Friday, March 27, 2009

I lost my Blackberry

Lying in bed last night I thought about the word Blackberry, where does this word come from and how weird does it sound!


Why not blueberry?

I Googled and found nothing about a man named Mr. Blackberry who launched Blackberry.

Well, I will never forget the day I lost my Blackberry and the hell that followed. I lost it at the airport...oh jeez what a hassle to try to find out where it ended up. What I do know is that a girl found it in the bathroom, that same girl was on my flight and as I told the fight attendant about losing my phone in the airport bathroom before I boarded the lady spoke up saying "I think I found your blackberry in the bathroom. I gave it to the bathroom lady." The bathroom lady. The lady who last saw my phone...or maybe not. I do not know, but I was so pissed.

Since then I have thought the word Blackberry sounds so stupid.

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