Sunday, March 8, 2009

I don't like the Kindle yet

On the subway the girl sitting next to my bf has a Kindle. I don't know this yet but he says quietly to me, "Look, at what she is reading." I look and don't want to look anymore and say "I think reading on a screen would hurt my eyes," but he says, do you want to see it closer. I say no. He gets up I slide into his seat and move my eyes towards her Kindle.

Walking out of the train station I say, "I don't think I would feel like an author unless I had a physical book."

He says,"I think authors could be could feel like authors based on how many people read their book and words no matter how they read it."

I grudge and say ' i don't want to talk about this anymore'

He says,"look at music, people don't buy CD's anymore they download, but aren't they still singers?"

Ummm.. not ready to answer that.

My Bf has a point but I do not want to agree 100% because I love to much the experience of finding an intresting book to read, i am suc ha picky reader so everything has to attract me. The cover, the way the book feels, even smells, how the chapters are layed out, the fact that I could open the book to any page and feel intrigued....if they are not in sync I am not reading it. I like this process.Or buying it. This experience. I do not even buy books on Amazon much at all. I go to the bookstore! Over all I am haunted by this media hype over books dying. I hate it I just don't want to read my book on a machine.

He says, aren't you green? Don't think downloadable books are a green way to read? I can't imagine Shakespeare or Charles Dickens liking this downloadable book thing.
Sure I want to be green and all, but beyond printing paper and trees...I can't feel crediblity as an author with a download right now, but if the measured downloads can equal an authors success -which I think might happen- it happens with the music industry,- a singer or band is notable from the amount of downloads a song or album gets...soo....well I might slowly dig the download later but not right now. Just don't dig that. I still want the book bound, the physical. I just want to see it in a bookstore. Is it beyond my generation to imagine book in a book store as an author/ Has this period passed....I do not think so. The book will not die.

Out of the train I say I don't think I like Kindle's yet.

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