Monday, January 7, 2008

What are you Doing for Your Own Modeling Career?

A girl sent me a message on Myspace about giving up and having a very hard time finding an agent, this was my reply:

"Hey there. Staying positive is the best tool you have, starting to model is like staring a new business without a guide book. Ask yourself what your goals are? What do you want out of modeling? Why do you want to model? What type of modeling do you want to do?
I think during the next few months of this New Year, you should focus on your photos. I went through a lot of hustling, re-submitting, over and over, reshooting, until I got the images I needed that would get me some work, this means sometimes you need to have images that represent where you WANT to be. The type of work you WANT to get. Focus on your pictures. They will sell you whether you are a handmodel, shoe model or in Vogue or Playboy, you need images that sell you and your looks. Just having a modeling agency doesn't mean you are modeling and booking work yet....Beyond agents, you will need to learn to be your own sometimes, it will be hard but you can do it if you stay positive and, I have learned to market myself, and it means that you have to research your own work sometimes, submit to magazines and be aggressive and set goals for yourself each week.


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