Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I loved Slinkys! Toy History for old and young

Do you remember Slinkys? Are they still something kids play with? When I have kids I am going to give them a Slinky and if they don't want it I'll play with it, or maybe the next time I go to a house-party I will bring one. I loved to let is off on the stairs and watch it go all the way down.

Here is a handy article from Mental Floss on old toys that really should make a come back!

Ever wonder what LEGO means? Ever wonder where our long ago friends Raggedy Ann and Andy came from? Well here are the answers in Toy History:


Coming up in April, things that excite me

I haven't seen it during March yet but there is a Top Shop Promotion going on. Here is a link to follow the Top Shop fashion circus, it ends on the 1st, and soon after the SoHo Top Shop is suppose to open in April sometime. I am curious to see what this store is all about.

Also on April 18th on HBO the movie Grey Gardens debuts with Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange.

I am speaking at the NY Round Table Writers Conference on April 25th at 11am on a panel about self publishing.

That same day I am speaking at a modeling conference as well. ( more on that later this week.)

Would you show your foot for $350 a day?

At my casting yesterday there were many shoe models waiting in the lobby. It was as if it was a major print it, and not just a shoe show, which is old news to me since I have done like 100 shoe shows.

Many of them were actors and were chatty.

Some had no idea how to model the shoe, some had big ankles, some just looked so bored.

Of course being in the print ad is nice and I do get a very happy feeling when I see my foot in the window of the Easy Spirit Store, but shoe shows pay well and right now I could use the extra cash.

I think these days we all would show our foot for around $350 a day to show off shows in a showroom with lunch included.ha.

Usually a product ad campaign that involves shoe modeling or leg modeling can pay around $1000 or more.

Women' be a size 6
Men' be a size 8- I think.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Isobella Jade in the NY DAILY News

I hope you can check out the NY DAILY NEWS today, because I am featured in the Money section with the headline of "Finding the value on being small,"on my advocating about the modeling business and how I am taking on tall women while giving advice to shorter girls about the modeling business on my website, blogs, radio show podcast, and books!

Photo by Susan Watts

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Model Obsession among young girls in US

I was lying in bed this morning thinking about the word model and how ten years ago a 14 year old girl could not download her photo on the internet and how just ten years ago a lot has changed in the ways we communicate, market and for better and worse the way we present ourselves to the world.

Just ten years ago the word "model" only defined a select group of people. Today almost every girl who uses the internet calls herself a model or wants to be one or posing in photos that she reveals like one. Does the internet create opportunity or false perception of the word model? Has the internet ruined the word model, or ruined the reputations of all the teenage girls who flaunt semi-nude or revealing photos on the internet while calling themselves models?

I think the internet and also social sites have ruined the word model and created a misleading perception to young girls and an unrealistic hope that having a certain amount of comments, friends, or hits on their pages means they are cool, hot, or better than someone else. The psychology is that who you are on the web defined you more than who are in real life. Internet social sites are entrapping and addictive and leave a distance in the mind between reality and the "fake new Identity" anyone can create with a few clicks, but the actions of a person on the web can affect their reality for better and for very worse.

I find it most dangerous among girls who flaunt half naked, or too sexy photos of themselves on the internet casually. Doing it for attention or because they want to feel hot, admired, or liked. An obsession with being seen and showing all is the latest disease or virus you can catch on the web.

An entertainment casting owner said to me recently, "10 years ago a "model" was rare now every girl I know is a "model." I can't agree more. The word model has really changed because of the internet allowing any girl to "call" her self a model.

Being a model has become an obsession among young girls in America and I am currently spending time researching this topic and of course writing about it on my blogs because I feel it is an important topic.

Perhaps my way of blogging about the "model obsession and how the internet has ignited it," could appear to be hypocritical a little because I am advocating not to use the web on the web. However it is the best way to do it, I know that girls who read my blogs, who Google the word model, who are wondering about being a model go to the web. The web is a place you can research and find answers for free without even telling anyone else what you are searching. It is time and energy to advocate put out advice and awareness but the web is the place I want my voice out there. To give a girl the understanding of reality before they make an internet modeling mistake.

While the internet might appear real, help business owners sell their product, and because a place where we can all connect, a person should always be considerate of what they show, how they show it and the photography they put out there. What is put on the web stays on the web, even long after your profile has been deleted.

Even though the internet is the hype and where we all are, if you want to really be model or have REAL internet in working in the entertainment business you have to look for the opportunity outside the internet. Work with real people, casting directors because real modeling doesn't happen on the web. But scams, perverts and jerks do.

The internet is not a place to start your modeling pursuits. It might seem "so easy" to download a photo on a modeling social site, but don't do it. The internet is truely the wrong place to market yourself as a model for hire.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Child porn on Myspace- and model mistakes

I heard on MSNBC about a 14 year old girl posing nude photos on Myspace and getting in trouble about it.

Oh god!

I get approached by many girls on Myspace about modeling. I try to always stress that Myspace is not way to market yourself as a model. And that the photos you show can hurt you. Showing yourself in a revealing or semi-nude or fully nude, or in a suggestive pose is not what you do with your Myspace page.

I tell the girls to TAKE OFF the sleezy or slutty, or bad photos.

Because I give advice on modeling, because I have a radio show and I advocate on the web I use social networking as a portal to connect and share my tips but I do not promote myself as a model on Myspace or Facebook.

I do have a website but it is to promote my story, my book, my radio show and I do share a portfolio of images, but the photos are not nude.

Early in my modeling pursuits, when I was curious about the word model I did make photo-on-the-web mistakes. (Mentioned in my book Almost 5'4")

Back then I didn't tell anyone about my "photos on the web" but today it seems it is a growing trend that girls post flaunting photos on the web.

It is easy to become a naive nude girl on the internet. Not thinking about how damaging it can be to present your self in the wrong way.

Mostly a girl should be thinking about her future, her goals in life and should take the internet seriously. The internet is NOT a playground.

Usually a girl who shows off flaunting nude photos wants to be a model, wants to be wanted, but being another internet nude model, having a paid site and all is NOT modeling.

This is a video called: Just Say no to Internet modeling:

If a girl really wants to model, she should be careful about the way she presents herself on the web. Modeling is not about showing yourself nude on the web. Many girls think that showing their photos on the web is something that stays on the web, it isn't. How you present yourself is a very serious thing and you should be aware of the photos you show.

The fish pedicure a fishy investment for salon business

I did a job this week that involved my feet! I get pedicures when I have jobs or castings and this "fish pedicure" mentioned in the WSJ recently caught my eye.

This is how I can best explain it:

Imagine small fish eating dead skin off your foot during a pedicure. The “Fish pedicure treatment” was first brought to the US from China by John Ho, who has two salons in Virginia and has custom made his own Plexiglas tanks which he has lead to many franchise agreements in other States. Yet lately the procedure is being banned and outlawed in 14 States, being considered unsanitary.

At Ho’s salon thirty five dollars will buy you fifteen minutes of little fish eating all the dead skin off your feet. You just place your feet in a Plexiglas tank and the skin eating fish have a meal on your toes, heels, and soles. Don’t worry you have your own individual tank and fish and your fish will not be able to swim to another person’s foot.

Afterwards for sanitary purposes the water in the tank is changed. (However be on the look out for fish droppings in the tank as a sign for dirty equipment.)

The “latest trend in pedicures and pretty feet” has lead to many salons owners at loss from investing in the custom-made pedicure tanks and purchasing these special dead skin eating fish.

I am usually down to try new things, but this one concerns me a little...personally would not try this one. I'll just take a regular pedicure please!

Seeing yourself in an ad- modeling results

This is what it is like to see your leg in an ad

Friday, March 27, 2009

Beauty abuse

I was thinking why do we coat our eye-lashes with mascara? Eye-lashes have a purpose, they aren't just sticking out of our eyelids for no reason. They are meant to protect our eyes from dirt, dust, sand and shit getting in them, yet we coat massive amounts of shit on them?

I love my mascara and I love my eye-lash curler even more but I do think of this stuff.

Thinking about all the crap we put on our eye-lashes, and how much it must weigh them down and wear them out, I am so lucky for natural really long ones, but I might look into a eye-lash cream,lotion, or something.

Elie Tahari sample sales rock

Click here for the details of the sample sale and more insight on how joining a newsletter can let you know about events like this, I will see you there!

I lost my Blackberry

Lying in bed last night I thought about the word Blackberry, where does this word come from and how weird does it sound!


Why not blueberry?

I Googled and found nothing about a man named Mr. Blackberry who launched Blackberry.

Well, I will never forget the day I lost my Blackberry and the hell that followed. I lost it at the airport...oh jeez what a hassle to try to find out where it ended up. What I do know is that a girl found it in the bathroom, that same girl was on my flight and as I told the fight attendant about losing my phone in the airport bathroom before I boarded the lady spoke up saying "I think I found your blackberry in the bathroom. I gave it to the bathroom lady." The bathroom lady. The lady who last saw my phone...or maybe not. I do not know, but I was so pissed.

Since then I have thought the word Blackberry sounds so stupid.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Modeling- yes I am available!

Modeling is a business of being available. No doubt being available can help you book work. Today I had a last minute booking for a women's magazine. I got a call from my agency, and was asked if I could be at the shoot as fast as I could get my *ss there. I got my *ss there within 25 minutes.

Being available is a major things when it comes to being a model. Being able to be available last minute can help you book consistant work but no matter what modeling without a doubt is a competitive and unstable world.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The thrift store never looked so good

Last weekend my boyfriend had to get a haircut. We planned to go to a salon on 17th Street. Our way there was a real bargain journey in place.

So follow me as I share “our awesome budget fashion walk" here:


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Diane von Furstenberg speaks of her Personal Fulfillment

Photo by Ed Kavishe, Fashion Wire Press

Diane von Furstenberg, doesn't look very tall in person. However her name sounds big and dignified, although I can barely pronounce her last name.

I went to see her speak last night at The French Institute Alliance Françoise.

What I got from the event was Diane's motto ( not exactly her words):

"Knowing yourself, and knowing the type of person you want to be can lead you to where you want to be."

We often think of the job description we want to have, the resume, the title, but not the person we want to be. I think it is very important to like yourself, and like Diane mentioned, "be your own friend."

I think loving yourself, and feeling your worth, sharing what you know and giving your time and energy towards helping another person better themselves, are all important facets of living a fulfilled life.

I wished Diane mentioned more in detail the significant people who helped her throughout her pursuits and career. It was interesting to learn that design wasn’t always her focus, in fact she didn’t know what her focus was…but she knew the type of person she wanted to be and crafted her life around that…and still does.

I suggest checking out The French Institute Alliance Françoise events.
Their Fashion Talks series are very well done. www.fiaf.org/

When the agency goes out of business: Money

I always wanted to work with Gilla Roos, I had heard of them from a photographer during a shoot about 5 years ago. I had submitted to them many times over the years with new compcards, and tearsheets, but nothing.

However they recently went out of business.

Today while on another casting, a model mentioned to me how Gilla Roos is gone.

I went home and Googled and found out she was right.



Agencies just like any other business struggle at times dealing with debt and credit, paying models, and gettng paid themselves, it can put a model and agent in a tense spot.

Usually it takes between 30-90 days to get paid from a modeling job. With acting roles it tends to be quicker. Many freelancers, models, actors are used to this lifestyle but for girls who want to get into the modeling business is it is best to know ahead of time the modeling business is not a stable one to rely on.

Waiting to get paid can be a real wait.

Models should be aware of the payment process and keeping track of their owed payments and understand the business of modeling as well.

When an advertiser or production company hires a model or actor they send a check to the talent or modeling agency, the agency then takes a commision or percent of the check and then the agency send the rest to the model or actor that was hired for the job.

It is a three person process.

The advertiser, production company..also known as the client.
The modeling agency...who supplies the models and gets the check first.
The model...who gets paid last.

I always love it when my agents say after a modeling job "I want to get paid soon so send me your voucher asap." It means I will be paid soon as well.

Queen Rania of Jordan and Youtube- she rocks

I really am intrigued by this lady. I read about her in Vogue and she was recently featured on Ad Age. And here the Queen explains why she started her Youtube channel:

This is a good article as well in Ad Age about Queen Rania.

Just go to Youtube and search Queen Rania.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Valentino the last emperor last night

I enjoyed watching the film "Valentino the last emperor" last night with my bf.

The movie was well done, at times however I wondered if certain moments were planned or if the whole thing was really "just catching Valentino naturally. As is."

The fights seemed real, the moaning. The purse of his lips.

You can watch a trailer here:


While watching the film I cringed alittle when he said, "No dwarfs this time." When talking about models but that's fashion and tall wins.

His little pug dogs were very sweet and I liked that the film shared photos and clips of Valentino in his early years of designing. I also respected his realtionship with his partner/lover/friend Giancarlo Giammetti and the honesty they shared. However I felt it sad that there was a lack of emotion from Valentino to his partner and I started to wonder about Valentino's childhood and up bringing. If there was love there? If he was spoiled? Or just too full of passion for his work to show emotion towards much else? I found it said when Giammetti mentioned that Valentino didn't show him emotion.

I also heard Valentino's last name Garavani, which isn't mentioned enough, I wonder how many people wear his clothing and do not even know it? Maybe I am just the only one who doesn't know it and who doesn't wear his clothing (can't afford it.)

I like learning about not just the now-day and the life, but the then, the history behind the name. If I should ever afford a piece of something Valentino I will feel more pride wearing it knowing a little more of who the man is because of this film. Even though he is retired.

I respect anything more when I know the history of it.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Affordable ways to give back

Giving back doesn't have to leave you broke. Also giving back doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg to make a difference. One of my favorite event and charity websites is NewYorkSocialDiary.com. Here is an article I wrote about upcoming events and past events that were actually free to attend.

I would rather go to an event, than to the club again. I like to learn, see something new, affect someone, and this website is very handy for things like that.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

This weekend saving money not going out to eat..well a hotdog on the street

Well, we are eating in this weekend. I like it. I like cooking.

This morning I tried to cook, or fry some potatos and something was wrong. Not working. Called my mom and put them in the oven.

Scrambled eggs. Made ice coffee for my bf and we enjoyed a home-made brunch.

Went out to get haircut, and enjoyed the afternoon shopping among vintage stores and street corner specials. Got street meat, aka a hot dog. (2 for $5-including a dollar tip). We tip the hot dog guy, we might be the only people who do because he looked at us weird not wanting our change.

My bf bought me a wonderful white vintage handbag. Just 38 dollars and so excited to flaunt it with a cute spring dress soon.

Got back downtown and got cozy in our sweats and made some chicken and mushrooms and veggies and dip and chips and totally chilled.

Drinking wine now.

Tonight and now watching TV and movies and spending the rest of rday reading and laying low.

Sometimes lazy, chill weekends are the best! And they save us money. Ordering pizza, and going out for Sushi can cost $25-$70 dollars. So buying $100 worth of food and eating in is worth it, it will last a week.

I am about to write an article about the model-internet obsessed and submit it to a magazine or newspaper. I am also working on my how-to modeling book this weekend.

News that caught my eye

Catching up on my news reading this weekend a little. I read print newspapers. Yes, of course I read some things on the internet but I like print news. Anyways after reading the print newspaper I found some of these features and articles that might intrigue you:

WSJ: The Fine Art of Copyright

WWD: Ad Spending Splinters

Modeling jobs are affected by advertising. For models does this mean that a web commercial should pay as much as a tv commercial? In the future we might see this difference since more and more brands are wanting web marketing, and models are needed for this. However I feel there is more of a "feeling" of credibility when you see yourself in print in a magazine or ad campaign. On the web or products website does feel good, don't get me wrong, but there is a certain feeling of print that feels more credibile when it comes to modeling jobs.

WWD: Suze Orman: The Money Lady

Don't buy more than you can afford. That is my main message about the recession and how I live my life. I don't rely on a credit card for that new handbag, and I think many younger people have gotten obsessed with "just using their credit card." The pay-it-later lifestyle is not promising.

NYPOST: Happy Days are here again

50's style eats!

Friday, March 20, 2009

shopping online for shoes-a new way to shop?

So since shopping for shoes at department stores can stress me out I am opting for shopping on the internet.

Also ironically there is more of a selection at times, and there are more sizes available online vs in-stores.

Today I got my really hot denim stilettos from Nine West, I am so excited right now because Macy's didn't have them in my size, or they were flawed.

What I did: I went to the Nine West store and the shoe wasn't there, but the sales lady said that if I ordered them in the store from the website there would be no shipping. I did it, and the shoes arrived in 2 days looking perfect. I quickly put them on and broke them in.

I think online shopping can be very helpful when it comes to out-of-stock items in-stores or if you are sick and tired of bad customer service at department stores you can just simply order them online.

I do love the shopping in-store experience, trying on the shoe and getting excited about it, but the hasstle lately I have been experiencing might lead me to shop on line more in the future.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

being a model

It is not about perfection
It's ok if you have a scar on your knee.
It is more about "wanting" to be a model than anything.
There are many pretty women in this world
many even more beautiful than the girls in magazines
So being a model is about wanting to be one.
Making yourself available, following your interest
being marketable and smart about your pursuits
Being a model to me means using your brain to get ahead.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shoe Shopping stresses me out sometimes

This past weekend I tried to buy a pair of shoes at Macy's and failed. It wasn't my fault, it's just the place is packed, the stress is high and the wait is long! Here is an article I wrote on how to manage shoe shopping stress. My top suggestion: Skip the weekends, read on here:


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My jeans are cheaper than yours!

I don’t like to spend more than $100 on a pair of jeans or pants. Usually 34th Street Herald Square is a good start. Also SoHo is another place I often shop for pants and jeans. Here are my pit-stops for pants and jeans on a budget in the city.

Here is an article I wrote on my stylish pit-stops for jeans and pants on a budget:


Monday, March 16, 2009

Shoe modeling results in Macy's

Enclosed are shots I took today from Macy's where my feet and hands and legs can be seen modeling Easy Spirit shoes.
- isobella

America's Next Top Model Casting Doom

I was running around the city this weekend ALOT, but I wasn't at the ANTM casting in NYC this weekend, however from what I hear the open call was totally disorganized and thousands of girls came out for it. Yet many of them found America's Next Top Model Casting Doom and this video can explain more:

I am sure only about 200 girls were seen. I think the media hype and the lines is what the show wants, hype. Well it sure got it.

I think if a girl wants to be a model she has to work hard, not wait in line and bet all her pursuits on one casting call for a TV Show. Don't fret shorties. Pick your heels up off the ground, grab your boobstraps and be realistic and smart about what you want, in modeling and life.

Being discovered as a model just doesn't happen anymore. Being picked for a show doesn't mean you will be a success anyways. It is all about what do you in the now and how hard you work.

Mailing your compcards and headshots to an agency, talent agency, casting director is really how you get ahead, especially if you are a new model. You have to mail your material, you have to have material, and you have to work hard.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The girl on the train with a Playboy Bunny bag

I see this girl on the train with a Playboy Bunny handbag. A bag mocked out in the Playboy Bunny logo, splattered in a pattern like a Coach bag. I wonder if she knows what she is saying? What is she saying? I watch her. Face to ground, looking at no one. Trying to blend, or just ignore all around her. I wonder if she knows the sex symbol that ironically followers her as she exits the train. What does this bag mean to her, why did she choose it, pay for it, what does a bunny mean to her?

No offence to Playboy but she looks too young, not even 18 or of legal age to drink, so what I see is a girl with a Playboy Bunny handbag letting it speak for her, her sexuality maybe? I start to wonder as she leaves the train, is she virgin, a student, does she have a job, or hobby? I start to think this handbag is too much defining her.. saying I am available, I am able to be taken, I am sexy, I am defined by what my handbag says I could be...or maybe she is just a girl who likes the color of the bag, and the logo doesn't faze her. It sure phazed me.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

News that caught my eye on models,fashion,business

I personally don't want high fashion if it looks like something I can easily get at Old Navy or H&M. When I think of high fashion I think of the word unique, different, one-of-a kind, limited edition sort of thing. With so many people clutching their wallets and spending only on selective peices some luxury stores like Neiman Marcus want fashionable items but is not looking to sell a $4,000 piece of fabric that looks like it should be less. From a designer perspective: Imagine designing a beautiful frock only to hear a buyer at a major store say 'Sorry it's too expensive!" That is what is happening as Neiman presses designers cuts, in an interesting article I read in the WSJ this morning.

I am behind in a few of my WWD isses but this caught my eye: FLAUNTING IT: Vivienne Westwood’s spring poster girl, Pamela Anderson, skipped down the designer’s runway Friday, flicking her hair and twirling for photographers to a mix of applause, laugher and whooping. “She was cool,” enthused Peaches Geldof, who sat front row with another famous daughter-of, Georgia May Jagger, and Beth Ditto of The Gossip, who sported a pin that said “Mother.” Geldof said she’s working on a fashion TV program with Nylon magazine and rustling up a book of short stories for adults. “They’re allegorical tales, half-surrealism, half-realism” she explained.

Many daily products you use and love are owned by other bigger companies, such as ­Procter & Gamble Co, currently "­Procter & Gamble Co. paired 40 digital media and agency executives with 100 of its North American marketing directors in a contest to sell Tide T-shirts for charity last night as its much-awaited "Digital Hack Night" became a four-hour reality show aired largely in social media." Read here to get the scoop on how P&G plan to dive into social media (twitter,Myspace, etc) with their brands.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

News that caught my eye

-Petite Sophisticate Closing Its Website March 15, Petite Sophisticate will be closing its Web site March 15, cost reduction program. Hurry everything on the Petite Sophisticate website is on sale with prices of 40%-70%.

-La Perla to Name New CEO, La Perla has a new chief executive officer, WWD has learned. According to sources, the post will be taken by Alain Prost, currently general director at lingerie firm Chantelle.

-The 90-second job interview. The Twin Cities Unified Theater Auditions bring together more than 40 producers representing theaters from Minnesota and beyond. They see auditions from hundreds of local actors, and each actor has just a minute and a half to make his or her best impression.

the subway as part of my beauty routine

IsobellaJadesometimes I put mascara on while en-route on the subway, I feel like a hooker but I really do use the subway as part of my beauty routine.

Styli-Style Founders interview feature

Earlier today I interviewed the founders of Styli-Style Cosmetics. We covered the business and consumer side of the beauty industry and the roots of the Styli-Style Brand. All of their products are under $10 but with the quality of high end brands such as Chanel.

You can view the products here and buy and try them at your local CVS, Duane Reade, Rite Aid, Fred Meyer, HEB, Bed, Bath & Beyond and 1,500 over-the-counter beauty supply stores. You can't miss it!

They also have a commercial which features some of their newest innovations and trends here.

My favorite product is the Line & Seal 24 hour eye-liner- in Carbon Black, it is sleek and smooth, glides on easy. Doesn't hurt my eye. I also like the Smokey Eye pencil which is a pencil that isn't even an eye pencil, it isn't an eye shadow, or liner, it is all three in one, with a few easy strokes your eyes are ready and sultry!

There is a special going on right now at Styli-Style and for $24.99 you can get
1 Soho Flat Lip Pencil, 1 Flat Pencil Sharpener, 3 Hipsticks (Cool, Mojo and Hippie Chick), 1 Flat Lip Pencil (Madison), 1 Flat Eye Pencil (Cairo), 1 Matte Black Liquid Eye Liner, 1 product pamphlet and 1 Black Pouch. I think the pouch is very handy for girls on the go, I like it.

To listen to the interview click this link:


Disney 23 and some history of Disney

I think the fairy-tale within Disney's characters can be unrealistic for young girls, because in life not every one is a princess and striving to be one can lead to pure disappointment. However I love Disney. I love the brand and the roots of it.
Walt Disney was truly an amazing man. I want all the Disney movies, the early ones, Fantasia is one!

Disney is launching D23, which is a network/community Disney has recently created for Disney fans. There is also a well produced magazine based on Disney history and it is photographically very well done.

Learn more here:


I would like to read Walt Disney's biography soon, but here are some things I learned about him while Googling:

-Disney was cartoonist for his high school newspaper. His illustrations were based around World War I and very patriotic.
-Disney was an ambulance driver during World War I.
-After reading the book Animated Cartoons: How They Are Made, Their Origin and Development,he decided to open his own animation business and he and his brother pooled their money to set up a cartoon studio in Hollywood.
-His first distribution deal came with live-action/animated shorts of what would become Alice's Wonderland, did you know there was an Alice of the Jungle too?
-Virginia Davis was hired to be live-action star/actress for his Alice Comedies, which lead to the film Alice’s Wonderland.
-Mickey was not his first character, the character was based on a mouse he had adopted as a pet while working in a Kansas City studio, the first Mickey short film was a silent film called Plane Crazy, later it would have a soundtrack.
-"The mouse was originally named "Mortimer", but later christened "Mickey Mouse" by Lillian Disney who thought that the name Mortimer did not fit. Mortimer later became the name of Mickey's rival for Minnie, who was taller than his renowned adversary and had a Brooklyn accent."

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Child models in New South Wales and legislation

Does your child want to model? I was recently contacted through Youtube from a parent with questions about her daughter and modeling. I answered her as best I could and try to reply to as many emails and questions as possible. Today I read this article that is about "how fashion models under the age of 16 in New South Wales must first gain permission from the New South Wales Children's Guardian or face hefty fines under legislation introduced to Parliament this week."

This is stating how the agencies/aka employers- "Employers will also have to adhere to the Code of Practice covering issues such as work times, supervision, travel and the balance between work and school."

The article continues with: "Current laws apply the protections to models under 15, but raising the age limit was in line with community standards, Community Services Minister Linda Burney said.

"I think community standards require it," she said.

"I am concerned about young people who may be drawn into the fashion industry at an age when they may be more mature physically than they are emotionally."

The fines for employers who don't comply with the legislation have been lifted from $1100 to $11,000."

This article made me think of print models, teen models, and the internet. I do not think there is enough protection of teen girls on the web on websites such as Myspace, face and the hundreds,thousands of model sites that flood the web where a girl can sign up for free and post photos encounter with perverse men and get trapped, or worse doing or meeting a person without good intentions to their well being. The word model, photographer and agent has become a word that anyone can have on the web, and it can lead to scams. Knowing the difference between 'a real professional' and a scam or jerk is not a judgement most teens can make.

Jackets with a designer feel for less

Shopping for select items in unexpected stores is my norm. It is how I save money. Lately my hunt has been for jackets and blazers of all textures, colors and styles for under $150. Here are some of my finds in stores you might already know but maybe didn’t consider for select items, such as jackets, that have a designer feel for less.

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The Today Show Pink Slip Tips

The TV is on sometimes in the morning while I hustle, heard on the Today Show a segment about a PINK SLIP Party (I am not talking lingerie-this is a party held by and for people job searching), the segment included how to network and keep your spirits during the job hunt. I thought all of the tips were on point except one.

When it came to interviews and the Thank You note, the guy said,” We live in a virtual world everything is virtual."

I do not agree with this and I do think it can send the wrong message to job seekers.

Everything is NOT virtual. And should not be that way. Personal attention is still the trend and way.

While a Thank You note should be quick and simple, referring to something mentioned in the interview, etc, I do not think email is the best way if you choose to send a Thank You note.

I think the old fashion way is still the way. I also think it is more thoughtful.

I think a solid navy blue color card is best and hand-write it. It is more personal. Anyone can write an email and say THANKS! But how cliché', it is even corny, delete!

I am very web 2.0 savvy, blogging, podcasting, web videos, etc. Yet I am not using our virtual world to define me 100% because I am still human.

On a pr note, when I pitch myself and projects to a reporter, editor, producer, etc, I do not send a copy and paste Thank You email. I put a little more than 5 seconds into it and I hand write it. That personal attention, that extra second says “I am serious.”

There is nothing wrong with the snail mail route, and honestly it can be more effective. It works for me when it comes to my pr pursuits and being my own publicist.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Against social networking today

I love blogging, podcasting and video blogging, but today I am allowing myself NOT to use it. To take a break and go through all the magazines I need to go through, clean up, throw out, which flood the apartment.

Also writing a few articles on my love, hate relationship with technology. I do love it, but I find using it for the pure way to communicate is not my style.

I still find myself texting my friends or emailing them, but I do not want to make my whole life technology. It is very easy to do. Right now I do not check my email on my phone, I do not twitter every moment, and I only use social networking for my branding and promotion, as a side kick to my advocating and the business I am building around my advocating. I think it is helpful but making technology my life conflicts with my other passions. I love seeing things, art, live music, historic landmarks, I enjoy flowers, nature, and many things that are not purely technology driven...or not at all.

I need Google daily, NEED is a true word for it, it is a major research tool for my pursuits and I think it can be a major pr-side kick for many small business owners. Technology however is not all it takes to promote, you still need to be a communicator, and know how to approach the people you want to get in touch with. I am very into the handwritten note, and while I might use the computer to find names, address's etc, I always full circle and hand write my notes/letters and include a personalized feel to my mailing as much as possible. Let's not forget: We are human, not machines.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Nude Magazine March Madness Sale

The winter issue of Nude Magazine has sold out, but guess what- I am told there was a box found in a warehouse and this means there are copies left! Nude is a beautiful fine art black and white nude photography magazine ad truely a publication meant to be treasured.

So if you did not get your NUDE magazine get it now!

I am featured on pages 38-43.


I don't like the Kindle yet

On the subway the girl sitting next to my bf has a Kindle. I don't know this yet but he says quietly to me, "Look, at what she is reading." I look and don't want to look anymore and say "I think reading on a screen would hurt my eyes," but he says, do you want to see it closer. I say no. He gets up I slide into his seat and move my eyes towards her Kindle.

Walking out of the train station I say, "I don't think I would feel like an author unless I had a physical book."

He says,"I think authors could be could feel like authors based on how many people read their book and words no matter how they read it."

I grudge and say ' i don't want to talk about this anymore'

He says,"look at music, people don't buy CD's anymore they download, but aren't they still singers?"

Ummm.. not ready to answer that.

My Bf has a point but I do not want to agree 100% because I love to much the experience of finding an intresting book to read, i am suc ha picky reader so everything has to attract me. The cover, the way the book feels, even smells, how the chapters are layed out, the fact that I could open the book to any page and feel intrigued....if they are not in sync I am not reading it. I like this process.Or buying it. This experience. I do not even buy books on Amazon much at all. I go to the bookstore! Over all I am haunted by this media hype over books dying. I hate it I just don't want to read my book on a machine.

He says, aren't you green? Don't think downloadable books are a green way to read? I can't imagine Shakespeare or Charles Dickens liking this downloadable book thing.
Sure I want to be green and all, but beyond printing paper and trees...I can't feel crediblity as an author with a download right now, but if the measured downloads can equal an authors success -which I think might happen- it happens with the music industry,- a singer or band is notable from the amount of downloads a song or album gets...soo....well I might slowly dig the download later but not right now. Just don't dig that. I still want the book bound, the physical. I just want to see it in a bookstore. Is it beyond my generation to imagine book in a book store as an author/ Has this period passed....I do not think so. The book will not die.

Out of the train I say I don't think I like Kindle's yet.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bargain handbags for your subway commute

I do see some nice looking handbags on the subway; and even though most of us on the train can’t afford a Prada, buying a new handbag can be a good purchase right now because it can be a long-lasting purchase.

Here are five places to look for a new handbag under $100 in New York City at my page on Examiner.com, where I write budget fashion tips, enjoy and shop smart!


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Life on Mars stills portraying a dancer the best I could

I will admit, I have been to Scores before, I have been to Rick's, The PlayboyClub in Vegas, and I do like Burlesque alot, but I do not care for the lifestyle of a stripper or eye-candy dancing girl. I prefer watching a burlesque dancer of any size over a stripper any day and I like entertainment, not T&A.

I don't mind being stared at( unless you are a creep on the subway) but I just have no interest in being a stripper. I also do not think strippers are models although many of them think they are. However last night I did portray one on Life on Mars. During the shooting everyone was professional, however I will admit that the background actors were a bit perverted. I had to tell each one over and over "hey buddy, I am not really a stripper!" Anyways here are some stills from the episode called Revenge of the Broken Jaw, now available to be viewed for free on the abc website. About 39 minutes in you can see the scene if you want.

And here I portray a buresque dancer in a shorter haircut, for the music video for the band My American Heart. (still have that red dress and love it)

Hand modeling in food magazines

Here is my hand spreading in Bon Appetit Magazine. Out now, for the April 2009 issue.

It is always nice to remember what you did on a shoot, what you wore, what you spread, to know if it is your hand or not. But I know my body VERY well, even my thumb and could pick out my pinky as well.

Models using your Legs to get ahead

When the shoe fits you can book good modeling work. Being a size shoe has come in handy over the years and recently my legs can be seen on the Easy Spirit website, I leg modeled for their spring campaign. Remember use what you DO have and you can get ahead!

Is that your finger nail? Yes it is

Do you know your finger nail, could you spot it in a magazine?

This is a skill of a model.

This is my hand in the March issue of Bon Appetit, I will have the full tearsheet available once I get my scanner working again.

You can catch my hand also in the April issue, out now, see above a shot.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Life on Mars

Tonight I was featured on Life on Mars, Revenge of the Broken Jaw, I will try to get some stills up here.

Read in Vogue similar ironic relations

Reading an article based on Judy Garland and how her singing moved Susie Boyt (Susie wrote a book called My Judy Garland Life), I went to the internet to research more about Judy Garland.

Her real name was Frances Ethel Gumm, Wikipedia says on her changing her name: "In 1934, the sisters, who by then had been touring the vaudeville circuit as "The Gumm Sisters" for many years, performed in Chicago at the Oriental Theater with George Jessel. He encouraged the group to choose a more appealing name after the name "Gumm" was met with laughter from the audience. "The Garland Sisters" was chosen, and Frances changed her name to "Judy" soon after, inspired by a popular Hoagy Carmichael song."

Wikipedia also includes this about her early years, "Named after both her parents and baptized at a local Episcopal church, "Baby" (as Frances was affectionately called) shared the family's flair for song and dance."

Funny how in the movie Dirty Dancing, Jennifer Grey was cast as a girl named Frances and in the film she is called Baby. Remember the line, "No one puts Baby in the corner." Just made me think about this relation to Judy Garland. Random I know but made me think. I wonder if the screen writer of Dirty Dancing knew this about Judy Garland??

Ironically I am listening to Martina McBride sing Somewhere over the Rainbow right now.

Google for your Modeling Pursuits 101

I did a segment a moment ago on my radio podcast called Modeling with Google. It is about how Google can help models in terms of research, to get ahead. Because what you know can help you. Sometimes you have to seek the answer and I find it on Google.

I hope it inspires you. Google is great for self promotion and researching to find agences, photographers, and companies you can contact, from production companies, to printing options. Google is a models best friend!


I think the perspective can also be applied to small business owners and those who are self promoting.

Paying for a publicist can be hard for small business owners and even risky but Google can be a great way to reseach, get names of contacts and get ahead.

I hope paper will not die

I love the trees but I hope paper will not die. There is much talk about the world becoming a digital space. I just hope it isn't the only way we communicate and share stories.

I feel like more of an author with a print book next to me. If books stopped running on the printing press I would feel very sad. I feel more purpose, more meaningful, it is more emotional, and I feel more acomplished in a print book than just making my book a download. However for my memoir it is planned to be an ebook first then a print book through HarperCollins and I am curious to see how it all comes together. I think the internet is an amazing marketing tool. Especially for pr. It is possible to get buzz in other countries and across the country without leaving the room. Amazing!

As for modeling I believe that print is still in style. Print compcards and print headshots, hard copies. I mean how can you really expect to model, act or work in entertainment without these things? As a singer you will need to have a demo, and you will have to know what your voice actually sounds like. As a model you will need some experience and also a compcard to mail agencies. As an actress you will need a headshot and resume on the back. Plain and simple don't try fight this. Common sense!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What will never be on my resume and what is

Last night I made a contract out between myself and an illustrator that I will be working on with another book project, while doing so I discovered again how bad my skills are in Word. I can handle the basics, but I am not a Word pro.

Hhhh Maybe slightly advanced in using the tools like word count.

My goal is to never work for someone doing something I don't enjoy. And staring at someone else's computer and doing office work is something I would never enjoy.

This is me sharing what I know and do not know, let's say in an interview or debate about office skills:

I can type without looking at the keyboard for hours, but I do not know how to do powerpoint well, excell, No. I am not a super duper wizard at making a graph. I do the basics. I just do not do Office Works. I can fax, and scan, photoshop decent, yet setting up a computer is not my forte' however I can get it a fair dab. I am very web 2.0 savvy however and can produce videos and I blog, and podcast as well.
Good at the Google search rating enhancing. I am currently working on my editing skills within video and I know how to set up and market a podcast radio show. Yes I can do all of this in this outfit and in heels.

Monday, March 2, 2009

The flood of crappy so-called photographers

Almsot daily I get girls asking me about photography or telling me about a bad experience they had. From modeling agency rip offs to girls working wth bad photographers I recently put a post up at my modeling tips blog here on this topic.

I find this topic a very important one for a few reasons. It is on my mind often.

The more girls that want to be models means the more wanna be photograper's there are out there. Photography has become a commercial title that anyone can hold. Which means even those with bad intentions and those who do not mean well can call themselves one just by purchasing a Nikon or Canon.

It's gotten a lot worse since 2000. These days it is nuts. So it is frustrating when these girls email me and I feel like I have to protect them before it is too late and some online predator approaches them.

The internet is a great research tool but thats it,- it is not a place to find photographers, plain and simple it is a terrible place to mingle with guys with cameras who gawk these social sites.

I consider myself very lucky because before I shot ad campaigns and good modeling work with good agencies,-- in the past I have had some very bad encounters with the web. Some could have ended up basically life threatning. No joke. So I can relate with my memories when a girl emails me about how hard it is to find a good photographer these days. However these days I do work with amazing photographers, but I do remember when it was different.

The internet is where they go and there are pages and pages of terrible photography.

Even headshot photographers, or so-called, these people marketing themselves as a headshot photographer have the most nasty shots. Bad lighting, bad makeup on the girl, yuck.

The way I could see this issue solved is a one stop place for girls looking to model to find a photographer in their city.

Online social sites for models seem most popular in cities that do not have photo studios, ad agencies, and booming media, small towns. Yet a girl does not have to settle for crap.

If the girl can keep in mind that the main shot she needs to submit to agencies is a nice face shot. A nice headshot. Smile shot. Natural. And honestly sometimes a shot of you that your friend took at a birthday party works. Maybe not for the long term but if you crop it, and print it, and mail it to a print agency, the agency just wants to see your skintone, your energy, the expression in your eyes. They don't need the dazzle, and bullshit that many so-called photographers flaunt that you need on the web.

When a girl emails me and asks about how she can find a photographer I say:
Skip the web, please.