Monday, March 9, 2009

Against social networking today

I love blogging, podcasting and video blogging, but today I am allowing myself NOT to use it. To take a break and go through all the magazines I need to go through, clean up, throw out, which flood the apartment.

Also writing a few articles on my love, hate relationship with technology. I do love it, but I find using it for the pure way to communicate is not my style.

I still find myself texting my friends or emailing them, but I do not want to make my whole life technology. It is very easy to do. Right now I do not check my email on my phone, I do not twitter every moment, and I only use social networking for my branding and promotion, as a side kick to my advocating and the business I am building around my advocating. I think it is helpful but making technology my life conflicts with my other passions. I love seeing things, art, live music, historic landmarks, I enjoy flowers, nature, and many things that are not purely technology driven...or not at all.

I need Google daily, NEED is a true word for it, it is a major research tool for my pursuits and I think it can be a major pr-side kick for many small business owners. Technology however is not all it takes to promote, you still need to be a communicator, and know how to approach the people you want to get in touch with. I am very into the handwritten note, and while I might use the computer to find names, address's etc, I always full circle and hand write my notes/letters and include a personalized feel to my mailing as much as possible. Let's not forget: We are human, not machines.

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