Thursday, January 3, 2008

Interview of a Survivor

I really enjoyed reading the article in Interview Magazine about Junee Smollett by Martha Tuber, I like how Jurnee put that her "sporadic child-actor days were no accident,:" I've learned that it's best to be picky and do things you are passionate about." I love this advice and in the modeling business, models should follow the same suit and mindset. It isn't how many jobs you have booked it is the quality of the work, if you are doing a job, or a type of modeling/job that you enjoy which will let you shine at your best, then your book, resume, and portfolio will be stronger. Aside of the interview with Junee was another with Hayley Atwell by Mark Olsen and I really liked when she also said about " being the next thing, " you can always be called the next thing,..."I don't think you should fight to hold on to this image that's given to you." Well said. The jobs we book can define where we are going and who we are, our interests, our talent, our choices, and this is why we shouldn't settle and we should always read the fine print, ask a lot of questions and be picky about our work as striving woman with a big statement to make.

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