Thursday, January 31, 2008

Modeling Tricks of the Trade: Quick French Pedicure Fix

So you have a casting at the last minute or a photo shoot and then you notice your busted French pedicure. Well when there is no time for a new predicure or a I don't have the extra cash that day, I can make my pedicure last 2 weeks because I just go to the bathroom put my foot on the toliet seat and I fix my pedisure myself. I love using Kiss nail polish French Pedicure kits- (like $5)- I use the white polish and also a q-tip. I take the Q-tip put it against the toe nails edge and then I lightly brush the white polish against the q-tip and the rim of my toe nail. Do it slowly so you wont make mistakes. Then let the white polish dry ( like 8 min or so to be sure!) and then I add the light pink color that is including in the Kit. I don't use strips or anything else, I just use the q-tip as my guide. I clean up any mistakes I made- /a spec of white on my toe/-when the white polish dries. Your toe nails will look good as new and it didn't cost you a dime.

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