Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tales of a Modeling Shoot

My modeling adventures have taken me all over Manhattan, into the depths of Brooklyn, to Long Island, to Miami, Vegas, San Francisco, back to NYC again, up to Harlem, out off the F train in Queens, and some places, a lot of places haven't been so clean, or safe from first glance...and enclosed is a story from a casting I had recently.

My agency said to go to a casting in Long Island City, I had only been a few times,- once was for a photo shoot for a fitness book- but this time the shoot was not the part where the pretty park is, the warehouse area of Long Island City. So in heels, (I always wear heels)-I got out of the 7 train and was searching for a sense of direction, Manhattan should be to my left which means I was going the right way. Towards some projects, and while crossing the street a woman, (a sort of stret urchin) said to me " baby you got nice tights!."- I thanked her, and continued to tell her where I got them, " They were 5 bucks at Daffy's". We walked together and she told me what direction to go. I cross the street and kept walking, turned and was heading past a group of thugs. I could tell what was coming' it was that Hmmmm and the moans from street talkers. Oh god! So I just looked ahead and whipped out my cell phone pretending to be very consumed in my text message. ( This is one of those rare moments when text messaging is something I am thankful for,-). I make it past the boys without being told what they would want to do with my body and kept walking in my heels towards my casting. The destination was a few more blocks down, I thought. But it was so confusing with all the warehouses and the address's being hidden. So I walked up and down the street, searching for the address, I had used Google maps, and as I damned it I was asking a few random truckers to help me. I swear one of them was a famous rapper,- Still not one knew where the address was. So here I was,being ogled and stared at by some perverts,- in a male infested warehouse street, with no sign of help- and I was now a few minutes late for my casting and getting upset, so I called my agent, left a voice mail, asked a few more random guys where the address was and they didn't have a clue. And then blunt in my face just when I was about to say"fuck it!"-the address appeared, as if someone had just written it on the door a few seconds before. Magic. I buzzed. A tall Giraffe- looking like a model wanna-be answered and I made it inside! When I got inside my agent was on the phone with the studio manager,making sure I found the casting-I felt like such a baby!

I did book the job.

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