magazine Craftacular at 82 Mercer Street in SoHo. And here are some some really awesome designers and artisans that caught my eye:
natural handmae artisan goods for bath, body and home

Handcrafted herbal bath and body soaps, face masques and even makeup remover,

I enjoyed a meatball slider from meatballs! Also I picked up some mighty hot jalapeƱo jelly.

Check out: Sea Grape bath and body goodness. funky, funky handbags with different textures and personality, limited edition hand crafted products.  handmade bath and body products are all inspired by books and literature! See this QUEEN BEE Dry Oil Body Spray inspired by The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd or this ALTER EGO Body Cream - Mr. Hyde version, inspired by Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Yum, check out these Gourmet Chocolate Covered Pretzels,

The pretty dainty earrings and necklace lockets caught my eye at

How about jewelry made out of real fruit?  Well, that's what  is all about.

Eco lingerie designer Clare Bare,, not only had beautifully crafted and sewn original lingerie but her models in her look book are also all shapes and sizes which I thought was cool.

I had a nice chat with Nathan James Johnson and Jayson Romos, the designers of The Craftmen, about their handmade, hand-stitched leather wallets, card holders and headphone cases like this one:

Also, check out, I like these washers looped earrings that I could wear just about everyday with everything. Founded by sisters Hind and Hamsa Baki in 2009, looplit jewelry is designed and created to meet the artistic flair of today’s fashionistas.

These polished wood angel wing necklaces caught my eye at

There are some more designers that caught my eye and I will be featuring them later during the coming week, I hope you had a great weekend and that it was inspiring and full of love,

Friday, May 20, 2011

Favorite Little Thing: Mango Alice C clutch

Hey Girls,

This clutch makes me smile, it does! It makes me think of strolls in the park and ice-cream! I think of green grass and lemonade!

Alice C clutch @

Keep being beautiful and wonderful unique you!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Favorite Little Thing: Mallory Musante's shoes rock!

(Mallory Musante and Me, my iPhone takes crazy pics, I know!)
Hey Girls,

I met the artist Mallory Musante of her namesake shoe brand, Mallory Musante Shoes, at her Shoe and Tell trunk show last night at (65 Mercer St. in SoHo).

And her hand-painted shoes rock!

Mallory was promoting her bridal collection and the colorful shoes would make a unique and memorable bride or bridesmaids shoe, but I could see them pounding the pavement any day as well.

Mallory takes custom orders and you can check out the work she's done, her collection and shoe gallery here:

Also check out the other tasties and awesome things that were chilling out at the truck show:

Craving 4 Cupcake and via Facebook.

Skinny Water  and via Twitter:


Awesome chips, by Food Should Take This Good

Glamorous Chicks Cosmetics:


(new Podcast) Aiming High and Living Up To Your Own Expectations

Potential means that you have the ability to do something. And if you notice that potential in yourself and use it, you have already succeeded.  ~Isobella Jade, from my recent podcast segment on

(shot by Robert Caldarone, Brooklyn Heights)

Aiming High and Living Up To Your Own Expectations

Tune into this segment:

Petite model, author and advocate Isobella Jade shares some of her day to day tips for staying inspired when you are starting from scratch, the underdog or just trying to do what you want to do as your own cheerleader some days. Staying positive involved a lot of energy, it is work to stay positive sometimes and this segment is to inspire your own brain-power and inner-self to keep your beat going on. You can connect with Isobella Jade via Facebook or Twitter or on her website where you will also find her books and also get a personalized signed copy of them.

Almost 5'4", which she first wrote at the Apple store, is about her early years as a model, MODEL LIFE: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior is a fashion illustrated graphic novel based on her own adventures in NYC as a model, and Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model, which was inspired by her blog readers and is a follow up to Almost 5'4" and includes modeling tips for short chicks.

Isobella Jade's books on Amazon.
Isobella Jade's books on

Also check out all of archived podcast segments on iTunes by searching Isobella Jade.

(Photo: Robert Caldarone, Astoria, NY)

Let's get crafty or discover cool crafty people! BUST CRAFTACULAR!

Hey Girls, Do you live in NYC? If you do this weekend rocks!

I will be heading to the Bust Craftacular to check out the vendors and find cool and unique accessories and fun stuff!

Check it out too:

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

82 Mercer Street

Between Broome and Spring

New York, NY


1 day only!

Unique'ness rocks!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Isobella Jade Quote: I hope you also carry a peacefulness inside.

I know the pressures, the stress, the frustration and the importance of carrying on, and through it all I hope you also carry a peacefulness inside. It's not always easy to slip in the day the time to connect to your heart and soul but I hope you do and allow yourself a moment of peace and calmness and also laughter-- the heart, mind and body need these moments to reflect, collect and bring out the best in you ~ij

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On Oprah today, she asked James Frey: how are you with yourself?

On Oprah today, she asked James Frey: how are you with yourself? I like that, and I do ask myself something similar daily. Also I think it is important to confront how you feel about yourself, your work, what you are striving for, your atmosphere, and what you are waking up for. ~ij

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Case for Falling in Love - book review coming up

Hey Girls,

I am not single but 3 things worry me about society these days #1. Manners going down the drain. #2. Education values going down the drain. #3 The power of Love going down the drain.

Single ladies, you should check out this book called "The Case for Falling in Love: Why We Can't Master the Madness of Love -- and Why That's the Best Part," by Mari Ruti PhD.

... will have a review up on my blog soon :)


Photos from this weekend Miami Vice themed party

Hey Girls, some pics from a Miami Vice themed party taken on my iPhone this past weekend:

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My chat with Kirsty of Diary of a Small Girl on why petite's are so unrepresented in the fashion world and tips for the shorter girls on getting out there on modeling


Hey Girls,

Everyone, petites, strivers, hustlers, I recently chatted with Kirsty at Diary of a Small Girl about my thoughts on why petite's are so unrepresented in the fashion world and tips for the shorter girls on getting out there on modeling, my journey as an author and learning to love my own imperfections, check out the link here on facebook, or on her site here: .

An excerpt from the interview:

What tips would you give girls who still consider themselves underdogs because of their height? For the modelling industry and for those who are disheartened by the constant media emphasis on a barbie-esque perfection.

I think it is best to confront what you like and don’t like so much about your physical appearance and becomes friends with your flaws, and turn your mindset into being thankful for what you do have. We all have things about ourselves we might wish we could change or perfect, but perfection is not what I consider beautiful actually. I consider that scar by your eyebrow, that gap between your teeth or that bump on your nose, and that big forehead the real beauty.
I used to hate the gap between my teeth, and my overbite when I compared myself to other girls at school, but after studying my mouth during all of high school I noticed that if my teeth and jaw were perfectly aligned my smile would look very awkward and uncomfortable. When I just let my overbite do its thing, my smile looked so much prettier, real and natural. Today many models have a gap between their teeth, but when I was a kid it was something I worried about, but my mother has a gap, my grandmother had a gap, and it is something that also is a part of my roots which I also have become more important to me over time.
And the even bigger beauty is how you treat people and the kindness you give. Beauty should be only defined by the love you give and the care you express, I don’t care how attractive someone is; I care about how they treat people and how they treat themselves. I hope that this becomes more important in our society as well.
Fashion’s tall-is-better world can be misleading and the barbie-esque thing damages the self-esteem of girls around the world. It makes me sick. Your breasts don’t have to be a certain size to be accepted, and at the same time you don’t have to be a certain height to be considered model-ready. If you want to model think about what you can realistically model for, be honest with yourself about it and focus on getting the photos you need to strive in the right ways. It is hard sometimes to confront the reality, the facts, but dwelling on breaking the barriers put up by the fashion world’s measurement standards is not going to get you far.
The more a petite girl dwells on the fashion world, the more likely she is to miss her chances all together. But not to fear, basically the shorter girl is the reality which is why she works best for commercial print modeling which is based on relating to the everyday consumer, not the small percentage high end consumer. Fashion is such a small percent of the working models out there. Print models are all heights, ages, ethnicities, types and sizes.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rainy days can be inspiring

Hey Girls,

Last night had a great dinner at Cafeteria on 17th n 7th, rib tacos so filling, mac and cheese rocks! Enjoyed the time w five sweet blonds and being one of three brunettes, sitting on a tuffette like little miss muffette :) ended the night watching The Tourist w my man, love Venice scapes I wanna be there on a balcony at night wearing a long white gown :)

Yesterday was sunny, but this weekend is cloudy and the rain is supposed to start later tonight.
Today working on my writing and reading some of I'm Over All That by Shirley MacLaine and poems by Robert Frost. Going to make some chili later.
ground beef
crushed tomatoes
yellow onion
large green peppers
chipotle chile powder
garlic powder
salt & black pepper
chili beans
I like mixing it all together!

Here is what I am watching and listening to when I take a break from writing:

Something to do inside on a rainy day or anytime, that will work your creativity: do you like to peel and stick things? Then this might be fun. Jessica, the designer of does. Being from Syracuse, NY I like the orange focus of these DIY projects, like this one to make a cute flower out of crepe paper, if only I had some crepe paper:

There is much to do and discover,

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Coming out in August is Architect Barbie: fashion isn't the only place to use your eye for design

Hey Girls,

While I am not crazy about Barbie's long legs and her unproportioned body, I am happy that Barbie's have become more career focused and themed around "jobs."

When I was at Seaworld a couple years ago I saw a Seaworld trainer Barbie, perhaps to inspire girls to pursue being marine animal training when they are adults?

Coming out in August is Architect Barbie. When I was in high school I took an architecture design class. I had my ruler and special pencils, and drew a one level house and created a cafe called Monkey Tales, I really can't remember the theme of the cafe, but I don't think the cafe had actual Monkey tails on the menu or were there stories of monkey's invovled, but whatever, I had my semester with architecture design and it was challenging for me, since I am not a math wizard, but it was also fun to see the final result of hours of measuring and making perfect straight lines with my ruler.

When I was a kid I did play with Barbie's but not obsessively, I have this memory of using my Barbie to makeout with Ken. I think it was my first sexual thought, not positive though. Maybe it was just a memory from a dream I had, I don't know.

A recent article by Cheryl Wischhover for the Today Show, called Move over, Mike Brady: Now Barbie’s an architect too, shares that "The number of practicing female architects hovers at about 20%, according to Stratigakos. What’s particularly discouraging about this number is that women actually account for about 40% of students in architecture programs. While female student numbers have increased over the past decades, Stratigakos explained, “The number of women actually entering the profession and remaining there remains pretty flat.”

I went to college for Advertising, and in college I was friends with some architect students, they had long hours of projects to finish, always seemed stressed with all the hours they spent building and planning and learning. Some of them were girls.

We hear a lot these days about fashion design careers, it seems every girl wants to be a fashion designer, and that is worth pursuing if you have a true passion and love for fashion and would do it for free, I recently heard Pat McGrath say that about a career as a Makeup Artist, "If you would do it for free, then do it."

I think what she means in that is the amount of work it involves, and the importance of having true passion for what you pursue as a career or foundation for your career goals.

But let's not forget fashion isn't the only place to use your eye for design. Here are some websites, articles on careers as architects and architecture:

I hope you enjoy these!


P.s: if you want a signed copy of  my books Almost 5'4" or Short Stuff click here.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Isobella Jade Quotes: sometimes you create your own potential

Sometimes you’re born with it, it could be considered good genes, but sometimes you create your own potential, you make yourself who you will be through recognizing the potential in yourself, sometimes it involves someone reminding you of the potential you have, sometimes you need to be the one to discover it, everyone has it, it’s there waiting to be used, and it really comes down to what you see in yourself. ~Isobella Jade

Teen Vogue's Beauty and Health Director, Eva Chen says that "Skin is like a plant, it wants to be watered daily, it wants to be taken care of..."

Hey Girls,

I just checked out this awesome skincare video with Teen Vogue's Beauty and Health Director, Eva Chen.
I think you will like it too. Although the tips are meant for Prom, they can be good for every day of the year and throughout your life.

Click here to watch it on TeenVogue's website.

I love it when she said, "Skin is like a plant, it wants to be watered daily, it wants to be taken care of, it wants to be nurtured regularly, fed regularly.”
You can also go backstage during fashion week with Eva here and she also shares a little about her early days as an intern and she interviews Pat McGrath, for any of you Makeup Artists in the making!
Follow Eva on Twitter:

The Obakki the model is reading a book! Madison Gallery's truck show in Malibu, CA

click to see larger

Hey Girls,

I love how in this promo piece for the Madison Gallery's up coming truck show the Obakki the model is reading a book!

Love it! As an author this is so awesome. :)

Here is the scoop:

What: Obakki Summer Trunk Show

When: Thursday, May 19th

5pm to 10pm

Where: Madison Gallery
23410 Civic Center Way
Malibu, CA 90265

Or shop online here:


Isobella Jade Quotes: if you give it love, time and care

As a petite model, as an author and marketer and newlywed, I know that things evolve over time and what you start with can become so much more if you give it love, time and care. ~isobella jade

Check out this free photographer's course on Food Photography with Penny De Los Santos.


I've hand modeled for food  magazine Bon Appetit many times, and you can read an excerpt about that experience in Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model here, and if you are an aspiring model or aspiring photographer I encourage you to check out this free photographer's course on Food Photography with Penny De Los Santos.

Here is the link to catch the free course on Fri, 05/13/2011 - 10:00am Pacific time (America/Los_Angeles)

Penny's Website:

Follow Penny on Twitter:

Friend Penny on Facebook:

I heard about this class via

Explore, learn and grow,


Monday, May 9, 2011

Playing around in Tribeca (Photos)

Hey Girls, check out this story on Christy Turlington on CBS

Click to watch:

Hey Girls,

This CBS story on Christy Turlington (The supermodel has become a mother, grad student, and activist-filmmaker speaking to the issue of maternal health) is inspiring and I hope you enjoy it! :)

I did meet her at the screening of her amazing film No Woman, No Cry, at Tribeca film festival in 2010 and also gave her a copy of Almost 5'4", I was really impressed with the heart touching film and she is such a beautiful person inside and out, and you should check out these links below.

Here is the story:

Christy's links
No Woman, No Cry, documentary:
Christy on Twitter:
Read Christy's posts on here:


Dear Aspiring Models, don't slop together your photos, build your experience in a professional way with the right mindset

Hey Girls,

Monday, Monday, gotta get those goals moving!
Last week I did a podcast segment on model photography, did you catch it?

It’s really easy to be misled when it comes to serious modeling and the photos you need and how to market yourself. Especially in this Internet age, finding your way can be really nerve-racking because it might sound so easy, upload your photo, be seen, be a model, just upload your images, but just uploading an image doesn’t mean you are a professional, it doesn’t mean you even know how to model and a random photo won't do.

When you are serious about modeling, finding opportunities it starts with putting yourself in a position for success, and having goals.

Your goals will reflect your photos, the photos you create.

The photos you create represent where you will go in modeling. And it is important to focus on getting professional modeling photos, professional photos that market you and your assets, not just any ol' photo, but photos that really fit your realistic goals as a model.

If you are only dwelling on your height, remember you are missing out on the other assets you have that can be marketable. I suggest knowing your assets beyond height before you plan a photoshoot for modeling, prepare and strive to work with a professional photographer, research modeling agencies in your area that work with models of all types. Remember your mindset is everything, like I've mentioned before: perception is everything.

Here are some posts I've written on putting your comp card to use as a model, even if the phone isn't ringing from a modeling agency you can still build your experience in a professional way with the right mindset:

Some tips for working with an agency and how to get their attention:


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