Monday, March 31, 2008

Shooting in Spring! And loving my new modeling compcards

I just ordered a new body parts card and commercial looking card from!
The body card features a hand modeling shot from bon appetit magazine, hopefully soon I will have more hand modeling photos to add to my portfolio, also I put on it my Marshalls tearsheet and then I put a sexy leg shot on it with my modeling a bag and my legs are in a stance that looks very long!

I do need more smiles in my shoots and that is my plan for my next shoots, wearing my vintage dresses, and smiling alot! Don't forget the importance of a natural smiling girl next door photo. It is important when it comes to commercial print modeling. My agents want to see a smile.

A few of my smiles are enclosed, but I do need some updates for my portfolio and card.

Next time!

I am excited for it to get warmer so I can start to flaunt my smile around town and plan outside shoots!

Spring fever! Petite wants to give me height!

I am searching for a blazer now. Similar to the ones in the photos enclosed. I think Forever 21, Mango, and H&M and even Old Navy and Tocca has a really cute little tube those will be a few of my stops this spring for finding cute jackets and accessories.

Little jackets that pinch at the waist give a petite girl some length if done right, I think they are fun to wear alone in shoots too ( wink)!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Shoe Brands to know: Giuseppe Zanotti, Jonathan Kelsey, Elie Tahari, A.B.S by Allen Schwartz

Giuseppe Zanotti has very sexy silhouettes ( above image), it makes any ankle and foot, and curves of a woman look damn good!

Elie Tahari, I enjoy the look of the python shoe!

Jonathan Kelsey has a very sophisticated look but still a very high heel!

A.B.S by Allen Schwartz, for mixing suade and platforms!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Inspiration for photoshoots in Movies

I get inspired by movies and movie posters when it comes to my poses and planning my own test shoots.

Tonight I am watching To Catch a Thief, I love the photography in that movie and the styling. Grace Kelly is divine.

The Internet Model Obsession

The girls of the web are known as these creatures to be admired, but what are they really doing?

In terms of modeling they are counting hits and clicks and so-called friends on Myspace?

It sounds a little weird. I wonder if these fans of theirs would show up at an event they held or will even know who they are in 5 years?

I have used the Internet ALOT during my pursuits but I never thinking of myself as an Internet model, I think of myself as that Different Kind of Interent Model, the girl who uses it as the tool to research, and seek out the representation from real agents, and to keep in touch with REAL friends. Also I use it to research editors, and magazines and brands I want to work with.

Because it means more to me, to my purpose when a girl says, " I discovered you recently and thanks for the modeling tip." Compared to winning the girl with the most friends on Myspace.

I think there is a big difference when all your FANS or hits and clicks come from men, and not you?

I'd rather be on the road for the long road, not the walk around the block.
I'd rather pose for ad campaigns, and because I know I have a great body, use it for brands and in ways that actually make more money and in more long lasting ways.

I might write about my past, days when I was that girl, but moving on to bigger things and more intriguing opportunities that speak in tearsheets and working with quality photographers who let me tell the story through the lens, where I am not a tease but more.

In my mind it is easy to stick your ass out and call yourself a model, but it doesn't fufill me enough, I want the ad campaign, I want the commercial. I want more.

There are ways to get ahead, get known, be who you want to be, make a statement, and effect people without being another internet model.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Modeling till you are 60 years old!

There is modeling work for the ages, just look in magazines, and I don't just mean fashion, I mean many different kinds.

At MODEL TALK Tonight I will discuss how models can aspire from a baby and until you are 60. Now you might not travel the world by jet, and be the face of every ad campaign, but you can get modeling work no matter your age and height.
No more whining that you are 30 and it is too late to model.

Maybe fashion modeling, but not for commercial print, especially since the woman who are 25-35 are the ones who are buying and advertising is targeted around the age group that buys!

Pay attention to the commercial world.

Tune in at 8pm to hear more!

Giving Body Part Modeling a voice: Isobella Jade featured in Nylon Magazine

Enclosed above is the article in Nylon magazine's April issue 2008, which features myself and 4 other lovely body part models talking about our best parts!

I am glad the magazine has given a voice to this type of modeling, to remind us that there is more to the modeling business than just the runway.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Marketing Drives the Model

Whether you rock the runway or not, modeling opportunity is out there for you. The best thing to do is to not lose hold of the marketing you need to do for yourself to gain tearsheets, an agent and become more of a model. I saw " more of a model" because modeling to me isn't just posing and flaunting what you got, it is using what you got to get actual legit modeling work with brands and magazines. That is why I write this blog because I model for a purpose, and I want you to know that no matter your height if you market yourself well you will get modeling work. It might not be on a Billboard, or posing for a high end fashio brand like Prada, but you can get ahead as a model if you create goals for yourself, work with quality photographers and if you are eager to get involved with your pursuits. Research photographers, commercial print modeling agencies, magazine editors and brands you can be submitting yourself to.

I don't ask for the answer, or epect it to appear, I seek it out! I find it, chase it and make what I want to happen!

When I create photos I try to make them speak, and sell me in a way that CAN get me modeling work. I am not tall and I do NOT try to be a fashion model, I try to be the model I can actually be.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I love Beacon's Closet in Brooklyn!

After a couple of beers at the Brooklyn Brewery I enjoyed walking about Beacon's Closet, across the street for some shopping ( this experience became the best store for finding unique clothing for the right price in my mind!) Don't be mislead by the cheap looking website. The clothing is amazing inside, seriously I could spend hours in the store, and I walked out with 8 dreses and two shirts all for under $150 bucks! Where do you find 8 dresses that fit and are in very good shape and make you feel hot for that price? It is seriously worth a ride on the L train one stop for Bedford, and while you are in town have a beer at the Brooklyn Brew. I am so excited to wear my new dresses, I wished they had more size 6 shoes but I forgave them when I found some amazing petite sizes. I think I just found me new favorite store. The tee shirts and dresses were seriously only $15!!! No joke.

Where can you find such a find?

This is also a great place for quick finds for photo shoots.

I don't know who that bald Beacon guy is, but he is wicked cool!

Brooklyn Brewery visit

Being from Upstate Ny (Syracuse, NY) it is nice to know that a good portion of the Brooklyn Brewery brews beer in Utica. I loved the Brooklyn location though. I learned about the brand today during the tour and history lesson at their Brooklyn location off the L train on North 11th Street. I had an amazing time enjoying the Brooklyn Winter. It had some sort of berry taste to it. Mmm. It was also cool that the laid back atmosphere of the brewery means that you could be sitting on a batch of Hops. If you have a chance to visit, it is worth it!

I like to know where things I enjoy come from!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Modeling Monologue:Look towards big things

There will be scams, people to bring you down, there will be mistakes, and re-doing, trying again, and again, there will be moments of feeling like, " Why bother!" but you should. You should always try to follow your goals. It helps if you can be realistic and honest with your self, if you are willing to self promote yourself and if you believe in yourself before anyone else does. Without or without support can be tough, but if you want something you fight for it, and usually the things that are hard are worth fighting for!

Cricket Lee Takes On The Fashion Industry in the Wall Street Journal

I recently enjoyed reading the piece by Ann Zimmerman about Cricket Lee in the Wall Street Journal about taking on the fashion industry, and the the Plus size clothing industry or lack of. I agree with Miss Lee about how " standardize fit is what women in America want." Shopping if you are either petite or plus size can be a true mess. Although I must say when it comes to the plus size woman, there must be more than just Lane Bryant! AND when it comes to the petites...there must be more than KIDS sizes!

The high fashion world does define the spiral of how other brands follow suit,-(is it more about the ego than reality of the consumer?) many brands are not realistic with measurement and as for models it follows suite too, which is why perhaps the modeling standard heights are aspired from the runway. Which is odd because there are so many great models, who just are not the standard height.

I am very proud of Cricket Lee for not giving up on her struggle with the retail world, and to make a mark for woman of all sizes! And creating a NEW standard for the retail world.

If she ever needs a model for the petite model, the shorter girl, the driven and ambitious, she knows who to call!

You can read the inspiring article in the Wall Street Journal here

Bronx Museum, Natural History Museum, Space Show, and Lula Lu Lingerie, Modeling Compcards

Today I visited the Bronx Museum of Arts with my boyfriend , I liked how blunt and honest the exhibits were, and then we went back downtown to the Museum of Natural History, after downing a couple of hotdogs, I enjoy visiting the museums in NYC so much! We got to see a fantastic Space show. I would love to see the Cosmic Collisions show again, "Cosmic Collisions, narrated by award-winning actor, director, and producer Robert Redford, is now showing, at the Hayden Planetarium in the Frederick Phineas and Sandra Priest Rose Center for Earth and Space." It is nice to step out of my world and to think about The World and Space.

And tonight I am working on another writing piece for, and creating a new compcard for both body part modeling and commercial print modeling. Therefore I need two different cards. I will share them with you when I am done! Also I am planning to shoot some lingerie tonight from LuLa Lu lingerie- which is meant for petites!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Shoe modeling confessions

So I went to a shoe modeling casting, it was last minute so I rushed to get a pedicure last night and creamed up my legs and toes and ankles and soles, slept in socks. Debated what shoes I shoudl wear to the casting because if my feet are swished in an clsoed toe shoe they come out looking red and not so pretty, so I decided on a sandel heel with an open toe, shoes I am saving for a warmer day. But I threw the shoes on and froze a little, looking like the only girl in SoHo who thinks it is 80 degrees out. I even creamed up my feet in the elevator up. I walked into the casting, - an office studio,- another girl was trying on the boots and was saying " I think my foot fits." and the shoe director saying, " no it is too tight."

I noticed that the shoes she was trying on were a closed toe stiletto and a boot.

Oh yeah, thats right, the shoe industry shows shoes 3-6 months in advance and is shooting the fall ad campaign now. So I didn't need to sweat it so much about my perfect pedicure because I tried on a BOOT! No toes were seen. Still I like to be prepared because you never know what to expect at a go-see.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I want to write a a book, Book publishing and self publishing tips from Isobella Jade

Well.....Before I had my book I had press on it, and before I had a publisher I self published. So first, Anything is possible!

I had personal goals to have my book published by the time I was 25, so first I tried to get a book agent...and although I did self publish, aI did have a great book agent, I got it from using websites like to submit to agents, (since a stamp can be expensive when you are mailing a is don't be afraid to use it! and it is FREE).

If a book agent is important to is some tips:
Think about what books are similar to yours...similar vibe, writing style,...and catagory. Then...look in the credits and thank you section of the book, usually the author lists the agent's name. Or the publisher's name.

Next google the agent or try to get intouch by phone, or email, or mail.

What to mail:
The chapter in your book that defines your story. A marketing plan, and marketing ideas you have for it. And how well received you think the book will be. Quick. Not too over done and when it comes to typos and perfection..don't dwell -THAT is what editors are just send what you think it the heart of the story..

Don't follow ALL the rules:
Don't be afraid to take a chance, write an article based on the book and submit it to a magazine, go to events all related to your book topic, and to not wait. If you really want your book then there is nothing wrong with self publishing, but with it comes a lot of self promotion.

And remember..even if you do self publish you can submit to the bigger publishing houses after.

I did.

A book agent and publisher want to know: How can I market this book? The book is great but what is even more important is the marketing behind it.

Here are some links:

Also: If you love a topic. If you want to write a book about it you should ask yourself...At this moment there are reporters, stories and news about this topic in one way or another and you need to email these writers, reporters, newspapers, blogs, etc, and try to have your perspective known. Of course using MYSPACE,FACE BOOK, among others is good too!
You should also be blogging about your interests, your book, the topics you love.

Self Promotion:
If the book is about being pregnant...I would contact pregnant magazines. If it is about Murder.. I would contact CNN or Nancy Grace. If your book is about dogs, contact dog magazines. Maybe send an excerpt or the base of your book and try to create some buzz.
Newspapers and news sources need news every day!

So beyond the publishing part, Think about also the Marketing too! It will help everything come together.

Think big! And keep trying!

Isobella Jade

Apple, Music Co's Mull Unlimited Music Model and Isobella poses with iPod, iSexy, and more!

As you might know I wrote my book at the Apple Store and love hearing about Apple news. Today in the Financial Times, Ross Fadner reports that "Apple is in discussions with the big music companies about a new "all you can eat" subscription model for its iTunes music service that would give its users free access to the entire iTunes library in exchange for paying a premium for its music enabled devices like the iPod and iPhone. This is the same model as the "comes with music" deal Nokia struck with Universal Music a few months ago, although this would include each of the four biggest recording studios. The plan now hinges on the price the iPod maker is willing to pay for access to the labels' music catalog. Nokia, for example, is reportedly offering music industry partners almost $80 per handset, which would be divided according to their share of the market. Apple so far has offered $20 per device."

Also in the New York Times Brad Stone reports that "New research from M:Metrics shows that iPhone users are much more likely to use (and enjoy) the mobile Web than other cell phone owners. According to a survey of more than 10,000 adults, 84.8 percent of iPhone users report accessing news and information from the handheld device-a dramatic increase over other smartphone users, 58.2 percent, and the overall mobile market, 13.1 percent."

I love the Apple airbook, I love the commercial, the song, the creative works, and I love how the Apple brand is about the same age as me!

Runners World Magazine tells you to LOVE YOUR SPORTS BRA

I was a track scholarship runner before I started modeling and now as a body parts model and enclosed is a great article from Runners World Magazine about finding a fitting sports bra and making it last. This article can be applied to your gym visit or can work for any fitness activity...and as a body part model, I found the article really interesting.

Love Your Sports Bra
PUBLISHED 07/12/2007

Here's how to shop and care for one of the most important pieces of running gear a woman can have.

When did buying a jog bra get so complicated? These days, choices run from crop tops to tanks, camis to shimmels. Then come the options: pockets, zippers, seamless construction, and antimicrobial fabrics. And whichever bra you choose, it needs to provide optimal support and a perfect fit. No wonder most women select the wrong bra.

When shopping for your next sports bra keep the following tips in mind:

Go for impact
Runners need bras designed for high-impact activity. That yoga bra may be adorable, but it probably won't provide the support you need. Look for a bra's activity level on its label or the maker's Web site.

Send sweat packing
Select a jog bra made from technical materials touted to wick moisture away from the skin, such as CoolMax and Drylete. Seams with rolled edges and off-center stitching (to minimize chafing) are preferable.

Try 'em on
One brand's 36C can fit completely differently from another brand's 36C, so bring three bras into the dressing room with you-the cup size you normally wear, a smaller, and a larger one. If the material wrinkles or bunches, the bra is too big. And if there's skin bulging out in spots or if the seams are cutting into you, then it's too small. You should be able to fit two fingers under the straps. When you find a bra that feels good, run in place for 10 to 15 seconds. The bra should minimize breast movement and not twist while you move.

Make it last
Wash the bra in cold water with powder detergent, since liquids clog fabric pores, which inhibits moisture wicking. Tumble dry on low or let it air dry to prolong the life of the elastic. After about 72 washes-when the elastic starts to lose resilience-or if your weight changes, you should replace the bra.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I met a cool skateboarder today: Dustin Charlton

We talked about the Apple Store, music,google, video, editing, art and modeling at Robert Caldarone's photo studio. He is impressive. Then I googled him and found this photo. Awesome.

Y-3 New York Adidas launches the first freestanding Y-3 store in Manhattan

My boyfriend received a really cool mailer today from Adidas. Since three is my luck number I had to mention it. The white enveloped with only a stamp and the Y-3 on the back stating no address just the trade mark was intriguing. Opening it, inside was a presentation by Adidas with (almost compcard side cards) these white cards explaining the concept of the store and it read " The "Y" stands for Yohji Yamamoto, the "3" represents adidas' three signature stripes and the "-" signifies the link between the two." Then enclosed was also a few stock cards of women and men jumping around and doing fitness poses.
It was intense.

Mmmm very cool I thought. Location in the Meatpacking the district you can check out the store, after you of course go to the Apple Store.

This is also an example of how important a good mailing of your compcard, headshot is to your modeling pursuits or artistic pursuits. With all the spam mail out there,..I am very big on Mailing snail mailing, post mailing. Actually I can't stand the lady at the post office ( she is a real snot sometimes...) but I go there about 4 times a week. anyways! Use this example of Adidas marketing as inspiration to mail out some of your own marketing material and promote you!

Modeling with Craigslist

I roll my eyes at the same casting all the time. While I scope out Craigslist to see if anything legit is out there, there is always the one casting that sticks out like a sore thumb. That scam!

It usually has a headline like "Photogenic people needed!!" or something really obnxious like "Fashion and Print Models" and then include in the notice that models 5'2" are welcome. For most agencies they will never say We welcome 5'2"...even if they do. Because although models of that height CAN get work, the image of a model is not 5'2" usually. Usually Nike doesn't call the agency and say "send me all your 5'2" models.." so think of it that way.

While there are agencies for petite models, usually they do NOT list height, they are commercial print modeling agencies that accept petite models and they just say, petite models....NOT "Female & Male up to 30 years old, and Kids from 5 month old and up Height: 5'2 and up."

When a modeling agency bluntly says "all short girls welcome!" it makes me skeptical. It makes me weary

Target Signs Botkier Accessories Deal - Accessories are Great for Petite Models!

Target handbag and accessories are a great idea for aspiring models to use in their photoshoots. To give the shot a commercial, editorial and ad feel. I love the totes! Now Botkier offers accessories soon at target!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Guess Goes Green for Size 24 Jeans!

I love Guess? -mostly because they have size 24 jeans and not many jeans brands have that. But one brand I do love is Guess? AND Now: Guess is going green.
With Green friendly jeans which will be available in April.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Petite Fashion Tips from Petite Fashionista

I recently discovered a great new store for petite woman on PetiteFashionista, which featured an article from The Northern Eco in the U.K about a petite woman, named Faye Clements, who recently launched her own online fashion store called Shortbred from her home in Thirsk, North Yorkshire.

When it comes to more stores for petite woman: The next Time I am in Boston I plan on stopping by a new clothing store that targets petite woman. The store founded by petite sized Allison Barnard, is called No if's and Butts. I plan on dropping my book called Almost 5'4", off to Allison as well.

So the next time you are upset about finding clothing or jeans, or a shoe that fits, stop by PetiteFashionista and consider these two stores.
Thanks for the news Petitefashionista!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Modeling Truths and Tales: It's Gotta Be My Steve Madden Shoes

At about 11am I got on the W train to make my 11:30 casting at the showroom of a well known shoe brand, the moment I get on the train i dig in my bag and start to brush some powder on my face because I always do my makeup on- the- go. I could feel the eyes of the man standing near the subway doors staring at me. Normally I would let this go and just roll my eyes at it, "another staring freak," but this time I walked up to him and said..." i am getting off the train because I am sick of you staring," he said," well I got eyes baby, I can do what I want with them,"

I said,
"NO!. Your mother should have taught you not to stare. It is rude!"

Then I hope he doesn't have a gun or anything to hit me with.

He faces the door now and looks out into the dark subway tunnel at his own reflection. I hold the subway pole for a few minutes and then sit back down. I decide I will stay in the subway car I am in, I start to check my toes.

To save some money I had given myself my own pedicure an hour before. And when checked my toes I see that it is ruined! I put my feet into my Steve Madden shoes too early and now I have messed my pedicure. Knowing this job is for feet I rush to put cream on my feet and ankles, but fixing my pedicure with some nail polish isn't an option. It is hard to fix your toes on the train.

Off the train at 7th Ave and 57th St, I rush to 56th, and pass three police man who muble something my way, in return I give them the finger. Now I know that was rude, but I was in no mood for cops now mumbling my way. The address is my agenda book must be wrong because I can not find the show room and after asking the doorman at the location which I thought it was at, I am directed to go across the street.

Up to the third floor I enter the showroom, alittle late and I am welcomed by two girls. I give them my compcard, reveal my bad pedicure and still hope I booked the job. I only try on one shoe from the pair they give me. I feel my pedicure has ruined my chances.

On the way back to the train the cops stop me along with about 10 construction workers and just random men, the cops say
"That was rude."

And I say back...

"What is it? My shoes?" why are people whistling?"

I am almost to the subway stairs and I yell back to them,

" if I was in flip flops maybe the walk would have been quieter."
and they say,

"No, it's 'cause you look good."

On the train the woman next to me says, 'How do you walk in those?"
And then tells me how in Japan so many girls walk in really tall heels,stilettos.

I tell her I am a petite model, and every inch counts.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hey Dude, models, and movies

I love Zoolander, what a great model movie, yes GIA is good too, but I really love Zoolander. Christine Taylor is really great in the movie too, and I remember the first time I saw her it was when she was on the show "Hey Dude"

Who remembers Hey Dude?

I think reality shows based on the modeling business are so lame these days. But movies are different, and there are some good modeling books out there too, but it is unique to see a male model's life portrayed, and Zoolander rocks...even if it is very over done.

The Mindset of an Internet Model

Since the Internet is such a welcoming tool for all girls, I wanted to share the difference between a model and an "Internet model."

An Internet model isn't thinking about tearsheets and magazines but only thinking about hits and clicks.

An Internet model is downloading her photo on the Internet but not trying to work with legit people in the modeling industry, like agencies and well respected photographers.

An Internet model has a website, wants people to join their membership and writes a blog once in awhile and changes the photos on the website weekly.

An Internet model is not thinking about their real chances and just about the money and fame.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

petite Models don't be desperate models

There is a way to get ahead and it comes with inventive thinking and a lot of hard work. The only reason I have any names on my resume at all is because I made it happen for myself. I showed up, I tried, and I did it. No matter what your pursuit is, when you are starting from scratch without huge funds, without a lot of help it can be a challenge. But don't be so desperate to get ahead that you forget the path you need to take to get there. Focus on your photos. On making a compcard. On places to mail it out to and agencies to work with and for. Pick photographers wisely and do background checks, be open about your pursuits to your friends and family, be realistic, think big, dream big and keep trying.

the Internet prostitution business

When it comes to Spitzer, the Internet prostitution business because it is very similar to online Internet websites for models, where girls book themselves as models to work for an hour at a time and have their photo taken with basically just GWC, Guys with Cameras.

Now being a model can also mean being a prostitute. Finding the difference can be difficult sometimes. The web shows that: Entertainment and the modeling business easily can turn into the prostitution business very quickly.

A photographer I know even shoots these girls once in awhile who do use the photographs to promote themselves as hookers. Some are even married. (I have heard)

These same girls call themselves models.

If you listen and read about prostitution in the news lately is seems that the girls are really aspiring models, and actress, attractive, and they need money and love sex. Or at least can pull it off. Similar to the online website I mentioned in my book about Internet modeling websites, it is easy to almost cross into soft porn or settle for prostitution. Girls that need money and call it a means to an end.

I wish they would want more and really chase it because the modeling and acting business is tough...but also you don't have to resort to becoming a hooker to get there!

Isobella jade

Modeling Podcast today at 6pm: Models of all Sizes and Heights

Think your too short to model??? Isobella Jade will will explain how to put your short body to use as a petite model. And get modeling work!

Tune in at 6pm for my live segment on my modeling podcast called Model Talk, today!

isobella jade

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Modeling Status: Do hits and Clicks Mean You are a Model?

A big debate I have with myself is that idea that hits and clicks define models and make girls models, and yet there is the tearsheet, the product the brand that we all strive or have strived to get our name apart of.

I live to be as diverse as possible, and able to pose nude with jewelry for a jewelry brand, or editorial, like I did for Time Magazine, or pose in a tee shirt for am organic cotton tee shirt company. In my book I talk about how many scum bags there are out there as I take you on a journey of my personal modeling pursuits from using the Internet but what I discovered really meant more than hits and clicks was to me it was working with an agency, getting a call from an agent, going to a go-see, getting booked, --but still the feeling of knowing I could handle myself and get my own modeling work before I had these agencies made me feel so powerful and capable.

I can't say that hits and clicks do NOT define a model or that it means nothing... because on my podcast I count ALL my downloads and on my website I count all my hits. Keeping track of my status and also my google rankings. But still getting a feature in a magazine means more than getting a comment on my Myspace page or website.

Knowing you can market yourself is so important in this technology Internet crazed world, and it easy to fall for the wrong agencies and the get stuck with getting nothing on your resume or portfolio. The Internet can be a great tool to research and I do it everyday, I am researching magazines, editors, and brands I want to model with, and submitting to magazines, but my plate is very diverse. I don't just want to be one kind of model, but I want to be diverse. I don't think the Internet allows diversity because everyone wants hits and clicks, but usually that comes because of something that you are showing that is sexy, shocking, or shameful. Weird how The Internet society is, but it is true.

We get to choose our path, which is something we are lucky for, and when it comes to hits and clicks, vs. Tearsheets. I will take the tearsheet any day. To me modeling has become about selling a product, telling a story in an editorial, and creating art and an expression. Not just posing for the hell of it, or letting a comment on Myspac, Modelmayhem, etc make my day...because I like tangible proof that I am in fact a model.

It's not an iPod or a new Podcast, it is Podulars by Wet n Wild Beauty, great for Model photo shoots

No matter if you are an aspiring model or already working with national brands and magazines, one thing that doesn't change is the need for good makeup and a place to keep it safe! I have been trying out Wet n Wild's modular Cosmetic cases and travel pods. This pod is called Podulars and I love how they are soft and can hold ALOT of makeup all at once in a perfect size case. Instead of a million little makeup bags, I really only need this one pod. Easy. Quick and for my photoshoots it is great because I can take it everywhere...from the Brooklyn Bridge to Costa Rica!

Especially because they can hold everything from fake eyelashes to the big blush brushes.

I will be sharing a few of my favorite products from Wet n Wild later this week because the brand has really evolved and the cosmetic line that I loved as a teenager is just as hipe today!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Aspiring Models are Doing your Manicure

So I was getting a manicure and pedicure the other day and the sweet Asian girl asked me, " what do you do?" I told her I was a shoe model and a hand model, and then she told me quietly that she was interested in modeling too and asked if I had any tips for her after she mentioned an agency she went to that waas going to charge her for photos.

Well I sure told her! I told her to check out my blogs and podcast and to be careful and weary of paying for photographs from an agency unless you really feel comfortable. Some girls just don't know how to get their own photos, so I suppose paying a photographer through an agency referal is best. But paying the agency directly...mmm I am not so sure about that, seems a little sketchy. You could also try calling some commercial print modeling agencies and asking if they have some suggestion of a photographer they work with. Maybe say, " I am interested in modeling with you, but I need a good photographer to take some photos first, can you suggest a photographer?" - usually it works and you get a good one, or you might even get invited to come to an open call or stop by the agency. I did that once, and it got me into a meeting with FFT Models.

Remember: When it comes to finding an agency, -before you even walk into the place...Check the better business bureau. and do a google search of the agency plus the word "scam". The results will speak on if you are wasting your time.

Anyways....The manicure came out great...and who knows. The girl doing your nails could be on a billboard one day! Aspiring models are everywhere.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Modeling Through the Web: The Internet Casting Experience

Well, recently I applied to a job on Craigslist and it was a reminder of WHY I don't usually use Craigslist, I must have emailed the guy 5 times!! and I still didn't know what the job was, and the details. Then I get a voicemail saying it was the photographer and he wanted to share his idea with me. I never even told him to call me and he didn't ask if it was ok to call. It was "my bad" that I had my email included in the email....and I suggest taking off personal information attached to yoru email like your address or phone number until you are comfortable with the job and the person on the other side of the computer screen.....Anyways let me be the first to say, Craigslist is amazing and I used it to build my modeling portfolio and it helped me to approach and get a modeling agent with credits from Univision, tearsheets from catalogs, shoe companies, and great test shoots, among many more which all later lead to bigger things. Craigslist is amazing, but like all things on the web, you have to always be careful and cautious! The biggest thing is to ask questions. Any casting you apply to on any Internet casting site comes with the baggage of knowing " this could be bullshit." So take into account these things:
1. Sending your photos and just meeting some random person at a cafe or his apartment isn't the best way to launch into modeling or try to get work because usually it leads to BS.
2. Be picky about the jobs you submit your photo to and ask yourself "how will this modeling job bring more work to me, and improve my portfolio?"
3. Send a photo that matches what the casting is looking for. When the job says Shoe model, don't send yourself in a thong.
4. This is SOO SOOOOO important: Just because the job title and the description sound good, That ALONE ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH, you need to ask questions.
What is the job, what is it for, is this print, is this for an all day shoot, what does it involve and what does it pay?

This is good for a couple of reasons.
1. Sometimes posts say they are paying one thing and end up paying something else, this confirms the rate.
2. You can also get a better feel for the job, if you really want to sign up for it, and if you want to go to the next step which is meeting the casting director, photographer, ect.
3. It is also important to ask questions because you want to be able to later go back and have the address, the job, everything on file and your email account can be a great reference should something go wrong. Safety!
4. There are great opportunities out there, you just need to approach them with a great attitude and also a serious interest in getting ALL the information ahead of time.

Doesn't waste your time and no one elses!


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tales of a Modeling Shoot

My modeling adventures have taken me all over Manhattan, into the depths of Brooklyn, to Long Island, to Miami, Vegas, San Francisco, back to NYC again, up to Harlem, out off the F train in Queens, and some places, a lot of places haven't been so clean, or safe from first glance...and enclosed is a story from a casting I had recently.

My agency said to go to a casting in Long Island City, I had only been a few times,- once was for a photo shoot for a fitness book- but this time the shoot was not the part where the pretty park is, the warehouse area of Long Island City. So in heels, (I always wear heels)-I got out of the 7 train and was searching for a sense of direction, Manhattan should be to my left which means I was going the right way. Towards some projects, and while crossing the street a woman, (a sort of stret urchin) said to me " baby you got nice tights!."- I thanked her, and continued to tell her where I got them, " They were 5 bucks at Daffy's". We walked together and she told me what direction to go. I cross the street and kept walking, turned and was heading past a group of thugs. I could tell what was coming' it was that Hmmmm and the moans from street talkers. Oh god! So I just looked ahead and whipped out my cell phone pretending to be very consumed in my text message. ( This is one of those rare moments when text messaging is something I am thankful for,-). I make it past the boys without being told what they would want to do with my body and kept walking in my heels towards my casting. The destination was a few more blocks down, I thought. But it was so confusing with all the warehouses and the address's being hidden. So I walked up and down the street, searching for the address, I had used Google maps, and as I damned it I was asking a few random truckers to help me. I swear one of them was a famous rapper,- Still not one knew where the address was. So here I was,being ogled and stared at by some perverts,- in a male infested warehouse street, with no sign of help- and I was now a few minutes late for my casting and getting upset, so I called my agent, left a voice mail, asked a few more random guys where the address was and they didn't have a clue. And then blunt in my face just when I was about to say"fuck it!"-the address appeared, as if someone had just written it on the door a few seconds before. Magic. I buzzed. A tall Giraffe- looking like a model wanna-be answered and I made it inside! When I got inside my agent was on the phone with the studio manager,making sure I found the casting-I felt like such a baby!

I did book the job.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I love my Wet n Wild Wild Shine lipstick, it is Great for an Olive skintone too. I like having a diverse amount of makeup from brands of all price points. Surprise yourself and be open minded to all types of brands and experimenting with them all.

Modeling and Marketing: What kind of Model Are You?

Modeling is so many things, and the commercial print modeling world is bigger than ever. Girls are needed to model everything from cell phone brands to shoes brands, and retailers like Old Navy and even Hanes Panties are getting more fashion forward.
So what does this mean for the models of today? It means that the commercial world is getting wider and more ethnicities, more models of all different heights and the average girl in America is needed more and more to model for brands, magazines and retailers. Everything from Fitness magazines, to Craft and Travel magazines-all need models. But the word model isn't used as a monument to be adorned; instead it is a girl-next-door, a girl that looks like a normal human being, with a great smile, a lot of energy and spunk.
It also means that products for bath, sportswear, pharmaceutical companies and products like Advil, need models too. The word model means many things and the petite girls in America, the short girls do have a chance, they just have to find it in commercial print modeling and finding commercial print agencies that can get them the work that they are best for. If your mind set is advertising, not just yourself as a model, but understanding Where You Can in deed Model, then you will see that product modeling is the way to go!

The word model is beyond the runway, it is holding the latest pen, or wearing the trendy new shoe style, or using and showing off the latest hair product. It isn’t full of height requirements, but are your photos matching what type of modeling you are targeting?
You need photos that are speaking: I can model brands. I can model with commercial print agencies.

Just Google: Commercial print modeling agencies
Just Google: print modeling
Just Google: List of modeling agencies

And you will find that there is infact a lot of modeling agencies out there that do work with the girl next door in America and it can be you. But it starts with understanding what area of modeling you are good at and good for and being realistic with your pursuits.

Hanes Panty Ads show a New underwear Model

Hanesbrands is launching one of the companies largest ad campaigns with a theme around their latest panty called: Hanes No Ride Up Panty.

For all you lingerie models, underwear-wanna be models, and body part models,-These ads are a perfect example of commercial print modeling and how the girl next door and commercial print model is an industry need.

The ads use humor to discuss a delicate and touchy subject: the terrible wedgie.

Along with a print and TV campaign, Hanes is creating a Web site featuring, among other things, a video Chalke filmed called the "Wedgie Dance."

Hanes is an elder in the underwear world, but they are shaking things up with their underwear ads!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The View on ABC mentions the Digital risk today

On the View on ABC today I made a little grin when the fact that almost every person in the room had a facebook page or a Myspace page with their information all spilled on the Internet, open and free and able to be ogled and also hurt.

In my modeling memoir I speak on this first hand, since I googled my way in the modeling world and there are photos out there of myself from 2001, some which I don't like, and this is the type of risk we face when we download photos on the Internet, so remember there is nothing wrong with having a million Myspace friends if that is what you want, but don't download photos you wouldn't want your grandmother or your boss, or your sister to see.

Within Internet modeling millions of girls want to be a model and are striving through the web to be one, making connections and it can be a benefit, it can open doors that would be shut otherwise considering the standards of the modeling business and the face that models are not discovered as much as they were 20-30 years ago, today anyone can be a model by a download, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't look out for yourself, and be weary and careful!

When I look back, a lot of my very good friends come from one way or another the Internet...and the Internet has taken over our daily communication but it is a tool, a machine, and it can sting! So don't let your mother see you naked on the Internet ( hence my book)- unless you can handle the aftermath.

isobella jade

Monday, March 3, 2008

Model Isobella Jade in Mac Directory Magazine

In the current issue of Mac Directory I am featured in an interview about writing my modeling memoir at the Apple store

Sunday, March 2, 2008

H&M Lingerie is Perfect for Photo Shoots

If you are looking for some hot panties for your next photo shoot or test shoot, and if you are in a rush or don't want to pay a bundle then stop by H&M, I usually pair my H&M lingerie with my Nina shoes. I like products with personality. Wearing some stunning high heels, gracing a couch and wearing some hot lingerie, is the way to rock the Lingerie look!

Is Gilly Hicks a Teen Underwear Dream?

I am not sure yet, but Gilly Hicks, could snag up Victoria Secret's young customer. Abercrombie has created outlets called Gilly Hicks and more can be found on this in a current article in the Wall Street Journal.

Is Victoria Secret too sexy...or worse?

My first thongs were Victoria Secret and I enjoyed reading an article recently about how Victoria Secret has forgotten their roots, and needs to bring back their heritage and the guts of who they really are and were. Maybe Ms.Turney should check out the models in the Dove commercial? The lingerie at H&M which is amazing and it is only $20 bucks for a lingerie set and it lasts for over a year too! Brands like Abercrombie, Target, Wal-Mart and American Eagle are making moves towards lingerie and getting bought,and Victoria Secret isn’t as exciting anymore to get under the Christmas Tree either.

I remember when I was 16 and I would get a gift certificate from an aunt and it would be so special to get, now it is sort of old news. I think Victoria Secret should do a few things for a great come back:

1.Remember that “what is sexy,” is being yourself, the old you, the you that actually had hot 5 cotton panties for 25 bucks! Those were the days!

2.Let go of the wind blown hair and get back to the natural model look.

3.Please define lingerie as a pretty again. Lingerie isn’t just meant for the opposite sex. Sure it is nice to be told “your hot!” but also it is just as nice to hear “ your pretty.”

4.The core of Victoria Secret was that we all wondered what the secret was. We are still wondering.

5. We will accept you again. You will see us come running into your store again

I hope Victoria Secret can come up with a new way....which is meant to make a girl like herself, and who she really is, the real sexy girl next door who likes lace, and silk!

Paul Hamm is Spinning Round Again

In the modeling business it is so called best to be:Tall but Today in a new artistic atmosphere at Madison Square Garden I was among some of the most talented shortest people out there, athletes that get ahead by being short, petite, proportioned and able to balance!

I was at the American Cup All-Around Gymnastics Finals and watched the grace and perfection of Paul Hamm, who is aiming for a strong come back, and I got to catch a few impressive flips from Shawn Johnson ( I would love to read her published short stories sometime). Nastia Liukin has already won the World Championships on both the uneven bars and the balance beam and Samantha Peszek and Shayla Worley are worth paying attention too. ( I hope my modeling tips can inspire Shayla. Also I hope these fantastic worldly and skillful athletes continue to make Gymnastics exciting and talked about!

I was really honored to watch them all today. It is a real art to see them in action!
I love learning, watching and engaging in a new atmosphere!

Also: They don’t have to worry too much about the China air anymore.
Beijing has closed factories to keep the air in China ready for them!