Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Some Sweet Shoes for the Shortys

Wake up in the morning, and I decide what to wear by my shoes! I take a look in my shoe pile and these are some names that I have worn and still wear and most of them were found at Macy's or DSW for under $1000bucks! You can always catch a great sale at Macy's or DSW~keep this in mind when you need diverse shoes for your shoots, castings, etc! Sometimes I wear kitten heels, I never wear flats and sneakers, only when I am running, so a good strong heel is my forte' when it comes to finding a shoe!

The first selection is Nina Shoes. http://www.ninashoes.com/ I really love Nina Shoes, great fit, and very sexy style, and I currently am in love with Nina's silk satin pink shoes! Next in my pile of shoes comes Zara, the clothing store has awesome bags and shoes and they are usually under $100 dollars! Also in my stash of shoes is a pair of peach colored Via Spiga shoes I got at Daffy's for under $60bucks! Also I love Payless and their new trends and styles, I recently purchased some very cute ankle boots for 15 bucks! I really Love them! Easy on, easy off. If you are looking for name brand, go to DSW, or the Saks Fifth Avenue sale! The shoe salon has it's own zip code, and I recently got a pair of Stuart Weitzman blue shoes for a little over $100 dollars and at DSW I have gotten Givenchy shoes for about $100as well, and also picked up a pair of Salvadore ferragamo for about $100 dollars as well. I love a good deal but even shoes in the $40-$50 dollar range are great, and I can't help but stop by a sign that says half off, or shoe sale, or even a sign for shoes that are $19.99. I have to see what they got to offer and usually i leave with at least 2 pairs. Shoes are my marketing tool, with short legs I need a lot of them or at least a few good sturdy pair that can get me through the day! Also I have White Mountain boots and Steve Madden heels, my taste varies shoe to shoe, what matters more than the brand name is the cut of the shoe around my toes and ankle and also the front of the shoe and the heel. I honestly love a 4-5 inch heel and Guess has some very nice shoes and is opening stores around the country just for their shoes!!! Still I love hitting the sales, especially because I wear out my shoes so quickly and have to get them repairs from my bustling around the city, but these shoes are my favorites and will always remain in my pile!

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