Thursday, January 3, 2008

Petite Models perspective of the Biggest Apple Store on 14th Street

I wrote this inside the new Apple Store on 14th Street which is booming now daily and one of the hottest spots in NYC. People are visiting the Empire State Building and the Apple Stores around the city, you haven't been inside one yet, where have you been??? this is my review of the store:

Walked into the Apple Store today on 14th Street.
Unzipped my coat and flaunted my gray sweater dress in
my black ankle boots. Did a scoot around the first
level., fresh, new, even smells good. I
checked out the computer bags on the 2nd floor, I am
in the market for one! On the way to the third floor I
did worry that some Apple-fan boy would look up and
see my underwear the plexi glass stairs are great for
an easy access peep show for viewing under a girls
dress. The store might want to have a big, tall
bouncer prepared. When I got to the third floor I
almost got really excited, Chairs!!! but they only
work if you want a One-on-One computer lesson.

So my review is that the spacious feeling makes a
girl, writer, Apple-lover, or email checker feel
comfortable, but the back wall on the first level
needs some artwork or something. I do like how the
glowing photo wall is very visual and captivating, and
you can see the photo wall even from the street. And
a suggestion: Do not wear a dress to the Apple Store
unless you plan on staying on the first level. I
wrote this on the first MacBook Pro on the second
table on the left side of the first level of the store
on the left side of the table. While playing with the
Photo booth icon, a great Apple store devotee who worked there
asked me " WHAT are you doing? and
I said with a charming smile" I am doing a photo
shoot with the Photo Booth!" Then we took a picture together. Only at the
Apple Store can you get away with that!

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