Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Would you show your foot for $350 a day?

At my casting yesterday there were many shoe models waiting in the lobby. It was as if it was a major print it, and not just a shoe show, which is old news to me since I have done like 100 shoe shows.

Many of them were actors and were chatty.

Some had no idea how to model the shoe, some had big ankles, some just looked so bored.

Of course being in the print ad is nice and I do get a very happy feeling when I see my foot in the window of the Easy Spirit Store, but shoe shows pay well and right now I could use the extra cash.

I think these days we all would show our foot for around $350 a day to show off shows in a showroom with lunch included.ha.

Usually a product ad campaign that involves shoe modeling or leg modeling can pay around $1000 or more.

Women' be a size 6
Men' be a size 8- I think.


Noni Valentine said...

I would like to know where I can head for this because I am located in NYC, but I am new to the area.. also can you please update me when an event like this is going on ?... best regards -NoniValentine.com

isobella jade said...

Shoe modeling happens many times throughout the year for parts models. For print campaigns, editorial and some girls work shoe shows as well. It is best mail photos of your feet in heels and sandals to agencies that represent "parts" models. A quick Google search of parts models can help you find one in NYC. Just like any area of modeling it is competitive the same. - isobella

Noni Valentine said...

ok thanks alot ... <3