Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Your Modeling Perspective

If you really want to get ahead as a model, I would take advice like Aaron offers and also focus on ways you CAN in deed model, instead of dwelling on the modeling you can't do, which is really only runway work. A print model can work even more than a fashion model and (even get paid more). Recently I met with a girl who had just done fashion week and worked with a fashion agency, and she got paid like $50bucks for the whole long day! because she didn't have a lot of experience, a commercial print model can make up to $1500 a day, to even more if it is a commercial or a photo shoot for a national ad campaign that will run for the whole year. Usuually you would get paid every time that commercial played! Many aspiring models think that modeling is only one thing. And if they can't be that "thing!" then they can't model. When really if you focus on commercial print modeling, or body parts modeling, you will find that there is a lot of avenues for you. The first step is knowing this, and then getting the marketing tools you need. Compcard, headshot, and putting together a portfolio. A lot of aspiring models also rely on the Internet too much. It can be a bad thing. And if you are shooting with ramdom photographers just for the hell of it, you might want to ask yourself why? There is a lot more modeling you can do than just being the muse for the afternoon. Focus on getting jobs that involve products, ad campaigns, and representing a brand, because that is what modeling is: It is telling a story with your expression, look, your personality, and height isn't a factor when it comes to that! This week on my pod cast I will be talking about how models can use the Internet to get ahead and the good and the bad, and the differences between using the Internet and other outlets and ways you can gain information and can book modeling work.

Stay positive!

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