Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I hope paper will not die

I love the trees but I hope paper will not die. There is much talk about the world becoming a digital space. I just hope it isn't the only way we communicate and share stories.

I feel like more of an author with a print book next to me. If books stopped running on the printing press I would feel very sad. I feel more purpose, more meaningful, it is more emotional, and I feel more acomplished in a print book than just making my book a download. However for my memoir it is planned to be an ebook first then a print book through HarperCollins and I am curious to see how it all comes together. I think the internet is an amazing marketing tool. Especially for pr. It is possible to get buzz in other countries and across the country without leaving the room. Amazing!

As for modeling I believe that print is still in style. Print compcards and print headshots, hard copies. I mean how can you really expect to model, act or work in entertainment without these things? As a singer you will need to have a demo, and you will have to know what your voice actually sounds like. As a model you will need some experience and also a compcard to mail agencies. As an actress you will need a headshot and resume on the back. Plain and simple don't try fight this. Common sense!

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