Monday, March 23, 2009

Valentino the last emperor last night

I enjoyed watching the film "Valentino the last emperor" last night with my bf.

The movie was well done, at times however I wondered if certain moments were planned or if the whole thing was really "just catching Valentino naturally. As is."

The fights seemed real, the moaning. The purse of his lips.

You can watch a trailer here:

While watching the film I cringed alittle when he said, "No dwarfs this time." When talking about models but that's fashion and tall wins.

His little pug dogs were very sweet and I liked that the film shared photos and clips of Valentino in his early years of designing. I also respected his realtionship with his partner/lover/friend Giancarlo Giammetti and the honesty they shared. However I felt it sad that there was a lack of emotion from Valentino to his partner and I started to wonder about Valentino's childhood and up bringing. If there was love there? If he was spoiled? Or just too full of passion for his work to show emotion towards much else? I found it said when Giammetti mentioned that Valentino didn't show him emotion.

I also heard Valentino's last name Garavani, which isn't mentioned enough, I wonder how many people wear his clothing and do not even know it? Maybe I am just the only one who doesn't know it and who doesn't wear his clothing (can't afford it.)

I like learning about not just the now-day and the life, but the then, the history behind the name. If I should ever afford a piece of something Valentino I will feel more pride wearing it knowing a little more of who the man is because of this film. Even though he is retired.

I respect anything more when I know the history of it.

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