Monday, January 7, 2008

Modeling tips from Isobella Jade

1. Focus on your goals, which means you have to have some. Make a list in 2008 of all your goals. A savvy model always carries a notebook, and writes down what she is doing each week, and month.

2. A good start would be planning to either contact some photographers you have researched online, and a good way to find one is also by looking in magazines, and newspapers and finding out who are the photographers who are shooting in the magazines and for the products you want to model for. Then you should Google them and start getting the word out that YOU want to model and that you need images and that you have more to offer than just your face, that you have personality. People will judge your height, so seriously push your other features, your eyes, your hair, your great skin.

3. Getting an agent is great, but to get one you need good photos of yourself, that is number one! Alot of girls come to me with dreams of modeling, but they do not have the right tools. Images are the best selling tool you got! So start planning some photo shoots that will benefit you! Not portraying things that are out of your reach but really striving to get images that sell you for you! For what you can offer the modeling business.

4. Photo shoots that benefit you. So if you aren't 5'10 or a tall Giraffe there is still so much modeling you can do. Print modeling is your best bet. Also don't forget there is other avenues that include print that you should consider, such as Hand modeling and body part modeling, if you have great nails and get them done often, well start taking photos of them. Everything Allure magazine to Bon Appetit need hand models. There is catalog work, and also don't forget even if you are short but you are proportioned there is work for you.... for legs, fitness, which focuses on your stomach, your tone body, your natural skin tone. Short models, petite models, and girls who are considered too short, need to open their minds. Staying positive is number 1, and you have to have images that represent where you want to be.

5. Hustling you! This can mean sometimes without an agent you need to pick up the email, or start emailing and trying to get your own work. If you were a handbag designer and you wanted to get your bag into a store what would you do? You would start researching buyers, and put together a press kit and take photos of your bags, it is similar when it comes to modeling. To model you need to know how to market yourself. It comes with practice but really just thinking to yourself, WHAT AM I GOOD AT? WHY would I make a good model and then pursue those avenues. For example. I know I am not tall enough to rock the runway, but I can model accessories, so I focus on the brands, the ads, and the commercials I have seen for accessory products that didn't always have a tall girls featured, and I contact them, I seriously pick up the phone and Google the brand and try to get intouch with the marketing department. Same goes for Magazines! Why haven't you mailed your photos yet to Glamour, Cosmo or Marie Claire, or magazines beyond fashion that need models, like Computer magazines, craft magazines, hair magazines? Start with action! Get on it!

Remember modeling is about marketing, it isn't only about being tall, skinny and so so pretty. It is about marketing yourself. Grabbing'your bootstraps and Making your own dreams happen, but it all starts with a plan, a goal, and knowing what you want to model and being realistic. In my modeling book called Almost 5'4"- I talk about how much self marketing I have done, and at the end of the day, no one is pushing for you harder than you, so you have to keep fighting and thinking and marketing you.

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