Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Modeling and Marketing: What kind of Model Are You?

Modeling is so many things, and the commercial print modeling world is bigger than ever. Girls are needed to model everything from cell phone brands to shoes brands, and retailers like Old Navy and even Hanes Panties are getting more fashion forward.
So what does this mean for the models of today? It means that the commercial world is getting wider and more ethnicities, more models of all different heights and the average girl in America is needed more and more to model for brands, magazines and retailers. Everything from Fitness magazines, to Craft and Travel magazines-all need models. But the word model isn't used as a monument to be adorned; instead it is a girl-next-door, a girl that looks like a normal human being, with a great smile, a lot of energy and spunk.
It also means that products for bath, sportswear, pharmaceutical companies and products like Advil, need models too. The word model means many things and the petite girls in America, the short girls do have a chance, they just have to find it in commercial print modeling and finding commercial print agencies that can get them the work that they are best for. If your mind set is advertising, not just yourself as a model, but understanding Where You Can in deed Model, then you will see that product modeling is the way to go!

The word model is beyond the runway, it is holding the latest pen, or wearing the trendy new shoe style, or using and showing off the latest hair product. It isn’t full of height requirements, but are your photos matching what type of modeling you are targeting?
You need photos that are speaking: I can model brands. I can model with commercial print agencies.

Just Google: Commercial print modeling agencies
Just Google: print modeling
Just Google: List of modeling agencies

And you will find that there is infact a lot of modeling agencies out there that do work with the girl next door in America and it can be you. But it starts with understanding what area of modeling you are good at and good for and being realistic with your pursuits.

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model14 said...

Yesterday i searched a few modelling sites where i could get advice on how to start my modelling career. I am 15 years of age from Malta. I have been modelling for the past 4 years in Malta, but sadly enough, Being a Maltese model means nothing.. its not professional, and opportunities are very limited.

However my dream is to become a professional commerical print model, and i believe that whatever is a dream should become reality.. that is if you work for what you believe in..
I plan on going to America when i am 18 years of age, because i believe that more opportunities would be valid there.

I wish to thank you for all the advice you have shared with so many people, including myself. I have spent hours reading your blogs and modelling tips. They have all been so useful and encouraging!! =D