Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Model Obsession among young girls in US

I was lying in bed this morning thinking about the word model and how ten years ago a 14 year old girl could not download her photo on the internet and how just ten years ago a lot has changed in the ways we communicate, market and for better and worse the way we present ourselves to the world.

Just ten years ago the word "model" only defined a select group of people. Today almost every girl who uses the internet calls herself a model or wants to be one or posing in photos that she reveals like one. Does the internet create opportunity or false perception of the word model? Has the internet ruined the word model, or ruined the reputations of all the teenage girls who flaunt semi-nude or revealing photos on the internet while calling themselves models?

I think the internet and also social sites have ruined the word model and created a misleading perception to young girls and an unrealistic hope that having a certain amount of comments, friends, or hits on their pages means they are cool, hot, or better than someone else. The psychology is that who you are on the web defined you more than who are in real life. Internet social sites are entrapping and addictive and leave a distance in the mind between reality and the "fake new Identity" anyone can create with a few clicks, but the actions of a person on the web can affect their reality for better and for very worse.

I find it most dangerous among girls who flaunt half naked, or too sexy photos of themselves on the internet casually. Doing it for attention or because they want to feel hot, admired, or liked. An obsession with being seen and showing all is the latest disease or virus you can catch on the web.

An entertainment casting owner said to me recently, "10 years ago a "model" was rare now every girl I know is a "model." I can't agree more. The word model has really changed because of the internet allowing any girl to "call" her self a model.

Being a model has become an obsession among young girls in America and I am currently spending time researching this topic and of course writing about it on my blogs because I feel it is an important topic.

Perhaps my way of blogging about the "model obsession and how the internet has ignited it," could appear to be hypocritical a little because I am advocating not to use the web on the web. However it is the best way to do it, I know that girls who read my blogs, who Google the word model, who are wondering about being a model go to the web. The web is a place you can research and find answers for free without even telling anyone else what you are searching. It is time and energy to advocate put out advice and awareness but the web is the place I want my voice out there. To give a girl the understanding of reality before they make an internet modeling mistake.

While the internet might appear real, help business owners sell their product, and because a place where we can all connect, a person should always be considerate of what they show, how they show it and the photography they put out there. What is put on the web stays on the web, even long after your profile has been deleted.

Even though the internet is the hype and where we all are, if you want to really be model or have REAL internet in working in the entertainment business you have to look for the opportunity outside the internet. Work with real people, casting directors because real modeling doesn't happen on the web. But scams, perverts and jerks do.

The internet is not a place to start your modeling pursuits. It might seem "so easy" to download a photo on a modeling social site, but don't do it. The internet is truely the wrong place to market yourself as a model for hire.

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