Friday, March 21, 2008

Cricket Lee Takes On The Fashion Industry in the Wall Street Journal

I recently enjoyed reading the piece by Ann Zimmerman about Cricket Lee in the Wall Street Journal about taking on the fashion industry, and the the Plus size clothing industry or lack of. I agree with Miss Lee about how " standardize fit is what women in America want." Shopping if you are either petite or plus size can be a true mess. Although I must say when it comes to the plus size woman, there must be more than just Lane Bryant! AND when it comes to the petites...there must be more than KIDS sizes!

The high fashion world does define the spiral of how other brands follow suit,-(is it more about the ego than reality of the consumer?) many brands are not realistic with measurement and as for models it follows suite too, which is why perhaps the modeling standard heights are aspired from the runway. Which is odd because there are so many great models, who just are not the standard height.

I am very proud of Cricket Lee for not giving up on her struggle with the retail world, and to make a mark for woman of all sizes! And creating a NEW standard for the retail world.

If she ever needs a model for the petite model, the shorter girl, the driven and ambitious, she knows who to call!

You can read the inspiring article in the Wall Street Journal here

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Mary Green Engle said...

Your website is great - gives us "vertically challenged" women a lift (pun intended!) And thanks to Cricket Lee and her amazing Fitlogic system, we can actually have pants that FIT! I'm so pumped about the concept, I'm asking for Fitlogic everywhere I shop, from Chico's and Talbots, to Walmart and Target. It's about bloody time we had some say in how we spend our precious wardrobe dollars!