Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the Internet prostitution business

When it comes to Spitzer, the Internet prostitution business because it is very similar to online Internet websites for models, where girls book themselves as models to work for an hour at a time and have their photo taken with basically just GWC, Guys with Cameras.

Now being a model can also mean being a prostitute. Finding the difference can be difficult sometimes. The web shows that: Entertainment and the modeling business easily can turn into the prostitution business very quickly.

A photographer I know even shoots these girls once in awhile who do use the photographs to promote themselves as hookers. Some are even married. (I have heard)

These same girls call themselves models.

If you listen and read about prostitution in the news lately is seems that the girls are really aspiring models, and actress, attractive, and they need money and love sex. Or at least can pull it off. Similar to the online website I mentioned in my book about Internet modeling websites, it is easy to almost cross into soft porn or settle for prostitution. Girls that need money and call it a means to an end.

I wish they would want more and really chase it because the modeling and acting business is tough...but also you don't have to resort to becoming a hooker to get there!

Isobella jade


Cadma said...

I have run into that and the people tried so hard to talk me into it and were angry with me because I would not give them a signature or pictures I walked out very pissed cause it was really cold in NYC that morning and I felt seriously insulted

isobella jade said...

damn girl! I hope you never run into that shit again!