Thursday, January 31, 2008

Electronic Castings

It is always good to be persistant and if you want to sign up here is the email to a good casting service to start building your resume and reel... to subscribe start by emailing -

- then you will start getting castings each day.


Don't Over Do The Makeup in a Modeling Agency Submission

Keep your photos clean, and attractive, fresh and I think the faces on a hair color box are good to use as an example.

When you are mailing an agency petite models should be mailing a commercial print agency, alot of girls over-do-it with makeup in their photo submissions which is why the agencies say to NOT wear makeup in the photos you send and to NOT style your hair....You want to show yourself natural but you also want to look pretty... I an example of makeup would be the face of a girl on a hair color box, or in a jewelry ad. Or a wedding magazine, those are ideas for the type of makeup you could have... not too bold in the lipstick, but curling eyelashing is totally ok, ( most girls do that anyways, don't worry about that part). You want to look like you, the reason the agencies say " don't wear a lot of makeup is because they don't want you to cake it on like you are going to a rock conert and they can't even see your face. A little eyeshadow is ok, like a light color, gold, or light pink, or nothing. Tweeze your eye brows but not too thin. You can blowdry your hair but try to keep it OUT of your face for the headshot photo. I would focus more on your expression, looking poise and pretty -the best idea I can give you is to compare it to the girls on a hair color box , nice smile, fresh look,- as a commercial print model, and as a petite model, you want to show your face forward, straight to the camera, or tilted a little but again I would refer to a hair color box for posing. And you can brush and blow dry your hair, just don't pile it like a bee hive or like a diva!

The best thing is to remember to be You. For print modeling you don't have to be Drop dead gorgeous but you do need to have a nice fresh shot of your face. You should make a comp card ( and even if you only have two photos it is ok, it is good to have a comp card as a marketing tool. If you can’t afford one right now then you can use a local printer or even a home printer with photo paper and print an image that makes you look happy, friendly, with great skin and smile with your eyes. Usually an agent will call you back.


Modeling Tricks of the Trade: Bring your Hair to Life Again!

Wake up late, and no time to take a shower? What I do is spray on some catwalk Sexed-Up, it works pretty good and since my hair is thin it gives it some quick style and volumn. Not bad!

Modeling Tricks of the Trade: Quick French Pedicure Fix

So you have a casting at the last minute or a photo shoot and then you notice your busted French pedicure. Well when there is no time for a new predicure or a I don't have the extra cash that day, I can make my pedicure last 2 weeks because I just go to the bathroom put my foot on the toliet seat and I fix my pedisure myself. I love using Kiss nail polish French Pedicure kits- (like $5)- I use the white polish and also a q-tip. I take the Q-tip put it against the toe nails edge and then I lightly brush the white polish against the q-tip and the rim of my toe nail. Do it slowly so you wont make mistakes. Then let the white polish dry ( like 8 min or so to be sure!) and then I add the light pink color that is including in the Kit. I don't use strips or anything else, I just use the q-tip as my guide. I clean up any mistakes I made- /a spec of white on my toe/-when the white polish dries. Your toe nails will look good as new and it didn't cost you a dime.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Internet Model and the Agency Model

It makes me sad when girls put their photos on the Internet and then end up working with jerks or getting scammed, today my pod cast called Model Talk:

I give honest advice about the Internet and how it can help your modeling pursuits if used in a resourceful manner and I will share the difference between working as a model through the Internet and working as a model with agencies and fighting the Industry standards and the things I have learned about getting ahead with or without the Internet.

Model Monologues: Taking off My Heels on the Subway

I took my shoes off today on the subway, you should have saw me today putting on lotion and rubbing it into my feet on the train today, a few subway riders gave me weird looks, but I didn't care. I had to do what I had to do, it was for a shoe modeling casting.

Comp cards, castings and Coffee

Thank god I have coffee. I have been writing articles about being a petite model and a preparing them for publication, I have a shoot tomorrow and I am putting together a comp card actually soon again, I usually make a new one every 3-4 months. I send it out and then have to get more, I always have to have a comp card handy, there is always one in my bag because my castings show up at random, and last minute sometimes, like today, a shoe casting at 1pm!

The Amber Room, a Models perspective

I love art and try to get to the MOMA or the MET as much as possible and I spend time representing an artist as well, this morning on Good Morning America, there was a very cool feature on The Amber Room, ( based in Russia) it is a room made of Amber and Gold and you have to wear special shoes to walk into the room.

Although modeling is such a huge part of my lifestyle and pursuits, I enjoy the arts so much and I think it is good to surround yourself with creative energy and The Amber Room, sure has that! I hope to see it one day!

Putting together a Comp Card, made easy!

I found this article about putting together a comp card interesting and it shares information also about how to get ideas for your shoots, and shares ideas about styling your shoots and how looking in magazines to get inspired is a good idea. I talk a lot about self serving and this article can inspire you to start getting active within your modeling pursuits and I know for a fact this advice and perspective will get you ahead. Modeling can be as simple as just "laughing with your friends at a local diner," and having a photographer take some photo of you, it looks like something that would be in Cosmo magazine. Although there is so much more to also consider for no matter your age or height! The more your shots look like a commercial ad, the more you work with quality photographers (I always push this!) then you will have a bigger chance when submitting to a modeling agency to start booking work on commercials and in magazines. Read ahead for the inspiration and insight!


Interview with Aaron Marcus

What is a composite sheet?

A composite sheet, or comp or zed card is the primary way commercial models get bookings. In today’s market, many agents also utilize a web site for marketing models. A comp is a collection of photographs that shows the variety of ways a model can look. These photos are key that unlocks the door to getting work. One way to get cast for a commercial modeling job is for an agent to submit your comp to a photographer or an art/creative director at an ad agency. Comps are also used at go-sees (auditions for the model).

How many photos should a card have?

The most basic composite sheet will have a head shot on one side and two or three different types of photos on the back. The most common size is 5 x 7. However, there is no set rule on how a comp must look. The size, shape, appearance and the amount of photos on a card is limited only by the model's imagination.

How do you know what shots to take?

Deciding on the image or images that fit you best might be the hardest part of the whole process of putting together a composite sheet. Ask agents, casting agents, photographers, art/creative directors and friends how they see you being cast. Consider their input, but you need to make the final decision. You must figure out how you want to present yourself to the world.

Are you best cast as the grandparent type, student, athlete, teacher, plumber, lawyer, mom? Do you look right roasting marshmallows around a campfire, sitting behind an office desk - or both?
Think about the types of photos that would best display those images. To help with ideas, look through:

$ Magazines
$ Agents' web sites (these publications show photos of the models they work with)
$ Newspaper ads
$ Junk mail
$ Photographers' showcase books (photographers pay to have their work shown in the books to generate business for themselves) One directory is called the American Photographer Showcase. Another is called The Creative Black Book. The Workbook is also a wonderful publication. These books can be found in camera stores, art schools, some public libraries, at advertising agencies and on-line.

Any suggestions on how to create interesting photos?

Since the shots for your composite sheet don't have words, make sure each photograph itself tells the story. Even better, create a photo that shows more than one story. If you want to present yourself as a mom and a businesswoman, the photo might show you walking up the steps to your house wearing a business suit, carrying a briefcase, while your child runs to meet you. Take your time and be creative in thinking of different scenarios for your shots.

Magazines are a great source of ideas. Find the magazine that will feature the look you want. For example: Parents Magazine is great for shots of parents and kids. For business images, look through investment magazines.

The ads can give you information on how to style the shot and what props are needed. Props are items placed on the set to make the ad look real. For example, if the ad is supposed to take place in an auto garage, tools, oil cans, towels, grease guns, and auto parts would be appropriate props.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to make the photos look like ads. Do not pose for the camera. Show a wide range of expression for the different photos.

Having strong pictures for your comp will give you your greatest chance for getting work.

Aaron Marcus is a full-time actor and commercial model with 1105 bookings (to date). His web site, offers free industry information including jobs and auditions on the forum section. He is the author of How to Become a Successful Commercial Model, writes the Tear Sheet, acting and modeling newsletter and travels the globe offering his The Best Way to Get Work As An Actor And Commercial Model seminar. You can visit his site for more details.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Your Modeling Perspective

If you really want to get ahead as a model, I would take advice like Aaron offers and also focus on ways you CAN in deed model, instead of dwelling on the modeling you can't do, which is really only runway work. A print model can work even more than a fashion model and (even get paid more). Recently I met with a girl who had just done fashion week and worked with a fashion agency, and she got paid like $50bucks for the whole long day! because she didn't have a lot of experience, a commercial print model can make up to $1500 a day, to even more if it is a commercial or a photo shoot for a national ad campaign that will run for the whole year. Usuually you would get paid every time that commercial played! Many aspiring models think that modeling is only one thing. And if they can't be that "thing!" then they can't model. When really if you focus on commercial print modeling, or body parts modeling, you will find that there is a lot of avenues for you. The first step is knowing this, and then getting the marketing tools you need. Compcard, headshot, and putting together a portfolio. A lot of aspiring models also rely on the Internet too much. It can be a bad thing. And if you are shooting with ramdom photographers just for the hell of it, you might want to ask yourself why? There is a lot more modeling you can do than just being the muse for the afternoon. Focus on getting jobs that involve products, ad campaigns, and representing a brand, because that is what modeling is: It is telling a story with your expression, look, your personality, and height isn't a factor when it comes to that! This week on my pod cast I will be talking about how models can use the Internet to get ahead and the good and the bad, and the differences between using the Internet and other outlets and ways you can gain information and can book modeling work.

Stay positive!

Becoming a Model by Being Yourself, Commercial Print Modeling Advice from Aaron Marcus

I recently caught up with Aaron Marcus, whose website is an inspirational voice for aspiring models, and he is an insightful public speaker when it comes to gaining honest advice about working in the commercial print modeling world. His realistic approach towards the modeling industry has nothing to do with being tall, or being the most attractive person or being a certain standard, instead his mindset is all about being yourself as he encourages you to understand that "Many successful commercial models look like everyday people."

So Aaron...

1. When in your pursuits did you understand that as a model, you didn't have to be a certain standard?
When I first got started, I had no idea what the statistics were for modeling. I was pretty fortunate, and starting getting some small jobs pretty quickly. I never had an interest in fashion work, so I didn't even learn about the fashion world until after I was already working as a commercial model.

2. What has been the most surprising or defining job that proved that modeling could work for you?
I guess, when I stood in line at a go-see in NY with literally hundreds of other models, and wound up booking a job that sent me to Hawaii for a shoot.

3. At what age did you start modeling and how has modeling changed for you over the years?
I started at the young of 29. I find that with the Internet, many agents are doing many more things on line, instead of physically mailing out comp cards.

4. Why did you want to make a voice for commercial print modeling?
I found there were so many women who wanted to model but thought that they didn't have a chance because they didn't have the "perfect" height or weight in order to model. I was able to teach people through my seminars and my book, "How to Become a Successful Commercial Model", that there is modeling available for everyone.

Another reason for wanting to help models is because I saw a number of teenage girls who were beautiful and looked great, but were rejected by the fashion world. They were crushed. I was asked by them how they could lose more weight. I told them that they looked great, and should not consider making any physical changes to their body type. It was such a nice feeling for me to have an impact on their lives.

5. I agree, I don’t think a person should have to change themselves physically and instead focus on what they do have that can help to make them a model. So, what are three tips you can give an aspiring "girl/ or guy next door" model?
Make sure you learn how to create strong commercial photos, and not just posed shots for the camera. Make your photos look like ads, and show a variety of expressions and emotions.

It is very refreshing to speak to you and I enjoy your perspective and thanks for your time Aaron.

To find Aaron’s book visit his website here

Thanks for answering my questions Aaron and you prove that modeling is beyond height!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Modeling is the Model I Create

Modeling isn't a pose to me
It isn't only a tear sheet
Modeling isn't for my ego,
I have seen all that.
Modeling is about the
story, the production, the
ability to speak in a photo,
I love to sell,
I love to be about of a product's history,
I love creating a powerful image that speaks,
it's not a game,
or a show,
it is my day, my pursuit, my challenge
Each day
I make myself a model,
no one else really can.
Grab your bootstraps and
run with your dreams.

Changing your Look for Modeling?

Your look can't always change you. But you can change you. Don't be mislead. Fashion modeling isn't the only modeling out there, did you know there are 40 year old men and 60 year old woman modeling?

I wouldn't change your nose, your hair, yourself unless you seriously think about it, and modeling is really more about your personality and using what you DO have to model. Who cares if you don't have height, there is plenty of modeling you can still do, you just have to seek it out and be prepared for the challenge of treating modeling like a business, because every brand, magazine, and product needs models.

Make Me a Supermodel has a Lack of Reality

Does the audience really need a panel and judges and models waiting to be dismissedand hopeful they will stay. I don't have a favorite television show but I just caught a 45 second glimpse of the show Make Me a Supermodel, ( i have seen the ads on the subway recently) catching the show was kinda weird, the first thing I saw was a group of 7 tall people with glitter on their faces, lined up like a circus group? I am a little confused!

I admire...Charles Durning

Where is the book on Charles Durning's book? I can imagine the biography now and I want to buy it already. I hope someone is working on it! I was very touched on the feature he was given at the Screen Awards last night. He was on my mind when I went to sleep and I was thinking about the people who said to him "You ain't got it!" but he still pursued, and how much I like his personality and pursuit. No one said it was easy to have your dream, and do what you love, have fame and still keep your dignity, but Charles proves that beating the odds is possible and I felt every word he said up on the podium.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Freelance Models, tips and advice for: Submitting to an Online Casting

Jagger Kaye has affordable acting classes but also he gives honest advice for submitted yourself to an electronic casting and how to remember that when submitting online there are some hints and tricks and even things to beware of!

"When you are submitting to someone online, think of these suggestions:

#1. Your email address should be yourname@wherever. com instead of sWeEtChiCk59457@ wherever. com. You want people to remember your name & have the ability to remember what your email address is. This is indeed a business & you need to make things as easy as possible for a booker to remember how to contact you.

#2. Label ALL your files (photo, resume, reviews) with your name instead of myface.jpg. Once again you want your name to be remembered & it is a nightmare to receive 100's of files that have "meclose.jpg" or
"newresume.pdf" .
Due to recent projects, I have received over 1,000 pieces of electronic mail from email addresses like "CoOlChikK9512235" with files like "" .

Remember this is a business & our name should be the utmost of importance to you & not your nickname & locker combination ... ;)

#3. Be aware of the file size of your images. Sending a photo that is 1mb or above is unprofessional. No image should be over 500kb. All a large file does is either fill a mailbox, get bounced back to you because it cannot fit in the allowed inbox or annoy the person you are sending to.
If you do not know how to reduce your file size than ask somebody who does.

Again this is a business & you need to know what you are sending.

Good luck members.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

Jagger "

Find his classes here:

Modeling Monologue: A Savvy Model

A lot of models think modeling is only about posing and being beautiful and adorned. They forget to consider that as an aspiring model, especially as a freelance model to learn how Business works. How the brands pick their models, what agencies they work with and how the stuff that happens inside the magazine doors, and ad agency doors work. Modeling isn't just about the modeling agency. As a savvy model you can get work on your own if you research not just modeling agencies but also try to learn as much as you can about how brands work, how you can promote your self to them with or without a modeling agency. For example if there is a brand or magazine you want to work with. I would hit up the marketing departments at the company/ or the photo editors or booking editors at the magazine. It is hard to self serve as a model, but that is what the world is about these days , no one is going to hand it to you and you might never get Discovered!, you might have to make them discover you and discover yourself, and when you are petite especially modeling is a challenge, and it is a challenge based on the fashion industry challenges, but if you put the fashion mindset aside and instead market your self as a commercial print model and work with quality photographers so you have the right photos you need, and if you are persistance and do not wait for the phone to ring and even try to book your own jobs you will start to understand the ins and out of the industry. If you are 5'2" don't try to be a fashion model, instead try to be a shoe model, a commercial print model, a hair model, a beauty model, a hand model, a body parts model. There are ways to make it work for you but it might not be fashion, or the runway or in the pages of Vogue. Set other goals for yourself, realistic ones that CAN in deed come true. Remember: Modeling isn't just about posing, it is also about making it happen for yourself!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Petite Modeling Monologue: Being Realistic with Yourself

Having an honest perspective on yourself is the best way to start thinking about the modeling industry and being apart of it. The first thought might be Vogue or Playboy but there is also a wide space of modeling you are not considering. The best thing is to be honest with yourself, and undertsand that as a model you might not ever walk the runway or pose for the Victoria Secret campaign but thats ok, because you can use what you DO HAVE and get modeling work. Petite models sometimes feel that because they can't walk the runway or can't get an agent easily, they shouldn't try. I think this view point comes because what is available to represent the modeling industry is simple a narrow minded view. On television especially with reality shows the perceptive is very limited. I believe that if a girl really wants to model, and she isn't the typical standard model, or has the typical expected height requirements she needs to accept that there is modeling work out there for her, but it might not involve the vision that appears when she thinks of what a model is. If you really want to model and you are petite you might have to understand the "other" types of modeling work you can do. Consider that you might not always be the face of the photo shoot or ad campaign or editorial but you can use your hands, lips, feet, and legs to model. A lot of petite models can also do commercial print work, such as hair modeling and package modeling for products like makeup and hair color, even modeling for Samsung and Petco. I think it is best to be realistic and to focus on targeting yourself to commercial print modeling agencies and to accept that maybe you wont be the next sought out runway model, but there is a lot of modeling you can do and you do not have to become another " Internet model." You can really model with brands like Bath and Body Works and Marshalls', Time Magazine, TeenVogue, Wella, etc, if you start understanding and accepting the truths about a a model. If you want to model, you can. You just have to accept the modeling that you CAN do.

How to get the most out of an Apple Store Visit

Well since I have used the Apple Store in my past as my daily office, I know how to get the most out of a visit at the store, enclosed are my tips for using the Apple Store as a routine or some advice for just a curious visit.

1. If you are lucky a computer will be available and you can casually walk up to it and click the Safari icon and be set to go!
But sometimes, when the store is really busy, you have to wait for sometimes up to ten minutes. The 5th Avenue store I find is more of a wait than the SoHo Store. The Meatpacking District has three floors of sick computers so that might be the quickest in and out experience you will have at the Apple Store. I love the SoHo store best obviously, and I love the iMac's most but I will admit when they had them placed towards the back of the store on the first level it was a better experience, I felt hidden a little, descreet and not so wide and open and blunt using them at the back of the store, but the MacBooks that are now at the back of the store are cool too and I am writing this at the MacBook Pro which starts at $1999, which isn't bad, but if you can't afford it, like me, you can still use it for as long as you like at the store anytime.

2. Use the table! I bring my big bag full of my modeling stuff and notebooks and daily planner and even have a snack stashed in it, so I like to use the table to define my space, my area, my work space, so feel free to place your bag, your notebook, your coffee cup right on the table to make a statement of "I'm here, this is my computer for a few minutes and I am serious and busy." Usually no one will bother you, or at least only an employee to ask if you are ok. A quick "yup!" is reasonable, but try to also include a smile.

3. For a quicker experience open up many Safari windows as possible because then you can do many things at once, check email, update our blog, or do your research on Google or Myspace or Facebook.

4. Don't forget to go to iTunes and play your favorite tunes while you work, it keeps your groove going.

5. Make sure when you are done to delete everything and sign out of everything. The worst feeling is being on the train and then having to run back to the store, kick a new user off the computer you just used and ask them if you can sign out of your Hotmail or Yahoo account. When I was writing my book I had to be careful to save all my documents to my Yahoo account and always, always, never make the mistake of leaving my work on the desktop.

6. Go to the bathroom first! Usually if the store is busy you will have to wait for a computer and you don't want to finally get on the iMac or Macbook of your choice and then have to go! It means you might have to start over and wait again, which makes the experience not as fun....but then again waiting for a computer at the Apple Store is always worth it because the keyboard is clean, the computers are shining and usually the quickest in the whole world!

( Isobella is not a spokesmodel for Apple, but she does love the store!)

Mini Mac for a Mini Model?

I do have my eye on the mini thin MacBook Air, I loved the commercial I recently saw...I love how it came in an envelope all slick and thin with an amazing screen tucked inside. Awesome! Wicked cool.

Modeling tips: Get your check ups

Modeling goals are good to have but....Did your mother ever tell you about getting a pap smear? I learned about going to the doctor from my mother when I was a teenager, it is sad to know that mother's do not feel this is an important conversation and that many girls do not take the check ups seriously, if you haven't booked a visit to your doctor yet this year, you should! It is better to be safe, than sorry, and the more you know about your body, the more you can enjoy life!

Today's interview !

I will be heading over the to the Apple Store later today for an interview with a German Radio Station to talk about writing my book there. Can't wait!

Classy Inspiring Women: Diane Keaton

Watching Rachael Ray today and loved the segment with Diane Keaton.
Diane Keaton has taken her clothes off for Something's Got to Give but she manages her class and sopshitication and that hat and belt and those gloves so well!

Diane Keaton has a intriguing way of sharing her honesty and her personality on screen and I loved Baby Boom (1987)with Diane Keaton, she is a woman who isn't mentioned enough in magazines as a role model and I hope we see more of her on screen!

When ever I need inspiration I read, and watch women and those who have beat the odds and remind us that "we do have blood in our bodies" and we should love and live!

follow your dreams!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Petite Modeling Lifestyle: The Hungry Win!

The biggest advice I can give any model, aspiring model, and girl who is curious about modeling is to like yourself ahead of time and to treat modeling like a marketing business. The best thing to have is quality photos, the next is the drive and ambition to even book your own work and not being afraid to bang down doors. My personal hustle has meant that I have had to act as my own agent before I got one. I have had to make my own comp card, and mail it out. The next thing to remember is quality! To find a photographer, you need to be able to sell yourself, what you are looking for and where you are headed. Letting the photographer pick the pose, the place, the outfit, is helpful sometimes but also you need to take control and know what YOU want and need. These days I have been the creative director at my own shoots, planning the look, the theme, the clothing, the look, even sometimes the angle of the camera. And I work with photographers who are talented, driven and who are open to ideas. When it is a creative collective project and photo shoot the results will be better.

Alot of girls, especially glamour models think that being PAID is the big thing about modeling and my opinion is different because..while it feels nice to hold cash in your hand from an afternoon of shooting with a photographer, it feels better to hold a CD of images that will actually get you somewhere leading to a magazine, or putting together a compcard, or adding a photo to your portfolio that can be used to market yourself.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Modeling Tips, Yes You can Get Photos for Free

Before you pay a photographer try to pitch one first, here are some things to consider when pitching.

1. research photographers work style, and notice if the photographer has been published in any magazines or worked with any products.

2. Pitch yourself as a model who is serious and ambitious and who would like to model with brands. Bring your voice to the shoot, do not just say " can we test," without an idea. Bring an idea to the table, bring accessories, a concept that could even be submitted to a magazine. This could mean: scouting locations, heling to find amakeup artist who will work with you both for free as well, looking for designers and aspiring brands which might be willing to loan you clothing. Yes sometimes being a MODEL means also being somewhat of an art director.

3. Have a plan, and don't just shoot to shoot, when you emailing and contacting photographers be blunt about your goals and where you want to go and focus on shooting with products and include retail or jewelry or a cool phone, or gadget into the shoot as well. Shoot like it is an ad campaign.

No matter your height always shoot as if you are shooting with a purpose, for something, make a shot that looks like it tells a story, like it is an ad campaign, or apart of an editorial, even look at magazines for ideas if you must, just don't pitch yourself to a photographer without a plan, and something to an idea. Trust me most models do not even bring this. Ask yourself WHY would this photographer shoot me without being paid?

If you can't answer it then you need to take a moment before you pitch a photographer and thing of some reasons why you are worth NOT having to pay.

Modeling Tips: Can you get photos for free?

A girl recently asked me if she should fork out $100 dollars or more for a photoshoot? Or how she can get free photos?

I told her this:

Basically I think if you are eager, ambitious and not only want to model to be infront of the camera, but bring ideas to the camera you can sometimes get quality images for free. I work my personality a lot and it pays with me NOT having to pay. I have never paid a photographer, but I have pitched ideas, scouted locations, pulled the clothing and accessories for the shoot from designers I researched and contacted on my own, I have mailed the images to magazines and newspapers my self and proved that if you hustle and prove you are serious that photographers will WANT to work with you. I couldn't afford to pay a photographer so I had to rely on my personality, energy and creative eye to also bring something unique to the shoot. So before you pay try to pitch a photographer your idea. You want to shoot funky hair styles, or a cool handbag you saw, or some hot shoes, include a product, a location, a cool vintage chair, bring an idea to the table and stress how serious you are and that you would like to submit the photographs to a magazine and ask if the photographer tests. Don't always think the photographer is better than you. Or above you. Many photographers are hustling too and trying to get exposed and get their work seen too, so if you can pitch an idea that might bring you both a tear sheet or let them know of your interest in being involved with products, representing brands, and bringing a story to the shoot, not just your face or body, they will be intrigued usually. Just because they have been in a few magazines, or have a portfolio, or shot a few hundred models doesn't mean the photographer is something you should feel Intimidated by. So paying isn't bad because usually with a shoot you arepaying for, you can skip some bullshit because the photographer is now a customer of YOURS and you set the tone of the shoot for what YOU want. But before you hack out the dollars, try to research photographers who shoot for magazines, or with products you want to model.I have never paid a photographer, but I have wasted time, and made some mistakes working with the wrong photographers. Once I researched the location for a shoot at a lounge(who was going to let me shoot their for free), and even got handbags and clothing for the shoot but the photographer I picked never even gave me one photo!!! Can you believe that! It is the truth and it happened because I was careless about who I worked with and if you are bringing your energy to the shoot make sure you at least feel that the photographer is as serious as you are. Another time the photographer pulled the jewelry and we shot at the beach and he submitted the photos to a magazine in Miami and they got published in a 5 page story, sooo by representing your self, hustling and researching, pursuing and trying you will run into a lot of paths, stories, people, places, but go with your GUT Always and IT IS ALWAYS possible to get a portfolio, images, and photographs you need for free, but bring your personality and start approaching photographers not to just TEST, but to try to get something publishing together, bring an idea...and your unique style to the shoot.

Make a mark.

Have a goal, a plan, a purpose when you model, make sure you bring more to the shoot than yourself.

isobella jade

Model Monologues: Making it Happen

Today I will be chatting with handbag designer Jacquelyn LaCroix on my pod cast called Model Talk. to listen in at 8pm.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fashion Stumped!

Now I am not jealous, and I do not care about rocking the runway, that is not the point, I do enjoy watching the shows sometimes, but I still don't understand how in this day and age the models are Always Always Tall. It just looks so wrong to me. Like putting dark liner on your lips with light lipstick. It just looks bad.

I know it might sound like another short girl bitchin' but I did some thinking tonight about it, and I recently read in Vogue how Stella McCartney has a new lingerie line that goes up to a size Double D, but I doubt a girl with a double-D sized chest has ever walked the runway, unless she was for Lane Bryant. I think if the clothing is being sold to department stores who sell it, the department store should be checking on the size and height and weight of their customer and the designers should understand that what looks pinned up on the runway isn't targeted in the right way to their customer. It's like seeing something pretty on the runway and then trying to translate that into a size that will fit you and still look decent. I guess Fashion Shows are more of an art display than anything though.

Petite Modeling Tips: Product Photo Shoots

I like posing with products, my favorite these days is modeling Nina Shoes and pairing it with handbags, I love modeling accessories, sunglasses, even cell phones. I think petite models can really benefit by making sure when they shoot to always include a product in the shot, even a coffee cup will do. Anything that says " I can model this!" because editorial modeling is something that petite models can do, but in your portfolio you need to show that you can, so when you are shooting, the next time you shoot, try to involve a product, start making your shots LOOK like ad campaigns. Start putting together a comp card that says " I can model." Show yourself modeling something.


Rest in Peace

I was very sad to hear of this, when I read that Heath Ledger died today.

MSNBC reports: "Heath Ledger was found dead Tuesday in a Manhattan apartment in what police sources are calling an apparent suicide or accidental overdose. He was 28. "

I feel for Michelle Williams.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Petite Modeling Prep.

Well, tomorrow I have a casting at a Women's Magazine for my hands and feet, I got a pedicure and a manicure today to prep, I think a french looks best, even if your feet aren't perfect, it can give a neat and pretty look to your toes, even with a corn,blemish or two. If possible I try to get my toes and fingers painted the day before the casting or photoshoot. I go to a cheap place that does an amazing job for only like 28 bucks for both!......... and in a few minutes I am shooting for a spec I am creating for Apple. It is sort of a spin on my own use of the Apple Store, and computers to do my dream.

Petite Modeling is worth it

Today on my Myspace account a girl emailed me and was curious if a girl who is 5 foot should even try modeling, I of course told her yes. I think a lot of girls think that unless they have representation or an agent behind them or a runway that accepts them, they can't model. The doubt they carry is something they need to get rid of, because if you want something you fight for it, you might have to work harder but the dream, the chance, taking the chance, is not impossible.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Petite Modeling Hope!

I went to the fight this weekend at Madison Square Garden with Felic "Tito" Trinidad and Roy Jones Jr. It was so good! I love Cinderella Man and I love watching a fight and guessing who is going to win especially when both fighers are really good. What impressed me also was the pre fights, and one with Mike Mello, he didn't win his fight but they went 12 rounds and he was such a hustler. His face looked almost untouched when the fight was over, but he lost. If only you were judged a winner based on whose face looked cleaner?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Short Support

Recently I submitted to Short and they ran a story on my hustle as a petite model. It is a really cool and interesting website for petite, or shorter people and of course models.

Maybe the runways should accept the healthy average weight and height of girls in America and sell us the clothing and products we want to buy at a level and height we understand!

Modeling Tips: Body as a Business

I had a casting today where I had to use my legs and arms to make a statement. I have a feeling the job involves wearing a costume where you face isn't showns she your arms and legs have to do the emotion for you. It was an interesting casting, the breakdown involved "looking for dancers, and girls who have personality and can walk in heels." My agency told me to wear a leotard and heels. Well, I am not a dancer, but I showed up in my leotard and 5 inch Stuart Weitzman heels(which I got on sale)and strutted and pranced the best I could. It was interesting to use my arms and legs to as my speaking element. As models we are so used to using our faces, but also our limbs, legs, arms, shoulders, have a personality as well which can be used in shoots too.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Modeling Resume

What does your modeling portfolio and resume say about you? I think it is best to be diverse and I like knowing that I can handle an assortment of modeling jobs. From body doubling, on camera, to hand modeling, to legs, to bikini, to food magazines, to men's magazines and I think being as diverse as possible will keep you around longer as a model, and keep your resume and portfolio and paychecks rollin'

Modeling Monologue: Things you need to Buy along the way as a Model on the Go.

Nail polish: Out and about and I get a call. Be to a casting in 30 minutes and it is for your hands. Oh shit! I don't have a manicure and my nails look like shit. Usually in a moment of panic like this I go for a quick 10 dollar manicure. Usually you can find one quickly, but if not you can also run to Duane Reade and grab a make-your-self a manicure-set for like 5 bucks.

Creams: A week is nice to prepare for a job that involves your legs but for a quick fix, use a cream that has a tanner or shine to it. Or use a dab, and just a dab of baby oil on your legs. It is good to carry cream on you anyways always!

Tampons: I have been caught way too many times without one, so I suggest from my own personal experience always, always carry a tampon on you.

Full piece bathingsuit and leotard, I am not even a full blown dancer or anything but I think having a bodysuit or a bathing suit or a leotard is an unexpected but needed piece of clothing for castings, especially for body.

I have had to buy shavers, tweezers, nail files, panty hose, underwear, along with mascara, during my running around the city to castings and modeling jobs.

Tonight Model Talk: Staying Pumped for your Modeling Pursuits

If you want something you fight for it, but also the jobs you get along the way can really be inspiring and tonight on Model Talk I share three jobs that really meant a lot along the way and kept my spirits high. Knowing I had a chance to model despite not being the standard.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Don't let your hair drive you nuts, just go to Panyc.

I am lovin' my new hair cut, and bangs! So cute and ffts perfect my facial features. Although getting a haircut can be an uncomfortable feeling sometimes. Sitting in the chair, staring at yourself, unsure of what to do, the hair stylist whippin' up ideas and you are sort of pushed to do something with your hair you don't want to do. Or maybe you just need advice but don't need a lecture. I had a great experience today at Panyc:

I sat at the first chair, infront of the first mirror, right there!

I walked to 36 w 17 st. between 6th and 7th Avenue, and I buzzed to the 5th Fl.

Inside I felt relaxed right away. I put my coffee down, went to the bathroom and relaxed in the Hair Chair, like one of my friends was doing my hair and we were just kickin' it.

The salon is open, fresh, clean, simple, and private in a sense that you don't feel like everyone in the salon can hear your conversation or have an opinion on your hair.

I worked with a stylist named Simon, who is was amazing to sit with and very carefree and laid back, but still extremely on point when it came to my hair and making it look new and fresh again.

And the price is perfect! I paid less than $100 dollars, but got treated like I was paying a lot more!

Check them out!

isobella jade

Modeling Jobs that Matter

This week on my podcast Model Talk I will be discussing three modeling jobs that mattered most to me during my pursuits, which kept my spirits high and ambitious. This week I booked a job modeling my legs for $250 an hour for a national skincare retailer, so maybe I am the tiniest model out there and somedays the shortest girl on the street, waiting for the train, prancing around the city, but I hope this proved that no matter your height there is work out there for you if you pursue the chances you have and go after them with a marketing mindset to submit with persistance your photos and ask yourself each day: What are you doing for your dream?

Monday, January 14, 2008

Modeling: freelance modeling and steps to success

Freelance modeling means a lot of your work, planning ,researching and hustling and self promoting is done yourself. It means sometimes it is a struggle to get ahead and these steps could help you get an agent and start booking modeling work. Yourself!

Step 1: Focus on your images and target each photo shoot to benefit your portfolio book, you will need to design your portfolio book to represent where you are going, and the type of work you want to get. So look at ads and magazines and ad campaigns and start Knowing What type of model you want be and what type of work you want to get. For example if you want to model lingerie or for a handbag company, those are two totally different shots you need to get.

Step 2: Don't be afriad to self promote, you will need to use the Internet to get information. Why not google modeling agencies, print agencies, talent agencies and submit to them. I don't believe in paying to have your photo on one of those Modeling or Acting websites so before you waste $30-$100 bucks, use physical tools like comp cards and stamps and envelopes or emails to self promote yourself. Getting an agency is easy if you target yourself to the right agencies. If you are petite skip fashion all together! Go right to the print modeling agencies and talent agencies, use Google to find agencies, attack it and research agencies in your city. You have to find them...because the GOOD ones don't advertise often or at all. Also don't be afraid to mail your photos to a magazine, or start trying to find modeling jobs with or without an agency. If you want to model it can mean seriously being your own agent too.

Step 3: Set goals for yourself. If you write down your plans, goals, and wants and pursuits, most likely they will happen. Make it a goal to be in a magazine this year, or set a date. Make it a goal to have a modeling agency by this set time and date. And start putting together a comp card and mailing it out, because having your photo on the web is a nice start, but it wont promise someone will see it and book don't leave anything to chance!

Start promoting you!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Modeling Tips: 10 items or less for a Photo Shoot

A big bag at a photo shoot isn't needed, so the next time you have a shoot or are planning one, you only need to pack these ten items! Have your nails done before the shoot, don't waste time waiting for your nails to dry the day of your shoot.

These are the basics and some of my ideas and favorites!

1. The first thing is Shoes!!! They are one of the most important things at a shoot, they can set the tone, they make you look taller and leaner, and they make you feel hot. You only need one pair if the pair can be nicely wore with both jeans and lingerie. For great shoes try Nina Shoes, or their new line called Dolls, for a mix of glam and sophistication.

2. Outfits: You should bring three things to change into for a few reasons. One is that after three changes you might be tired and also it gives your shoot a time line and plan. Another reason is shooting with the same photographer can make your book look not diverse enough so plan to only shoot one or two or three looks at most with each photographer you work with.

3. Makeup! You only need to focus on eyes and foundation mostly. While you are getting ready and packing, only bring the few makeup colors you need and the foundation that is best on your skin tone. Lipstick or gloss. I love Rimmel and also N.Y.C and Mac brands for my shoots because the makeup is affordable and quality and lasts for the whole shoot. A lot of girls go overboard with make up and it really looks bad, you should only use what you need for an example look at the girl's makeup on a box of hair color, usually this look is fresh and pretty and good on any skin tone. Your makeup shouldn't speak more than your expression or pose, or your features!

4. Skincream, handcream and foot cream can all be basically ONE cream in your bag so pack light! Pick one that is a tanner. Or include Sally Hansen's Spray for legs and face. Works wonders!

5. Q-tips for makeup fix

6. A shaver/razor for last minute clean ups

7. hair band or clips. To create diversity or some hair rollers

8. hairspray, gel, and a brush

9. makeup remover- so after your shoot you can clean up your face, and the sooner the better because it can create blemishes to leave makeup on too long after being under the hot lights or sun.

10. If you want bring your favorite CD's and music for the shoot as well.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Models: Targeting your photos to Magazines

If you want to submit to magazines you have to send them images that represent the magazine. So go to the store and pick up a few magazines you want to submit too. Think of lifestyle magazines, urban magazines, hair magazines, everything from Maxim, to craft magazines.

Then go to the front of the magazine and find the mast head, usually the photo editor will accept your images by mail. .or email...

Targeting your images is important:

For example: Send images that flow with the magazine.
1. Don't send a bikini shot to a hair magazine or Craft magazine
2. write a letter -one or two paragraphs sharing your interests with the magazine, and what you think you would be good for.
3. Leave a phone number, and email for a contact
4. Send about 3 images to show your range.
Change up the hair, smile shot, then no smile, full body shot then 3/4 length.


For more tips and advice listen to my podcast:

Or check out my book called Almost 5'4" on Amazon.

isobella jade

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Modeling tricks and last minute fix!

Here are some tips for how to prepare for a shoot, even a week before it.

If you are modeling legs, feet, hands, etc. it is best to prepare before. Sometimes even getting an extra pedicure that isn't even meant for the shoot is a good idea, it will clean and prepare your feet and refresh them, then get another one the day before the shoot. The extra money is worth it. Same goes for hands. Moisturize with creams and try not to wear as much makeup before the shoot because you want to keep your skin blemish free and clean for the day of the shoot. Makeup is a big reason models get pimples, so make sure you have your own foundation even prepared and brushes, and even a little mini makeup kit because you don't want to share brushes if possible. Or at least clean your face right after the shoot.

For scars, try the cream Scar Zone, and remember sprays like Sally Hansen's Airbrush Makeup or Airbrush legs can be a good instant fix too.

Eyebrows- I hate tweezing and I hate waxing them, so if I need a quick fix I use a brown eye shadow to fill in the areas that need it, or to shape them.

Not an America's Next Top Model fan

A girl recently told me I should try out for America's Next Top Model. I told her no.

I don't think the show is very realistic
I don't like how Tyra doesn't give advice about marketing enough
I don't think the tasks, the challenges are really THAT challenging.
I don't think it is honest to the day in the life of trying to be a model.
I only think the topics on the show work for girls who are already represented and not starting out as a model by themselves.
The average girl who watches the show is the average height of 5'3".
The show is narrow minded, there is a lot more modeling than fashion, and runway, and I don't think it touches upon the modeling business as a whole, only a certain part of it.

There are all these shows about models and supermodels, and yet I do not think the voice is really honest because most girls who want to model, who watch the show would not get accepted into the typical modeling business. And the unconventional ways of entering the modeling business are those which are more realistic and helpful.

I doubt Tyra ever ran all around NYC trying to promote herself. Trying to market herself. Putting the time, money, energy into it...before she had an agent? Or was Discovered.

I am talking about the side of modeling that doesn't involve being Discovered, it involves discovering yourself, marketing yourself, promoting you, and finding a way to get into the modeling door.

It is like watching someone else succeed without it really inspiring you with some real advice and tips.

let me know if I am wrong?

I see a lot of Models

I see a lot of models of all heights at my castings and the scene isn't as HOT or Pretty as you might think. I bet there are a lot of models out there who just need to take the chance for themselves and join the modeling business, and start being active towards their pursuits. Submitting themselves out, having the right marketing tools, comp cards, headshots, and really trying to be a model with or without an agent. Yes it is hard, most things that are worth it are!

Starting to Model

MODELS: Have you been marketing You?

So you want to model, be one, be in a magazine, get an agent?

Well have you thought about mailing your photos out, even skipping the middle man all together and going right to the source, the magazine, the brands you are interesting in working with. Try the smaller brands first.

Use the Internet to your advantage and start researching. Submitting your photos to print modeling agencies is best, but also understanding that it might not even be your FACE that gives you your might be your feet shoe modeling, or hands hand modeling, which will get you into an agency door...and then other work starts coming.

I just started working with another agency, because they need body part models, so of course that is great but once I start working with them, I will push the other divisions of the agency as well but I need to get my foot, no pun, in first sometimes!

For more advice see my Modelingy podcast!

One-time Model sex scandal

The Debra Lafave's sex scandal story really is interesting especially the part that she was a model before she was a teacher and sex offender, perhaps her self esteem was very low, and it lead to her downfall all together. Her past does sound very rough and she has been through a lot and seen a lot, and I think a lot of girls start modeling, revealing themselves and if you are modeling to only feel better about yourself, then you are modeling for the wrong reasons.

I don't know if jail is the best for Miss LaFave but she needs serious help and a serious change of life and lifestyle and social circle. I don't feel bad for her, but I think she should seriously exam her life.

The Steps of becoming a Model

Through the Internet there are many ways a girl can get in to modeling and become a model. Becoming a model is now seen through emails, and even a Myspace account, modeling forums and modeling websites, but also the steps of getting work can involve these three things. Having an agency isn't what it used to be and the word Supermodel is long gone in the terms of the chances of you becoming a model! Which are high!

1. The Comp card-Whether you are modeling your legs, your body, your face, your energy you need photos! Your compcard sells you and you need it even before you have a modeling agency, you don't have to put too many photos, just a couple and then start submitting them out to talent agencies, print agencies, and start googling places to send them, like local newspapers, magazines, and brands.

2. The Submission- Getting things done comes down to you! I don't believe having an agent means the work is done. I think it only means that you are capable and you should still look for more. In my book I mention how after I got my first agency I wanted more, I " couldn't expect one agency to make my dreams come true!"

3. The Work- even when you book a job, it doesn't mean the work is done, as a striving model you are always researching, submitting, and hunting for more. Even if you are freelancing with a few agencies you have the freedom to do whatever you want to do on your own for your own modeling career.

Chase it!


Models make a Difference!

Remember that event though you are focusing on yourself, it is important to beaware of the news and the election. Make sure you vote! I think voting is very important, when I was 18 I voted in my first election, I was a freshman in college at New York Institute of Technology and I think voting has to do with worth, we are all worth something, and that something is very powerful, this election is different because it is exciting and getting a lot of younger people, and Generation Y intrigued so make sure you stay in the know about your choice and vote!

Models don't just sit, they Run!

Not giving up means going to one more agency, mailing one more comp card, and submitting yourself out yourself. I run all around New York City daily, from 11th Ave to Long Island City and I talk about self promotion a lot and I think that is the biggest advice I can give anyone. It is a rough business, a constant hustle, it is tiring sometimes, but my energy is high knowing it is possible! Stay driven!
I keep the energy flowing, I keep the phone ringing.
It is my effect, my effort my existence.
I keep the dream going.
I keep the hustle on.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Inspirational Reads for Models

Chanel: A Woman of Her Own, by Axel Madsen.
Model, The ugly business of beautiful woman, by Michael Gross.
Andrew Carnegie, by David Nasaw

Each book is very detailed and fun to read, each his historic and shares real insight timelines and is inspirational. I love the way these writers write, I can understand it and it doesn't feel like school! Also Chanel and Andrew Carnegie are both short successes!

Models in Time

I rely so much on the web I can't imagine not doing it. Here are some fun thoughts and some research I did by Googling on the history of modeling. If you want to model, I think you should know a little bit about the history. I will try to fill you in a little bit, but a Google search and some books can tell you even more. When I need inspiration I don’t follow the Supermodels today, I can’t relate to them, but I do follow Chanel and I am reading now a book on Andrew Carnegie, I like books about successful people who are short.
And Chanel was small too and said that she had a body of a 12 year old. As long as there has been art there as been models, a visit to the Moma or the Met will show you this. Sculptures and oils. Fashion brought the main need for models. There were not as many commercial products in the 1700’s and 1800’s and early 1900’s so clothing was made from human mannequins a lot of the time, like a fit model, who had the measurements of the average woman. In the 1700's women were traditionally pear-shaped. In the 1800's, the American women were more rectangle shape, to a bell from, to an hourglass figure late in the century. From the 1900's to 1940, women’s body shapes became rectangular and very slim. From 1940 to1960, the hourglass shape returned and was epitomized by Marilyn Monroe. The 1980's brought about a strong preference for the muscle-toned look. The early 1990's brought with it the very thin almost gross look. Today, woman are so many sizes and shapes. I don’t think one can define the American woman. But today the average height of American woman is 5’3 and weighs about 142 pounds. In the 1940’s it was 5 feet 2 inches and they weighed 129 pounds. The shapes and sizes of women over the past decades have indeed been changing, however, sizing standards and garment proportions used by the apparel industry have not. Which to this day makes it hard for a petite woman to be a model because fashion defines the modeling business a lot.
The first true fashion model is generally believed to be Parisian shopgirl, Marie Vernet Worth. She became the first professional mannequin in 1853, to help her fashion designer husband, Charles Frederick Worth.( Also another artist and designer Paul Poriet had his wife model his designs in 1911. Chanel also used models in the early 1900’s, as real live mannequins through out her career, and in the book called Chanel A woman of her own, you can catch a glimpse of this. A couple of the first fashion modeling agencies in the United States was: Ford Models started in the 1940’s and John Robert Powers Agency in the 1920’s. Maybe you will never be accepted into the Ford modeling agency but a Quote from Eileen Ford is: The beautiful woman is the one who really knows herself–her face, her body, everything–and she makes the most of everything she's got." On the other hand, John Powers was an actor first before a modeling agency owner, and a lot of his friends were actors and with his wife started the modeling agency since they knew many actors and Powers put together a catalogu with 40 of his friends photos and sent them around to commercial photographers, advertisers, and department stores,artists. He was thinking about supply and demand and trying to fill a void he was living. This is a perfect example of self serving…Each Decade has a certain style and fabric trend and also model trends: And In the early 1960s there were influential 'partnerships' of celebrities and high-fashion designers, most famously Audrey Hepburn with Givenchy, and Jackie Kennedy with Cassini. Also, many models had a very profound effect on fashion, most notably Twiggy, Veruschka, and Jean Shrimpton. A lot of girls want to be swimwear models but the idea of the bikini finally came into fashion in 1963. The hippie movements late in the decade also had a strong influence on clothing styles, including bell-bottom jeans, tie-dye and batik fabrics, as well as paisley prints and the models of that era represent that look, long hair, interesting hair cuts, geometric looks, thin. If you look into the history of something before you approach it you will learn a lot about business and the way it works. If clothing changes and fashion changes then I think the modeling business will change. Television commercials have only been around as long as the television which is less than 100 years. In the 1940’s. Vogue was founded by Arthur Baldwin Turnure in 1892. Arthur Turnure and Harry McVickar originally founded vogue, a small society journal in New York , in 1892. Its first issues were mainly devoted to coming-out parties, galas, betrothals, marriages, travel, and theatre. Then to the opposite side: Hugh Hefner founded Playboy in 1953.

Freelancing Modeling and Getting Paid

A girl asked me recently: How much do you know to negiotate when freelancing to clients without an agent? Thanks so much for your help!!!

My answer: When it marketing yourself, I think it depending on how experienced you are, the assignment, where will the photos be used, you can debate a rate for yourself as a freelance model.

For body modeling, swimwear modeling, lingerie modeling, I think $50-100 dollars an hour for starting out is acceptable.
For print, commercial modeling, music video, or anything on television, I think setting a day rate would be best, ($100-$500) or it depends on the size of the company and the usage, for example if a small company needs a model for their catalog, you might only ask for $100 dollars for the whole day while knowing you will have a great tearsheet to your portfolio which will get you more work, sometimes even working without a rate can benefit you if the exposure is high and you need the image, tearsheet or reel piece to add to your resume.

It is good to be picky, but also be reasonable, and consider your resume and portfolio, sometimes not being paid at all in the begining is ok, if it means you will gain a great piece for your portfolio, it isn't only about the money, it is about quality and getting quality work so that you can get more!

Modeling Advice from a Petite Model

Modeling Questions from a Petite Model

I received this message on my Myspace today: I'm 5'4 aspiring commercial print model and trying to get a agency. Is it unethical to add "2 inches" to my height and say 5'6 when submitting pics to an agency OR when freelancing to clients? Also I heard that you don't need professional pics when submitting to an agency, just a fullbody and headshot with no makeup taken by a friend. Does this only apply to fashion and editorial models? I would rather not pay for comp cards b4 getting an agency if I don't have to. Also any recommendations on good locations for commercial models. I live in NC so there is not alot of work for a model here and I know that you have to be in the same location as the agency especially when going to open call. I know NYC always gets alot of work for commercial models but I wanted to live somewhere a little more economically feasible then NYC or LA. One last question. How much do you know to negiotate when freelancing to clients without an agent? Thanks so much for your help!!!

My answer: If you want to add inches who cares, but the main point is to put photos on your card that really look like you. No matter whether you have a modeling agency in your phone dial or not you should get a comp card. You actually DO want to pay for a compcard before you work with an agency. A comp card is your marketing tool. A lot of girls rely on agents or want one and think they can not get work without one, which isn't true. You should have a compcard meant to promote you, yourself. Who says you can't mail your photos to a local newspaper or smaller magazines that might need models? I always believe in having your marketing tools, a comp card is a MUST, or at least nicely printed images. At least a headshot or a printed selection of images is good to start. Every modeling agent will think they know you best and give you different advice on your images, so it is best to understand your self and to be driven enough to understand that you need to show off your best features, your smile, your energy, and a nice action shot or body shot is always nice on a comp card. has good rates for printing. NO matter where you live there is modeling you can do, local hair salons, even food stores, and small business's need models, and it would be a good start for your modeling portfolio book to build tearsheets even before you have an agency working with you. Who says the agency will be calling you over and over every day anyways? To be a model you have to seek out your own work sometimes. 80% of my resume comes from myself. To hear more about my story listen in to my podcast tonight at 8pm. I's free and helpful and also check out my book on Amazon called Almost 5'4" about being a petite model. Believe it or not, the people modeling in the K-Mart or Wal-Mart commercial make more money than any other type of modeling! SO no matter your height, the normal, girl next door look is booking a lot of work, so be you, don't change, and focus on your images and getting promotional and marketing material like comp cards to promote yourself. And don't just send them to modeling agencies, send them to ad agencies, marketing companies etc. Skip the middle man!

Modeling tips, Not just height or weight

Targeting yourself to agencies that accept petite models is best and they are out there! There are many modeling agencies that accept petite models, but they are not called Petite modeling agencies, they are called Talent Agencies or Print modeling agencies. Stop trying to be a fashion model, focus on what you CAN be, which is a print model, or commercial model, or body part model, focus on submitting your images to the agencies that book work for models of all heights. This means you have to do your research, start Googling. Almost every town as a modeling agency or at least an advertising agency that might need models.

With or Without a Modeling Agency

The Modeling business is now based on personal effort. Supermodels are found on the web, and getting known is now the norm from a Myspace profile or making your own website. So where does that leave the agent? The modeling agent has been an important tool for a model to get ahead, but I consider an agent just that, another marketing tool not limited to other needed sources when comes to getting work and becoming a model. The modeling business isn't just about fashion but a lot of girls think it is still. Alot of girls fall into the mindset of thinking of they are tall, slim and a certain weight they will or wont be a model. This simply is not true. Models are working of all heights and weights, but you have to knw how to market yourself, and if you want to model, I think you need to think honestly about what you do have to offer and then target the agencies that want those things. If you are petite 5'6" or under, there is still a lot of modeling you can do. It just might not involve your height or face getting you in the door. It might involve your feet, your hands, your body. The first modeling job I got was shoe modeling, it was because the shoe fit. I don't hit up the fashion agencies because I know they are narrow minded, I only hit up places which I know are more welcoming to get work for print models, and models of many ethnicities and sizes. Usually talent agencies are better than modeling agencies for petite models. Or stick to print modeling agencies. The word fashion will knock you down, which is sad, when there is so much print work out there for a petite model. Sometimes it is best to get in a magazine first, get a tear sheet, push to get yourself out there first and then an agent comes...You have to seek your work, your agency, and keep trying, proving to yourself and those who might doubt you that YOU can!

Model Talk: Modeling today and yesterday

Listen up tonight at 8pm to my thoughts on the modeling business today with Web 2.0 and then way back in the late 1800's and 1900's.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What's Your Modeling Perspective

If you are petite and wondering how to start modeling and when you picture a model you picture fashion then you need to change your modeling thoughts and perspective. Alot of girls come to me with questions about launching a modeling career and most of them are about 5'3" and they have trouble getting an agent and being represented by a modeling agency and I can totally understand because I had been through it, but I have also found that by applying themselves and being savvy and smart about their pursuits as a model they can get work.

I don't really think an agent is the end all and all you need to be a model, but it is a question I get a lot, " How can I get an a modeling agent or work with an agency when I am so short?" If you want to hear the real story of how I have managed to model and make my self one, then you'd have to then read 250 pages of my book called Almost 5'4", which is on Amazon.

Each day I enjoy giving advice on my blogs and podcast and I put the time in to help other girls because I think the petite modeling world needs a voice. Alot of girls want to be models and work with agencies but they do not put the effort in to be worth an agents time. I thik the best thing to do is prove you are worth working with by getting a few tear sheets by your self, this involves some simple things: 1. focusing on your images, and working with photographers who are ambitious, really serious about their work, usually photographers who are serious about photography and being in magazines or getting product related photography work, will be good to work with, because you could end up being involved with one of their projects(THAT, is how I got my first tearsheet). Also I strongly believe in self promotion, especially in this Internet world, you can do a lot of research online. 2. Mistakes of Targeting: Alot of girls only hit up the fashion agencies and never consider the talent agencies, which accept shorter models, or skipping the middle man(the modeling agency and going right to the client, the magazine, the product or the Advertising Agencies as well. 3. Realistic, of course being proportioned helps, being attractive, having personality, being on time, being diverse, having a portfoio that shows images that tell a story about you as a model is important too, girls tend to put the same picture in their portfolio books over and over, and only show one side of them. Take off the makeup sometime and show your natural side too. I think short models have a good chance with commercial print agencies, talent agencies and if you read the ROSS Reports or Backstage, or research commercial print modeling agencies, or talent agencies in your town and put together a compcard and push your energy and personality in a letter or meeting, then usually you will start being sent out on castings. Petite models need to get over the words SIGNING with a modeling agency- , this just isn't so. Usually girls sign to one agency because if they are traveling around the world, they have an agency that can manage that. You don't have to pay an agent before you get paid, and when you do it is only a percent you give them which is usually abotu 20 percent. (it's gotten higher) and if you freelance, you can work with as many agencies as you want, but the first step is images, promotion, marketing yourself and asking yourself, WHAT are you doing for your own modeling pursuits? I might have some answers, but I can't make your dreams comes true, I can only give you my honest advice and hope it works out for you. If you have any questions feel free to email me or leave me a comment or message anytime. 4. The main thing with modeling these days, especially if you are a petite model, is being aggressive, persistance and not being afraid to really promote yourself. If I am not doing a modeling shoot for a product or ad campaign, or going on a casting, or in a magazine this month, it is because I haven't been promoting myself. Today I work with a few great agencies in NYC, and I have worked really hard to get my chance, and it hasn't been because I am lucky, pretty, or thin, it is because I worked my butt of to get it, and you can too! Stay focused, stay energetic, think about your goals and start thinking of ways to make them happen. What if all the agencies closed down? Would you quit? Is just having an agent the only thing that matters? I think what means the most is giving your all no matter what you pursue, trying, and doing the best you can do for you. Keep striving and make some goals and go after them physically and consistantly. Things will happen for you! You are your best marketing tool.

HopStop for Models on the Go!

One of my agents shared with me this great subway source called HOPSTOP for all your castings and auditions in NYC. If you have to get somewhere fast and are not sure of the subway route that will get you there quickest, follow this link and use it for your next castings, modeling gigs, photo-shoots, meetings, and important dates etc.!

I used it today to get to Long Island City on the F train, it even shares where to transfer on the train, and it prints out your directions on only one page, so your bag wont be full of notes, it was great!

Some Sweet Shoes for the Shortys

Wake up in the morning, and I decide what to wear by my shoes! I take a look in my shoe pile and these are some names that I have worn and still wear and most of them were found at Macy's or DSW for under $1000bucks! You can always catch a great sale at Macy's or DSW~keep this in mind when you need diverse shoes for your shoots, castings, etc! Sometimes I wear kitten heels, I never wear flats and sneakers, only when I am running, so a good strong heel is my forte' when it comes to finding a shoe!

The first selection is Nina Shoes. I really love Nina Shoes, great fit, and very sexy style, and I currently am in love with Nina's silk satin pink shoes! Next in my pile of shoes comes Zara, the clothing store has awesome bags and shoes and they are usually under $100 dollars! Also in my stash of shoes is a pair of peach colored Via Spiga shoes I got at Daffy's for under $60bucks! Also I love Payless and their new trends and styles, I recently purchased some very cute ankle boots for 15 bucks! I really Love them! Easy on, easy off. If you are looking for name brand, go to DSW, or the Saks Fifth Avenue sale! The shoe salon has it's own zip code, and I recently got a pair of Stuart Weitzman blue shoes for a little over $100 dollars and at DSW I have gotten Givenchy shoes for about $100as well, and also picked up a pair of Salvadore ferragamo for about $100 dollars as well. I love a good deal but even shoes in the $40-$50 dollar range are great, and I can't help but stop by a sign that says half off, or shoe sale, or even a sign for shoes that are $19.99. I have to see what they got to offer and usually i leave with at least 2 pairs. Shoes are my marketing tool, with short legs I need a lot of them or at least a few good sturdy pair that can get me through the day! Also I have White Mountain boots and Steve Madden heels, my taste varies shoe to shoe, what matters more than the brand name is the cut of the shoe around my toes and ankle and also the front of the shoe and the heel. I honestly love a 4-5 inch heel and Guess has some very nice shoes and is opening stores around the country just for their shoes!!! Still I love hitting the sales, especially because I wear out my shoes so quickly and have to get them repairs from my bustling around the city, but these shoes are my favorites and will always remain in my pile!

Chad Michael Murray an Upstate Success

Your from upstate? Oh it's not so bad. Watching Live with Regis and Kelly and I heard that Chad Michael Murray is from Buffalo, NY, well as a girl next door born and raised in Syracuse, NY, I send a big shout out to Chad Michael Murry in Upstate.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Petite model, Isobella Jade featured on StyleBites

Recently I contacted the editor of StyleBites a popular fashion and style blog and I gave her the 411 on being a petite body part model. Here is the story and my thoughts.

Modeling Advice and Quick Fix-it Hints

When you're on your own a lot as a freelance or aspiring model and sort of like a small business you have keep yourself in check. Some Modeling mistakes that might appear minor come in hair color, cropping images, and messy portfolio books but they are important they can be fixed!

Make sure your hair is only one color. Make sure your hair is brunette, blond, or red, or a certain color that can be defined. It helps an agent book you for work.
If you can't explain your hair color then an agent or booker wont be able to either. Which means you might miss out on a casting or job.

When you are putting together a portfolio or comp card be careful about cropping images. Don't crop pictures too tight or too wide, and a border isn't needed most of the time so skip it! Also never crop your ankle, your wrist, your shoe, or the top of your head, a complete photo is what we want to see. Do crop the background that is too distracting, and make sure the focus in the image is you not the tree you are standing next too.

Your portfolio book should be clean, and easy to flip through, it should hold about 20 images at least, remember if you are on a budget, you can find a portfolio book at even Wal-mart, usually a book that holds a 9x11 photo is good. Usually the color is a black or white. Try photo stores, art stores, and printing shops, you can pay as low as 10 bucks and as high as 200 or more. Once I had a portfolio book with a plexi glass top, totally wasn't worth the money and it was heavy to lug around but it did look cool for a few minutes. Measure the size of a magazine, that is about the size your portfolio needs to be. Especially if you plan on getting some magazine tear sheets! Only show your best images. The ones that look like ads already, that bring out your best features. If you don't want to model your thighs or hips, then don't put them in your book, and remember less is more!


Modeling tips from Isobella Jade

1. Focus on your goals, which means you have to have some. Make a list in 2008 of all your goals. A savvy model always carries a notebook, and writes down what she is doing each week, and month.

2. A good start would be planning to either contact some photographers you have researched online, and a good way to find one is also by looking in magazines, and newspapers and finding out who are the photographers who are shooting in the magazines and for the products you want to model for. Then you should Google them and start getting the word out that YOU want to model and that you need images and that you have more to offer than just your face, that you have personality. People will judge your height, so seriously push your other features, your eyes, your hair, your great skin.

3. Getting an agent is great, but to get one you need good photos of yourself, that is number one! Alot of girls come to me with dreams of modeling, but they do not have the right tools. Images are the best selling tool you got! So start planning some photo shoots that will benefit you! Not portraying things that are out of your reach but really striving to get images that sell you for you! For what you can offer the modeling business.

4. Photo shoots that benefit you. So if you aren't 5'10 or a tall Giraffe there is still so much modeling you can do. Print modeling is your best bet. Also don't forget there is other avenues that include print that you should consider, such as Hand modeling and body part modeling, if you have great nails and get them done often, well start taking photos of them. Everything Allure magazine to Bon Appetit need hand models. There is catalog work, and also don't forget even if you are short but you are proportioned there is work for you.... for legs, fitness, which focuses on your stomach, your tone body, your natural skin tone. Short models, petite models, and girls who are considered too short, need to open their minds. Staying positive is number 1, and you have to have images that represent where you want to be.

5. Hustling you! This can mean sometimes without an agent you need to pick up the email, or start emailing and trying to get your own work. If you were a handbag designer and you wanted to get your bag into a store what would you do? You would start researching buyers, and put together a press kit and take photos of your bags, it is similar when it comes to modeling. To model you need to know how to market yourself. It comes with practice but really just thinking to yourself, WHAT AM I GOOD AT? WHY would I make a good model and then pursue those avenues. For example. I know I am not tall enough to rock the runway, but I can model accessories, so I focus on the brands, the ads, and the commercials I have seen for accessory products that didn't always have a tall girls featured, and I contact them, I seriously pick up the phone and Google the brand and try to get intouch with the marketing department. Same goes for Magazines! Why haven't you mailed your photos yet to Glamour, Cosmo or Marie Claire, or magazines beyond fashion that need models, like Computer magazines, craft magazines, hair magazines? Start with action! Get on it!

Remember modeling is about marketing, it isn't only about being tall, skinny and so so pretty. It is about marketing yourself. Grabbing'your bootstraps and Making your own dreams happen, but it all starts with a plan, a goal, and knowing what you want to model and being realistic. In my modeling book called Almost 5'4"- I talk about how much self marketing I have done, and at the end of the day, no one is pushing for you harder than you, so you have to keep fighting and thinking and marketing you.

What are you Doing for Your Own Modeling Career?

A girl sent me a message on Myspace about giving up and having a very hard time finding an agent, this was my reply:

"Hey there. Staying positive is the best tool you have, starting to model is like staring a new business without a guide book. Ask yourself what your goals are? What do you want out of modeling? Why do you want to model? What type of modeling do you want to do?
I think during the next few months of this New Year, you should focus on your photos. I went through a lot of hustling, re-submitting, over and over, reshooting, until I got the images I needed that would get me some work, this means sometimes you need to have images that represent where you WANT to be. The type of work you WANT to get. Focus on your pictures. They will sell you whether you are a handmodel, shoe model or in Vogue or Playboy, you need images that sell you and your looks. Just having a modeling agency doesn't mean you are modeling and booking work yet....Beyond agents, you will need to learn to be your own sometimes, it will be hard but you can do it if you stay positive and, I have learned to market myself, and it means that you have to research your own work sometimes, submit to magazines and be aggressive and set goals for yourself each week.


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Articles for Shorter Models

I am working on some articles during the next few weeks based on shorter models because the marketplace, the industry, the commercial world of selling is towards the average girl in America, who is about 5'3" or under, and it makes me wonder Why Aren't These Shorter Girls Modeling the Stuff enough! It is sort of backwards, if the products are going to be bought by shorter girls, why isn't it on the runway at their level and measurement? If the average woman is not 5'10" why must these tall Giraffes lead the way always? I have fought the demand and won, but now I want to make a statement about not just the modeling business but the products, the marketing departments, the ad agencies, that aren't saying " hire the girl whose height matches the consumer!" Mmmm Time to put on my highest heels and write an essay!

Petite Models can Use their Curves to get Ahead

Today I had a casting for my arms and legs for an Industrial commercial. I was told by the agency that I would have to show my body and if booked I would have to wear a body suit and the casting would involve a profile shot and a body shot, so to prepare I put on some tight pants from Mango that I recently purchased on sale for only $21.99! They fit snug and show my curves. I also wore a tank top and a sweater so that I could easily get in and out of my coat and be ready for the casting. At the casting I slated my name and then had to reach out and turn around and show my arms and hands,and pretend I was using a computer and making artistic dancer like movements with my arms while I did so. This job pays $500 dollars and it shows that there are casting out there by modeling agencies that have nothing to do with height. I have also gone on castings for my eyes, my hair, my hands, my thumb, my behind, my chest, my neck and ears and I have shown off my curves and booked work because of it.

Curves do count! rock on petite models! If you have a proportioned body there is work out there for you!

The Three Modeling Photos you Need

Petite girls, petite models, always ask me how they can get ahead, and these three modeling photos are what can help!

1. Focus on ad campaigns and products that have packaging that includes a girls face, such as beauty products, hair care, eye glasses, these can all be examples of a headshot that would benefit you and your portfolio book.

2. Do something! I think an action shot is always needed, such as: laughing, running, crossing the street in heels and a suit, walking a dog, dancing to show movement, even the slightest movement and a smile is good to show personality, anything that shows you doing something.

3. Body. Whether you have a tone and solid, super great body or not, there are still ways to take a great body shot. A Fitness shot is a great idea, and off the shoulder dress is a nice way to show some skin tone sweetly, heels, wearing heels that show your toes implies a sexy edge, and shows personality as well. Of course it is great if you can include a product, like panty hose, shoes, a handbag, dress up your hair, or wear an elegant dress, each shot should tell a different story, but still be you!

Petite Models perspective of the Biggest Apple Store on 14th Street

I wrote this inside the new Apple Store on 14th Street which is booming now daily and one of the hottest spots in NYC. People are visiting the Empire State Building and the Apple Stores around the city, you haven't been inside one yet, where have you been??? this is my review of the store:

Walked into the Apple Store today on 14th Street.
Unzipped my coat and flaunted my gray sweater dress in
my black ankle boots. Did a scoot around the first
level., fresh, new, even smells good. I
checked out the computer bags on the 2nd floor, I am
in the market for one! On the way to the third floor I
did worry that some Apple-fan boy would look up and
see my underwear the plexi glass stairs are great for
an easy access peep show for viewing under a girls
dress. The store might want to have a big, tall
bouncer prepared. When I got to the third floor I
almost got really excited, Chairs!!! but they only
work if you want a One-on-One computer lesson.

So my review is that the spacious feeling makes a
girl, writer, Apple-lover, or email checker feel
comfortable, but the back wall on the first level
needs some artwork or something. I do like how the
glowing photo wall is very visual and captivating, and
you can see the photo wall even from the street. And
a suggestion: Do not wear a dress to the Apple Store
unless you plan on staying on the first level. I
wrote this on the first MacBook Pro on the second
table on the left side of the first level of the store
on the left side of the table. While playing with the
Photo booth icon, a great Apple store devotee who worked there
asked me " WHAT are you doing? and
I said with a charming smile" I am doing a photo
shoot with the Photo Booth!" Then we took a picture together. Only at the
Apple Store can you get away with that!

Interview of a Survivor

I really enjoyed reading the article in Interview Magazine about Junee Smollett by Martha Tuber, I like how Jurnee put that her "sporadic child-actor days were no accident,:" I've learned that it's best to be picky and do things you are passionate about." I love this advice and in the modeling business, models should follow the same suit and mindset. It isn't how many jobs you have booked it is the quality of the work, if you are doing a job, or a type of modeling/job that you enjoy which will let you shine at your best, then your book, resume, and portfolio will be stronger. Aside of the interview with Junee was another with Hayley Atwell by Mark Olsen and I really liked when she also said about " being the next thing, " you can always be called the next thing,..."I don't think you should fight to hold on to this image that's given to you." Well said. The jobs we book can define where we are going and who we are, our interests, our talent, our choices, and this is why we shouldn't settle and we should always read the fine print, ask a lot of questions and be picky about our work as striving woman with a big statement to make.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Fashion Model of any size, podcast tonight about self promotion

On Model Talk tonight I will talk about self promotion and how just booking the job isn't enough because the self promotion never really ends. I will explain how a job can become many more and how to market yourself, keep connections, and become your own agent. See you at 8pm!

I can't believe it is 2008!

Happy New Year to all, and the list of Things To Do has already begun! Tonight I will be speaking about self promotion and how with a dash of self promotion and a pinch of energy a model of any height can get a head in NYC or anywhere. Today I received a message from someone in Tokyo, and he mentioned how I might be in the wrong country because petite girls are accepted there,( this I already knew)but it was a nice comment. So in case you are curious, it is in countries like France, Italy, U.S, where girls are needed to be tall to be models, but it is true in Tokyo, if you are only 5 foot, or even shorter, you can get ahead. You might be able to get a decent flight too! Of course before you move or sign a contract, read the fine print and do your homework no matter where the modeling job is an with who. If a magazine wants to shoot you in a country beyond your own, make sure you Google it first. If an agent wants to see you in the U.K, make sure you do some research, there is some great international work and I hope to do some as well, but always I will be true to me, and doing my homework, TO US, to making our long To-Do list happen!

Mental Floss feature

It was wonderful speaking to Mental Floss about my unconventional writing experience, it brought back a lot of memories, some laughter and a reminder that social places like the Apple Store are becoming more and more of the hype. It makes me feel sort of honored to have had the store there for me during an honestly really rough but inspiring time.