Thursday, January 10, 2008

Not an America's Next Top Model fan

A girl recently told me I should try out for America's Next Top Model. I told her no.

I don't think the show is very realistic
I don't like how Tyra doesn't give advice about marketing enough
I don't think the tasks, the challenges are really THAT challenging.
I don't think it is honest to the day in the life of trying to be a model.
I only think the topics on the show work for girls who are already represented and not starting out as a model by themselves.
The average girl who watches the show is the average height of 5'3".
The show is narrow minded, there is a lot more modeling than fashion, and runway, and I don't think it touches upon the modeling business as a whole, only a certain part of it.

There are all these shows about models and supermodels, and yet I do not think the voice is really honest because most girls who want to model, who watch the show would not get accepted into the typical modeling business. And the unconventional ways of entering the modeling business are those which are more realistic and helpful.

I doubt Tyra ever ran all around NYC trying to promote herself. Trying to market herself. Putting the time, money, energy into it...before she had an agent? Or was Discovered.

I am talking about the side of modeling that doesn't involve being Discovered, it involves discovering yourself, marketing yourself, promoting you, and finding a way to get into the modeling door.

It is like watching someone else succeed without it really inspiring you with some real advice and tips.

let me know if I am wrong?

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