Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Steps of becoming a Model

Through the Internet there are many ways a girl can get in to modeling and become a model. Becoming a model is now seen through emails, and even a Myspace account, modeling forums and modeling websites, but also the steps of getting work can involve these three things. Having an agency isn't what it used to be and the word Supermodel is long gone in the terms of the chances of you becoming a model! Which are high!

1. The Comp card-Whether you are modeling your legs, your body, your face, your energy you need photos! Your compcard sells you and you need it even before you have a modeling agency, you don't have to put too many photos, just a couple and then start submitting them out to talent agencies, print agencies, and start googling places to send them, like local newspapers, magazines, and brands.

2. The Submission- Getting things done comes down to you! I don't believe having an agent means the work is done. I think it only means that you are capable and you should still look for more. In my book I mention how after I got my first agency I wanted more, I " couldn't expect one agency to make my dreams come true!"

3. The Work- even when you book a job, it doesn't mean the work is done, as a striving model you are always researching, submitting, and hunting for more. Even if you are freelancing with a few agencies you have the freedom to do whatever you want to do on your own for your own modeling career.

Chase it!


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