Friday, March 14, 2008

Modeling Truths and Tales: It's Gotta Be My Steve Madden Shoes

At about 11am I got on the W train to make my 11:30 casting at the showroom of a well known shoe brand, the moment I get on the train i dig in my bag and start to brush some powder on my face because I always do my makeup on- the- go. I could feel the eyes of the man standing near the subway doors staring at me. Normally I would let this go and just roll my eyes at it, "another staring freak," but this time I walked up to him and said..." i am getting off the train because I am sick of you staring," he said," well I got eyes baby, I can do what I want with them,"

I said,
"NO!. Your mother should have taught you not to stare. It is rude!"

Then I hope he doesn't have a gun or anything to hit me with.

He faces the door now and looks out into the dark subway tunnel at his own reflection. I hold the subway pole for a few minutes and then sit back down. I decide I will stay in the subway car I am in, I start to check my toes.

To save some money I had given myself my own pedicure an hour before. And when checked my toes I see that it is ruined! I put my feet into my Steve Madden shoes too early and now I have messed my pedicure. Knowing this job is for feet I rush to put cream on my feet and ankles, but fixing my pedicure with some nail polish isn't an option. It is hard to fix your toes on the train.

Off the train at 7th Ave and 57th St, I rush to 56th, and pass three police man who muble something my way, in return I give them the finger. Now I know that was rude, but I was in no mood for cops now mumbling my way. The address is my agenda book must be wrong because I can not find the show room and after asking the doorman at the location which I thought it was at, I am directed to go across the street.

Up to the third floor I enter the showroom, alittle late and I am welcomed by two girls. I give them my compcard, reveal my bad pedicure and still hope I booked the job. I only try on one shoe from the pair they give me. I feel my pedicure has ruined my chances.

On the way back to the train the cops stop me along with about 10 construction workers and just random men, the cops say
"That was rude."

And I say back...

"What is it? My shoes?" why are people whistling?"

I am almost to the subway stairs and I yell back to them,

" if I was in flip flops maybe the walk would have been quieter."
and they say,

"No, it's 'cause you look good."

On the train the woman next to me says, 'How do you walk in those?"
And then tells me how in Japan so many girls walk in really tall heels,stilettos.

I tell her I am a petite model, and every inch counts.

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Cadma said...

I like the story and the way you ended the blog about your day.