Friday, March 20, 2009

shopping online for shoes-a new way to shop?

So since shopping for shoes at department stores can stress me out I am opting for shopping on the internet.

Also ironically there is more of a selection at times, and there are more sizes available online vs in-stores.

Today I got my really hot denim stilettos from Nine West, I am so excited right now because Macy's didn't have them in my size, or they were flawed.

What I did: I went to the Nine West store and the shoe wasn't there, but the sales lady said that if I ordered them in the store from the website there would be no shipping. I did it, and the shoes arrived in 2 days looking perfect. I quickly put them on and broke them in.

I think online shopping can be very helpful when it comes to out-of-stock items in-stores or if you are sick and tired of bad customer service at department stores you can just simply order them online.

I do love the shopping in-store experience, trying on the shoe and getting excited about it, but the hasstle lately I have been experiencing might lead me to shop on line more in the future.

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