Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What's Your Modeling Perspective

If you are petite and wondering how to start modeling and when you picture a model you picture fashion then you need to change your modeling thoughts and perspective. Alot of girls come to me with questions about launching a modeling career and most of them are about 5'3" and they have trouble getting an agent and being represented by a modeling agency and I can totally understand because I had been through it, but I have also found that by applying themselves and being savvy and smart about their pursuits as a model they can get work.

I don't really think an agent is the end all and all you need to be a model, but it is a question I get a lot, " How can I get an a modeling agent or work with an agency when I am so short?" If you want to hear the real story of how I have managed to model and make my self one, then you'd have to then read 250 pages of my book called Almost 5'4", which is on Amazon.

Each day I enjoy giving advice on my blogs and podcast and I put the time in to help other girls because I think the petite modeling world needs a voice. Alot of girls want to be models and work with agencies but they do not put the effort in to be worth an agents time. I thik the best thing to do is prove you are worth working with by getting a few tear sheets by your self, this involves some simple things: 1. focusing on your images, and working with photographers who are ambitious, really serious about their work, usually photographers who are serious about photography and being in magazines or getting product related photography work, will be good to work with, because you could end up being involved with one of their projects(THAT, is how I got my first tearsheet). Also I strongly believe in self promotion, especially in this Internet world, you can do a lot of research online. 2. Mistakes of Targeting: Alot of girls only hit up the fashion agencies and never consider the talent agencies, which accept shorter models, or skipping the middle man(the modeling agency and going right to the client, the magazine, the product or the Advertising Agencies as well. 3. Realistic, of course being proportioned helps, being attractive, having personality, being on time, being diverse, having a portfoio that shows images that tell a story about you as a model is important too, girls tend to put the same picture in their portfolio books over and over, and only show one side of them. Take off the makeup sometime and show your natural side too. I think short models have a good chance with commercial print agencies, talent agencies and if you read the ROSS Reports or Backstage, or research commercial print modeling agencies, or talent agencies in your town and put together a compcard and push your energy and personality in a letter or meeting, then usually you will start being sent out on castings. Petite models need to get over the words SIGNING with a modeling agency- , this just isn't so. Usually girls sign to one agency because if they are traveling around the world, they have an agency that can manage that. You don't have to pay an agent before you get paid, and when you do it is only a percent you give them which is usually abotu 20 percent. (it's gotten higher) and if you freelance, you can work with as many agencies as you want, but the first step is images, promotion, marketing yourself and asking yourself, WHAT are you doing for your own modeling pursuits? I might have some answers, but I can't make your dreams comes true, I can only give you my honest advice and hope it works out for you. If you have any questions feel free to email me or leave me a comment or message anytime. 4. The main thing with modeling these days, especially if you are a petite model, is being aggressive, persistance and not being afraid to really promote yourself. If I am not doing a modeling shoot for a product or ad campaign, or going on a casting, or in a magazine this month, it is because I haven't been promoting myself. Today I work with a few great agencies in NYC, and I have worked really hard to get my chance, and it hasn't been because I am lucky, pretty, or thin, it is because I worked my butt of to get it, and you can too! Stay focused, stay energetic, think about your goals and start thinking of ways to make them happen. What if all the agencies closed down? Would you quit? Is just having an agent the only thing that matters? I think what means the most is giving your all no matter what you pursue, trying, and doing the best you can do for you. Keep striving and make some goals and go after them physically and consistantly. Things will happen for you! You are your best marketing tool.

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