Thursday, March 20, 2008

Shoe modeling confessions

So I went to a shoe modeling casting, it was last minute so I rushed to get a pedicure last night and creamed up my legs and toes and ankles and soles, slept in socks. Debated what shoes I shoudl wear to the casting because if my feet are swished in an clsoed toe shoe they come out looking red and not so pretty, so I decided on a sandel heel with an open toe, shoes I am saving for a warmer day. But I threw the shoes on and froze a little, looking like the only girl in SoHo who thinks it is 80 degrees out. I even creamed up my feet in the elevator up. I walked into the casting, - an office studio,- another girl was trying on the boots and was saying " I think my foot fits." and the shoe director saying, " no it is too tight."

I noticed that the shoes she was trying on were a closed toe stiletto and a boot.

Oh yeah, thats right, the shoe industry shows shoes 3-6 months in advance and is shooting the fall ad campaign now. So I didn't need to sweat it so much about my perfect pedicure because I tried on a BOOT! No toes were seen. Still I like to be prepared because you never know what to expect at a go-see.

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