Thursday, March 12, 2009

News that caught my eye on models,fashion,business

I personally don't want high fashion if it looks like something I can easily get at Old Navy or H&M. When I think of high fashion I think of the word unique, different, one-of-a kind, limited edition sort of thing. With so many people clutching their wallets and spending only on selective peices some luxury stores like Neiman Marcus want fashionable items but is not looking to sell a $4,000 piece of fabric that looks like it should be less. From a designer perspective: Imagine designing a beautiful frock only to hear a buyer at a major store say 'Sorry it's too expensive!" That is what is happening as Neiman presses designers cuts, in an interesting article I read in the WSJ this morning.

I am behind in a few of my WWD isses but this caught my eye: FLAUNTING IT: Vivienne Westwood’s spring poster girl, Pamela Anderson, skipped down the designer’s runway Friday, flicking her hair and twirling for photographers to a mix of applause, laugher and whooping. “She was cool,” enthused Peaches Geldof, who sat front row with another famous daughter-of, Georgia May Jagger, and Beth Ditto of The Gossip, who sported a pin that said “Mother.” Geldof said she’s working on a fashion TV program with Nylon magazine and rustling up a book of short stories for adults. “They’re allegorical tales, half-surrealism, half-realism” she explained.

Many daily products you use and love are owned by other bigger companies, such as ­Procter & Gamble Co, currently "­Procter & Gamble Co. paired 40 digital media and agency executives with 100 of its North American marketing directors in a contest to sell Tide T-shirts for charity last night as its much-awaited "Digital Hack Night" became a four-hour reality show aired largely in social media." Read here to get the scoop on how P&G plan to dive into social media (twitter,Myspace, etc) with their brands.

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