Thursday, March 5, 2009

Life on Mars stills portraying a dancer the best I could

I will admit, I have been to Scores before, I have been to Rick's, The PlayboyClub in Vegas, and I do like Burlesque alot, but I do not care for the lifestyle of a stripper or eye-candy dancing girl. I prefer watching a burlesque dancer of any size over a stripper any day and I like entertainment, not T&A.

I don't mind being stared at( unless you are a creep on the subway) but I just have no interest in being a stripper. I also do not think strippers are models although many of them think they are. However last night I did portray one on Life on Mars. During the shooting everyone was professional, however I will admit that the background actors were a bit perverted. I had to tell each one over and over "hey buddy, I am not really a stripper!" Anyways here are some stills from the episode called Revenge of the Broken Jaw, now available to be viewed for free on the abc website. About 39 minutes in you can see the scene if you want.

And here I portray a buresque dancer in a shorter haircut, for the music video for the band My American Heart. (still have that red dress and love it)

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