Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Don't let your hair drive you nuts, just go to Panyc.

I am lovin' my new hair cut, and bangs! So cute and ffts perfect my facial features. Although getting a haircut can be an uncomfortable feeling sometimes. Sitting in the chair, staring at yourself, unsure of what to do, the hair stylist whippin' up ideas and you are sort of pushed to do something with your hair you don't want to do. Or maybe you just need advice but don't need a lecture. I had a great experience today at Panyc: http://www.panyconline.com/

I sat at the first chair, infront of the first mirror, right there!

I walked to 36 w 17 st. between 6th and 7th Avenue, and I buzzed to the 5th Fl.

Inside I felt relaxed right away. I put my coffee down, went to the bathroom and relaxed in the Hair Chair, like one of my friends was doing my hair and we were just kickin' it.

The salon is open, fresh, clean, simple, and private in a sense that you don't feel like everyone in the salon can hear your conversation or have an opinion on your hair.

I worked with a stylist named Simon, who is was amazing to sit with and very carefree and laid back, but still extremely on point when it came to my hair and making it look new and fresh again.

And the price is perfect! I paid less than $100 dollars, but got treated like I was paying a lot more!

Check them out!

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